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I like shopping online, especially when I can save money versus buying in a store. I'm a sucker for coupons and cheap tech is my calling.

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I'm always looking for the best deals, so I like to try out a lot of the generic shops. I'll try to review them as I go for you!


Cars, Technology, Men's Fashion, Discounts, Coupons, Saving $$

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I've ordered from GearBest a few times already, and I've never had any major problems with my experience there. The prices can be great, the products are acceptable for the price, and what little communication I've had with their customer service has been fine.

A few months ago, I got a great coupon from PandaCheck for 25% off so I ordered over-ear headphones for myself and my girlfriend. The headphones were basically generic Dre Beats with wires. I paid extra to have a tracking number with my shipping, but I ended up not needing it because the headphones actually arrived within 3 weeks of ordering, even though it was estimated they would take 4-5 weeks to get here. The headphones work great and, for $10 a pop, I can't complain too much. They can get a little tinny when sounds go higher, but the bass is great.

More recently I ordered a Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker because I needed a cheap speaker and it was the cheapest with good reviews (it was $10.50). I used the free shipping option and I didn't have a tracking number. I got a little worried when it didn't arrive after 5 weeks so I emailed the customer service. The guy was nice but couldn't tell me much other than "Your package is on its way." It arrived after 7 weeks and works as advertised.

Overall I can't complain. Pay for the shipping with a Tracking Number if you get antsy waiting for packages, but otherwise I've already recommended GearBest to friends because it's one of the easier to use wholesale tech sites I've found.

Tip for consumers:
Pay for the shipping with a Tracking Number if you get antsy when waiting for packages to arrive, because they sometimes arrive later than expected.


As the resident car guy among my friends and family, I've used this site quite a bit to research car prices. I love the zip-code specific info they give, and they even have listings of dealers nearby that have cars listed for fair prices.

While I haven't had the chance to personally test out the Price Guarantee feature at a "TrueCar-Certified Dealer" (whatever that means), I have successfully used the pricing information on the site to save several thousands off sticker price on my mom's most recent car purchase with much less drama. Car dealers seem to know and trust the info on TrueCar, so bringing a printout of the average transaction prices for your area can quickly get the salesman to bring his starting offer down. What a great resource!


I only recently discovered Promocode4Share and it's already in my bookmarks cause its so convenient. They have coupons for everything, so when I'm shopping around I'll always check Promocode4Share before i complete my purchase.

Really convenient and reliable! I can't think of anything else I'd want in a coupon site. Check it out before you buy online!


I like to try new stores when I'm shopping around, and I always compare prices between at least a few different sites. For this kind of comparative shopping, PandaCheck is an awesome resource.

They write reviews on discount stores based in China, and occasionally post some pretty good coupons. The reviews are pretty generic, but their overviews of the shipping times and return policies are helpful when deciding whether to use a new site.

I mostly use PandaCheck to find new discount sites to try. I'm a competitive shopper, and I always like to get a better deal than my friends on electronics and stuff. PandaCheck is fantastic for this because they list a lot of obscure discount shops that don't always come up on Google Searches.

There's also a search function that scans the offers in different chinese shops. It's not the best search function ever, and it really only helps if you know exactly what you're looking for. But I have found it a nice resource when looking for Chinese-branded tech items (Xiaomi, Huawei, etc.).

One weird thing: they seem to have a lot of German users so a lot of the customer comments on stores are written in German and you can't translate them. There's also a Star-rating system on the different shop pages, so you can always see what users thought that way but it's annoying that you can't translate the comments.

Tip for consumers:
Use PandaCheck to find interesting discount sites that have what you want, then use a larger coupon database site to get even better deals. You can't lose!


I found a cheap flight offered by CheapOair.com on Hipmunk from Dusseldorf to SNA (roundtrip). I only take cheap flights and rarely spring for anything other than economy, so I'm no stranger to cut-rate customer service and waiting for responses. CheapOair was on a whole other level of annoying. By far the worst experience I've ever had with a discount travel agent.

My flight was a code-shared flight on Iberia and American. When I tried to check my flight status on Iberia's site using CheapOair's own link to their online check-in page, I was told that my CheapOair-provided Booking Number was incorrect and that I needed a different number. I promptly called CheapOair's customer service and was made to wait 45 minutes to talk to a customer service dispatcher who looked up my confirmation number and informed me that me CheapOair-provided Number was wrong and that I needed the Booking Number to confirm my flights. I was made to hold for ANOTHER 20 minutes while the customer service rep looked for the BOOKING number which, from the way the rep explained it, "wasn't put into my customer info and so is probably in the booking manager's office."

I'm not entirely sure what that means, but the thought that such a vital piece of information wasn't entered into the system in the 6 months since I had first booked the flight simply due to either laziness or disorganization was frustrating, to say the least. Finally, I was given my Booking Number and was told to use that to check-in online.

But alas, it was not be. 12 hours before my flight, I spent 2 hours on both carrier websites trying to check-in to my flight. When I called the customer service lines for Iberia and American, both informed me that, while the Booking Number was correct, I needed a CONFIRMATION number to check in online. My Confirmation Number still failed to bring up my flight information on either of my carrier's systems and I was told to "call my travel agent."

So I got to spend another half-hour on hold to talk to a CheapOair rep about a wrong number... again. Except this time I was informed that I did not "have a regular Confirmation Nubmer because CheapOair booked your flight so that you have to check-in at the airport." When I asked why this information was not simply stated somewhere in my booking confirmation (I certainly would've saved me a few hours of headache), I was met with confusion as to why I would ever suggest such a crazy thing.

Did I catch my flight? Yes. Was the flight ok? Sure, they were fine. Was I pleased with the price? Yes.

Was I pleased with CheapOair? Absolutely not.

It's one thing to offer cut-rate customer service for a discount price, but at least give your customers all the information they need in the first place. I wasted several hours calling different airlines and CheapOair trying to get my info to check-in online, when that information never existed in the first place.

This all could've been solved by placing a little note SOMEWHERE on the booking confirmation saying that I need to check-in at the airport.

Also: There seems to be some sort of glitch with their automated mail system. I received an automated email shortly before my return flight say that the carrier had cancelled my originally booked flight and that I would be transfered automatically to an earlier one unless I called their customer service. That was fine so I let it be, but I would still receive the email everyday. After 3 days of receiving the email, I called CheapOair customer service (again) and the rep told me she didn't know why I was still receiving the email because I had already been confirmed for the new flight. I got the email everyday for 2 weeks until I took my flight back.

Tip for consumers:
I wouldn't recommend it, but if you do make sure to call them and confirm HOW you can check in for your plane and don't just assume you can check in online.


YesStyle is unique in that it follows styles in Japan and Korea as well as in China, so there's always a large selection of styles. Besides clothing, bags, shoes, accessory and jewelry, it also offers cosmetics.

My girlfriend and I ordered some stuff on YesStyle with coupons we found on PandaCheck.com. The prices on YesStyle seemed reasonable for what we ordered, but we easily broke $30 even with our 15% off coupon. At least you get free shipping after $25.

Everything arrived in about 2 weeks and there weren't any customs problems. I ordered a pair of sunglasses and was pleased with them quality-wise. I've had them for about 3 months now and they still work. For $6, I'll be happy if they last me a year. My gf seemed less thrilled with the quality of a shirt she got. She said it wasn't as nice as H&M, even though it cost the same.

Tip for consumers:
Find coupons and order enough ($25) to get Free Shipping, and it can be worth it.


CNDirect is something of an all-purpose store. A wide range of clothing, jewelry, toys, home decor, consumer electronics, and more is on offer at CNDirect. I was initially impressed with CNDirect's prices, and I needed a new pair of cheap airplane earbuds so I bit. I ordered a pair of earbuds and a T-Shirt cause it seemed cheap enough. The total price for everything was about $10.

Americans have multiple choices of delivery service, including ChinaPost, UPS, FedEx, and DHL. None of the choices are usually free and, depending on the product, not every option will always be available. ChinaPost and UPS seem to be the cheapest for US deliveries on average.

I selected ChinaPost shipping cause it was the cheapest. Shipping was $3.50, so everything together before the coupon was about $13. I had a 20% off coupon from Pandacheck, so I ended up only paying like $10. I liked how they gave so many shipping options. I almost sprung for UPS because it was only $2.50 more, but I'm cheap so I went with the cheaper ChinaPost option.

My order didn't arrive for almost 6 weeks. I emailed customer service after about 5 weeks and they told me I had to wait at least 8 weeks before I could complain. I thought that was a little rude, but my order arrived a few days later so whatever.

The earbuds work fine. They're about the same quality as the generic earbuds from Target, but they were cheaper here so I'm happy. The shirt is a little small (I think they use Asian sizes). I was going to return it, but they told me I would need to pay for the shipping costs myself. I wasn't about to spend $30 to return a $5 shirt so my girlfriend has started wearing it as a night shirt and she likes it, so its not a total loss.

Overall experience: There are better shops, but CNDirect is cheap enough to make it worth a look for little things.

Tip for consumers:
If you're ordering clothes, watch out for the sizes. I'm pretty sure CNDirect uses asian sizes, so their clothes are always smaller than Americans may expect.

CNDirect C. – CNDirect Rep

Dear, i am really sorry for the long delivery, and could you please kindly provide your order number to orders@dresslink.com? and i will try my best to apply a 5% coupon code for you as compensation.
We are truly sorry that your experience with Dresslink did not meet your expectations. But the star you have given me really hurt me, dear, could you kindly change the rating for me, if everything is acceptable?

If you wish, you may contact me and provide me with more information about the issue. I promise that I will strive to resolve the issue to your satisfaction.

Have a nice day!
Customer Service Department

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