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Yelp.co.uk has a consumer rating of 1.65 stars from 20 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases. Consumers complaining about Yelp.co.uk most frequently mention qype premium, mis selling and potential customers problems. Yelp.co.uk ranks 58th among Local Reviews sites.

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Positive highlights

  • It's usually the first website to come up in a search engine if you type a local business to see it's reviews.

Critical highlights

  • Qype then called me and sold me a premium listing on the pretence that I can cancel at any point if I'm not happy.
  • To cut a long story short AVOID QYPE LIKE THE PLAGUE!
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Top Positive Review

“Dec 1st free unlock all phones”

angelo g.

December 1st 2017 they past a law that all cell phone carriers have to unlock ur phone for free any carrier any phone

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Top Critical Review

“This company is terrible, if you stop advertising with...”

Flor B.

This company is terrible, if you stop advertising with them they will take away all your good reviews and only will display the negative ones. They are only interested in making money from small companies. Contacting them is impossible! I have been trying to speak to some one in qype to complain about the removal of all my good genuine customers reviews for over four month without any results.

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2 reviews
0 helpful votes
November 26th, 2017
December 1st 2017 they past a law that all cell phone carriers have to unlock ur phone for free any carrier any phone
17 reviews
39 helpful votes
January 17th, 2013
Qype is excellent if you're a reviewer. It's usually the first website to come up in a search engine if you type a local business to see it's reviews. It's a very easy to use website.

However, if you're a business, you have to pay if you want your business to show up when searching.
1 review
1 helpful vote
February 19th, 2015
You must try Lime Blew Salon. Frasier the Stylist is amazing, my hair has never looked so good. Have had so many compliments. Please give this Salon a try as well as a great hair stylist, Frasier is the nicest guy you will ever meet.
1 review
3 helpful votes
December 9th, 2013
This company is terrible, if you stop advertising with them they will take away all your good reviews and only will display the negative ones. They are only interested in making money from small companies. Contacting them is impossible! I have been trying to speak to some one in qype to complain about the removal of all my good genuine customers reviews for over four month without any results.
1 review
3 helpful votes
September 24th, 2012
Unfortunately I can't give it zero stars, because I so would! Disgusting and rude sales people, whose favorite word seems to be 'silly', which they also use to describe you if you refuse to sign up for their 'services'. Avoid like the plague!
1 review
2 helpful votes
December 13th, 2013
Had my hair done a while now but had a great experience did
It wonderful liked it so much! Happy day! :)
1 review
2 helpful votes
August 22nd, 2012
Complete con artists. Only gave them one star because it wouldn't take none! I signed my business up as a free listing, and received a phone call that afternoon from one of the sales team. I was very reluctant to sign up to the premium listing as it was quite a lot of money for a new company like mine. However the sales person was very persuasive and said that as I wasn't sure, she would give me a 2 week free trial, during which I could cancel at any time in this period. Needless to say that I was not impressed with the premium package (low traffic, and Yelp offer similar tools for free) and cancelled it within the 2 weeks. Then I received a phone call saying that they do not offer free trials and effectively called me a liar. We are now tied in for 6 months, helpless. Avoid at all costs, and don't believe a word they say!
1 review
2 helpful votes
August 13th, 2012
Great promises, no delivery. After listing free, a salesman phones you and tries to persuade you to become a "premium partner" aka "complete sucker". The promises the salesman makes in terms of driving business to your site originate in fairyland, but I fell for it most unwisely. DO NOT USE QYPE. NEVER, EVER, GIVE THEM ANY FORM OF PAYMENT DETAILS.
1 review
3 helpful votes
September 16th, 2011
I listed my company on this directory under a free listing, the same day one of there sales reps called regarding the premium listing I told them I didn't want this service they basically bullied me until i took the listing. I have never felt so intimidated by a salesperson and and sent a letter of complaint cancelling both the free and the unwanted premium listing.
1 review
2 helpful votes
February 10th, 2012
Liars and Cheaters!

They called me up asking me if I was interested in a Premium listing, I said no. Then the next day I check my Business listing and theres an evil nasty review on there!

I wouldnt put it past them to have given me a FAKE bad review out of spite as I was quite firm abou tnot wanting their services.

Not only that but someone has been setting up numerous listings of my business and the same user went on to post evil reviews about me! Its obviously an attempt to discredit me.

I find it incredible that anyone can set up a business listing in Qype with nothing to back it up, even a scan of a utility bill which is what Facebook requires.

Fake reviews, crap customer service and the fact that they themselves are happy to post fake reviews - what a disgusting company. I hope they go down the plughole.

Ive emailed them all my complaints, and will see how they respond (IF they respond). Im so angry I would even like my listing to be taken down rather than abused!
1 review
2 helpful votes
August 28th, 2012
Unfortunately I seem to have been bitten by the Qype sharp practice and breaking of Misrepresentation Act 1967!
I too was contacted by a Qype salesman who persuaded me to purchase the Premium Listing on the understanding that I could cancel after six months and that I would receive five hundred hits to my listing. The misrepresentation is that to receive such a gurantee you have to be in the contract for twelve months! Along with this payment was taken from my credit card before I was provided with the terms and conditions to read. On reading the terms and conditions and realising that the information provided was not correct, totally misrepresented and I had been lied to I immediately contacted Qype. Qype will not reply to emails, letter and even a recorded delivery letter stating that i will be taking out Small Claims court proceedings against them. (Currently being persued!) One other subscriber has summed this con operation correctly - they take the money and then run for cover! Avoid this company like the plague!
1 review
3 helpful votes
November 2nd, 2012
After signing up as a 'Premium' member with Qype I have monitored the performance of the listing with them and have to say how utterly disappointed I am, I feel mislead after the utter lies their sales people told me. They charge £50 per month and so far in the past five months I've had 8 visits to my website and ZERO phone calls, this equates to £31.25 per visit! (and six of these web visits were during the first month - when the advert was new and being tested by me and their people when I was on the phone to them).
I spoke to my account manager who implied it was my own fault for not optimising the advert. That was three months ago, the ad is totally optimised and since then I've had the whole of TWO visits to my site. I've sent emails to my account manager, client services and used the link on their own website and nothing, no email back or a phone call.
However, when I had to change the direct debit details and they phoned me back instantly for that (then fobbed me off with 'it's another department you need to email' with my issue).
They are very quick to take your money, there service is extremely poor value and on top of that they couldn't care less when you have a problem. I can't wait for the six months to soon be up so I can leave, I'll use the free ads like 'BTtradesource' (it's free and I average about 40 hits to my site a month alone).
1 review
4 helpful votes
October 17th, 2011
I signed up for a free listing like so many other people on here.

Qype then called me and sold me a premium listing on the pretence that I can cancel at any point if I'm not happy.

Two weeks later when I tried to cancel - Qype told me I am now in a 6 month contact and that I owe them £300 and that the person that sold me the premium package no longer work there.

I have sent numerous complaints and made numerous calls requesting this to be reviewed and investigated and no one gets back to you - if this is how their customer service works I am glad I am cancelling - well that is when they eventually call me back!

This is appalling service!
1 review
3 helpful votes
May 31st, 2012
I signed up to the free version, the next day i had a call from a qype saleman, he persuaded me to take out the premium version for £45 a month. I asked numerous times if i could cancel at any time and he replied yes you are not signing up to a contract. I payed for 1 month, he then kept me on the phone while he sent me an email, he said "just scroll to the bottom and click the link so i can start to bild your profile" i stupidly didnt think and just clicked. Later that evening i read the email to find that the link i clicked was to agree to terms and conditions. I was fuming so the next day i emailed saying i would like to cancel within the 14 day cooling off period and rang the to verbally repeat what i sent via email, the responce i got was, they are not cancelling. I cancelled my card so no more payment could leave. Im now receiving letters from a debt collection to collect £600. They are not getting avpenny from me. Do not touch this robbing, lying and deceiving "company".
1 review
2 helpful votes
November 16th, 2011
Salesman will say anything to make a sale! I was completely miss sold by qype they fed me a load of promises they couldn't keep!

When i tried to cancel they made it as hard as possible, they said i was in a contract and i had no chance of canceling. If you post your complaints on enough forums and review sites they will come and find you and finally speak to you!

This company is absoutely disgusting and i can't believe they are still trading!

I managed to cancel my account and get out of the contract- so they obviously admit fault! I am still seeking a full refund as they have done nothing for me! I will not let this go and I want to make sure people know about this immoral company- they have a licence to steal. It must be stopped!
1 review
3 helpful votes
October 23rd, 2011
I too had a free listing, and then was called by one of their reps who offered a premium listing for €67, with a load of statistics of the number of searches that qype users were supposedly using, and that I would be exposed to all of these visitors. He promised that he would really work hard to keep my business, and a lot of other promises that were little more than a story to get my credit card details. Well, after a couple of weeks, I looked at the stats, and was surprised to see zero clicks, and very few views of my "premium" listing. I asked for help, via the online support form, and also tried calling - a black hole of one way communication. Then I was billed another €67 a month later. I logged in to the account to see that the stats had not changed at all, and there was no way to cancel the account online. I then called and hung on for ages before I was informed that it was "in my contract" that I had to pay for a "minimum of 6 months". Sure enough, it was there n the terms and conditions, but I was not pleased. In order to cancel the contract, you have to send it in writing, signed (I was able to send a scan of the cancellation letter via email). Strange how this was not required to sign up - all I needed to do the was click on a link to agree to the (very one sided) terms and conditions. I'd strongly advise any small business not to advertise with Qype. They do not deliver anything at all that they promise. In order to get anything of value from them, you need to recruit your customers to post positive reviews of your business on Qype. Why bother advertising then? Doing this with a free listing would work just as well. But I'll get my customers to post positive reviews on my own website, thanks very much. Or Google Places, or somewhere else that gets web traffic, and is ranked in the search engines. If you are a consumer looking for an honest review of a local business, be very wary of trusting anything you read on Qype. They started by paying people to post reviews (they got 11M in start up funding) so you can ask yourself how trustworthy the reviews are. Stay away from Qype.
99 reviews
308 helpful votes
March 24th, 2012
I used qype to advertise my 2 sites. Initially i was a free member and then their sales manager kinda convinced me to join on 1 month's trial as paid premium member.It was agreed that after the end of month, we would review the situation and see how the advertisment has worked for me in terms of visitors to my sites and sales as a result. I was to continue with the payment further for minimum 6months term after this end of month review or to cancel the further payments depending on the results. Unfortunately qype ad got me only 2 visitors to my site in the whole month and at the end of the month i cancelled my direct debit with them. They called me up and maintained that i made an agreement with them for a year and not 1 month and they want money for the whole year instead. The sales manager had failed to write the real 1month trial in the agreement and they never really sent me any written documents. Theyre now chasing me for the collection of the whole year of payment which I shouldn't have to pay. So beware that their sales managers will say anything to just get you signed up and will not actually document it and then you will get charged for whole year instead. Very unprofessional company. Apparently they saw my review here and decided to just cancel my membership and forget bout the money and wanted me to delete my review here. So ive changed my rating now to a little more positive than initial.
1 review
2 helpful votes
November 16th, 2011
1 star is still too much for them. They are nothing more than a SCAM company.

Visit http://antiqype.blogspot.com/ and leave your story there.
1 review
4 helpful votes
October 27th, 2011
To cut a long story short AVOID QYPE LIKE THE PLAGUE!

I had a free listing with them in August 2011 and within days I was contacted by one of their sales reps called Martin Farquharson who chatted to me for 40 minutes about why I should sign up for a premium listing with them. He offered me the package for £45 per month (they seem to make up prices as they go along, don't be surprised if you paid more or less than I did). I told Martin that I would only sign up if he could guarantee that I would make at least the £45 back per month. He told me that he was 'very good at his job' and I would see a big increase in customers. Martin told me he would be my 'account manager' he was wrong, he's simply a sales rep.

For the first month, nothing happened, no customers not even an extra hit on my site, I contacted Martin who isn't great at responding to emails and who then told me that he was going on holiday for 2 weeks. I then telephoned Qype to be told that somebody would ring me back, I waited hours and nobody did UNTIL, I had a whinge about it on twitter. Later that afternoon a chap called Benjamin Digby telephoned and offered me a couple of extra services on my package to help performance. At the end of the first month I paid my £45 but I was still seeing no effect. After several ignored phone calls and emails telling Qype that I wanted to complain I cancelled my direct debit, this is when you see a reaction.

I then received a voice mail and an email from John Moroney the Accounts Receivable Manager who wanted to know why I hadn't paid. I didn't bother responding to either message as this seems to be what you do when dealing with Qype, everybody ignores phone calls and emails.

I then received a threatening letter from Sharon Hewes, Finance Manager who told me if I did not contact them within 7 days, my bill for £45 would be passed to a collection company. I don't know any collection companies that get out of bed for £45 nevermind go and chase them up but if it makes Sharon feel important then let her get on with it.

I decided to telephone Qype to sort out this farce once and for all. I spoke to several different people, none of them seemed to know what the other was doing, client services told me that my package had now been cancelled and I was no longer a customer, so why chase me for a payment for something I didn't receive?

Nobody would return my calls in finance, Sharon disappeared to Germany for a week, John hides behind his computer and won't let anybody forward calls to him, a bit cowardly if you ask me.

So to conclude. Qype couldn't run a bath let alone a company. The whole company is built on lies, bullying and people who hide behind their computers and each other and don't reply to telephone calls or emails.
They are quick enough to take your money but are spineless in actually dealing with customer complaints.

Want to advertise your business? Next time, you're in a public place try using telepathy to pass your message on, chances are it'll work better than Qype.


The Fake Tan Company
1 review
2 helpful votes
September 16th, 2012
In September 2011 I wanted to increase my exposure on Google local search results, namely through their spider/bot finding my business listed on well-known/authoritative local business directories.
I signed up to the free listing packages of Qype, Yelp, Scoot, Touch Local, LDS (Local data search), Bview, Brown book, City Visitor, uFindus, Smile Local, Freeindex, Hotfrog.

1. Cold Sales Call Qype Premium: The Pitch
Within 24hours receiving calls from sales team at Qype Premium.
In contrast to what some have said about the initial sales calls they received, the rep was well mannered.
The pitch included 50 keywords covering several areas, that would maximise my Google local search results.
MIS-SELLING TACTIC 1: Was told that Qype guarantee their premium partners at least 500 visits to their webpage over a year, failing that they offer a full money back refund.
Was quoted a monthly price but was told that bigger discounts are applicable on the longer term campaigns. The choice was a 1 month at standard price, a 3 months subscription, a 6 months subscription and a 1 year subscription. The 3-month price was £213.75.
MIS-SELLING TACTIC 2: I was told that just prior to the end of 3 months I would get a call/email when I can choose whether or not to carry on the campaign. At that time I would have a chance to pay for any further term of subscription as I chose to, by a choice of payment methods. I was assured that the 3 month subscription and charges would not be automatically reoccurring.
COMPETING DIRECTORIES: Scoot and Touch Local also called within the first week of completing a free listing, trying to sell upgraded listing packages.

2. Cold Sales Call Qype Premium: The Sale
An ex-employee paid £213.75 for the 3 month package over the phone via debit card.
MIS-SELLING TACTIC 3: Was told that I would receive an email in which I must click a link to access the premium account and start setting up the keywords for the listing. Was hurried into clicking the link so work could begin setting-up the keywords.
The email was Order Confirmation: Qype Premium Business Listing
Date: 19.09.2011
Sales Rep Full Name: James Cullen

Dear ********,

I am delighted to confirm your order and officially welcome you as a Qype customer.

You are now part of the fastest growing online and mobile business search directory in the UK, and as a Premium Partner you will reach even more people who are looking for the products and services you offer.

To activate your premium account follow this link to view and accept our terms and conditions: http://www.qype.co.uk/business_users/confirm_tc/49453-869974b1814edc0815f3561f767ab35b8bcf64ea

Your Order Details:

Package: Qype Premium web

Category: **********
Location: London, Bayswater, Paddington, Marylebone and Marble Arch
Contract term: 12 months with a minimum of 6 months
Top Listing Price: £750 Discount: 5 Price invoiced: £712.50

Monthly Price excl VAT: £59.38
Monthly Price incl VAT: £71.25
Total to pay incl VAT: £213.75 for 3 months.

For questions, please call our customer service team from Monday to Friday from 9:30 -
17:30 on *******409, or email *******@qype.com.

Kind regards
The Qype team

We look forward to working with you in getting the most out of Qype to make your business even more successful.

Kind regards
James Cullen


Tel. *******400

MIS-SELLING TACTIC 4: To activate your premium account follow this link to view and accept our terms and conditions: http://www.qype.co.uk/business_users/confirm_tc/49453-869974b1814edc0815f3561f767ab35b8bcf64ea
This automatically binds you to any contract of their choice subject. It does not navigate to a view of the terms and conditions upon which you can then accept. Having searched on Google recently shows many other customers of Qype complaining of this, some posts going back a couple of years now. These threads often have a Qype representative also active (at some point) in the discussion. So Qype know about this, have known for quite some time and are actively making the decision to continue using this tactic. Whoever handles business risk for Qype obviously deems the earnings from continuing this practice as a dishonest business strategy worth taking the risk for in its operations.
MIS-SELLING TACTIC 5: The Contract term and listing price is far from clear being sandwiched in with the category and location details. The Monthly Price excl VAT, Monthly Price incl VAT and Total to pay incl VAT have been segregated from the full price invoiced further adding to confusion, seemingly to draw attention away from the Contract term, minimum period and price invoiced.
MIS-SELLING TACTIC 6: The link to activate the premium listing is above the Order details. It would be more clearer to be at the end, following the details.
COMPETING DIRECTORIES: We also purchased enhanced listings from Scoot Business Directory. They were clear, provided details and terms and conditions prior to taking any card details or payment.

3. The Service Qype Premium Listing
They did help with choosing the keywords which saved us time. Help was provided in completing the listing details. This I do commend Qype on doing.
Qype staff, username ClientServices2, uploaded copyrighted photographs ripped from my website, without prior consent from me, to my listing. Now for most businesses this may not be an issue. However for my industry this is a big problem. They should not have done this. Also seeing the issues other Qype customers have had trying to get their details deleted from Qype, show that Qype is unwilling to do so. This is exactly due to the reason why I have an issue with them taking photographs from my website: Qype then claim my creative work as their own content. Not only does this have effect on my Google rankings, this is also in violation of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA).
When I needed changes implemented to my listing that couldn't be carried out via the My business section, Qype Business Help were quick in doing so.
Their listings, in my opinion, are the best looking out of the big local directories.
COMPETING DIRECTORIES: Other directories, namely Touch Local/Scoot offered similar levels of post-sales care. Yelp was by far the worst in implementing changes to business details.

4. First signs of trouble Qype Premium rogue invoice?
On 12th July 2012 I received an email Qype Invoice
Dear Sir / Madam

I would like to take this time to thank you for your participation in this advertising partnership.

Please find attached your Qype invoice.


UK Billing Team

Qype UK Ltd
Tel:+ 44 (0)*******409
Mob: 07900 197 076
3rd Floor,
95 New Cavendish Street
The invoice had particularly dubious details,
Invoice # 5007168
Date 1/1/2012
Tax Id (blank)
Tems (blank)
Due Date 1/1/2012
PO # (blank)
Start Date (blank)
End Date (blank)
Rather worryingly, the Bill To had the business name, the first name of an employee the Qype sales rep first spoke, the address registered for the card used at purchase of the 3 month subscription (an ex-employee allowed the one time use of their card for that purchase).
Even more peculiar:
Item / Opening Balance
Contract Value / 427.48
Amount / 427.48
Tax Rate / 0.0%
Tax Amt / 0.00
Gross Amt / 427.48
Inv Billing Sched... / (blank)
Total £427.48
My reply on 12th July 2012 was:
We don't want to continue our Qype membership, so will not be paying any further subscriptions.
On the 13th July 2012 received email from Qype Billing
Qype Invoice Sent in Error

Dear Sir / Madam

Please ignore the invoice that we emailed to you last night.
This was sent by a systems error, and the amount shown bears no relation to any balances on your account.
We apologise for any confusion that this may have caused, and can reassure you that this was not a Friday 13th hoax!


UK Billing Team
Browsing through complaints about Qype found all over the web, it seems many people received this hoax invoice. There could be a relationship between those customers claiming wrongful charges by Qype and the receipt of this invoice. The invoice is obviously generated from the accounting/billing system Qype employ, and behold those that received the invoice also are claiming unauthorised charges to their card or some other related billing disputes.
MIS-SELLING TACTIC 7: After this incident why did Qype not confirm the balances of the customers' accounts? Did they not want unsuspecting customers to find out they are continually being charged by Qype? I was clear in my reply that I won't be paying any charges as I did not wish to continue any premium subscription with Qype. Why did they not then tell me I am being charged for a one year contract.
COMPETING DIRECTORIES: No other directory has sent me any invoices in error.

5. Demands for money Qype Premium Renewals & Retentions
Returning from holiday on September 14th 2012 I find my business in complete disarray. I have upwards of 5 voicemails from a Qype representative James Cullen (now Head of Renewals and Retentions) demanding over £600 for arrears relating to the Premium Listing. His tone is very rude, sounding furious like he is out for blood. Further more my receptionist has walked out leaving the lines unmanned for any customer calls. The junior employee has been panicked by Qype rep James Cullen's claims that they are accountable for the debt owed to Qype.
DISHONEST ACT 1: In response to our claim that we were not signed up to a one year contract, James Cullen apologises explaining there must have been a miscommunication and time of sale. He blames Qype rep James Hunt saying it was him who sold the premium package. Checking http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/james-hunt/30/95b/870 finds James Hunt has only been a Trainee Manager with Qype from January 2012 Present (9 months). And from the original email Order Confirmation: Qype Premium Business Listing, Date: 19.09.2011, Sales Rep Full Name: James Cullen. It is also signed Kind regards James Cullen.
DISHONEST ACT 2: To prove that we have signed up to a one year contract, Qype rep James Cullen in email QYPE ACCOUNT - URGENT ATTENTION PLEASE received 12th September 2012 copies in what he claims, (quoted)... the original order form that was agreed for the contract with Qype (original tasktype: E-Mail). It seems authentic. He even didn't bother changing the sales rep name to James Hunt (who he blames for the miscommunication), leaving his own name there. However, there is one critical inconsistency with the original email. Where the original email received 19th September 2011 reads Total to pay incl VAT: £213.75 for 3 months, this claimed original order form reads Total to pay incl VAT: £213.75 for 3 months (min x2). Note the addition of (min x2).
DISHONEST ACT 3: The first payment we made on 19th September 2011 was using a debit card from an ex-employee who allowed a one-time use of his card facilities. The ex-employee left my business not long after that, and I have had limited contact with them since. Qype representative says they have tried three times to take a quarterly charge of £213.75 since then, all of which have failed. There was no communication to ourselves nor the cardholder more importantly that Qype would attempt to take any payment from this card. Qype never sought the cardholder's permission for any such charges. So Qype have tried to process 3 unauthorised charges during the year.
DISHONEST ACT 4: Head of Renewals and Retentions, James Cullen, explains that since it is a business to business sale, they allow up to 12 months of arrears till they seek all charges to be settled. Why didn't they make contact after the first or second failed attempts to take money from the card. Is it because they wanted to hide the fact they were attempting to take unauthorised payments from the card? Or is it because they didn't want the miscommunication that we were in a one year contract come up at some earlier point, thus allowing a large charge to be accumulated. His explanation of why the bill was allowed to be accumulated seems to contradict what is found in their terms and conditions:
5.1 Payment of the applicable Charge shall be due in advance of the relevant Subscription Period: on
Submission of your Order and, thereafter, on the [working day immediately preceding
Commencement of each Renewal Period].
5.6 Failure to pay any Charge to us by the due date shall be deemed a material breach of these terms
And conditions.
4.3 We shall be entitled to terminate your Subscription immediately at any time on written notice to
You if:
4. 3. 1 you are in material or persistent breach of any these terms and conditions, and, in the event of a
Material breach (where such breach is capable of remedy), you fail to remedy the breach within
[14] days of receipt of notice of such breach;
Qype Retentions Strategy: The offer was made by Qype to clear the outstanding balance of £641.25 if a new subscription was taken out and we provide payment for starting a new subscription.
COMPETING DIRECTORIES: No other directory has caused me any issues or acted dishonest in the manner we have been treated by Qype.

6. Guaranteed Potential Customers Qype Premium
At time of sale we were led to believe that Qype have a policy of guaranteed leads via clicks/visits through to your website in size of 500 in one year (ref MIS-SELLING TACTIC 1). Should this not be achieved they refund any charges made to their Premium Partners.
Looking through various forums with Qype customers expressing similar complaints I see that some refer to it as a get out clause.
Now rather than clicks/visits through to your website, the terms and conditions states
4.10 Money back guarantee (only for Premium Partner registered by telephone). Qype Ltd guarantees the number of five hundred (500) Guaranteed Potential Customers (GPC) for their Premium Partner product over the term of 12 months, failure to reach the Guaranteed Potential Customers purchased over the term of the contract will lead to a full refund. This means that your Business will be seen a minimum of 500 times.
There is still some vagueness in what is meant by your Business will be seen a minimum of 500 times. Thankfully Richard, username Qype UK on ukbusinessforums.co.uk, clarifies in http://www.ukbusinessforums.co.uk/forums/showpost.php?p=1233079&postcount=8 that Qype commit to delivering 500 potential customers to your business page on Qype over the period of 12 months. Scouring the Qype Business pages also indicates that Guaranteed Potential Customers (GPC) relates to visits to your business page on Qype, not actual visits to your website as we were led to believe prior to sale.
DISHONEST ACT 5: Luckily I saved a copy of Your statistics (Web only) which was narrowly before the data was deleted by Qype on Friday 14th September 2012. From the statistics they removed, the number of visits to my business page for the months September 2011 to August 2012 was only 302, far less than their 500 GPC guarantees. Did they want to hide this from me?

7. A year of statistics Qype Premium versus competing local directories

Traffic Stats taken from Google Analytics for period September 19th 2011 to September 14th 2012

The total number or visits that my site received from all sources was 132749.
Yelp 187 visits, 0.14% of all traffic, price free.
Touch Local 187 visits, 0.14% of all traffic, price free.
Scoot Business Directory 84 visits, 0.06% of all traffic, price £99 plus VAT for 1 year.
Qype Premium 24 visits, 6 of which were by me checking the links through admin. Qype. So Qype accounted for 0.014% of all traffic, price currently stands at £855.00 for 1 year contract which I never agreed to.
Brown Book 5 visits, price free.

8. Dispute Resolution Qype Premium
Being a business owner myself, I believe that companies prove themselves by their actions when faced with things going wrong. Their treatment of a customer complaint, a return, a sales dispute etc and how they actually go about resolving these issues is a huge factor to building their brand and ensures their success, (think John Lewis).
So I am not going to cast judgement on Qype just yet. I want to see how they deal with this issue.
I could just try and deal directly with James Cullen Head of Renewals and Retentions at Qype, though I don't have the time to write another huge catalogue of dishonest practices, lies, shady tactics and so on.
So I want to see what Qype brand managers have to say, they should be about watching these forums. I've seen them on other Qype complaint threads.
I gained much from reading of other woes similar in regards to Qype Premium charges. I hope that I too can now pass on some help to others in a similar situation or those debating whether or not to purchase Qype Premium Partnership.

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OMG, I have just taken a look at this site and seen that I am not the only one with this problem! I have had a weekend of hell after qype calling me to say I have an outstanding debt which they will be sending to the debt collector. They waiting till 4pm Friday so by the time I had explained the whole story to them I was unable to gain legal advice untill Monday morning! I have felt physically sick with no sleep, then a full day today being Monday of calling solicitors and writing letters. It is now 1am on Tuesday and I have just finished going through and printing of every email I have sent plus a letter from start to finish of every detail of my dealings with them which my solicitor has told me to send by post( not email).

By Lisa L.

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