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This site has a lot of Satan-'exposing' content that may immediately turn off the less-patient. You will see the name 'Satan' or variations of it at least 10 times within your first minute.
I'm not very sure they are removing any actual veil, though I'm sure they think they are. Most of the stuff in here consists of old already-heard-of Satanic mythologies. And those that aren't old are just either too boring or too detailed and confusing to sustain reader interest.
Not my cup of tea


White Race supremacy and anti-Semitic propaganda.
Would only recommend it for people so far right


Good website. Teaches a lot about how economics and politics are intertwined (and, perhaps, how and why that should worry everyone). I sensed a lot of anti-trust sentiment, but I'm an extreme liberal, lol
I especially liked an article about how Jeff Bezos' Amazon strategically uses its location to gain a sales tax edge over competitors.So much for the Marketplace Fairness Act 2013, huh!


Good website. Discusses a lot of issues relating to issue-based politics and sustainable developments.It also filters propaganda from its content.The site has a 'future-generation concerned' motif to its coverage of news.
Very good site


Not very neutral in their content. There is an ongoing agenda to taint Progressive Jews. But it does have a lot of Jewish news and content.


Kudos to this site for separating "Political & Economic" issues from "Spiritual & Philosophical" issues. Immediate from their home page you get the feeling that objectivity and clarity of issues is top in their agenda.One of the top contributors, Norman Livergood, has some clearcut views on Philosophy, Spirituality, Art, and the afterlife.

Tip for consumers:
The images display differently depending on the browser you're using.At the time I visited,they were revising the coding of key documents so they would display equally well in Internet Explorer and Firefox


The author of the articles in this site is well read and learned.He has also written dozens of published books, all which he offers for free on this site.The winner in this site is that most of his research and assertions are backed by science. That's a big score.
He clearly has a right-wing agenda, which is the only reason he doesn't get a 5-star from me.Not because I'm liberal, but only because I think he ought to be neutral, at least reporting to a public audience. Allegiance tends to taint observations and interpretations.


Boring Satanic occult cliche conspiracies


I honestly don't understand how another person gave this website a 5-star review. This is a very sorry excuse for a website. There's barely a coherent sentence, let alone a logical one. I'm yet to come across more pathetic garbage online.


Too much visual 'noise' in the website about almost everything. Conspiracy theories and their analyses abound. Some helpful content about metaphysical philosophy as well as ancient civilizations, but it is all mingled in with consipacy riddles. Perhaps the little useful content here would be evident if it wasn't obscured by the over-indulgence in conspiracies


Amazing. This book is made up of the same stuff Dan Brown was drinking when he came up with the idea for The Da Vinci Code. Really good texts about ancient religions and hidden messages and hints in old literature.

Tip for consumers:
The original home page is in a different language (Italian,I think).Don't let that put you off.Just hit translate,and then enjoy.


Provides logical/rational accounts and analyses of various conspiracy theories, but many of them appear to be either incomplete or inconclusive.


This site appears to be just a tool by its owners to launch personal attacks on people and entities they don't like. I didn't really get the feel that I was reading views coming from an objective place.It manages 2 stars only because its web page is not as ugly and disappointing as its content


A very nice place for students to find out the latest on news relevant to their generation. Has plenty of entertaining forums. But most of its value comes from the academia-related assets that it makes available to its members. The users get to earn Achievement accolades with accomplishment of different membership milestones (not necessarily time-tied).
What I like most about StudentEdge is that there's plenty of deals for students. Many corporations use Student Edge to reach its members, and by so they offer free items like shopping vouchers, phones, clothing accessories, trips, electronic equipment, and even cash. There's also lots of promo codes exclusive for members of StudentEdge. Literally hundreds of brands give away free stuff and/or great discounts on SE.
Plenty of career advice as well. What's not to love!


Provides fresh perspectives regarding socio-political issues. Keeps its content very up-to-date. Tries to remain neutral in its analysis, but maybe not as much in selection of issues to analyze.


One of the best sites about the Bavarian descendants (real or fictional). Has all the names, events, news, conspiracies, and future predictions regarding the notorious 'society'


Seemed a bit too right-wing to an extreme. Their agenda is not exactly clear, but what is definite is that they pride themselves in patriotism.


Provides some really deep 'evidence' against modernly accepted notions such as the earth's roundness, the moonlanding, space travel etc. All of these assertions, however, appear to be no more than the tunnel perspective of one individual.


Very liberal talk. Has a lot of background information regarding the 19TH and 20TH century's political elite, and also about how the Jewish heritage ties into all of that.
Has much to say regarding how the new world wealth was created and where it has its roots.

Tip for consumers:
Don't let the dull look of the site turn you off.Read just a few lines before you make up your mind


TheStudentRoom (TSR) is a student's perfect hangout place. I don't know how I've been surviving without it. It takes an entire student experience and brings it to one place. I think in a way it is what Facebook set out to be but failed to deliver. Get ALL your questions answered fully for free while maintaining anonymity. The best part about TSR is just how entertaining and addictive it is. Jokes, Games, Reviews, Debates (both hostile and friendly, but overall very enlightening), Best-fitting Recommendations on anything and everything, Music, Student Loan Application Help and Suggestions, College Eligibility Help, Career Advice, Part-time Job Help, Relevant Event News & Notifications, Fashion, Beauty, Health, Relationship Advice & Discussions, Student Resources like Grants & Loans... I could go on forever. One would think that with so much, 'the room' would be messed up in confusion or be lagging in load time and misdirection. But the site is so perfectly organized neatly with a most user-friendly interface. PERFECT... JUST PERFECT.
TSR demands TEN STARS, with no apologies.

Tip for consumers:
Get in as soon as possible.You are missing out on a lot. In trying to please the whole world, Facebook lost most of its appeal to students. Now, what Facebook lost is found in TSR, and plenty more that FB couldn't have even come up with.
Come back and thank me later!!!!!!


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