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My clean and shiny shower takes just a tap of a button!
Housekeeping? Not My forte, especially cleaning the Shower and toilet. Chemical fumes nauseate and The Back won't participate.

The Automatic Shower Cleaner is the next best thing to having a Housekeeper!
I need Insurance to operate a grocery cart because I'm a " Tech-NO! " But after purchasing for $14.00 -$5.00 (coupon) =$9.00, I had no problem putting it into service. Just tap the button AFTER You step out of the shower. My guests have mistaken this Shower Cleaner for a body soap dispenser, and were sprayed during the shower. That's why I emphasized, AFTER.
The solution refill is about $5.00 every couple weeks.
You can even start with a dirty shower and watch the progress toward clean.
Personally, I used a Magic eraser sponge(white) to clean it first.

Second Best:
Magic Eraser sponge is excellent for hard water scum, cleaning walls and most other surfaces because NO Chemicals are involved and NO Scrubbing.

The Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Gel works very well also, to avoid Scrubbing as frequently. Yuk! I hate toilet brush spray in My face.

Save Time, Save Effort, Now let's Save Your Money!

Go to this site, at the bottom of the page there should be a banner to save $8.00
In coupons;
$5.00 Automatic Shower Cleaner Starter Kit
$2.00 Automatic Shower Cleaner Refills
$1.00 Toilet Cleaning Gel

And Now You'll have More Time, Energy and Money to Get or Be Dirty Even More!

Beat Baldness and have Velvet skin into Your Eighties

You can prevent Hair loss and damage, then note how Healthy your hair STAYS in Your scalp. Sleep is One third of Your life. Sleeping causes rips, tangles, yanks Your hair out as You toss and turn. If You sleep on a Silk/ Satin/ Shiny Polyester PILLOW CASE your hair will be spared from most of the Damage. Your skin and Hair will only be as soft as the fabric You sleep on. Hair slides right off silk, No bed head hair, No BALDING. My grandparents both had full heads of hair into their nineties thanks to Silk Pillow cases.

Velvet skin for pennies.
Don't waste Your money on costly lotions or bath moisturizers. For the face, Honey mask. Bath moisturizer is BEST when using Two packets of whole fat (2% or most fat) POWDERED MILK, in tepid bath water. Never use Hot water. Feel like Veal. If Your in a hurry, You can Multi-task by adding cereal to Your bath, breakfast-bathing. This Milk bath is great for soothing foot soak, rash, bites and burns. Excellent for Pregnant women, prevents stretch marks. Aloe Vera gel 100% is the best body lotion. Keep in mind, no matter the product, if You can not see through it, do not rub it on Your skin because it's animal fat/ lard base which coats skin.

The RedTape Buster

" I'll sting You with the truth before I'd hurt you with a Lie... and I'm subtle as a Rhino "


"Block ALL Telemarketing, Phone poachers... Peace at last"

Ever injure Yourself to answer the phone, and it was a Telemarketer, NOT Your anticipated contact? Just another Phone Poacher waking You up, again?

This decade get Your privacy back!

~*~*~*~*www.DONOTCALL.GOV *~*~*~*~


~*~*~*~* CALL TOLL FREE *******222 *~*~*~*~! Warning update:
If You Type www.Donotcall. NET or. COM or. ORG

You will likely be charged for this service
So be SURE to USE. GOV

Simply register Your Cell, Land line numbers, ANY and ALL numbers You choose.

Enjoy the Peace! Thirty days from date of registry You should NEVER have your time and privacy poached by those pests again.
If A Poacher/Telemarketer dares call You then You may file a complaint against them.

" A little Piece of Mine Brings lots of Peace of Mind! "





Against SITEJABBERS! We complainants have become targets for Cyber-sabotage retaliation, BIDCACTUS.COM is likely behind it but I need feedback from You other Complainants who may also be targeted.
YOU can Help!
Bid-Crooked -Us is like a Tapeworm in My life. It can Be Flushed, But only when enough of My Jabber Family tattle to the FTC. My Jab-Bro's will act as Mighty Bran Fed Fact Full Bowels and send" Did -Crap-ed-puss' " Swirling Away... Swirling... Swirling... GONE!
That Feels Better.

I discovered a healthy alternative to the petty penny Auction. But Your odds of winning big cash are very real for this.
I played at My local church and I was handed My bingo cards AND a small bingo brain machine, 8X10 inch lap top.
NO MORE SEARCH and DAUB. Just punch in the numbers of every ball, once, and Ta Da! All fifty of Your cards will now register, black out, every called space in a nano second. And even if You didn't notice You were one space from forming a kite pattern to win, this bingo butler will blink the uno number, then an " X " fills the screen flashing.
Be sure to yell " BINGO " and not, " I won " Beginners don't get that info until it's too late. But this machine offers the thrill of electronic bidding, the faster you punch in the numbers into Your card machine, the better bingo bidder winner You become. No More Going... Going, GONE goes your money with Your peace of mind.
With Bingo, You sit with others, in one room, real time, NO bid-ball cheaters, every ones cards on the table to duel with digits and daubers. For $20.00 I got the basic packet(machine included) of the 20 games to be called. Lotto tickets for side games are sold and played between the regular card calls. I spent $20 on various tickets and won back $16.00 plus was grand prize entry ticket.
Each card or game was worth $250,20 chances to win that. The tickets could net zero to $1,200,10 different chances or drawings. Winners are all paid in cash, on the spot. Nobody looses, it's for charity so Your donation/losses have write off value. Bingo is located close to most homes plus you can wager without smoke choked air and loud drunks, much. For about three to four hours I got to feel the Adeline and see the bimbo who bingo blocked Me. The food is really good too, don't spill it on Your machine. Now after you've reported the fraud, treat yourself to this healthy, social substitute. Gift card Bid? No! Thousands in cash... BINGO!

I simply filed a fraud report with My bank. By doing so, I got back all My money wasted on the frauds at Bid PLUS it forces the FTC plus many More agencies to investigate Those crooks and spare others, like ourselves. Ultimately, get back our money... Cactus crooks bid for prison sentences! It's going to take some more of You to step up, and get reimbursed.

Despicable! " Did-Trap-Us " is best way to pronounce these Crooks called Bid Cactus.Com. Modern Three Card Monty for which We, the " Cactustomer " could NEVER profit. I intend to file a complaint with My bank for Return of My Money, the Crook T' Us, Cactus DID DEFRAUD with full pre-meditated Fraud as Their commerce. Your State Attorney Generals Office should get a duplicate Complaint to Kill the Crap trap Us, Cactus. Let's NOT just blog and finger... GET EVEN? GET YOUR MONEY BACK TOO! Because this Scam is perpetrated across State lines, the Banks and State Att. General must be notified. Thus Fraud is proven, Funds returned, Cactus Crooks bid for Prison terms with Federal Treasury and Criminal State.

Don't Complain, DO REPORT!

I am the " REDTape-Buster " Hero for Consumers messy affairs made Best. For 25 Years I " Not just beat Them, But Beat Them with Their Own Rules Plus make a Friend on the inside. ". Only speak with The Decision Maker. Never attack the People, rather help correct Their policy or error. It's a Challenge and not a problem. Be Sure of Your Optimum Solution, Resolve, Reimbursement, Compensation and so on. Think Bold and Best, do not compromise. Polite, factual conversation with Mr. Decider, use first names, call Him Decide and use his first name within all conversations as much as possible.

I got took for $36.50, Six Hours of watching for My Moment, Going... You think Your clicked bid really beats out the Seven or more Computer Schills( Cactus House Boosters bogus bidders) has a chance? I could have used My dog trainer clicker for More honest results. I did Save all e-mails, copied My Statement or Accounts page as receipt and proof for loss recovery. Plus I become a witness to testify and Put The crooks in Jail. Don't waste Your time complaining to Cactus, You'll just tip them off to Your account needing to be deleted or falsified.
I intend to change My " Bidders Name " before I click off My final 10 Flicks for Fraud. I become, " Bet U C Prison " or " Cactus Prison Bid-itch " Felony Fraud Agent "

Let's Get Them and Our money back!

Here are the sites You may formally report on Bid-Cactus for FRAUD

Start with:

State of California:
Attorney General Office-
Dept of Consumer Affairs-

Bingo located within local Churches, Vanguard, Fraternal orders, Senior Centers

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