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I am a father of 2 children and happily married man for over 11 years. I have a college education and working toward a second degree. I work as a Chief Product Estimator. I supervise a crew and price products for my companies product lines.

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I pride myself in finding good online deals and I am always straight forward and honest. I have no bias to anything other than the right thing.

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Sticking to my likes, I am offering my review of Bens Outlet. This is an online shopping website that sells discounted items until they are sold out. Browse the selection and collection of sale items and take your pick. But don't wait too long, because it could be gone tomorrow.

Shipping time varies and may not be as fast as you would like, but rest assured your item will arrive and be as described. I have never had a bad shopping experience on the site and have always felt I purchased good quality items. Of course this is your responsibility as the customer to do a little research on the item you are looking at and making sure you are getting a good product and price. I won't say all prices are the best, just be a smart consumer and use Bens Outlet if you need an item they are selling.

A rating of 3 out of 4 based on the different needs of each customer. Bens Outlet may not be for everyone, but I like it. Shop with smarts and confidence and you won't be disappointed with Bens Outlet.


Ever wonder what happens to items when they are returned to Best Buy? Well Cowboom has the answer, they sell them. Best Buy will recertify the products and offer them to us the customer at discount pricing.

Cowboom is run and maintained by Best Buy. You can buy new and used but good items on this site. It's a must for the bookmark folder for any online shopper or electronic junky. Feel free to browse the site for deals and items that you might be looking for. Find one and order it. It's that simple you like and you buy. I have personally ordered two "returned" but good items and love them. I have no problems with these items and of course loved saving the money.

Can you go wrong saving money? Give this site a look and you might find yourself just the deal you need to spend a little hard earned money. I highly recommend this site and rated it 3 out 4 only because they may not have something for everyone. Feel free to shop with the confidence of buying good products from a good company. Thanks Best Buy!


Dotti's weight loss zone is a great site that I use as a tool. The site has tools that will assist you in dieting and eating healthier. Dotti has been successful in losing weight and offers her insights and guidance in many forms on this site.

The site offers many nice tools. You can find recipes, tips, and even points plus values for many items. If you want to just have someone to talk to and help motivate you along the way, you can do that on this site. Other key features is Dotti shares point plus points for many restraunts and food items. Spend sometime on this site and you will find plenty of information and tools to help you along your way to lose weight.

As a side note the point plus I refer to is the new weight watchers program. Dotti's can be used in conjunction with weight watchers and all the great things they offer.


Online shopping and saving money, two great things. I rate this review 3 out of 4 or "cool" because the website may not offer each person an item they are after everyday. The nature of this site is to post an item that has "plunged" in price that is for sale on that day. It's a one day sales site.

Now I personally view this site everyday, to make sure I am not missing out on the best deal. I am under no obligation to buy anything, unless I want that item. Each day a new item plunges in price and you can buy that item or wait until the next deal.

It's a great site to find a good price on something that you might otherwise pay more for. You can save money and get great new items. I personally find this website very friendly to use, and easy to order from. I have never had a bad experience in my ordering and have always received my items in a quick and safe manner. It's a great safe site to save money, if you need that item.


Deals Woot is a website that allows us as consumers to share sales and deals we have encountered or know about. I have purchase items that others have shared links to and have saved good money.

Deals Woot offers a site that I use to find the best deals around. Even if it means saving 5 bucks, it's still a savings. You are under no obligation to buy anything, and you only buy something when you want. Once you find something you like, the website will have a link to the site that has the item on sale, it's that simple. Browse and view anything posted, or post a sale yourself. Once you find a good sale you woot that sale up and that helps others know that must be a good one.

Check it out it's one of a few great sites to share sales and deals that allow us as the customer to save money, it's a win win.


This website is awesome. It's a place that many people go to find great deals and post great deals on items. Check it out to find some great deals on all kinds of items. I visit this everyday multiple times a day. You should too!


I have recently become a member of Netflix. With Netflix I have been watching movies instantly online with my xbox 360 and my blu-ray player. This is very nice and a inexpensive method to see movies. They offer a large selection of movies at a reasonable price. Check it out for 1 month free.


Do you ever need to convert something and you don't know how? Well this online conversion website offers a great array of conversion types.

I use it at work on a daily basis converting metric to english. But have used it at home determine square footage, liquid volume and plenty more.

Throw this website in your favorites if you have math work, kids in school, or ever need to convert items. You will find this very helpful.


This website has a good amount of products for different people. I use them to purchase motorcycle parts, and items for camping. But they offer products from automobile, RV, motorcycle, and a bunch more.

If you are in the market for items like tires, car covers, parts for cars, items to spice up your ride, then they have it.

I have always had great customer service and never had any problems with the products. They are always quality.


Free computer antivirus program. Avast allows home users to have a free copy of there great software. The best part is they offer consistant updates, keep your computer safe, and allow you to have it all free.

I have used avast home edition for years and never had any trouble. After you visit the site and download the program, you simply register and you are good to go.

If you don't want to buy an expensive antivirus program and then have to renew it every year, give avast a try. It's FREE, and better than most you pay for.


First let me start by saying I love anything free. Open office website overs you the ability to download their program and use it for free. The best part is that the software they offer is comparable to Microsoft Office. The program offers a word processor similar to word, a program like Excel, and a comparable power point software as well as some others.

The best part of all is you can save any open office project as the comparable office program. This is great if you have Microsoft office at work but not home. You can open a office file from home with the program work from it and save it as an office file. Great feature if you don't want to spend the money for Microsoft office.

I highly recommend you save some money and use this great program. The website will allow you to download it. Give it a try.


In addition to the already great reviews of this site, the feature I love the most is the hour by hour forecast section. As a motorcycle rider, I like to know what to expect and when to expect it.

So if you click on hour by hour tab after you simply enter the zip code of the weather location you would like information on you will get a detailed hour by hour breakdown. I love this feature.

I use this site 2 times a day, once in the AM to decide if I am riding and once near the end of my work day to determine the best time to leave. Give it a try.


I have been a yahoo user for years. Recently I have stumbled across there travel site. It's nice to share your places and experiences and also track your vacations and see where you have been and even plan a trip.

I liked being able to offer our experiences of trips and locations as much as being able to track the places we have visited as a family. My children really like showing everyone where we have visited. They even allow you to upload pictures of your trips. It's a fun site to spend some time on and share trip, travel, vacation stuff.


This is a good website to setup, upgrade or renew your cell contract and get a good price on phones. I have used them in 2 seperate occasions and had great success in both. I recommend you try it out if you are in the market for a cell phone.


This is for anyone looking for one of the best programs hands down to burn DVD movies. If you have tried others stop here, Slysoft makes one of the best programs out there.

It is a program that needs paid for but it's well worth the money. Check out and you can purchase CloneDVD and AnyDVD. AnyDVD by passes copy potection to allow you to burn and cloneDVD is the software that burns it.

They have great customer service and operate a great program. And it's not illegal if you are backing up your own dvd movies. Check it ouf if you want a great program.


OK for starters it's Walmart. Love it or hate it Walmart has been proven to be one of the best business ventures ever. Sam Walton laid the foundation for a great company. How did this get better? Using the internet on

On Walmart online you can purchase items, have them delivered either to your house or they offer a great service called site to store. Site to store ships your order to your local Walmart and you simply pick it up at there site to store department. SImple and easy.

I purchased a large amount of my Black Friday deals right online with As many shoppers were fighting the crowd, I was using my wonderful computer to purchase great items online. It was a win win.

You can also use Walmart online to see if your local Walmart has a certain type of merchandise. Find it online and see if that item might be available at your Walmart.

Shopping at Walmart has become even easier and less stressful using there website. If you are like me, you will like it.


Dan Patrick, sports talk legend. Great site allows you to listen to online audio of guests, and stream them for free. That is great. Dan is great and the website is great.

I find Dan Patrick very entertaining and a unique sports talk radio host. Also I check the show out on Direct Tv. You will enjoy this site and it's great selection of interviews.


I do a good amount of online gaming and have friends ask me how they can tell if their internet service is good enough for online gaming.

This website allows you to see valuable information like download speed, upload speed and ping. This information will help give you an idea about just what you can expect your internet to do. Or if you just would like to know how good your internet is, run there very easy to use website.


I have never had any problems with Paypal. I use the site on a regular basis to pay for ebay transactions. I find it very useful for that application.

I don't use paypal in many other forms. I will say for payment to sellers for items and such it has become the Ebay norm. You almost always have to use paypal now. Which I don't mind it's easy to do and use.

Good site if you can find uses for it.


In our computer age, what better than to be able to order a pizza online. Yep no more calling and being placed on hold. On you can place your personal order of food items and pay online if you choose.

Then your pizza arrives and you enjoy! What more to say, quick, easy, and very nice. Use this if your local Papajohns offers and you will like it very much.

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