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Philps was once a great company, and had excellent products. Today having spent 3 days, they have given up on creating anything and now buy cheap products and place their names on it. Their main website has a broken email address for support. Their only form of support is via email (broken) and a phone number that is only open 9-5 Mon-Fri.

If you plan to buy a cheap product and don't care about warranty or support go for it. I'm sure it won't be bad. If however you need software updates or warranty support then stay away. They have chose to segregate each country so support is not global. If a product is not sold in your country then you can not get support in any format include their website. Registering a product means nothing. The only response I have been able to get is via the *******@philipscare account, the main tweet account will not reply. Their response has been not my country can't help. They also take no responsibility that their website is broken and so is the search which returns all products in just their USA catelog.
Again if you want support or expect warrant, avoid Philips, they have clearly given up.

I bought the philips programmable gaming mouse, but they don't supply the software a all so the features can't be used. This also indicates that they didn't product but just stick their logo on it.

Tip for consumers:
Avoid unless your looking at $5 items that you don't care about

Products used:
Philips Gaming Mouse, but without software of any kind the programmable buttons aren't programmable.


If your desire is to be entertained like a movie or a computer game this might not be what your looking for. This is more about being social online making friends and playing something long term. The game has been going for over 15 years by the same owner and has never been sold to some giant corporation for the sole purpose of making money for the owners. So far the game's emphasis is on the game and not "gold farming" or worse "pay to win". There isn't even advertising in the game except for player based advertising within the game which is not with real money and only serves the purpose of playing the game. It wouldn't even hurt if there was advertising.

The game is about crime, and gangs. You perform crimes with your gang and on your own, you flying around world trading in flowers and fluffy toys and odd trinkets and weapons. The game is play different ways by different people. Some focus solely on the fighting other players and trying to rob them, some do not ever do that and focus only on the trading aspect of the game. The 3rd major aspect is fighting wars between different gangs/factions. Which sounds gruesome but there is not blood or guts, and in some cases can be quite comical because you can dress your character however you like. To fight wars you need to train your character the 4th aspect of the game. The more time you spend on the game the better and faster your character grows. If you become a regular subscriber your character can grow quicker how it does not retract from the game once you get to level 15. As you play more, more aspects of the game open up to your character. As your character increases their education the more options are there. There is also a random element and a seasonal element. The game constantly being upgraded with more features and surprises. The best part of the game is the social aspect, and some take a back seat to the game to enjoy the comradery within your faction/gang.

The only downside is the fact that players who have been playing longer are stronger and can not be easily if beat.


I booked a 3 day stay in Malaysia, in the Istana, The hotel was rundown and the photos clear very old. Asked for a non-smoking got a not-smoking room with cigarette burns all over, mold in bathroom, broken air condition, broken tv (CRT tv, not even plasma). Complaints fell on deaf ears. This hotel self rated 4 stars was at best 2 stars. Everything was broken including the door lock. The bed sheet had hair and blood stains, clearly not changed. I rang Agoda in the morning asking for cancellation and refund, they flat out refused. They advertise a 24 hour cancellation period but will not honor it. They screw over the hotels so hard, that the hotels give you a bad service to try to compensate their loss. They do not and will not refund or accept cancellations.

If you do book through them, pay by Credit Card (not debit card), so you can do charge reversal if you do not stay at the hotel. I would also go as far contacting the hotel and making sure your accommodation went through and that you are getting what you paid for. Agoda is based in Asia and their first language is not English, they are very prone to translation errors. I would also suggest you check with HotelsCombined or Trivago for a better deal. If Agoda's price is much below the standard then I would maybe consider contacting the hotel and double check the fine print and extras. If you need to contact Agoda for any reasons, you lost. Their call centre barely speaks english and have no powers to do anything. There a budget operator, with budget staff.

Tip for consumers:
Avoid, try HotelsCombined or Trivago to see if you can find a better deal else where. If you can't consider a different hotel.Agoda are a budget operator and do not like giving returns or refunds or make it near impossible to get them close to booking dates. Use Credit Card so you can claim your money back via your bank if their is an issue, don't let a bad hotel ruin your holiday

Products used:
Book for hotels in Malaysia.


Wish claim to be the sellers but the website is simply an aggregator or cheap crap sellers. The seller can't easily communicate with the buyer, wish get in between and stop that. So if the seller wants to advise you that they are temporarily out of stock or a particular version is out of stock their not easily able to. If the item is fake the seller can litter the reviews with fake reviews as their is no control over reviews. The reviews are also misleading as they mix up reviews of a product with reviews of a seller. So if a company sells one good product and the rest are all bogus garbage the reviews still look good. Wish is like using ebay but were your not allowed to bundle items to get a delivery discount and worse you can't contact the seller or review them as their details are only visible after you have paid for a item. The alone proves that wish is clearly protecting their sellers and have no interest in looking after the buyers. They claim money back guarantee's but what they fail to mention is that they only cover the cost of the item. Which is why a lot of items are "free" because the item cost is covered in delivery costs, thus no money to refund as the item was free. I have report or tried to report that their sellers selling 2TB usb sticks are all fake, currently the only 2TB stick just released is worth $2000 and the $7 ones on here are fake, but the reviews keep coming up saying how great they are and how quicker they were in delivery. With the occasional "this is fake". However wish make their money first so they have no interest in stopping any disreputable sellers. If you have bought something from them they will delay you complaining, they are waiting for the 90 day time limit so you can't charge back the item on your credit card. Avoid this website, there are so many better alternatives.

Tip for consumers:
if the item is delayed in shipping, don't argue just contact your bank and ask them to do a charge back on the sellers. I would consider alternative websites like www.chinavasion.com, www.lightake.com, ebay. Search for 2TB usb stick and if you see any for anything under $1500 avoid that website


I've recently become a member as an artist. I have some idea what it might be like for a buyer but I write this in the view of a seller and not a buyer.
Unlike real world galleries Buethumb allows a much more diverse type of art. They also don't mind beginner artists. I'm a beginner and I mainly draw stuff I find fun and relaxing. I put some of my works up for sale as a friend suggested, and to my surprise I have had a few items for sold. Before I had anything sold, Bluethumb curators featured some of my works which is a great confidence boost. What I have come to realise is that if you contact them they will help you find art. As an artist we are asked to package our artwork for delivery by courier (which they organise) and they provide a lot of help in doing so. (more so now). I found the process quite easy. Their commission is actually less then a physical gallery would charge, and they do advertise the site a lot so we can see where the commissions are going. This would have been 5 stars, but I do have a gripe that they allow limited prints to be sold. This to me is akin to selling digital posters. I don't mind hand made prints but these are commercial prints which are only limited because the artists said so. It would also be nice to be able to resell other artworks in my collection (by other artists) but I can see how dealing with authentication would make that a difficult process.

Tip for consumers:
if you are looking for art but aren't sure, contact them and they can help you look and make suggestions. Also don't be scared of the prices, their prices range from $100 up into the $10000's


My experience with them left me feeling cheated. They had a slick answer for everything. In summary if your going to deal with them, make sure your local. I've dealt with a few other British auction houses. But these guys have some odd policies that will leave you with a foul taste. Their online bids are locked to a minimum £20 while locals can bid as low as £1. When I won a bid I was asked to pay by paypal but I was also asked to gift the payment. When I went to sell an item they refused to pay me because the fees was only just below the sale price. They charged more then £8 in commissions for a £10 item. The item was sold by local auction and unlisted so I wasn't able to check it's original listing price. They didn't bother to tell me when the auction was, they charged a listing fee, VAT, internet fee, selling fee, and a flat rate auction fee. Then they refused to pay me because after all the fees, the payment to me which was only by paypal incured an exchange fee and they refuse to pay it. So they on charge all fees, including their own banking fees. They offered to ship my items at 30% more then other auction houses. I would have like to negotiate but they took a month to reply to any emails. Dealing with them took more then a year because of their constant delays in email. On a side note, they even charged VAT knowing full well I was not in the UK or EU.

Tip for consumers:
If your unlucky to deal with this company, I would suggest that you organise your own shipping via a number of other companies like uship. Be prepared for long delays. If you don't get a response from their main email address (*******@eastbristol.co.uk, try the owner *******@eastbristol.co.uk) however your best bet is to ring them. But if you can avoid them, there are many other British auctions that can be trusted and give much much better service. Otherwise go locally and not over the internet


Firstly I should point out some basic communications issues. They want sellers to be able to deliver in 24hrs or less otherwise transactions are cancelled which is odd considering that they take 5 days to answer emails. Their online chat is broken and their support site gets no response. Their twitter was the quickest response time of 48 hrs. Additionally they are physically localed in china as far as I know so no legal actions as final options.

They say that you can trust them but the poor communications makes it hard to trust. Each transaction is meant to be guaranteed but that is only for the buyer and only if they pay the extra fee. The fees are steep for the services. They don't audit the transfer of accounts so your buyer can pull out after you have given them your account details. I was told time and time again sorry but you need to contact the game company to get your account back (of course that would be after your account has been stripped). They also want a very large amount of private information, more then they need especially for those that are buying, considering they should have the money on hand before the trade?

Tip for consumers:
I'd look elsewhere, maybe even use a game forum or other escrow service. They take 5 days on average to respond, try going through their twitter account. Don't do a direct message, straight up tweet.

Support T. – PlayerAuctions Rep

Hi Ersu,

To address your main concerns: a) sellers set their own guaranteed delivery time, and we can only hold sellers accountable to what they originally defined, and b) we turned off our live chat and are primarily using email and our help center tickets to respond to customer inquiries. BUT, to date, we do not have any open tickets older than 1 week, so I'm not sure what you mean by "support site gets no response". Twitter is not a replacement for customer support; we recommend sending an email to support@playerauctions.com or our Help Center page.

If you can send me your PlayerAuctions username and Order ID, I can investigate your issues both on PlayerAuctions and our Support tickets.


Customer Support Manager at PlayerAuctions


Invaluables does not guarantee any transactions, there is no buyer or even seller protection. They charge the auction house a selling premium and take the money and run. They don't provide feedback of the auction house. They won't deal with the auction in the event of a complaint. If you find something you like on their website, skip it and deal with the auction house directly. It will be cheaper for you and you'll get the same protection. If the auction house asks that you pay via paypal then don't. They are avoiding the buyer protection provided by visa and mastercard and forcing you to pay any transaction fees.

Tip for consumers:
Use the site for search and then go bid directly with the auction house, invaluables charges the auction house who then on charge those fees


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