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So, idk what is wrong with this company, why they do the things they do, and are so rude about it, but they are. Do I know if it works? No. I probably won't be able to conclusively answer that, as I will NEVER do business with them again. Let me explain the myriad of issues I have gone through with this ridiculous "company."

1.) They fought me about shipping money when the shipper did not complete shipping as required. It took multiple emails and dealing within both sides (first ups, then arguing with their terrible cs) for something they simply had to refund and file a claim for. They did not lose money. They did not even need to fight me. Seems like they are money starving if they are so petty. This does explain the lack of people getting refunds for non working product. Keep reading, you can get your money back! They begrudgingly returned the shipping. Of which they would get back.

2.) They do not follow fda regulatory standards, and expect you to buy "oh we fill it by weight, so it will still work." I had a package come, late, and I decided to keep the product on the shelf, as it was too late for what I needed it for by the time it finally showed up. I didn't know until later that the pre cleanse was short a pill. I contacted them the next morning while they were open, and even sent in a photo. They responded with "we left the warehouse know, thanks. We full it by weight, it will still work." So, idk about you, but I don't weigh my vitamins. I also know that does not meet FDA regulatory standards nor FTC regulatory standards for labeling and advertising. Once these have happened it is an issue. This also raises the issue if all the vitamins are improperly weighted, and therefore the nutritional standard is off. It also bodes poorly for the effectiveness of the detox program. This may be why many don't work. I dared to ask for my money back (as they did the right thing eventually about the shipping). I shouldn't have bothered.

3.) Their customer service was RUDE AND ABUSIVE. They used sexism, ageism, (you start getting ma'am to imply you are an old cranky woman, which is ageism and sexism and good cs knows that's a bad term) and constant excuses for their faulty product as well as their printed 100% satisfaction guarantee. Because apparently I'm the bad guy for them screwing up. So when I then sent them the regulatory guidelines, they called me a potential liar about the pills, despite them admitting it was a known issue, and they were just taking my word for it. I let them know I opened the pills in front of another person, who could testify to my honesty. They said to send the product back, at my expense, and then they would refund me. No. If I pay for the shipping, it's no longer a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee. For them not following the laws. If they had offered to pay for the return shipping, I would have returned all products as requested. I do hold people to their word though, especially if it's in print, and I have ss. I told them I would not pay for shipping for this reason. 100% means 100%, not 90% to foot the cost to send it back. They trick a lot of people with this from these reviews I see, like restocking fees. I did not say I wouldn't ship them, but that I wouldn't pay for it. They kept saying to send them back at my expense. Then I said fine, I'll finish the product, and maybe you'll get to keep the $$, but my guess is it won't work and you will have to refund. They told me no, send it back. Because they also know it won't work, and throwing the product in the garbage (as they would have to if they follow any laws) is worth me paying for. I reminded them not at my expense, and that if it worked they could keep the money. They said to send it back again, and refused to communicate further. So I called the bank. They agreed the company cannot break the law, and returned my money. If you find that the company is jerking you around, call your bank. You'll get the money back due to their own printed guarantee, and if they didn't follow the laws, no one will argue except them. With the way they talk, if it went to court the consumer would always win here. It wouldn't be worth the time.

I've never been treated so badly by customer service anywhere in my entire life, because they are cheap, and I'm guessing by the response, they have a bad product. They even said for their horrific behavior they gave me good cs. No. I've worked in cs over ten years. If I talked to someone like that, I'd be fired. I'm guessing it's the owner of the company, because otherwise they would need to value their job more. I also feel the person I spoke to just have some sort of drug problem to think that behavior is professional. I don't mean pot, but maybe meth. All in all, I'm glad I got my money back and away. Don't let them screw you. Try to work with them, take ss of the guarantee and how many times it occurs, and if necessary, call the bank and get out of business with them. They have many competitors. You don't need to do business with them. You can be the one to cut communication with your $$.

Update: day 7 still positive...

Update 2: post clean caps on day 16, still positive.
I feel I can definitely say it does not work. I was clean 72 hours prior to starting. It does not make it release any faster. I'll prolly be below 50 by day 21. Probably. Will update one more time with the clean shot on test day with final test, but still expecting a positive with how bad the products are.

Tip for consumers:
Don’t. Call your bank for any funny business.

Products used:
Incomplete ten day detox.


I am adhd, and have been going through some injustice issues because of being neurodiverse. I decided to represent and support the community when I saw their shirts on Facebook. It's an important cause afterall. I got the inclusion one they advertise, and the Jedi sleeveless hoodie. This was a zero headache purchase. As someone adhd, I need that. My only thing I would have preferred was both shirts to be in the same bag, rather than shipped in two separate bags. It would be cheaper for them, and help save the planet. Love my shirts, love the messaging, love the simple service where I don't need to contact customer service. Five stars!

Tip for consumers:
They are awesome!

Products used:
Jedi sleeveless hoodie, if you embrace disability shirt

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