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This was my first time ordering from Make Cheese, the items arrived exactly as expected and look to be great quality. Ordering was easy, good customer service and it honestly arrived ridiculously quick. If you are looking to make cheese, this is the way to go and the prices are the best. Very happy with this purchase, and I will definitely order again.


This is my second order from Gourmet Warehouse, and both times I've been very impressed. They have unique items for the kitchen, and quality ingredients for baking and cooking. I can definitely attest to the fact that their spices and chocolate chips are top notch! In the event that they don't have an item, they let you know right away and give the option of how you want to proceed. This is real customer service, the items arrived quickly and well wrapped, very happy. I will be a repeat customer, thank-you!


I wish I could give less than a star. I placed an order on June 13th for a Garden Hose (mine had sprung a leak). I inquired about my order July 2nd, and was told "COVID" was holding up my order. Today July 13th I've got an e-mail back saying the order is cancelled. No explanation. Well by now my hose has 4 holes in it, and I have to wait 2 weeks for the refund. I'd had a horrible experience with Rona (almost exact same thing happened, held my money for a month, bad customer service then sudden cancellation). Avoid if you have any option to. I will never use again, to blame the fact that you are an essential service is even worse in my opinion. I regularly order from at least 30 different major and minor online businesses and none have been this terrible ever.


I've made ESC Coffee one of my ordering mainstays for a few years now and they've definitely earned my loyalty. I always get exactly what I want shipped to my house within a few days. They have a reasonable free shipping order minimum which I have no time filling. They carry Balzac coffee which is so highly recommended, they also have a few gourmet items too. This is a site you can trust and product you'll love.


I wasn't sure what to expect by ordering straight from the company, but I was pretty happy with the results. The only negatives were that it took a while to ship, at the same time I placed an order at the busiest time of year so free pass on that. Their pricing was quite good, sometimes Well.ca was cheaper for NYX items oddly enough so look at both. Still got a fab deal and they have a very low free shipping minimum which rocks. Recommended you give this a try.


Very fast shipping, very low prices and low shipping minimum ($75 at present) how can you say no? The only downside is they don't have the variety of some of the bigger gaming shops but what they do have is worth looking through. I'm shocked there are barely any reviews of this place (I think I'm the first). Go check it out right now for all of your nerdly needs


I've only ordered one time, but it was a pretty good experience. My only negative was that it didn't ship super fast, but still in a reasonable amount of time (especially given that I ordered at the busiest time of year). I got exactly what I ordered, and I would definitely give this a try again. I've also noted that their online sales far exceed what they offer in the store so this is the better choice.


I've ordered from LondonDrugs twice around the Christmas season. Although they weren't the fastest, the shipping time was decent and the items were quality and as expected. I do prefer Well.ca but LondonDrugs offers items that other online shops don't... so both are now a regular part of my repertoire.


I've ordered everything from make-up, to coffee, to gourmet snacks, to household items multiple times from Well.ca. Everything has been exactly as expected and it shipped very quickly. The rare time they haven't had something in stock a prompt refund occurs and a discount for the next time. Well.ca are one of the heroes of the online shopping world, they continually make me happy.


I'd placed an order 5 days ago, and for 4 full days I've been trying to cancel it. So far, 3 e-mails sent to customer service, 27 minutes on the phone yesterday and today I'm at 40 minutes waiting in que and they will not cancelled the order. This is worse then trying to get Bell Canada to do something, seriously! It is no surprise they are connected to Penningtons given the horrible customer service I had there too... but this... this takes the cake. Don't be a fool and hit that order button, if you must shop go in person, do not use online, it is a terrible decision that I definitely regret. I will be sure to look up all companies that are connected to Reitmans so I don't make a mistake and place an order with one of them as well. Also now I have the pleasure of going to the store and returning the items since they are literally useless.


I've had mostly decent experiences shopping online at thebay.ca, definitely quality merchandise. A little too pricey for me without a sale, but the trouble is... if the sale is good, their inventory rarely seems to match and items will be cancelled after long waiting periods. This happened to me when I tried to do some Christmas shopping, and was super disappointed to find a bunch of cancelled items I had to scramble to replace. Other than this and a few other inventory issues I really think things run smoothly and it is worth it to order from The Bay.


Well, I've had quick shipping with well packaged items. I've had weeks go by before cancellations of items that appeared in stock, and semi-damaged items. I've had great customer service and poor customer service, it's really just case by case. Likely safe to assume if you are ordering a popular item that it will ship quickly, but if it's slightly left of center... it might not happen. I definitely wish they'd tighten up their online inventory to match what is actually available. I still do continue to order from here, so I suppose everything comes out in the wash in a sea of average online shopping.


It's a shame, I really loved crossing the border to go shopping at Target... filling the cart with awesome deals and cool clothing. I was pretty happy to see that I could order from Canada... that was until I dealt with their broker Borderfree. All I can say is... what a nightmare! It nearly than doubled the price on the item, my order was shipped in separate packages all with extreme mark-up completely devaluing this service. I love the merch when I have the time to cross the border, but I would never in a million years consider using any company that uses Borderfree. Protect yourself... read other reviews on this company.


I've purchased a computer, harddrive, usbs, mouse, led board and many other things from Newegg.ca. I've always had good luck although some patience is required. I only order items shipped from Newegg and everything has taken slightly longer than I thought it would be but still completely reasonable. This is a site I don't hear mentioned very often, but I would say if you'd like a great bargain this is worth it.


With all of the new tariffs and so forth, I do what I can to avoid shopping in the States. This is one of my only exceptions, I'm addicted and the value is insanely great. I always order about 35-40 items at a time for $1 USD each, then I believe shipping is about $8 USD. It does take a few weeks (maybe 3) for the product to arrive, but I've loved all of the items I get. The jewellery, the make-up, the tools... all fabulous. Don't get me wrong, these aren't Mac dupes but I've been pleasantly surprised with everything I've received. This is one of the first websites I tell new Friends about.


I've ordered many things ranging from usb sticks to board games to a television & a stereo from Bestbuy.ca. Even when I ordered on boxing day my items arrived quickly and in great shape. I've always gotten exactly what I've ordered, and I find this to be a completely reliable site to order online from. Please note this only applies to the items sold by Best Buy specifically online.


Let's face it, sometimes we just crave board games that aren't in stock locally and we must have them. Boardgamebliss is the answer to this problem... they have a huge variety online, I've ordered multiple times and I've always been rewarded with excellent quality, fast shipping and never a mistake... never ever on any order. It's actually super impressive, I love this company and I really suggest you give them a try.


I have recently placed my first online order from Globo shoes Canada. My order arrived in just a few short days, and although there was a mix-up on one of my items, they have an excellent in-store return policy. The quality on the item that was correct was excellent. The Store Manager was lovely on the phone and offered to make it right. I would recommend Globo for your online shopping needs, it really seems like they have Customer Service figured out & reasonable prices to boot.


I've ordered from H&M online a few times in Canada and I've received my packages within a few days, and they've always been exactly what I had asked for. Items look the same online as in Person. They aren't the most durable, but you get what you pay for. I would recommend ordering from H&M Canada, I really have found them to be quite reliable.


Since this is not the first time I've had this exact issue with Penningtons, I feel the need to write an online review. I placed my order, waited 5 days... no response & no product. Coincidentally I placed an order from Globo on the same day (both companies are in Canada & so am I). My Globo order arrived 2 days ago. I decided today to check into where my Penningtons order is. I received a generic e-mail that did not answer where my in-stock merchandise is, nor when it would be shipped. I decided to call to try to actually get an answer to what was going on. They had no idea... soon as I'd heard the answer, I had the order cancelled. How can they have no idea why an order isn't shipped nor when it will be nor why. Luckily they did cancel my order... in-store is fine. Of course they rip-off people by charging ridiculous fees simply because a person with a few extra pounds has limited options, but that can be said of most plus sized retailers in Canada. I won't be a fool and order from them again.

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