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82 Reviews by Janet

I purchased a name brand belt for much less than it cost elsewhere and a bunch of pants and a pair of sneaker. The items arrived within two days, are authentic and look great. SSENSE didn't give me a single problem with my items. I haven't spoken to customer service so I can't say too much about that. The website is very easy to browse and checking out is just as simple. My only peeve is that shipping is kind of expensive.
First and last order from Nasty Gal. I didn't have high expectations as I knew it's fast fashion but my friend ordered from them for years and had no complaints so I thought I'd give them a try. I ordered 11 items and kept 2 of them.

Here's the outline for the clothes I bought: 6 pairs of shorts, 2 top, 2 pants, 1 belt. The sizing is very off and not consistent at all to the sizing chart they provide. Of 6 pairs of shorts, I kept 2 pairs. For the rest, I ran into problems like the waist being incredibly big, boxy fits or just too large for the labeled sizes. I normally wear a US 4/Small. Both tops had a really awkward fit that if you bent over, the top would slip off immediately exposing your chest. The material was bad, felt like a cheap bathing suit and wasn't breathable at all. The canvas belt was itchy and didn't feel like canvas. Most of the bottoms were so badly sewn with threads hanging out everywhere. The Nasty Gal tag on the clothes are also itchy and ugly.

1. They say they're based in San Francisco (California) so I was under the impression that the warehouse is somewhere in California. Instead, after I confirmed my order and paid for shipping, I find out the courier is DHL which is used for foreign mail so the items are coming from somewhere out of USA. I found out it's from the UK.

2. Shipping isn't free. It's $10. I accepted that and paid for it, but for my $200 order, I never anticipated to shop at a brand that doesn't have a free shipping incentive. Not very inspiring for new shoppers but I tolerated it.

3. Return shipping isn't free. They don't mention anywhere on their help section that return shipping costs money or how much it actually costs. Shockingly, mine was only $4 but it seems other buyers were charged much more. You'd think that especially know during a pandemic, that they'd be a bit friendlier about their policies but they're not. At least with H&M, I could buy online and return to store if I don't like anything. Unfortunately, Nasty Gal has no real store so returns are processed online and apparently not in USA either. Luckily for me, my return was processed within days of shipping out, so I got a refund very quickly.

4. Quality of items are hit or miss, mostly miss. Most of the items seem to match the price range for fast fashion so I'm not surprised. I took a risk to purchase and I accepted that.

5. They mark up prices then put up a 60% off sale as if you're getting an awesome deal but you're not.

If you're in the USA, there's plenty of other retailers that are around that have real stores you can return your items to. I had better experiences on SHEIN and Romwe and that's saying a lot. Also, I put this review on another website and Nasty Gal reported it within the hour. It's no wonder there were only fake positive reviews there. Beware! Despite giving them two positive notes for me keeping 2 decent products and complimenting the fast refund timeframe, they still reported me so that shows they're hiding behind fake reviews. I have even less incentive to ever buy from them if that's how they do business. Stay away! FYI: I attached my order confirmation to show I actually bought from here.
I almost bought these roses because the images make them look gorgeous but after research:

1. I realize the images always show the rose from a distance so you can't see the imperfections and of course for photography, the company will always pick the best looking ones!

2. I know someone who bought one for herself and she felt ripped off because quality was extremely poor for the price. The rose appears hefty and looked like it was made of iridescent glass, plexiglass or some other hard material in the images. In real life, it's a thin piece of plastic curved to shape, the leaf is a thin spray painted piece, and the overall weight of the flower was like a pinwheel spinner. Craftsmanship wasn't there.

3. LONG SHIPPING! Why? Because it's a drop shipped product likely from an East Asian country such as China. It's not based in the USA or the North American continent. The hefty prices you're paying is for a product you can find on Alibaba for around $1.39. I know this because I checked!

4. The reviews here are fake 5-stars and back to back with no real profile for any of the users. They should be immediately taken down.

5. I'm guessing due to the likelihood of lots of customer complaints, or for some other reason, the company changes their website to dose-roses.com so any bad reviews online are less likely to be found by potential customers.

SAVE YOUR MONEY! Look elsewhere. The high end looking imagery and photoshoots are likely mocked up, edited or made to fool you to think this is a luxury-like product!
This was a peeve of mine becasue I normally read fine print, but I gave TurboTax the benefit of doubt since most people use it. When it said "free to file", I jumped in and realize it's not free. It's free to go through all the forms, but it's not free to get your tax return. If you have a W-2 for a job for a few months, then get laid off and use unemployment, there's an extra charge. They also don't point out that it costs $40 to file state and $40 to file federal. They also don't tell you that you're charged extra if you have a 1099 form instead of W-2. The whole thing is very misleading! I was embarrassed I even suggested to it to my relatives and told them it'd be free without first trying it out myself.

You're better off paying a real person $100 to do all your taxes so at least you could hire someone who knows what they're doing. The would say the only pro about TurboTax is that it's fast to sign, very intuitive, straightforward modern UI, and has plenty of info for people who are new. They also give good examples when you hit "learn more" or if you need help understanding something. If you're lazy and need a quick fix and don't mind the extra $80-120, go for it. But it's unfortunate for people who are already making very little ($35k-50k).
I'm a seller on Depop and I haven't had any issues. Potential buyers read descriptions and ask questions. We respond to each other in a timely matter. Everything is very easy to use! If you sell just regular goods like decor, low end fashion and accessories, you'll run into no problems. I don't trust any platforms selling high priced items or buying high end goods. The fee is only 10% compared to Poshmark which makes this more desirable to sell on. The platform is overall good but a little lacking:

1. There's no way to see my own shipping costs as a seller. I would have to edit the listing and its shipping info to see what option I've selected. Not very convenient as I can't remember every setting I put for shipping. Sometimes I offer free shipping to buyers but I can't tell unless I dig deeper.

2. Messaging platform should allow images. I send potential buyers images they request but it's in a Google drive link or something else. As a person myself, I feel safer if I know images are sent through the platform. If they're inappropriate, allow them to be reported. Sometimes, items get damaged and images for proof helps the case more. It also helps the buyer/seller communicate better.

3. Flat shipping rates are a little high but that's to be expected for Priority Mail and insurance up to $100.

4. Customer service is a bit lacking. Sometimes you have a seller or buyer emergency and they would take 2+ days to reply. When they do reply, it really stretches too much time and sometimes buyers can be impatient or mistrust you.

5. Depop referred me to file an insurance claim with USPS even though the label is provided by Depop. To me, that makes no sense. USPS has less incentive to help a regular customer as opposed to a partner company.

It's overall a good platform to sell on. I personally haven't ran into any issues with any buyers. The demographic is perfect for the clothes and accessories I sell. The platform is also much easier to list on, compared to eBay. I highly recommend it if you want to get rid of some stuff you have.
George B. – Depop Rep
Hey Janet. Thanks for the feedback, and we're glad to hear you're enjoying using Depop. Feedback like this is incredibly useful for us. Hearing what we can do to improve Depop for our Community keeps us moving in the right direction. We'll be passing this onto our Product Team for them to take a look at.

Keep exploring,
Team Depop
The website is very clean and very easy to browse. I've ran into no issues while shopping and my order went through fine. They also ship and deliver very fast and require signature confirmation so your item doesn't get lost or stolen. However:

1. You can't return online purchases to the store. You'd have to ship the items back. That's not too bad since the returns are free.

2. Their policy page doesn't explain that returning items to a store isn't possible. I know most people would think "well if it doesn't say it, then it doesn't work", but it's always better to be sure.

3. Their store locator contains outdated stores and numbers. I've tried to call two locations nearby me and both don't exist anymore.

Overall, I felt like they could've explained things better on the website. They provide a sizing chart for all items but then state that the items fit in standard Italian size at the same time. I have no idea how to reference that. I ended up buying a top that's my usual USA size they listed but it was too big. That's why I had to make the return. Unfortunately, I have to mail it back. Make sure you keep the box and original packaging in-case your item doesn't work out. I almost threw out the shipping box thinking I could return it in-store.
• Updated review
Since my last review, I went back to this VPN and purchased a 1 year subscription. For the past 2 months, the servers refused to connect and I praised their customer service before. However, now I can't say the same. I've been going back and forth with their tech support for almost 30+ messages in the ticket regarding my issue. Get this: They reply once a day so you can only imagine how long it took me to get through 30+ messages. I wasn't refunded for the weeks when the servers didn't connect and I feel like a cheapass if I even bothered asking. If they can't resolve my issue, I'm moving onto a different service.

I gave it about a week or so before I finalized writing this review and to update the situation. The technician responded to me telling me that they are migrating most of their servers which is why most of them don't work. They didn't bother notifying any of their customers?!? The technician also didn't reply to my other questions regarding my issues with the service including when this "migration" will be over. I also submitted a ticket to ask about their policies on partial refunds since the website tells me nothing about anything. They never replied and closed my ticket. When I replied to the ticket again, no one ever answered me. I'm no longer supporting this VPN service.
No Longer Using
• Previous review
While I still believe their customer service is helpful and quick, the service itself is just not very good. For a while, I've been forgiving issues I've had due to the low price, but a competitor that I previously left for VPN. Ht, has updated their pricing and features which now include multiple devices at a lower cost.

I'm sad to leave VPN. Ht as I've been using it for over a year and was considering purchasing a subscription. I have too many billing issues and many servers won't connect for me. I just want to move onto another provider where things just work when I need it to. Plus, their MacOS app has been in beta for well over two years. It's extremely buggy and impossible to use.
Affordable with Features
• Previous review
At first, this website seemed a bit generic and suspicious. For the price, it does pretty well. The application for Mac is a bit buggy, however, stable enough to connect and disconnect with very minor issues. You can connect to multiple devices with the individual (non-subscription) plan. Your'e not locked into a subscription but still get the features that most VPNs don't offer at this price. The customer service responds within the next business day and always helpful with issues I had.
StockX is one of those businesses that are not legitimate nor honest. I ordered a Supreme cosmetic pouch. The shipping was $14 and was sent via UPS. The item never arrived though claimed delivery. It's a $60 pouch and I wasn't going to try to scam a business over 60 measly dollars by lying about not receiving it. Honest to God, contacting StockX and telling them your item didn't arrive will just lead you to a dead end. They replied to me and said "please contact UPS". Living in NYC my whole life, I can guarantee a customer contacting their post office or UPS does nothing. StockX should be the ones responsible. They should've insured the package and also contact the carrier for the customer.

In a failed attempt, I contacted UPS and of course, they told me that StockX has to file the claim as they were the ones who created the shipping label and shipped the item out. Just like another reviewer said, StockX refused to help file a claim with the UPS. When contacting them again, they told me to file a police report. For a $60 item? Really? Conclusion: Don't order from StockX. They don't care about their customers. If you don't get your item, then it's automatically your problem and you basically waste your time and lose money. Complete joke as they refuse to take blame for anything. Also, judging from this scenario, they probably ship items out to customers without any insurance or signature required. No real business does that. They can't even cover their own asses but never want to admit they're wrong.
I've had nothing but good experiences shopping at WayFair. I've been purchasing from them on and off for about a year. Each customer service rep I spoke to was friendly and helpful. While the items themselves aren't *all* great quality, the price and low cost shipping justifies my purchases. I've bought side tables, clothing racks, dining tables, dining chairs, a TV stand, computer desks and two sofas from WayFair and they're all still in good condition. The website is easy to navigate and supplies a lot of helpful product filters. One of my computer desks arrived damaged and they replaced it at no extra cost. I also didn't have to mail the damaged one back although it was unusable so I threw it out. Overall, I'm satisfied with my shopping experience on WayFair.
I love IKEA but their website really needs work. While I notice they modernized the main page, the rest of the pages are unfriendly, not mobile responsive and confusing. You could be logged in and add things to your shopping list and it would create ghost shopping lists you don't actually have. The review popup window (to write reviews) don't work on Safari a lot of the times.

It would be nice if they have more product filter options too. Lastly, I can't believe IKEA charges exorbitant amounts of money to ship things. For example, I purchased over 100 products (2 of them being very heavy NORDLI drawer units) and it was a flat fee of $9.99. That is absolutely reasonable, but spending over $1000 and not getting free shipping is weird to me; I was ok with it. Anyway, I tried to ship a table top to me which isn't large or heavy and yet it cost $69.99 to ship a $30 table top. On top of that, they take forever to fulfill the order.
Honestly, I don't mind the higher price of West Elm so as long as the product looks and feels like it's worth the price. I'm just disappointed on how their website is set up. I've opened tabs on my browser for 10+ items I wanted and none of them are available for either shipping or pickup in my city. Sure, I can drive 3+ hours to another state and pickup the item, but that's not practical nor worth it. Or, an item is available for shipping while everything else requires a pickup at multiple store locations. It happened to every single item I wanted. They never stock their online warehouse and their store in a sense where it's convenient for customers. I gave up shopping for anything on their site and directed myself to Crate and Barrel instead. The price point is about the same but they stock the items on their website and local store.
I live in Brooklyn and as if finding an apartment at a reasonable cost isn't tiring enough. I believe this website and all the other sites need revamping for NYC renters. It's utterly ridiculous how many bait&switch listings are out there and a bunch of fake listings that offer only a single blurry ugly grainy picture of the unit's kitchen taken with an iPhone 4 or a Blackberry.

If it's NO FEE, then it should be no-fee. You can't tell potential renters that there's a broker fee if it's listed as no fee. On top of that, there's never proper square footage details nor any specific restrictions noted like no smoking or no pets. If you inquiry about these details, the broker would rather waste your time to tell you to call them rather simply responded YES or NO. Why? So they can bait you into another apartment because the current one isn't available. Also, it's illegal to discriminate against someone's income and illegal to discriminate against section 8 vouchers. Why are landlords/brokers allowed to post such descriptions and not get flagged?

Why hasn't HotPads reviewed any of these listings and push listings to be more detailed rather than 80% of the fake bait-and-switch garbage out there? Oh and lastly, if a W2 and income proof is necessary, SAY SO. Denying people of rent saying cash only jobs or 1099s are not allowed after someone wasted their time contacting you is freaking absurd.
THANKFULLY, I didn't order tons of tops as I know based on the price range, the fabric or fit would probably be poor quality or start pilling. Here's what I got:

2 Corduroy Pants: It was thin but not a bad thing as now I can wear them in the summer. The hardware was flimsy and an ugly silver but no one sees it but me.
One Tank: Didn't realize it had ribbing and didn't realize it was a tie-back one so it came all wrinkle. Material was bad.
1 Men's T-Shirt: It's a stretchy solid material as opposed to a soft 100% cotton tee.
Sunglasses: Surprisingly good quality, but the case it came with was cheap and ugly (which is fine).
Hat: Hat also good quality.

The returns are expensive and from what I know, they shipped from overseas and would put the responsibility of YOU to pay for the insurance of the package. Anybody who complains about the quality of the items isn't being reasonable, in my opinion. The website sells clothing for very low prices and the fact that they provide promos and discount codes, tells you that the clothing can go for even cheaper. There was nowhere that I could've found a pair of corduroy pants for $13, maybe except a thrift shop so this website is great for people who aren't looking for pricey staple pieces.

The shopping experience is good, a lot of variety of items, love the fact that you can sort reviews by users who upload images, but it's a HIT OR MISS scenario. For some reason, their website shows two identical orders of mine but one was cancelled. One of my pants was shipped separately with only a notification email. There was no tracking and that pants was missing in the order invoice on the website. Had I not gotten an email confirmation about these pants, I don't think there was any more proof that I actually ordered them. I got my package in a very timely manner (within 7 days) so no complaints there but I don't think I'd order from this website again.
This is actually a fun and addictive website to shop on. I already knew what to anticipate as I've seen a lot of these products for the same price on eBay. The biggest thing to expect is long shipping times because most of the stuff comes from China. I've ordered male clothing and home accessories and the items were exactly as described. However, I can't say the same for every single product. Research your product and check out the customer images. It'll give you a better idea of what you'll get. If you're ordering clothes, I'd generally size up because for women t-shirts, I've ordered XL and received what is the equivalent of a USA Medium despite following their size chart.

Some of the pictures like a cat plush I saw was cute in the product photographs, but the customer images showed a bad imitation of the original product where the details are missing and the product was cheaply made. I also purchased a makeup accessory and it never arrived.

Overall, I would make small purchases here because I really like the website and how they collect interesting items. However, as I said early, be weary of your purchases because not everything will look like what it does in the product images. Anticipate long shipping times and try not to purchase anything expensive as it might be hard to get your money back. Quality is hit or miss. And forget about returns; they seem to advertise returns as if it's a quick step, but it's not.
Trulia should take down fake/spam listings. I've responded to so many apartment ads I found and they're either bots or shady brokers that use bait-and-switch or claim the unit isn't available anymore. It's shocking that after making an attempt to report these fakes, this company still allows postings of units that don't even exist. I shared contact and personal information with strangers for nothing.
I found Everlane through a few Instagram ads. I jumped wagon and loved how simple their website is, the transparency of goods, imagery of the factories and ethical sources, and the cut cost of the middle-man. They have styles that I have not seen on other brands, such as the shape of their flats, and the cut on a lot of their tees.

I don't believe that their middle-man story is true. And a white tee is $25, which in my standards, still feels quite expensive for the fabric. Each and every top I purchased had fabric that is super thin and see-through. I can vouch that Madewell sells tops and tees for around the same price, but the quality in comparison is much better. Plus, their stated traditional retail cost sounds ridiculous.

Lastly, returns are a nightmare. You could try returning to their NYC store, but the lines are terrible and they make you wait outside in a line to prevent "overcrowding" in the store. So pretentious.
• Updated review
I had a previous long review to this, so to supplement that long review, I decided to update and I don't feel my opinion on this website has changed much. Sometimes, at the post office, I see large polka dot bags and wish I could've told the sender that it's not worth sending to ThredUp.

Plus, my coworker ordered a jacket from them and it got lost in the mail. ThredUp told her to file a claim with the carrier. This shouldn't be the customer's responsibility. ThredUp knows that filing a claim with a carrier takes ages and rather you (the buyer) waste your own time doing it. ThredUp knows a large majority of people wouldn't go through that hassle and just "forget" about the issue. My coworker decided to forget about it and lost her money.

Oh, and if they somehow donate your items, they get the tax credit for it, not you. So in a way, you're giving them items so that the company can deduct it off their taxes.

Recycle clothes is a great concept, but ThredUp executed it poorly, and try to make up with it by using "cute" packaging that is so wasteful and bad for the environment..
Processing Takes Too Long
• Previous review
I am reviewing as a seller: I used to use LikeTwice and I can honestly say that LikeTwice's payout was much better and their processing time was much quicker. For ThredUp, with a giant bag of accepted name brands including shoes, they only gave an average of $30 per bag full of items barely worn, or even NWT. If I could get proof that unaccepted items are going to a donation, I'd be happy, but that's not going to happen.

On average, no matter what type of item I gave or what condition it was, I almost always got less than $1.00 per item which is actually pretty disgusting. To the point where it's blatant ripping off. I got between $3-9 per item from LikeTwice before they shut down to merge with eBay.

Just to give an example of how low a payment is: I sent them in a bag full of items and they gave me a total of $40 yet all 27 items they accepted marked up on their website for sale for a total of $250+.

On top of that, it takes ThredUp weeks to process the bags. Yes, I am aware that they process a lot of people's stuff. I would forgive the long processing time, but once they give you the money, you can't cash it out immediately which is stupid; so that sort of adds to my impatience. And the only way to get the cash is if you have a PayPal account, so if you don't have that, there's no other way to receive money.

LikeTwice (when it was still here) always gave me a fair price for every item and valued my items as if I was a long-term customer and had the option to send me checks. I made at least $400+ with them within three months from stuff I sent it. One box of clothing, they gave me $118 for. It is obvious (like another reviewer said) that ThredUp is only interested in taking your clothing next to nothing, reselling and don't expect to see you ever again. I considered it a lesson learned just by looking at these numbers.

I'm also an eBay seller and I buy/sell on Facebook, but it takes too much time sometimes. Almost everything I sell looks news. Buyers always message me or people always comment how great the condition my items are and always satisfied. I sell brands like Madewell, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel, J. Crew, Gap, Abercrombie, Hollister, AE, etc. So to have this website give me back so little for my items, it's heart breaking and humiliating, and not the experience I wanted. I should've known better but I thought ThredUp was going to be like Twice but they aren't.

Also, all the positive reviews here are beyond generic and fake. All "users" have one review and that one review is for ThredUp, with the account made on the same month the review was posted. ThredUp's rating was around 2 stars when I came here to view it, months ago. There's no way it spiked up to 4 stars because this company is TRASH.
• Updated review
Previously, I was only not recommending Snapfish for backups and also, you cannot delete photos or albums if you choose to. But now it's a total different level. They upload a tracking number that is either fake or never updates. Therefore, you have no idea if your order actually "shipped" or if the products are lost in the mail. You will never find out unless you make the effort to speak to customer support and let them know. This isn't the first time it happened. I knew a few other people who had the same issue.

I contacted customer service (live chat) and they simply told me the tracking didn't update because the carrier didn't do it but the products are still "on its way". But Snapfish themselves couldn't even tell me where the products are. It's blatantly a lie. I was told to wait another 2-3 business days. It's been 15 days.

Now this is not to bash them purely about shipping because the speed isn't their fault. But I previously liked Snapfish for their price range and their quality prints. When I finally got my prints in the mail (after being in limbo), all the images came with a grid-like-waffle effect on them which makes them unusable.
Cannot Delete Purchases
• Previous review
The new layout works well with mobile devices, however, it is missing functionality. For example, I cannot see My Photos or Albums UNLESS I'm on the Snapfish homepage. It does not show up on the side menu. Also, is there a legitimate reason why they don't let you delete purchased projects? I kind of not want my photos being permanently saved on the account. If I had known this, I would've never purchased anything from them. I previously ordered my prints through Rite Aid, and from what I SAW or KNEW, they do not force you to save your photographs even after purchasing.

Besides that complaint, I suggest not to trust them with your lifetime of photographs. Back them up. Save them elsewhere. Do multiple back-ups. If they mean a lot to you, don't think Snapfish is going to hold any sentiment. They don't care. They can lose your photographs at any time. Also, my brother ordered a set of photographs and it got lost in the mail. While this was not Snapfish's fault, it's still disappointing and who knows where these photographs are now; being viewed by some stranger?
• Updated review
As an update, I thought my spam stopped but instead, I notice it went into my spam box. My once clean spam box is now filled when it was untouched for years. And they're all the same job and recruitment emails that are repetitive, suspicious and give absolutely NO easy way to unsubscribe. Not only did the emails NOT stop, but they also have my full name on it too. So now these people also know my name. That's great. Thanks a lot, CareerBuilder.
More like SpamBuilder!
• Previous review
This website is so useless that I regret making an account here. I used Indeed.com prior and while I wasn't that happy with the results, at least they didn't give me spam. The second I made a CareerBuilder account, I received more spam, fake emails, and fake responses regarding work. I constantly get emails from recruiters, recruitment subscriptions where I have to unsubscribe, and emails telling me that I received positions to places I never even applied to.

This is beyond discouraging and harassment. While I acknowledge I gave my information to CareerBuilder, they are violating me and sharing my professional/business information with others and usually not legitimate places. Deleting my account immediately and I hope the spam stops. I can't believe this website was recommended by a college professor; which was the reason why I created it to begin with!

FYI: On the account deletion page, it states that if you delete your account, you can't use the same email address to make another account in the future. You'd have to sign up with a different email. That's so unheard of.

UPDATE: After deleting my account, those suspicious "job" emails stopped. I got maybe 1-3 of them the first few week, but after, they seemed to have stopped entirely. I hope it'll stay that way.
• Updated review
If you're wondering why I'm back after complaining about how much I hate Hulu, I couldn't help but pay only $0.99 monthly since that was the cost if you have Spotify. Which by the way, if they could afford to hand out $0.99 subscriptions for Hulu, I'm sure they could afford to lower the amount of ads for regular paid users.

I notice the player works with HTML5/Safari now. No more Flash player or any plug-in required. Great! But.

The new interface makes no sense. I use Hulu to watch ONE show and that was the ONLY show I ever watched on Hulu. Yet, there's never a damn queue to watch the next episode. I manually have to look for it. And there's no way for me to continue the show when I visit the homepage. I have to search for the series then choose a season and an episode. Really?

On top of that, the ads are just as annoying as before. Now, I just keep an adblocker on and wait for the countdowns to finish. This case, I don't have to silence the audio or see the ads. I get they offer an ad-free option for a couple of dollars more, but that's not an option with the Spotify Hulu premium add-on situation. You're stuck with this ad-filled version. In any case, Hulu should just meet the middle price of the ad and ad-free subscription and just charge one fee. Who the f@#$ would actually PAY to watch ads? Most people would complain anyway.
Garbage Web Player
• Previous review
I am on the computer a lot and watch South Park on the side. The Hulu web player is complete trash. Today, I have seen the Kung Fu Panda (Wix.com) advertisement so many times that I wanted to punch my computer screen. It plays that same commercial clipped in the beginning, then 5 seconds later, plays the whole 30 second commercial.

The web player bugs out and the navigation/slider/skip disappears. The only way to fix that is to refresh the page, and if you do that, the player forces you to start from the beginning and watch the same commercials again even if you JUST saw them!

The player uses Flash which is beyond frustrating. It heats up the Macbook Pro Retina like crazy. And on full screen, it freezes up the browser. On top of that, the navigation on the pages are poor. It's so difficult to to browse episodes. They're in that slide menu, so tiny, it's impossible to pick episodes comfortably.

The player on the web and on the iPad refuses to play the next episode for any show, and sometimes if I hit "next episode", it plays an episode of a totally different show. Sometimes, it won't remember where I last left off in an episode and would replay the whole thing which requires me to re-watch ads and then skip credits, etc.

Also, I haven't found an option that leads you automatically skip opening and ending credits. It makes absolutely no sense for an ad to play, then opening credits, then another ad and finally the show. At the end of the show, another ad plays then the ending credits. Really?!

Honestly, with frustrations like the ones mentioned above, and the fact that sometimes the player refuses to load (which then you have to close and restart the player, watch the same ads again), you wonder why people pirate all these shows to watch. Because no one wants to PAY and deal with stuff like this!

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