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NOT appropriate to read at work so if you are reading this review don't click on the website. Very funny though and a little bit twisted.


Stick with bed bath and beyond... if you use their 20% off coupon you can beat the prices on this website.


At first I was a little wary about the "build your own" website idea, but this site is really pretty cool. If you use any social websites such as facebook, twitter, etc, you should check out this websites. Very nice interface and useful as well.


Very addicting website, can't get enough of it! Found it here on SJ thanks to a fellow fashion/foodie junkie. I highly recommend it. Better than dailycandy in some ways.


Funny website which I found here on sitejabber. Hilarious. Now that i found it I am reading it almost daily. Go check it out. Nothing better than fake news.


Nothing like getting great deals on baby needs. The problem is that you always need more blankets, beds, toys, etc for your baby but if you are on your last child, you will never need this stuff again. I love shopping on this site as they have great deals on high quality items for baby.


Do you need to buy last minute concert tickets? Scared of scalpers? Don't want to deal with ebay and craigslist scams? Stubhub is where I buy all of my concert tickets when I need to do it at the last minute or when ticketmaster and places like that are sold out. Stubhub is reliable and fast... they even will email you the ticket if it is at the last minute.


Saw this site on the Dr. Phil show and have forced my kids to use it. They thought I was spying on them at first and didn't like it. What got them to use it was that it was a blackberry and the "coolness" of having a blackberry was worth their texts being monitored. After about a couple months they completely forgot about it. I do think it is wise to be up front and honest with your children and let them know that their texts are being watched by a third party company. I also like that the company watches their texts and I am not personally directly spying on them.


Delete mozilla, delete IE, and only use glubble if you have kids. Make them see you are using it too or they will want to use what you are using. Encourage their friends and family to use glubble so they are not exposed to Regular browsers. This is one of the best ways of keeping our children safe online. (especially if you have curious boys...)


My children have been playing on this website before Disney bought it and my kids love it even more than ever now. It has become much more commercial because now they can hook up their nintendo DS clubpenguin game to their online game, but it keeps them busy for hours. The games are very social and some are very educational (the karate card game). We drove from SF to LA with our wifi on the laptop and the kids were happy the entire trip playing club penguin. For seven dollars a month, that is priceless.


My pediatrician recommended this brand of underwear for my son and I have also found this website to be full of information and a great resource. The forum has been useful in letting me talk to other moms in similar situations. If you sign up for their newsletter you can get special coupons in your email.


Any parent who lets their kids play video games should really become familiar with this website. There have been many studies that show that kids should not be playing certain types of adult themed games as it DOES promote violence. Keep your kids safe!


I have used 3 daycare centers since my baby was 2 years old and the first two were just horrible. I almost decided to stay home and quit my job because I couldn't find anyone I could trust. My friend suggested kindercare because at least those centers have to pass certain guidelines to be a part of kindercare. I decided to try them before I gave up on the entire daycare concept and I couldn't have been happier. I know every center is independently run, but our center is run by a great woman and I would recommend anyone who is looking for a daycare to at least check out their local kindercare.


They have steep discounts on major brand names and this is my new favorite site as the older ones like blue fly just don't often carry this level of discounts on designer clothing and jewelry. The one bad thing about this site is the return policy. You CANNOT RETURN ANYTHING. You can get store credit for clothing that is returned, but you can't get your money back. I bought a Gucci outfit and it didn't fit, so I had to wait to return it, and then wait even longer for them to issue me store credit... and THEN I had to wait to find something I liked more. Still I had to pay shipping and handling on the new items as well. In the end, the discounts you get on the clothing and the selection is worth this hassle, but I wish they would give you money back for returns.


LOVE THIS WEBSITE! I am not sure if this is run by the real Adam Lambert, but it is a great site for us fans. We LOVE you Adam! If anyone knows who actually runs this site, tell them they are doing a great job and Adam should be proud.


Great site for electronics - I don't know much about electronics, but whenever my husband, brother or boys want a new toy, this is place I go to for them. Their prices are rock bottom, great return policy and excellent customer service.


Most popular dating site - I think this is probably THE most popular site out there for internet dating, but I have actually had better luck using craigslist to find new boyfriends than match.com. I think there are quite a few people on match that are no longer "single" but they just keep their profile up. The problem is that if they are not actively looking then they don't always bother to log on to their account. Craigslist is good because at least you know the people on there are actively looking for a date. But I still like Match.


If you buy Wen Hair Care, you have signed up for a lifetime supply - I tried this product and it didn't work at all and my hair just always felt dirty and not clean. I threw out the product and then realized they automatically sign you up for a lifetime supply and you get billed and receive shipments over and over until you cancel it. I was shocked when I looked at my CC statement and realized they had kept on billing me over and over. I did cancel it but since I never returned the additional products I had to pay for the new products although I didn't even use it. It does turn out that to ship it back to them, you almost pay as much as just keeping the Wen products.

I would recommend that if you buy this product, IMMEDIATELY cancel your "subscription" to it right after you order it. That way if you don't like it, you don't have to fight with them getting your money back. If you do like it, then just reorder it again.


Stay away from the bender ball - Okay, so it seems like a good deal for $9.95... but here is the catch. You automatically get signed up for a subscription service for all sorts of bender products and you have to call them to cancel it. The ball itself is a tiny cheap plastic ball and a video, but hey for $9.95 it isn't a bad deal. The bad deal is the subscription model of making money off of us. But the basic exercises are useful and they do help.


Do not go to American Laser Center unless you want a sham doctor - The doctors that own these centers are almost never plastic surgeons or dermatologists, they usually are not very good.

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