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This website kept me entertained for hours. Funniest damn stuff I ever read.


Ok, check this out. You know how sometimes you get word of a new popular video online and it peaks your interest. Naturally we go to youtube to check out what all the hub-bub is about. Oh man, did I say hub-bub? Sorry about that, had a lame moment. Oh, and by the way, mr. "posting false video Rick Roll boy", I really despise you, joke is over ok, let's move on shall we( as I fall for it once again..."sigh") Anyways, say you try to watch this new amazing video that everyone is bugging the crap out of you to watch, and it comes up as "removed for copyright infringement, or not suitable, or " hey, we here at youtube are too $#*! to post any interesting videos" WeLLLLLLL... now you can view those so called banned videos at this website. Pretty cool stuff from the research department at M. I. T. I salute thee!


This is another clever time waster and practical joke site. Type in anyone's name and pick from the categories below. It generates a fake realistic news type web page from "global associated news" A friendly warning though. If you send this out to your mother or other family member as a joke, they might freak out not realizing it's a spoof and then mishaps occur. Hilarious mishaps, but they could be a little upset depending on what news story you pick.


Want to know what countries are the most peaceful? Who has the best airports in the world? Or the most unstable countries? Maybe you would like to feel a little depressed, so you look up who is the richest people on earth. Want to feel great about your life? Check out the poorest in the world or the most dangerous countries to live in with no surprise, Iraq being #1. They even have stats on the most searched person on the web apparently right now it's Britney Spears. Ok, I would have picked Megan Fox but... whatever... actually I bet today it's Mel "king of rant" Gibson. Also I'm curious as to why i need to know this but the # 1 country for cocaine usage is there too.


I love these sort of websites, and this one is a killer. The Electronic Voice Phenomena or EVP is hands down, the craziest S$%! T I have ever heard. These paranormal investigators go to supposed haunted places all over North America and they record sounds and actual voices of the dead. These voices cannot be heard by human ears but the recording equipment they bring somehow captures stuff, some of which is muddled and was filtered but a lot of it is clear as hell and disturbing. The ones that really got me were the desperate cries of a boy in water and he says over and over: help me" while the sound of what seems to be a fist pounding against the wall of a bathtub. It was apparently in an abandoned building and no one else was present except the investigators. Even if you don't believe in this stuff, this site has some crazy unsettling content. Now if you will all excuse me I have to go and change my shorts.


I heart majorgeeks.com a whole bunch. These are my go-to geeks when I need a program or advice or whatever. These dudes have been around a while now and they're reliable. Everything (under the sun) is categorized and it's a mix of shareware and freeware. Yay! Freeeeeee. ( sorry- had an odd late night moment there for a second) Also when you click on your desired link, it takes you to a page where you can check the user rating of "said" product you are interested in, all the info on it and etc. There are very few and far between resource download sites I trust, but I trust these geeks. Oh, and they have one of the greatest logos ever created.


Great site if you are a teacher, or a person who hands out a lot of certificates. Orrrrrrr, your a goofball like me use it for humoring myself endlessly. For instance, I am now a doctor with specializing in botox. I am a petroleum transfer technician( guess that one) oh and a professional dog-f-----r. Even better, my friend at work is a horse proctologist, he's a professional secret shopper for womens underwear stores, he doesn't know this yet but he will monday morning when i post these wonderous achievents on the company billboard.


Let's see, how do I sum this one up? Ok, well it's bunnies re-enacting your favorite movies in 30 seconds or so. I love the fight club one. Take note: this site is NSFK (not safe for kids)


Ok, this one is fun and creepy at the same time. The bot you can talk to is Captain Kirk. Doesn't sound like him though. Sounds more like a cross between Audri Hepburn and Adam West's Batman, but it's still pretty cool. Type in anything you want and Kirk will answer you. Sometimes his answers are a little bizarre but he answers you nonetheless. I immediately started typing in things like " hey Captain, where the f#%k is that pointy eared ball busting Spock fellow?"
Kirk's response was " I don't allow that kind of language in my forward control deck, please refrain from this activity now" oh-kay?
Also move your mouse around and his eyes will follow. Like I said, creepy.


Ok, I have to be honest right off the start. I don't particularly like Alex Jones, but at the same time I sort of admire him. Jones is the owner of infowars.com. He also owns "prisonplanet.com, the jonesreport., infowars.net, truthnews, and I believe a few more. He has a superior business model and that I admire. His websites are loaded with scary, conspiracy laden theories, news events seen through his eyes which usually revolves around the illuminati or the controlling U.S. government and imminent marshal law we shall all face soon (ya, sure) He has a huge loyal following and his website and syndicated radio show empire is growing faster than a bad weed.
Like I said, I sort of admire him because he built a successful business from scratch all based on conspiracy and first Amendment rights and freedom of the press.
All of his websites are saturated with advertisements for everything from weird Obama T-shirts to some strange bottled water that I'll need to have stocked up when civil war breaks out. I guess I'll be thirsty when I'm hustled off to the concentration camps.
I estimate that each of his websites are pulling in a minimum $100,000 per month just on the advertising alone. That figure is probably very low and I'm sure it's a lot more. The reason I mention this is that personally I have a hard time taking him seriously when I know he's a millionaire based on his ability to scare the hell out of everyone. Even the ads on his sites are scary. All in all, some of the stuff on infowars is interesting, but the whole scare tactic theme gets rather tiring very quickly

The Smoking Gun

Ah yes, nothing perks up your day better then seeing rich and famous people who look as though they just came off a 3 day coke binge getting their police mugshot for whatever it is they got arrested for. My personal favorites are Joyce DeWitt, from that Three's Company sitcom. Here she looks like she just inhaled a eight ball of meth.
James Brown from 2004 mugshot looks, well he looks really terrible. Nick Nolte, who seemed to be getting hairstyle advice from James Brown, and poor Gary Coleman with his recent mugshot taken a couple years back, well gee, when you look at this one it pretty much defines his famous catch phrase. I could swear Willis was taking the picture.
Yup, sometimes the rich and infamous fall off the Hollywood sign now and again and oh how sweet it is... Great day ahead.


Here is yet another site that's popular and most likely has the highest traffic between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. Which makes me think, what the hell did office workers do prior to the internet. Did they sit and stare at their office cubicle wall? Did they wait for the mail clerk to come by so they could belittle him every day? Maybe they were the ones who invented the annoying motivational phrases and hung them on the walls so it would serve as a reminder of how small and insignificant we are. Oh I know, they were forced to socialize with each other, probably around the water cooler right? Back in the early 90's "plenty o fish" meant good fishing weekend, Lavalife was what you had when you lived near a volcano, and cougarLife was on the national geographic channel on sundays. Anyways, there is some side splitting humor here in pictures and video that is simply epic
Great time wasting moments.


Ok, we all know youtube is the juggernaut of online video. Well, except my mom who points to her living room television when I ask her if she saw "that" video on youtube. No ma, "you tube, not "your tube". Sigh... never mind. At least she knows what facebook is I suppose.
Anyways, I'm going off track again here, where was I? Oh yeah, Youtube, king of all net video sites, now becoming " king of all censored video sites". Even when you sign in, some videos that you may want to see, even if it is morally, ethically wrong, and downright sickening, who the hell is youtube (ahem... cough! Google)
To be my daddy and tell me what I can and cannot watch. This IS the freedom of the internet right? Now I agree that any disgusting videos that involve children obviously should be never allowed and also reported to authorities. But when youtube banishes an atheist video or actively censors videos on political subjects, then it's time to shop around for your entertainment fixes. Actually, after the second time I got "rickrolled" I was on the hunt for a new site. Once being rickrolled is amusing, after 2 or 3 rickrolls you know what, I get it ok. Haha you got me on that one mister rickroller, you clever little man. Now can I see the new Thor movie trailer? Ok, end of rant, sorry about that. This is where liveleak.com comes in. Liveleak has much of the same as youtube except, as far as I know they haven't started actively censoring videos. I could be wrong, but anything that couldn't be brought up on youtube I've managed to find on liveleak, such as real combat war videos from Iraq, The Gaza strip etc. The only thing that I don't like about liveleak is their internal search site engine, It's sometimes not very accurate, but probably won't matter unless you're looking for some weird obscure stuff, but If you are, I know a few sites where you can find that too... uh, I mean I know this really weird dude who knows where to find obscure weird videos. Well, anyways I hope liveleak remains the same and doesn't $#*! out like the way youtube (cough google) did, otherwise we would have to go shopping for another source of video entertainment and to find one that is actually decent.


Mildly entertaining website dedicated to listing and defining every phobia there is known to man. My personal favorite is Coulrophobia -fear of clowns. Been going through a few of these and I think my fear is Peladophobia-which is the fear of bald people. Ok, maybe I'm not pela... uh. Pedro... um... whatever, but at least if I see someone freaking out while they are staring at a bald person's big melon, I can help them and diagnose them right there on the spot and give them some sort of sense of comfort.
I could walk up and say to him" hey buddy, it's alright that you're afraid of the back of this guys bald head, you see, because you have a condition called Pedaphelia. You'll be just fine"


This is a pretty cool site especially if your a news junkie like me. All of the worlds major newspapers current events. Lots of other great stuff here as well, but I like this link the best.


Generally I don't go on wacky conspiracy sites, ufo's or paranormal type websites. Not because I don't believe in any of that stuff, but because there seems to be a lot of bias and not enough balance in the content to keep me interested. Truthed.com is no exception actually, but it somehow kept me interested for a while at least. Lots of videos, funny to spooky, a forum chock full of interesting albeit whacked out nut-jobs talking all kinds of crazy but still interesting crazy to say the least.
A pretty good time waster especially when you're at work and you just don't want to do those damn TPS reports.


Warning! Going on this website can lead to hours of fascination, embarrassing outbursts of high pitched laughter (if your at work) shockingly addictive behavior, and all around fun times. I just spent 3 hours on this website at work and my shift ended 2 and half hours ago.( embarrassing) Gotta sneak out before someone notices I'm still here.


I love using Photoshop, it's a really cool tool to manipulate pics, create logos or paint digitally. The problem with it, is that it's freaking expensive! Expensive enough that most people who just would like it to have fun pasting Grampa's head on Gramma's body (who doesn't right?) cannot afford the nearly $1000 dollar price tag for the latest version which I think is #12 Creative Suite or something. Now unless of course you don't mind using Photoshop 1 or 2 for about $20 bucks (maybe even free now) and seems like it came out in 1954 with pixels the size of your thumb nail. So if you are not into that idea, the great news is that you can download a substitute that is remarkably impressive considering that it's free. Paint.net has been around a little while now and since I've been using Photoshop programs since 1998, I put this free one to the test and it really impressed me. Doesn't have all the fancy bells and whistles Photoshop has but it's damn close. Let's just say I had no trouble putting Grampa's head on Gramma's body and vice -versa. I just wished I hadn't emailed everyone in the family my little masterpiece, guess I got carried away and well, I thought it was funny at the time. They're old and they'll forget about it by next week anyways.
Also, come to think of it, I said "bells and whistles" to describe Photoshop which is a silly saying, since I've yet to find a bell or whistle tool in photoshop, but if you've used Photoshop before, you know what I'm saying right?


This website has absolutely no purpose whatsoever. But for some reason I find it amusing. It's probably used for cubicle office employees tired of harvesting their crops on farmville and need to really veg out at 2 pm.


This is a pretty cool website, where you can create your own web page(s) with flash animation all for free (option to upgrade) and all you need is a domain name. You don't have to know html or java script and it's a simple step by step process that takes only a few minutes to create a web page of your design.
Great alternative to a blog.

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