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So, I checked to see if Dr. Lee was in the system so I could send a list of my doctors from IL. Needless to say he is still not in the system. So, while I was on the portal I decided to review my medications again since I had to call in and rectify multiple errors the office made with respect to my medications. Well, they still had 3 errors with my medications, even after reviewing the corrections I made back a few days ago. So, I called the office again and told them that there were still errors with my medications. The person I spoke with noted the corrections. Hopefully the person that actually puts the information in the system will get it right this time. Then I told the person on the phone that I still can't send my list of doctors from IL. The person helping me said she would talk to the office manager and see If I could email this info to her. Well she got back on the line and said she could not get hold of her. She did say she would follow up with her and see if I could mail the info to her. She said that they would get back to me.

New Primary Physician with Banner Health Located at 13640 N Plaza Del Rio Blvd Peoria, AZ 85381
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We just moved from IL to AZ. I had to find a new primary doctor. So, I started to search and found what I thought would be a good practice/doctor. The doctor I picked was Doctor Tony Lee, at 13640 N Plaza Del Rio Blvd Suite 220 Peoria, AZ 85381, When I saw the doctor things went well. So, I figured that I was done looking for a new primary doctor. However, the doctor is only as good as the practice and administrative staff. As we all know, most issues with doctor's ends up being with the administrative staff. Well I guess Banner is no different. When I went to the practice for my first visit I asked how communication was handled between the practice, doctors and patients. I was told they have a portal where all communications take place. Since I am on a lot of medications I asked if I could just attach a document I had showing my scripts and dosage on a daily basis. I also said that I would attach another document with information on all lf my doctors back in IL. They said that I would be able to do this once they sent me an invite to register on the portal. They said this would happen within one day of my visit. So, the next day I went to register on the portal. This process was easy. However, the portal is not that intuitive. I had to hunt around to create and send a message to the doctor. I started to create a message to the doctor. Unfortunately, the only way you can send anything or communicate with your doctor is if they are registered in the system. You would think that all doctors with this practice would be registered on the system before interacting with any patients. Well you would be wrong. Doctor Tony Lee has been with this practice for two months now and has yet to register on the portal. This means anyone seeing this doctor can't communicate with him on the portal. So, I called to ask about this and I was told to talk to the Portal Team. I called them the next day and they said that they could not sign up the doctor on the portal because of HIPPA issues. The Doctor had to ask for an invite on the system. So, I called the office back and told them this. They said they would make sure the doctor did this. Things get a bit worse with respect to my medication. When I was there for my first visit I had a sheet with most of my primary medications on it. It had the drug name, dosage and how many I take on a daily basis. I gave this to the doctor when I was there. He said he would have this entered into the system. When I was on the portal I decided to look at my list of medications on the portal. Well, you guessed it, they entered quite a few of them wrong. So, called in again to tell them this and straighten it out. The person I spoke with fixed my medication list. Oh and by the way they still do not have my info on my doctors back in IL. So, now it has been two weeks since I saw the doctor and he is still not registered on the portal. What kind of backwards place is this? Then I finally spoke to the office manager on 01/31/22 She wanted to speak to me because of the bad review I gave them. So, I told her everything I had been going through with their office. She mentioned she was only there for a month. She said she would rectify the issue with the doctor and try and have it done by the end of the week. I thought to myself, seriously. This should have been fixed the first day I called them to tell them about the issue. Anyhow it is now 02/01/22 and the doctor is still not on the portal. So, what happens if I slip into a coma and end up in the hospital and they call these guys to let them know? They will not have any of my medical history. Unbelievable! My recommendation would be to not have anything to do with this office unless you check to see that the doctor you are seeing is registered on the portal. I still wonder about this practice since they believe it is ok for a doctor to see patients without being able to communicate with them on their portal. What else do they handle poorly?

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Primary Doctor Visit


When we arrived in AZ we contacted a realtor to help us find a home to purchase. The realtor we found was not very good. We finally contacted another realtor, Jessica Loukota Leimback, to help us find a home. We felt that 2 realtors were better than one. Once we saw how much effort she was putting into finding us a home, we only used her. She was unbelievable, in a good way. She really did listen to us and did research on properties before we met with her to look at homes. She would send info on the ones we were going to look at for that day. As we were looking she would make recommendations on areas and types of homes for us to look at. She was very aware of what was happening in the AZ market and addressed this with us so we would have information to help us find a home. Before finding her we were close to being priced out of the market with the realtor we had. We were considering giving up and going back to IL. The end result is that we found a home that met most of our criteria and bought it. So, if you want a really good realtor that will work for you like no other realtor, then contact Jessica Loukota Leimback (*******

Tip for consumers:
You will be grateful for this recommendation.

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Finding a home to purchase.


Review of Bershire Hathaway and our Agent, Eileen Jaranilla-Tran
It was time to sell our home in Arlington Heights, IL. So, we had to select a Real Estate Agent. We contacted a few and found that most of them did not really prepare any documents for us. Then we contacted Clever. They explained that they use agents from Real Estate Businesses like Bershire Hathaway, Remax and Others most would recognize. They provided me with interviews with 2 agents. One was from Berkshire Hathaway and the other from some other company I can't remember. This one showed up with nothing and just talked to us. We asked for some information like pamphlets and he said that is not how he operates. Needless to say that is not how we operate, so we did not select him. Then we met with Eileen Jaranilla-Tran from Berkshire Hathaway. She had a folder with all kinds of information. Her presentation was better than anyone we met with. So, we hired her. I guess first impression is not always the best way to go.

So, she asked us for all the typical details of selling our home. Age of things, anything that was an issue with the home and pending repairs if any. Then she asked questions pertaining to actually selling the home like putting a sign in the yard, how much we wanted to list the home for and any other details like these. We told her specifically we did not want a sign in the yard or any kind of mailing to neighbors telling them our home was for sale. So, the first issue we had with Eileen was she did not make sure that the notice to neighbors did not go out. We found out quickly that neighbors were asking us about selling our home. We confronted Eileen and she said that her company did this and she did not know about it. So, our agents first huge failing with respect to our directions on selling our home. After this we started to wonder if we made a bad choice having Eileen as our Real Estate Agent.

Then we started to notice that Eileen did not give us any real direction at all on selling our home. This is why it took so long to actually sell our home. Usually in the past when we worked with a Real Estate Agent, they would always give us direction on what to do and how much the home was worth. The only thing we received from Eileen was selling prices on homes in our surrounding area. Still no real advice from Eileen on selling our home. Also, the homes she provided to us for comparison were not close enough to ours. Ours had a huge lot and 5 bedrooms. Most of the other homes were small lots and 4 bedrooms. This made it hard to compare prices.

Then when the home finally sold, do you think she was around to pick up her things or thank us. NO! She just disappeared.

My recommendation would be to ask exactly what the agent will do for you through each step of the process. Keep in mind this is our opinion from the events that transpired with respect to selling our home.

Tip for consumers:
Make sure you understand exactly what the Agent will do for you through the whole process. Especially if they will provide direction on suggested selling price of the home and things to do to make it sell fast.

Products used:
Real Estate Agent from Berkshire Hathaway


So, I have been a Humana Preventative Dental customer for over one year now. Originally I signed up with this plan because the agent said that after one year waiting period that my crowns would be covered under the typical 50% of customary charges that they typically pay. Well that was not true. I found this out when my dentist tried to submit the claim. No Coverage at all. So, I proceeded to find out what plan would cover things like this. I was told that the Dental Complete plan would cover things like this at a percentage of customary charges. This is typical insurance for covering things like crowns. So, I started the process. I called to find out how I would be able to make the plan effective before the 1st of August. I was told different things by 3/4 people over 2 days. I finally thought I had the right info. So, I filled out the application the way I was told to and they said that this way the policy would be effective 5-7 days from when I submitted it, which was on 7/15. I received a notice via email that my current plan was going to be terminated on 8/1. So, I called to find out if that was due to my submitting the application for the better policy. I figured it was but wanted to make sure. So, then I went through the barrage of being transferred 3 times to try and find out if my application was received and that it would be active in 5-7 business days from 7/16. After speaking with 3 people I finally was told that the policy would only be active on 8/1. So, once again all the people before this from Humana gave me wrong information. Humana has a bunch of incompetent people acting as customer service reps that do not know how to do their job. My recommendation would be that you find a different company to work with. If not, then good luck!

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On 08/23/21 I called Wow and told them I was terminating my services due to selling our home. I told them that I wanted the services terminated on 08/26/21. This is when the home was actually sold. The guy on the phone from Wow said that I owed nothing since I was cancelling the service on 08/26/21. He said that their billing cycle started again on the 26th. Since I was terminating the service on the 26th he said my balance was zero. Then I asked him how I return the cable modem, which was the last piece of equipment I had of theirs. He said he could send me a return mail box to send the modem back. I asked how long it would take to get the box. He said about 2 weeks. I told him this would not work because we were leaving IL for good within a week. He said he could give me the address of the distribution center so I could ship the modem back. He said that I would have to pay for the shipping. I said that this was acceptable. I shipped the cable modem back and received a confirmation of receipt from Wow on 08/30/21. So, I thought all was good and I was done.
Forward to 10/15/21:
So, we were now in AZ and had setup a P. O. Box so we could receive mail. I had setup this as a forwarding address for all the mail that was still being sent to our home that we sold. On 08/15/21 we went to the Post Office here in AZ and picked up our mail. In our mail was a bill from Wow for September and October. There was also a letter threatening to mess with our credit if we did not pay the bill. Needless to say I went ballistic. I immediately called the number on the letter. I was on hold as usual for about 50 minutes when a message played telling me that the office was closed and leave a detailed message. So, I did this.
The next business day, which was 10/18/21 I was expecting a call from Wow. Well as you would expect they did not call me. So, I called them. I waited on hold for about 15 min when I got through to someone. I explained the situation and she said that she would have to connect me to the department where they terminate services.
The person answered and said her name was Rebecca. I told her the whole story and she verified that I had returned the equipment and that there was not activity on the account since 08/26/21. She said she would straighten everything out. So, I waited and she said that the account was closed and that I owed nothing. I said this is what the guy said back on 08/23/21. I asked for an email stating this. She said she could not send one. I guess Wow's stance is no accountability at all.
Final Comments:
My advice is that you not ever deal with Wow for any kind of services at all. They have become the worst provider out there. Their hold times for customer support are usually somewhere between 30-60 minutes. Most of the time, you end up waiting closer to an hour. Then you usually have to deal with someone you can't even understand. They really are terrible.
Forward to 10/27/21:
I just received another bill from Wow for $33.60. I guess I am not done with them yet. I called and spoke to someone named Rei. At least that is all I could understand. Told her I received another bill and already called in to verify I do not owe anything and that I terminated services back on 8/26. I was told then that I owed nothing. Then when I called in on 10/18/21 and told all this to that person, she said she would straighten it all out. She said I owed nothing. Now, Rei said I owe nothing as well. She also said the last amount on my bill was -$80. So, I asked how did they pay this since I did not receive anything. She did not know and put me on hold. She never did get an answer on her end. She said over and over that I do not owe anything.

WoW Internet Sucks
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So, I got rid of WOW cable due to the fact they increased price for bad service. So, I finally switched to Streaming. Needless to say I did not use any Streaming service from WOW. Since I switched which was this past Saturday I have had multiple outages on my internet. WOW has to be one of the worst interent providers out there. I am in the process of getting rid of them. Whatever you do, stay away from WOW. I have had at least 4-6 outages every day since I went to internet only service from them. They really Suck!

WOWWAY Also known as WOW has made it to the top of the list of the worst service providers
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So, I have been having major issues with WOW's internet. It got to the point where I actually tracked the outages and was calling them weekly for a credit. Finally I thought I had a support person on the phone who was really helping me. He said that the issue was that I had the basic internet and with the load because of covid that I was having all these issues. I said that is your problem not mine. He said that he would bump up my internet to the next level and keep my charges about the same. I said go ahead. So, he came back on the phone and told me that my monthly charges with everything would now be $131 and some change. This was only a couple of dollars more so I agreed. My issues did go away after this change. Then I got the bill a few weeks later and guess what, My charges went to $141 and some change. So he lied to me. Now I have to battle with WOW about this. These guys really suck. I have to change vendors. I would not recommend WOW as a provider of services.
I called WOW again on 7/7/21 to get my 5$ credit for the past two days of poor service. I finally connected with JP. I told him to read all the notes. He did and then he checked to make sure that the new cable modem went out. He came back on the phone and told me that the order was never put in. So, why is it that the past 4 times I called for a credit that none of the employees check to see that the cable modem was shipped to me? This company has to be the worst I have ever dealt with. Then I asked what about the Fed-X box I was told was being sent to me so I could return the video equipment since I cancelled that part of the service. JP told me that had not been done either. I could not believe it. So, then he said he was going to transfer me to retention services. I told him not before he verified that he put the $5 credit in. He finally verified that then transferred me.
So, now I was transferred to Retention Services and speaking with Consuela. Once again I told her to read all the notes before I started talking. She read all the notes. I asked her how she would feel if this was happening to her. She said that she works from home and would change out the service provider if this was happening and not belittle the people you talk to. I said that I did not use any derogatory comments towards her and only said how bad the service was from WOW. I also said that I was sorry that she had to work for such a poor company. Finally she arranged for someone to come out here Monday to bring me the cable modem they were supposed to deliver days ago and never did. She said that person would take the video equipment back from me as well. I told her not sending someone sooner was not acceptable. She restated they would be here Monday. As I have said before, you have to be in idiot to sign up with WOW! Once all this is resolved they are gone!

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First they sent a contactless card and deactivated my card before I received the new card. I called over a week about this with no resolution. I just wanted them to activate my original card. They said I had to wait for the new card to arrive. After a week I called again and told them to Fed-X a new card or I was cancelling them. She had me hold on. When she came back on the line she said my old card had been reactivated. I asked why didn't you do this when I called the first time. No answer. So they said when I get the new card and activate it that the old card would be deactivated. When the new card came we activated it. We used it a couple of times and during that we verified that the old card had been deactivated. Guess what, that did not happen. As a matter of fact the only thing that did happen was the new card was rejected and the old card worked. I called to ask what the heck is with you people. The person on the regular BCU line said they had to transfer me to the Credit Card line. When I spoke to them they said they needed to transfer me back to the regular BCU line for resolution. I told them that they had transferred me to you originally. So, now you want to send me back to them. Sounds like you guys have no idea what you are doing. She said that the new card was active. She also said just destroy the old card. I don't trust them so I will see which is working. I am sure it will not be what they said.

Poor management of Baxter Credit Card Services
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I have been with Baxter Credit Union for over 10 years. The only problems I have had with them have always been about my Baxter Credit Card. I have a credit score of over 800, so you know my credit is impeccable. If I were you the last place I would go to get a credit card is BCU. They are totally incompetent. Here is the current issue. I went into a store to get some things. I went to use my BCU card and it was denied. So, I immediately called them to find out why it was denied. You will love this. The first person I spoke with told me that the card was deactivated because they sent out a new contactless card to me, which I have not received. I said, typically you never deactivate a card when sending out a new one until the person calls to activate the new card. This person was useless and could not give me an answer or resolution. He said he was going to transfer me to someone who could help me. The next person I spoke with was Tomeeka. When I explained the issue she started laughing. I'm glad I could provide her humor at my expense. I told her when she was done laughing that she should solve my issue and reactivate my card since I did not receive the new one yet. She said she could not do that. At that point I hung up so I could call from home, where all my info was. The next person I spoke to was Jamie. She was also useless. She said she would transfer me to a supervisor. These people do not even know how to transfer to a supervisor. I was back in the queue for the next person that was not a supervisor. This was Avie. Avie could not help me either. She said she would transfer me to a supervisor. I did get through to Allison who is a Supervisor. End result, she said there was nothing she could do and that I had to wait for the new card. I said we are getting rid of our BCU Credit card. You have to be an idiot to get a credit card from BCU (Baxter Credit Union). All in all I spent 1.5 hours on the phone with totally incompetent people. Nice going BCU! So, it has been 3 days since they deactivated my card. I still do not have a new one. I am on the phone with them again telling them to Fed-X me a new card or there gone. Once I get the card I will be working on replacing them. So, I just called them again to find out what was happening with my contactless card that was mailed to me and they said that it still did not arrive. I said, I know it what else can you tell me to fix the problem. After a long hold they came back on the line and said they reactivated my original card and that when I get the new one activate it. I said why didn't you do this when I called originally days ago. No answer. I finally said I will be shopping around for a new card to replace you.


While on the American Airlines site trying to book a flight, we noticed that they were offering their Citibank AA Advantage card with a credit of $200 towards the flight we were trying to book. So, we applied for the card and were accepted. They sent a confirmation to us stating that we received the $200 credit and had up to $3,500 that we could use immediately. So, we tried to book our accommodations on the card and we were rejected. It said charge refused. When this happened it was late at night so we called Citibank to find out what happened and why the charge was refused, since it was under $1,000. We were told that we could not charge anything else until we received our actual card. We told them that you sent a confirmation telling us we could use the card in the interim and charge up to $3,500. The person on the phone put us on hold to check on this and that is when they said that the information was wrong and we could not charge anything else until we received the card. So, make sure you realize all you can do when you apply for the card is pay for your American Airlines tickets and associated fees. Once you do this you will get the credit but nothing else can be charged. Very misleading. We wanted to put the accommodations on the card so we would meet the requirements for the 40,000 miles they would give us if we charged a certain amount within 3 months. If we knew this we would not have bothered with the card in the first place. So, I just tried to register the new card for access on line and guess what? Could not register on line because you can't with your temporary Sec Code that is normally on the back of the card. One more thing you are not told when you apply for your new card. These guys are terrible. As soon as I pay for purchasing the Airline tickets I am getting rid of this card. Oh yea, when I called for support about this issue, it took me 10 minutes to get to a real person that is not an option in their menus.

Tip for consumers:
Don't believe everything you read! Citibank credit cards, another bad idea!


I have been entering the PCH contest for years. Needless to say I have never won anything. They actually have a page were you can use your points for entries to win things like a $50 gift card to Walmart. I have millions of points. I have tried to enter the Wallmart drawing quite a bit. I usually get 25/50 entries at a time. I have never won this. Also, PCH will advertise anything as long as there is something in it for them. One of the devices they advertise is a device that you plug into your wall sockets that supposedly reduce your electric bills. Well from a physics standpoint this is impossible. Also, the company says you have to wait for 90 days before the device starts working. Their guarantee money back offer is only good for 90 days. Guess what, you will never get your money back for this piece of useless junk. Since PCH is advertising this, would you really trust them. I know I don't after seeing this. The only thing their site is setup to do is badger you into buying their stuff. I am suspect on who they actually wins their drawings for all the cash.

Tip for consumers:
Don't expect to win anything, even if you order their stuff. Needless to say this is my opinion. Also, my review is based on my opinion and research.

Products used:
I do not buy anything from them because most of what they sell is useless to me. What I might buy is overpriced. I can get any of the stuff I might buy for less. Most of the stuff I might buy from them I already have.


I bought their IDE/Sata USB drive interface back in 2018. Needless to say the warranty was over. I needed this to help support my customers, since my job is I. T. Support. When I bought the product I did not ever test the older IDE interface on the device until recently. I had to go through some older drives. Well, 2 different IDE drives would not work on the device. I contacted the company to ask them if there was something I could do to read the drives. They did give me some ideas on what to do. However, this did not work. Obviously the IDE port was defective when I bought it but I did not know this. The person I was in contact with believed what I told her and said she would send me a new device. When I got it I plugged it in and it worked perfectly on the two drives I was having problems with. I even asked if they wanted me to send back the bad one, but they said don't bother. Anyhow this is the type of company that is really nice to work with because they stand behind their products and have great support. I highly recommend them.


The fact is that any insurance company will sell you what you want for insurance. If the insurance company tells you what you need, consider all the law suits that happen with car accidents. Do you really have enough insurance? The best way to keep all insurance companies honest is to get 3 quotes. Make sure your quotes are comparing apples to apples. Insurance companies make this almost impossible to do. The one way you can make sure that you can compare apples to apples is tell them to quote the following way.
1. Separate all vehicles and homes.
2. Tell them to quote a monthly payment for each one. This is how you get a honest comparison.
3. Also, make sure that you are giving the same limits on all of the things like deductibles and policy limits. This is really important!
4. Also, you have to ask them what percentage of damage to your car do they consider the car totaled. You will find the cheaper companies percentage of damage repair to car value will be a lesser percentage than the better companies (The better companies pay up to 90% of the value of the car to repair it). This is because they can sell the totaled car in auctions that car dealers will buy cars from. This money helps to offset their out of pocket. So, the sooner they can total your car the more money they get. Remember a totaled car can usually be repaired and sold again. Crazy huh?
5. Make sure to include any monthly fees in your quotes.
6.In some cases you have to join a membership.
Side note: Also, what is their policy around totaling your car. Typically they will give you the option of buying the car from them. This is not prudent. So, be careful about this one.

Tip for consumers:
This site had good facts about insurance in general.


So, as the title says, I never received a medication order even though it showed delivered. I started to call on the order 9 days after the order was placed. When I finally got through to someone with broken English I was told I have to wait one more day for the 10 day period to be up. So I called back after 12 days and the nightmare began. I was on the phone with 4 different call center people who kept transferring me to a pharmacy tech and then was disconnected after waiting on hold for 15 to 20 min. So I had to start the process all over. This happened 3 times. So, now I am holding again for someone in the pharmacy. They won't ship the order or cancel it until I speak to someone in the pharmacy. So, I am stuck. The funny thing is that I can order the medication I need locally and use a GoodRx coupon to get the medication for less than my Humana pharmacy charge. Take a guess what I will do the next time I need medication? That's right, go through GoodRx and by pass the Humana nightmare.


So, on 10/29/20 I went to the Post Office to ship a package to an address in Florida. While I was there I was presented with the option to ship it standard or priority. I chose priority so it would arrive on Monday the 11/2/20. I checked the status on the 11/8 just to verify it arrived on 11/2. Low and behold I found that the package left my local post office and the distribution center only to find a delay in arrival. This message continued through the weekend. So, on 12/9 I called the Post Office to see what the problem was. The guy on the phone told me the package must be lost and he needed to submit a trouble ticket for the local Post Office to find it. So, there is nothing I can do now but wait. I called the person I was sending the package to and he said this is the 4th one that the Post Office has lost. So, it seems the post office is no longer reliable for package delivery. If I were you I would not ship anything via the Post Office unless you are OK with it getting lost. Remember the Post Office is a government office that is not responsible or accountable for anything they do wrong. You can't even sue them. My post office (Arlington Heights, IL) is probably the worst Post Office in the state. Even the news did a story on them since there were so many complaints. This is the Post Office that is supposed to find my package. Yea Right?


This WALMART does not enforce employees wearing masks correctly. I was just at the WALMART at 1460 Golf Rd, Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 on 09/11/20 and I noticed a good percentage of their employees were only wearing their masks over their mouths. This is the same as not wearing a mask at all. So, you need to take extra precaution and stay clear of these people or do not go to this WALMART. When people only wear masks over their mouths, they are breathing through their nose. This is how people breathe normally. When this is the case it means they are contaminating the air around them. This puts the customers in jeopardy if the employee happens to test positive for Covid 19. I happened to be at this Walmart to pickup an Air Mattress. While in this section of the store I happened to be in an aisle where two employees were walking by me. The one female employee named Bhadravati did not have her mask on at all. I asked her to put it on. She must not have heard me so I asked again. The other employee (Luis), next to her also told her to put her mask on. Finally she did. Shortly after that she was speaking to another customer. Unfortunately when she put her mask on she only had it over her mouth. So, I proceeded to tell the employee that was with her that I was going to write a review about this Walmart and mention that it is not safe for customers to enter this Walmart. This employee seemed oblivious to what I was telling him. I proceeded to leave this Walmart.

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So, we had to go back to Menards today, 08/31/20 and return an item that we bought last week. Just to see if Menards acted on the review I told them I was going to do last week. It seems they really don't care about their customers safety. A good percentage of their employees continued to disregard the mask policy. Most of the offenders did not have their nose covered by the mask. A couple of them actually had the mask pulled down below their mouth. If you go their you really are taking a huge risk. We have decided to discontinue doing business with Menards.

Menards (2700 Lake Cook Rd, Long Grove, IL 60047) and your safety
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Menards does not enforce employees wearing masks correctly. I was just at the Menards at 2700 Lake Cook Rd, Long Grove, IL 60047 and I noticed a good percentage of their employees were only wearing their masks over their mouths. This is the same as not wearing a mask at all. So, you need to take extra precaution and stay clear of these people or do not go to this Menards. When people only wear masks over their mouths, they are breathing through their nose. This is how people breathe normally. One of these people was operating one of the registers where people check out. We happened to be in this line and did not notice this until we got up to this person. I immediately asked the person to put the mask over their nose. They would not comply with this request. I asked several times. Then I finally told them I would go speak to the manager of the store. I did this and pointed out the person that was not wearing their mask correctly. The manager seemed oblivious. I then told him that a good percentage of their employees were not complying with wearing their masks correctly. It was like talking to a wall. I did let him know that I would be putting this incident on line. Again he seemed oblivious. My advice to people is, if you want to stay safe then you should avoid this Menards.


We have been regular customers of Meijer in Rolling Meadows. We noticed that some vendors, employees and customers do not wear their masks over their nose. This means they are breathing through their nose and possibly contaminating the rest of us. When we were there two weeks ago I went to the service counter and spoke to one of the store managers about this. He said that they do enforce wearing masks properly. I told him what I saw and he said he would walk the store and rectify the situation. So, I thought that from that pint forward they would make sure that people comply with the mask policy. WRONG! When we were there today I saw the same exact behavior. I did not go to the manager again because it is obvious that they only check when asked to. Their vendors were the worst at covering their nose with their mask. So, I guess Meijer does not care about the protection of their customers.


So, I ordered my medication back on 12/2/20. I finally called the company on 12/11/20 asking them where my medication was. They looked up the order and found that USPS said they delivered the package to me. Needless to say I never received it. So, now the company said I have to wait one more business day to reorder the lost order. Thanks Arlington Hts., Post Office for another poor job. It's amazing that the news even came out to this post office and did an interview because of all the complaints. The manager of this Post Office is still in charge. He has been the one here through all the complaints. When is somebody in government going to do something about this.

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