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Go To Gate UK has a consumer rating of 1.34 stars from 22 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Go To Gate UK most frequently mention customer service problems. Go To Gate UK ranks 223rd among Travel Other sites.

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  • When called their customer service said they charge a Credit Card Fee...
  • I requested a refund on 19th march after my flights being cancelled due to covid.
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“7 months without refund”

Andre M.

Quick update to an earlier post. Tickets cancelled by BA in June 2020 were never refunded by Gotogate. Instead they kept me hanging with emails claiming they were waiting for BA to refund them first. In reality, I learnt from BA that they already refunded Gotogate in July. Fortunately, I had booked via my credit card company, and they finally refunded the money owed to me now... 7.5 months after the original booking, and with still no satisfactory answer, let alone excuse from Gotogate. Never ever will book through them again.

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2 reviews
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April 5th, 2021

Update. Finally received Jetstar refund 21/08/2020, not sure if it is full amount, as the original fee for all flights didn't include a breakdown for each flight.
Qatar Airways refund has been authorised 20/02/2021, but not yet received. If it is the same as the Jetstar refund it will take three months from authorisation. Why?

Tip for consumers:
The original price was OK and I am to have refunds on both of the flights that went wrong. However it doesn't show the airlines or the agency in a good light when there doesn't seem to be a clear policy on refunds. I understand that the pandemic has been a terrible event and no one could have foreseen the impact it would have and clearly whatever policies that were in place were clearly inadequate.

Products used:
Flight booking, a total of six flights, of which two were cancelled due to the pandemic, obviously not the agency's fault. The refund procedure was very hard to figure and has taken a long time. The Jetstar refund although approved by Jetstar in May 2020 wasn't received until August 2020, I am not sure why this should be so and am also not sure I received a full refund as there wasn't a price breakdown for each flight on the original invoice. Qatar Airways have approved a refund 20/02/2021, I don't know the amount or when it is to be paid. I should be glad I suppose to have a refund of any sort, but it all sounds inefficient to me.

2 reviews
2 helpful votes
February 6th, 2021

Quick update to an earlier post. Tickets cancelled by BA in June 2020 were never refunded by Gotogate. Instead they kept me hanging with emails claiming they were waiting for BA to refund them first. In reality, I learnt from BA that they already refunded Gotogate in July.

Fortunately, I had booked via my credit card company, and they finally refunded the money owed to me now... 7.5 months after the original booking, and with still no satisfactory answer, let alone excuse from Gotogate. Never ever will book through them again.

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 30th, 2020

I am owed over £2,500 since early April, i have just been informed by a very helpful customer services adviser to "just wait for a refund" it has been 3 months? How much longer do i have to wait. I then called Emirates and they have informed me no refund has been requested! Who is actually telling me the truth. Cannot got a decent response from Go to Gate no matter how hard i try. I am a NHS worker and the last few months have been bad enough, without having to keep fighting for a refund which i am entitled to...

2 reviews
3 helpful votes
May 17th, 2017

I have booked airticket on 17 May through GoToGate from Dhaka to Newyork (Turkish airlines)with my family members. I showed my daughter full name missing in the booking page. My daughter name UMME SADIA TABASSUM, but I showed typed only UMME TABASSUM. I contacted customer center but I got only automatic reply. Please make the correction the name mistake.

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 6th, 2020

I am unable to get either refund or any answer from Gotogate after cancellation my flights due to COVID. All my support tickets are closed without explanations with some statement like "you agreed to get voucher". I am unable to get any voucher too. Really bad company - stay away!

1 review
0 helpful votes
December 28th, 2019

Charged an amount higher than shown during payment confirmation. When called their customer service said they charge a Credit Card Fee... which is not legal in the UK.

1 review
0 helpful votes
March 31st, 2020

We are 2 pensioners who have been ripped of by Gotogate.
Our return flights from Bangkok were cancelled firstly by gotogate who after lots of ignored correspondents eventually sent a conformation that this cancellation was correct and they would send us a full refund as soon as they received from Air China. We also received some emails from Air China with flight alterations an eventually conformation of cancellation, it also stated it had given Gotogate the go ahead to refund us, the conformation code was included. Its now been 6 weeks and having no refund contacted there customer service (customercare at support.uk.gotogate.com) This is their reply;
'With reference to your email we would like to inform you that refund is not possible airline has already declined your refund request as booking is no show hence refund is not possible. Kindly contact to airline directly if you have any other query regarding refund.
Kind regards,
Gambhir S, Customer Service Gotogate'
We did manage to purchase return flights with another company and got home on 8th March. These however cost us over twice as much as the refund that is due to us.

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 8th, 2020

I requested a refund on 19th march after my flights being cancelled due to covid. I was expecting the process to take sometime due to the situation and am willing to wait patiently to an extent.
1 month later I hadn't heard anything so called back on 20th April for an update, was told it was being processed, ok.
1 month later still not heard anything so call back on 20th May, and am told that in actual fact no refund has been requested from the airline because I have apparently accepted a voucher? Completely untrue and I have an email from back in march which clearly shows that I requested money back not a voucher. The exact same thing happened to a friend who I was travelling with, so this is clearly a tactic they employ in the hope that they either buy themselves extra time or you just give up all together. When they eventually request a refund from the airline, they tell me that they cant predict how long it will be as depends entirely on how long it takes the airline to refund them, but that once they get the money back from the airline they will send me it within a couple of weeks.
One week after this I receive an email from the airline to say they have refunded the agent, i. E. gotogate. I waited a couple of weeks and then rang gotogate for an update. They tell me they're still processing the refund.
Another 3 weeks later ive just rang back again and same answer They've had the money from the airline for over a month now. This is clearly another tactic to delay or hope people forget. How many times will I have to ring up? Understand the situation that the airline industry is going through, but have already had refunds back from other flights I had booked direct with the airline in a much more organised and timely manner. I have learnt my advice to never book through an agent again and would advise others to do the same.

1 review
1 helpful vote
January 9th, 2019

They charge you fees without outlining it on their terms and conditions.

Due to bad internet my ticket got booked twice and they charged me GBP 45 to cancel one of them. And when I asked them to show me where it is stated on their website about there charges I was quoted paragraph two in T & C 1.2 quoted below

"Our own portfolio of services may vary over time. Some of our own services are described in Section 8. For additional services not set forth in these T&C's, a detailed description of such additional services as well as information about our fees and supplementary terms and conditions for booking and usage, is provided to You over the course of the booking process."

It is so vague and doesn't outline anywhere the said cost of GBP 45 for an error.

Also in the so called "course of the booking" nothing is mentioned about cancellation fees and charges

2 reviews
3 helpful votes
December 1st, 2018

To avoid absolutely! They have no flexibility whatsoever and will always find a reason not to pay you back even if the flight company agrees on a full refund. Even when they confirm a refund, make sure you double check they pay back entirely as not been the case for me.

They can also cancel the flight with a very short notice and won't pay back the flight tickets in full due to "administration fees"! This is just scam.

A small saving when buying the ticket is really not worth it, avoid all the travel agencies of this type!

1 review
0 helpful votes
July 18th, 2020

Firstly, we've learnt our lesson and will always book directly with the airlines in future!
Probably like everyone else, we booked Emirates flights in Feburary 2020 to fly to Dubai on 8th April with GTG as they were considerably cheaper. Happy days.
Obviously the flights were cancelled due to Covid-19 and we took the option of keeping the flights open instead of choosing a refund.
Fast forward to mid June and we decided to rebook our flights with our travel voucher. This was where things went downhill (like everyone else):
Near impossible to get through to GTG on the phone (waiting times up to 2 hours) and also getting cut off mid conversation etc.
As our flights were with Emirates, we knew their open ticket policies for rebooking tickets, regardless if it was direct with Emirates OR through an agent. As long as the flights were rebooked BEFORE July 31st, no additional fees, fare difference etc should be paid.
During several frustrating calls with GTG, we were told we would have to pay £1000 (one thousand!) extra to rebook the flights scheduled in August. Each phone call would result in us being told varying extra costs and/or taxes would need to be paid - each time we questioned why and we were told the extra charges were coming from the airline (Emirates) not GoToGate!
We made several calls to Emirates to see if this was false information & of course we were informed by Emirates that they do NOT charge any extra fees to either agents or direct customers.
Another excuse GTG gave was that we would have to pay a re-routing fee, as the new flights would be departing from London Heathrow, whereas our original flights were departing from London Gatwick. The change in origin departure was not our choice - it's the fact that currently Emirates are only flying from Heathrow.
Again, we contacted Emirates to confirm that we shouldn't be paying for this fee & again we got the confirmation.
Simple fact was that GTG were telling us false information regarding Emirates' policies. The problem we then faced was as much as Emirates were being very helpful, they would not contact GTG directly to inform them of their false policies. In turn GTG were telling us that we would have to get Emirates to contact them to validate the correct policy for our booking so we wouldn't have to pay the random extra fees (to be clear, everytime we called GTG, the quoted fees were different EVERY time!)
Upon further investigation with Emirates who were able to see the orginal booking on their system, we were informed that the tickets were actually issued by Global Travel Network in New Zealand.

HERE'S THE ADVICE (well done for reading this far!):

It is likely the airline tickets you have purchased from GTG are actually issued by another agency! When we confronted GTG, they admitted that there is an "agent desk" that is a middle man between them and Emirates when communicating. Of course this "agent desk" was Global Travel Network.
We phoned the agency in New Zealand (£53 call for 15 minutes) and they were very helpful. After explaining the situation, they kept us in the loop via email and had contacted Emirates who in turn confirmed in writing the correct policies. (N. B. Emirates were now willing to do this as they were now communicating with an agent, not a customer).
Global Travel Network then confirmed that they would send this the GTG on our behalf.
Lo and behold we received an email the following morning from GTG saying we could rebook our tickets with no additional fees as they had been informed of the "updated" policies. Win!

Anyway, we confirmed we wanted the new flights and begrudgingly paid the £30 handling fee, but by this point we just wanted it done. We recieved a confirmation email but... we still haven't recieved the tickets! We can't even log onto the GTG website using the booking / order numbers - it states it does not match their records.
When logging onto the Emirates site, it recognises the new flights, but states that the agents still have to issue the tickets.

So, you guessed it - we have been on the phone constantly over the past 4 days to GTG, waiting hours, getting cut off, passed from department to department and always being told the tickets will be issued within 2 hours... and we have nothing.
The most recent call today I got a supervisor to email me stating that the company promises to issue the tickets within 24 hours else we are free to get a full refund.

I'm not going bother crossing any fingers.

Moral of this essay review - just book direct with an airline... but if you are in a similar situation, thoroughly check your booking(s) and see if it states a different agent to GTG that issued the tickets - it could help you (slightly)

1 review
0 helpful votes
September 12th, 2019

After completing all details and paying for all the additional fees (check in, sms, baggage, seat reservations, etc etc etc) i made the payment but it said there was an error and to contact them. They told me it was in the system and i had to wait 3 hours for confirmation. I asked if it was possible that after 3 hours the flights i booked would not be available, they confirmed my concern. Therefore they are selling flights and seats that they do not have. Still showing in basket but when clicking on remove button it will not remove. Waited 5 hours for confirmation but nothing sent - NEVER USE

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 8th, 2017

We are so disappointed, we have been chasing you for many days in vain.
We have tried for a month to upgrade our booking to business but no response, then now Qatar airways is no more operating from UAE, all the other booking websites have contacted their customers to propose alternative flights or refund. Only GOTOGATE ignored us and whenever we call, they keep a on transferring the call to different department then disconnect. Very bad customer service really, nobody is taking care of customer's requests.we will never book or recommend GOTOGATE

1 review
1 helpful vote
February 2nd, 2019

Don't know how I got in there. But the site is tricky and they will find a way to steal your money.

Is one of those sites where you can end up without any booking and paying them for nothing, which is their admin fee which they are charging for completely bunch of losers who call themselves customer service.

Meanwhile if still with doubts read this before booking:
I wonder how such junk companies still exist.

3 reviews
3 helpful votes
April 16th, 2019

Best advice? Buy your tickets from the airline website, they are cheaper, more convenient and costumer service are way more helpful than gotogare staff.
They canceled my flight without even letting me know and they did not refund me... they still from people! Do not trust them

1 review
0 helpful votes
June 11th, 2019

One of the worst airline ticket service providers.
We have booked our tickets with gotogate and the airlines have preponed the connecting flight and the connecting time has become 50 mins from 3 hrs. Airlines told us that it is not possible to catch the connecting flight with 50 mins of connecting time. We have requested gotogate to provide us another alternative travel options, but gotogate didn't help us and asked us to contract the airlines. We have contacted customer support and all airline offices, but they inturn redirected us to contact the gotogate. But gotogate didn't help us and finally we had to cancel our ticket by loosing 50% of our money. Even after cancelling the tickets with 50% loss and after 6 weeks of cancellation of tickets, gotogate didn't refund the money till now.
Additionally we tried atleast 10 times contacting gotogate customer support and each time we had to wait atleast 45 to 60 mins to get even to connect with a customer representative and after that 30 to 40 mins of holding time for the customer support team to check with other teams internally. After listening to the entire story they accepted to call back with 72 hours with the resolution, but it never happened.
So, with my 2 month of nonstop follow up with the customer service, I can say that this is one of the worst airline ticket agent, I came across in my life. I would never recommend this gotogate to anyone. Please avoid, even though you may be see 2 or 3 percent cheaper rates compared to other sites, but you end up loosing your entire money for the fault of not yours.
Also please read the reviews from various sites, almost all review sites got bad to very bad review ratings.

1 review
0 helpful votes
September 7th, 2018

The worst company I've ever come across, they advertise cheap deals, once your money is paid, then you're on your own, if you ask their so called customer service, the answer will be: WE CAN'T HELP, CONTACT THE AIRLINE OTHERWISE PAY US MORE AND WE WILL HELP. I don't understand how they're still allowed to trade given the fact that they break every rule in the trading standards and consumers act books.
My advise to the big airlines and SKYSCANNER is not to associate YOUR brands with these cowboys.
My advise to the victims of these SCAMMERS is cancel your credit card payments, this is within your rights and hit them where it hurts. Let see if
Collectively we can stop from disappointing more people like you and me.

1 review
1 helpful vote
February 16th, 2018

Very negative experience. Their 'Flexible ticket' offer is nothing but SCAM.
When purchasing 'flexible' ticket, you supposed to be able to change dates of the flights which was what I needed.

First, to make a change you have to call them and the wait time is insane. And of course they are not be helpful. I was offered to pay a fare 'difference' which was equal to the price of the new fair. As a result, I lost the return ticket.
When emailing, they were continuously denying the fact that it is unreasonable that the difference cannot be equal to the price of the fare.

Overall, DO NO RECOMMEND. Highly recommend to consider other dealers

1 review
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July 14th, 2016

I booked with go to gate and I am now trying to change my ticket - I've sent them numerous emails (the first 8 days ago) and have never had a response. I then called them and after an hour on the phone was told that it wasn't possible to change my ticket. It was like the agent didn't even understand what I was asking him to do - he's response to everything was not possible. I asked to check different dates and fare classes and he said there are no seats available on any dates or on any fare classes ( despite these being available on the airlines own website and on the go to gate website as well!) eventually he said it must be a system error and he would all the airline and I was to expect a call back in 24 hours - it's now been 36 and I've heard noting. I realise now he just wanted to get me off the phone. Don't book with this company, it's just not worth the hassle. Their customer service is non existant and they really don't care about anything except getting your money.

1 review
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October 16th, 2016

Having booked a return flight for a client from the Caribbean to the UK - the client needed to stay longer than initially planned. From the airport four hours prior to departure I called the agent and attempted to rebook the flight. First off the clerk I first spoke to quotes me an amendment charge of £300 which I was willing to pay, as I started talking the call was cut off. I immediately called back and speaking to another clerk was quoted amendment charge of £176 I questioned the change in charge and began reading out my c. C details when the call was cut off again.

Perplexed I called back again and was told I couldn't amend the ticket because the cut off time for flight changes had passed, arguing the point I was passed to a supervisor who then gave me some $#*! and bull story about the ticket having been cancelled by the airline. As I was at the airport it was easy enough for me to check this information which the airline West Jet assured me was untrue. And so I called back the agent and was horrified to be told that the cut off time had passed the ticket was now null and void.

On arriving home I took up calling to speak to someone in management concerning the issue and after being pushed from pillar to post and supervisor to supervisor for three days was called by a supposed manager who assured me of a refund (in return flight) due to the mishandling of enquiry by their staff. I asked for confirmation via email.

That same Saturday afternoon I called back to explain that no email confirming ticket refund had been received and was told to check my spam that the email had been sent out. I called back Sunday morning to ask again why I could see no confirmation email and was told by a rather rude agent that he could see the email had definitely been sent, I obviously didn't know what to look for. I politely asked him to resend the email to which he said okay ma'am.

I waited three full working days to see whether or not this 'confirmation email' would mysteriously materialize. Calling GoToGate back this morning 15th of October (two weeks after flight date) to be told I would not be receiving a refund because the airline would not give a refund.

The airline West Jet assured me on September 30th that as according to my booking reference details that the ticket stock was not theirs but GoToGates responsibility. And so I am left here stressed out and at my wits end in not knowing what to do

These people based in India are taking people for idiots there policies change from clerk to clerk and they practice to deceive something needs to done by law because ultimately this business is not complying to the regulator

2 reviews
3 helpful votes
March 6th, 2017

We are a couple living in Tel Aviv trying to book tickets for my parents in Mexico to come to our wedding in August. We were searching for the best fares for a flight from Mexico to Tel Aviv Through googles new search engine for flight fares for more than two weeks and when the price finally went down to what we could afford we booked it with this so called company because we trusted them. They sent us confirmation emails of the booking and less than 10 hours later all we get is an sms and email telling us that our booking got cancelled and we will be refunded because of an error they had with THEIR system and instead of fixing the issue they told us to call directly to the airline when even they mentioned ONCE AGAIN in the email it was THEIR systems error and it reads as follows:
Dear Sir/Madam,
Due to technical problems we have not been able to confirm your booking in a correct way. We are sorry about this that we are not able to complete your reservation. We recommend you to contact the airline directly to book this journey.

Your booking is now cancelled due to this technical error and we are going to refund the full amount to you.
If you have paid with creditcard the money will be refunded automatically.
If you have paid through your bank please answer this email with your clearing number, account number and the name of the account holder.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this may cause you.

Kind regards,
Sapna T

First of all, they never consulted us before canceling and the worst of all they didnt even call us to offer any sort of solution. Leaving us to spend more money on international phone calls in order to reach them in order to settle the issue ourselves. After talking to a many useless and rude/deaf representatives who had no other phrases to offer but "Im sorry I cant do anything" "call the airline" or "we fixed it, you will get a refund" in spite of us repeatedly saying we do not want a refund and that we wanted the flight rebooked for the price we payed for of 2,340 USD instead of the now escalated price of 2,930 USD which is precisely 590 dollars more, might be easy for them to say but not for us. We asked to speak to a supervisor who once again did nothing and told us to file a complaint instead of handling the issue himself. We also called Iberia and spent more money on international phone calls of course, and they confirmed the eticket number Gotogate provided us in emails and confirmed also the cancelation was done on your behalf. We also have been writing them through their official facebook page which has nothing but bad reviews (if we only knew), someone wrote back to us and said they would be glad to help, they called us and once again fed us the same useless lines as before and all they did was tell us within 24hours we would get a call back from another department, up to date it has been more than 48 hours and no call back has been made nor reply through the complaint we wrote to their website. So now here we are on the losing side of course, sending complaints trying to settle the only flight we needed which is now far more expensive and what is worse we got a horrible experience during a time in our lives that should have been anything but unpleasant. Unfortunately many people fall for Gotogate because on sky scanner and many other platforms they offer the lowest prices but now we know they are only scams and the reviews on facebook and many other source confirm it, they are not only the first company that is forcing us to buy new tickets at an insane escalated price because of a technical error they had but are also the worst experience we ever had in customer service, we will never recommend them to anybody, instead we will do exactly the opposite through social media and any means we can. We can only hope now now they will take responsibility for their horrible service and system issues and respect the price and flight we payed for.

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Gotogate are a cowboy company do not use, just book direct with airline

By kirstie w.

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