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About Me

Family, friends and Christ. No afraid to talk about the unpopular, NEVER politically correct, just correct. I'm here for people, honesty and Jesus.

How I Can Help

I am a safety (OSHA) trainer, a former business owner and just understand how stuff works.


Some of my favorite things, playing xbox 360, mountain vacations and gardening, all with family

37 Reviews by doug

The Washington post is probably one of the leading media sources, Oh no don't take that in a good way, What I am saying is; leading Make it up as you go along media sources. They stand in the way of reform for AMERICANS, is it possible the Washington post is just another Terrorist obama organization? So let's get real, no opinion that would be the current way of reporting. The post stands in the way of everything President Trump has proposed and attempts to improve our quality of life. What I mean when I say our, I mean Americans, living breathing, tax paying, working, families who are struggling because obama has given so much assistance to the others who enter our Great Nation that do none of the above, that kind of our. That is not an opinion, that is a fact, report on that washington post, you hide, (you cowards, another lesson learned from obama,), behind your freedom of speak amendment and block whatever you can. America, STOP buying any Product which is Advertised from or part of the Washington post, hit them in their pocket until they wake up and START to report TRUTH, if at all possible. Send a message to ALL the advertisers that WE THE PEOPLE, will not allow this to go on any further. This is what we can do, we are the LIFE BLOOD of America, lets choose where the blood pumps.
Any chance I get I write an HONEST review of the almost past president obama. He is and was a coward, and I have a photo which depicts him as the devil, at least a VERY close resemblance. Today however, I share a new fact, I, to my complete distaste, saw his face on yahoo and right beside him kim jong-un. Now there is a pair that should be shown together. Both punks, both completely unaware of reality. Americans unite, contact your congressmen tell them They work for Us and we want to prosper as working backbone of this great nation. We want to choose our own healthcare, we want complete tax reform, and we don't want to see anymore photos of nobama, for any reason, LOL Yes he is a joke.
Your recent posting of the PROTOCOLS of the British empire. WOW, this is just getting better. You democrats see nothing, hear nothing and know nothing, then you just make EVERYTHING UP. YOU see everyday as a protocol, "oh this isn't the way things are supposed to be done". Yah, right, that's EXACTLY WHY we are in the mess we are in and TRUMP has to get us out of it. YES I'M TALKING ABOUT NOBAMA, that man was and is as useless as adding mosquitoes to an already malaria infested area. Do EVERYONE A FAVOR, stop with your opinion and report the news, better yet JUST SHUT UP.
For the most part, democrats within this party think and act as though they are untouchable and when it comes to the weak back boned Republicans, they are. WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE HAVE THE POWER AND AUTHORITY TO END THEM. We need to unite right now, in this upcoming election and VOTE OUT OF OFFICE ALL THE DEMOCRATS. Then we can work on the weak do nothing republicans. The democrats mock us and the United States of America, they continue to stuff our money in their pockets, they shove horrible medical policies down our throat and for them they are given and exemption. Why? Because what they push on us is no good to start with and they know it, shame on you obama. We now are in crisis over a virus, haven't viruses come and gone in the past? The answer is of course yes. So why the big lock down? No not because this is any sure kill episode and NOT because they, the democrats want to protect us, no it is because it is election year and they don't care about the economy they care about the presidency. How short sighted can on group of so-called educated people be? Think of it this way, the entire corrupt media, the entire, (for the most part) corrupt democratic party, YES I MEAN YOU CHUCK AND YOU PELOSI. Say stay home stay safe, we too are going to stay home. You and I stay home because we are forced to and now we have financial difficulties all the while they are collecting every penny from their salary. IF THEY REALLY CARED, each of them would give back all the money during this time, but have even one done this? You have got to see the end game here and it is NOT for any of our benefits. They have forgotten, they WORK FOR US, THEY ARE PUBLIC OFFICIALS, and now we have the opportunity to vote them ALL out of office and put in blue collar workers, not seasoned, professional political candidates. Unite America, take back the power. End the reign of the democrats. Then for the Media, tell them the news and only the news, not opinion, not democratic agendas, JUST NEWS. If they continue to print make believe news, we contact ALL their sponsor, yes those who advertise on air. Tell them, we will no longer purchase their products if they continue to pay for advertisement on CNN, MSNBC, Washington Post and other make believe news companies. WE HAVE THE POWER AND IT'S CALLED MONEY. Step up
Recently, I was listening to the radio and on came Don Henley, dirty laundry. As I listened it reminded me of the Fake news from MOST IF NOT ALL MEDIA SOURCES. In particular MSNBC, some of the lyrics are completely fitting, if you haven't heard the song before watch on youtube and listen to the words. One of the verses says, "I just have to look good, I don't have to be clear" Wow, how true. In fact, that is the ONLY truth to todays media, that they are not truthful. Media, listen to this, YOU and only YOU have diminished your credibility. Go ahead continue down this path and no one will listen to you. If you are an advertiser, it's time to separate yourself from these self destructing organizations. Here is an idea, advertisers, tell us, we the people the truth about your product, that is something that has escaped media services.
I recently received a solicitation from the sierra club. As I read through the propaganda, I realized this organization is nothing more than a democratic sidebar to attack our president. They think obama was the next Jesus Christ. Needless to say I told them I would not accept any more correspondence and Shame on them. What they portray could be beneficial to our nation HOWEVER, it is nothing if it isn't to create more havoc through politics. If an organization is meaning to clean this or that, then just do it don't get on the political soapbox to help the loosing democratic party. The sierra club had not one derogatory comment to make while the do nothing obama was in office, Leave Trump alone for 8 years and let's see what mess he can clean up from the last almost president, almost American. The Sierra Club headquarters is in Oakland Ca. Nuff said.
Time Warner Cable, first not only do you have the WORST customer of any business of which I have been exposed. NOW, you are employing the extremely poor media coverage, straight from the pages of CNN. I watched a 10 minute TWC news segment and had to switch channel because my stomach began to turn. You, TWC, are so willing to report about this group or another group who oppose President Trump and NEVER show the MILLIONS OF AMERICANS who support his direction and decisions. You work with the minority of people in the country, you do NOT represent the AMERICAN WAY. We are watching you and a boycott of your product is VERY possible. WE THE PEOPLE have had enough, start working towards a solution rather than fueling and becoming the problem. Remember this, when you are no longer in business, who's going to hear your OPINION, well truth be told we don't listen to your opinion now, looks like your on your way out.
If you are a subscriber/user of facebook and don't have a job, Think about deleting your facebook page. Face book is now against the Executive order to keep illegals from entering the country, WHY you might ask- because they employ these "what they call immigrants". What they mean is -this is cheap labor that we employ, now you have stop our source and we will have to pay Americans more money to do the same job. Face book wants to continue to bring in illegals and use them for the jobs we should be getting. The illegals, get welfare, no taxes and other government benefits. What do we get Nothing, including a job. Tell face book if they want to employ illegals move to Mexico, Move to Iran, Move to Pakistan, but until they do-EMPLOY AMERICANS AND STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT A VERY GOOD AND POSITIVE POLICY THAT WILL HELP AMERICA GROW. Face book you are real losers. DON'T FORGET SEND A MESSAGE TO FACE BOOK TODAY-EVERYONE CANCEL USING THEM, PERIOD.
Hillary clinton, ( notice you don't even deserve the respect of capital letters). First off, let me say. YOU LOST THE PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION, FAIR AND SQUARE, YES YOU LOST, GET OVER IT. Next, no one wants to know what you think about any issue, are you telling the truth, ( not very likely) are you lying, (probably), are you just completely fabricating the facts, (this is the most likely scenario). Even still, here is the good news, you could actually get a job with CNN as a fake news reporter, YOU have got all the credentials to pull that off with high grades. Not being mean, you need to do something, YOU WILL NEVER BE PRESIDENT! Here is the reason for the last statement, THE AMERICAN PEOPLE DON'T TRUST YOU. You did this to yourself, or better you just let your true colors show. If CNN won't have you, maybe you could get a job as a tax collector, that would pad YOUR bank account, oh yes you are a thief also.
I have read many reviews of CNN and they are all basically the same, except i did read one by george. George has, in his mind compared Trump with Hitler, I shake my head when I read something like this. Please take the time to review what is said, what you see and then come up with a logical conclusion, not a democratic party by-line. The media is as corrupt as hillary and that is a good place to start if you want to talk about lies, yet you want to bash Trump before he even starts to repair the country that nobama has brought to it's knees. Take your head out of the sand and just shut up for a while until you clear your head from the presidential loss, then maybe you will see the world and media for what they truely have become, puppets for the leftist agenda. I will show you honest, Trump is president but I see shortcomings to his policies, he is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, could you have said that about hillary? NO you think she is the way, wrong again. Want more? Did you see the coverage by CBS of the inauguration? All they wanted to do is focus on obama and his fat butt wife, yes he was president, I'm sorry to say, and NOW he's gone Hurray! It was not his day but the day of the new President elect, wake up and listen to the people.
CNN I know you people are not the smartest on the planet but LISTEN TO THIS. We, the American people DO NOT TRUST A WORD YOU SAY OR PRINT! You taint every story to meet your personal opinion, WE don't care what your opinion is, we want the truth. With that said, you CNN are worthless to us, YOU CANNOT TELL THE TRUTH. It is about time for a career change, try fishing, that is a sport where everyone lies... YOU WILL FIT RIGHT IN.
Sorry about the web address, it's the closest I could get to what I wanted to write about. First I don't care that this president is kinda black, not really sure who what he is in that respect. I look at people as people not as what color they are, every race has it's fools, obama is exactly my point. Let me explain, the president if supposed to be the leader of the country not the divider, he/she is supposed to take responsibility for their actions, not have 2 speeches written depending on the outcome, just to cover their butt. The president is supposed to set an example by upholding the law and rules of the position, well wait a second, he did set an example, not a good one, rather and example of what NOT TO FOLLOW>. The president is supposed to protect us, yes that also means U.S. by not catering to terrorists and funding terrorist activities. The president takes care of Americans before any other country, yet how many of our veterans are homeless, after potentially offering up their lives for our freedom? Then obama, has the gall to look at the American people via television and say he feels he has left a positive footprint at the Whitehouse. The only positive part of your 8 years is that you are finally gone. Obamacare is worthless and he knows it, that is why he has been given an exemption, your executive decisions are UNCONSTITUTIONAL and you should be charged as an enemy of the state. Yet, obama, being the arrogant person he is, still believes he has done a good job. You will get the message soon, when ALL of everything you have done is repealed, removed and replaces and then you read in the history books, " worst president in American history" You wanted to leave a legacy, here you have it.
Ok I get it predicting weather is not a science, WHAT did I just say? That is exactly what it is and those guys get paid a hefty sum for doing it. Why can't they get it right OR at least say WE MESSED UP. They have an excuse for everything, listen to the last one about Huge Winter Storm Helena. "The reason we had no snow is because of the Warm NOSE, yes that's what meteorologists call it, the warm nose" Are we talking about weather or puppies? If, no When you are wrong just come out and say so, it actually adds to your lacking credibility. Folks we need to ask ourselves a question, if anyone else was as wrong as the weathermen as often, would we say "I've had enough of you" YES, then why do we keep coming back to listen to these expensive guessing? Have you got a bone that aches, trust that NOT WRAL.COM
We all know the marketplace insurance is no insurance at all. Here is what needs to be done and WE have to do it. First, DO NOT VOTE for anyone in office right now, we need real people not politicians that force crap at us. The healthcare is junk they know it and instead of using it they have other. Next, I want to have posted that Nobama is probably the worst president in US History. Well, maybe a tie with Jimmy Carter but that is not good company----for Carter to keep, LOL. Yes, obama was and is a joke, he is weak, a coward and a lover of terror. I usually respect our Presidents but I cannot have any respect for a terd like him. He would not have beat Trump in the last election and I want him to know it. Obama you have run your course take your fat butt wife and go to Africa.
With the technology and education our country has at its disposal it is a shame the weather cannot be successfully predicted. Instead of just coming out and saying we messed up yet again, I hear stuff like it happened because of the "warm nose". Really, do you guys make it up as you go along? You are paid to be at least close to correct, so this leads me to my ending comment. We are NO better off with the false predictions of weathermen, they get paid TOO MUCH MONEY to be consistently wrong and I am not going to listen to, close, is ok because it's uncertain weather. If this is in fact the case then a yearly salary of 25K will be sufficient for the lack of a proven track record. Weather underground, you can stay there, cut ties with the lies. Face it YOU JUST DON'T know what is going to happen. Oh, so I'm being unfair, well let me ask you this question. If I were a policeman and had to make a split second decision which ended up causing harm to someone, would everyone be jumping all over the police officer, YES. Remember he or she didn't have days to study the situation, he or she didn't have millions of dollars of equipment to suggest possible outcomes. Get off your hi horse and just let us read the Almanac. You people are a fraud... pure and simple.
Needed a new storm door so we went to Lowes Hardward. I go there because i've always had good success if a problem arises. We found a nice storm door made by Larson. I has a built in screen panel that hides away when not used. The door was of good quality and the window worked fine. The door has both upper and lower pistons to control the closure. The bottom piston will lock by pulling up on the top lever and then push down to release. Good lets get it, it's on sale for 268.00 plus hardward another 25.00. The directions are not the best but after fiddling a bit i got it together, all in all took me about 1.5 hours. Put both pistons on and called my wife to try it out, it opened and closed very well and secure. THEN she, tried the piston which holds the door open, SUCCESS! Well that's what i thought, because when we tried to release it, it just wouldn't let go. I had to take it apart to get the door closed. Called Lowes and the man in doors said, " Oh, you let it open all the way, didn't you?" NO, we opened the door, the cylinder was only about 8 inches open. He ordered me another piston/cylinder. But i thought about what he had said, letting it open all the way, this means there is a known defect of this product, one that needs to be addressed. The new cylinder came in, great, i installed it everything works. I opened and set the catch to hold the door, good that works, i released it and YOU GUESSED IT! It wouldn't shut again. This is a poor design at best, please wait until they get this issue repaired before you buy a Larson door. Hey i just want you to know, the piston/cylinder at the store worked, just not the 2 I received. Other than that the door is of good quality, but without the piston the door is flimsey, and wind will pull the door open, uncontrollably. Stay away and wait for more updates.
I purchased a Christmas gift for my wife from best_buy ebay store. It came in, I wrapped it and waited for Christmas. When it was opened, it was dented. I sent a message to the ebay store, they told me they couldn't help me because it was more than the 15 day period. Well, yah, I told you I bought it for Christmas, I wouldn't have had a problem if it were not sent to me dented. I was told all I could do is contact the manufacturer. What do they have to do with this? I then called my local store, they told me they couldn't help because I bought it through a 3rd party. (No everything I have read says, BEST_BUY) I called the Corporate headquarters, TWICE! Explained the problem, they agreed that I should be upset, but to date I have still had no call or response from BEST_BUY. I went out to Lowes Hardware and purchased another Microwave for my wife and I installed it. Really, stay away from BEST_BUY. They are not concerned with helping if something goes wrong. Stay with Lowes or Sears, great customer service and the PRICE is better. I did not make any of this up, nor did I embellish. I have provided this to warn you, if you still buy from best_buy then I did my part, you just didn't pay attention. Doug

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