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I like sharing and reading opinions. I am passionate about my views and discussing with other passionate people is fun, even if they don't agree. What I don't like are people who try and limit people's views because they don't agree with them.


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I follow them on Twitter and they have good comic book news and interest tidbits. The website is a bit cluttered for my taste. Some videos play upon the page opening. Sometimes the sound is on, sometimes it's off.

Their videos are interesting and worth watching. It's a good website for comic book news. I wish it made better use of the space it has.

I've learned stuff I could've found out on my own, but that's why they exist to help people who are into comic book news to get the info in one spot without searching for it.

I've seen them grow from year to year and they've gotten better.


I used to get DVDs sent to me in the mail and I'd watch a movie every single day. Then I didn't have time to do that any more and I moved solely to streaming. I enjoy watching films on my Nook HD more than watching it on my big TV.

I watch something every night on Netflix to wind down. I dont' have a lot to read at the moment, so that's my book in bed before I sleep. Watch a bit of Netflix.

What I really like is that it suggests films and TV shows based on my ratings of hundreds of films and TV shows. And for the most part it's correct. I know that some people dislike being read like that by the Government or email ads or whatever it is, but I don't mind. It makes it easier for me to pick what I'll watch.

Netflix is one of the few things I really, really like online. It's inexpensive and worth the money to have it.

I'd recommend anyone that loves films and TV shows to sign on up.


Amanda Macrotte writes articles for AlterNet and if you look at the link below...

http://www.alternet.org/authors/amanda-marcotte... you'll feel the hate seeth from the page, and with that you'll understand the tone of the website.

Also check out this great set of comments:


And notice the deleted ones. Those are mine. You may ask why would they be deleted? I don't know. They didn't give any warning or gave me any indication that I did anything wrong. If you happen to waste time reading the responses to what I posted you'll see how angry are and that their posts still are there despite their intolerance and hatred. Which is weird considering that's what the hit piece article was about.

A website that only wants those that agree with them to post is a website that fosters hatred for those that don't think like them and that... that's a problem. When you create a us vs them mentality even on a website you're the reason why there are groups of people who attack others for the way they think.

Each website has a right to dictate how they'll moderate their website. One would think the moderation rules would be for everyone not for a specific group while another group gets to do and say whatever they want.

This website reminds me of Current.com and we all know what happened to Current. It failed. This one is headed down the same road.


I've seen Reddit do some awesome things like sending a child with cancer a pizza party because she requested it and they'll promote the unknown to the known out of the goodness of their upvotes.

I've also seen Reddit be awful. R/atheism, r/politics and r/news are three of the worst places on that site. They're so heavily bias it's borderline pathetic. R/atheism shouldn't be about promoting religion, but it shouldn't be about bashing religion (or mainly Christians) over and over again. You'd think a group of people that state they're a positive force would be such, but that subreddit isn't. With r/politics and r/news one expects some sort of balance, but there's nothing like that. Those two subreddits are so left leaning they could rename it r/liberal and no one would be able to tell the difference.

R/movies has it's own problems such as constantly promoting the boring films City of God, Requiem for a Dream and anything by Quentin Tarantino. Because Tarantino can do no wrong. You can't have an honest discussion on why these things suck without people going balistic. Oh, and never ever speak ill of the Dark Knight. That's the holly grail.

The great thing about Reddit is that there are tons and tons of subreddits that could pertain to almost anything you're into. Which is great and not so great. Some of the subreddits that have gotten Reddit into trouble have cease to exist, and some still linger around.

When you see NSFW (Not Safe For Work) that's a huge warning of do not open this if people are around that you don't want them seeing you looking at naughty naughty things. Just a warning.

I can handle bias and hatred for my views. That's fine. What makes me give Reddit 3 stars instead of four or five is that the voting system rigs everything. I think they need to change the system because it sucks. They need to make it where no one can get negative votes. Meaning once you reach zero... that's the bottom. The entire negative thing is a way for those who can't stand people having a different view roll around in like pigs in their own filth.

It turns into the mob with the upvotes and downvotes. YOU HURT MY FEELERS and my MORAL RIGHT... I gunna go and get all my buddies to hate on you.

I want to tell people about Reddit and how great it is, but it's not. And I don't think it ever will. I do like it because it sometimes gets me laughing or awwing or thinking. BUT... for the most part what makes the front page is mostly trashy and chauvinistic. If Reddit is the front page of the internet, we are all doomed because they don't pay attention to anything important going on in this world. They care more about Snowden than they do about what's actually damaging to their way of life. OHNO the government is spying on us... but really, when have they not spied on us? It is awful, but do you really think that you remove the NSA that another government agency won't take its place? Or a new agency won't take its place?

Reddit would be better if it fixed the upvote/downvote crappy system, the bias in several subreddits that shouldn't be and get more informed subscribers. Until then, I'm sticking with 3 stars and that's being overly generous as is.


I'm a writer. That doesn't mean I know every word there is to know or that I am perfect at grammar. It just means I like to write enough that if ever a job were presented to me to write for a living, I might actually love my job to death.

With that said, Dictionary.com is a website I go to for words. I love it. I have the app. I read the word of the day. I have a favorites list going. I know there are other ones out there, but for me the site is easy to read. I see the word that I want defined. I see the definition. I don't have to decipher anything. It's a quick look.

I also love that I can click on words I don't know in the definition of the word I was looking up and it will bring me to the definition of that word.

The more I write (and I've written for ages) the more I love words. It's hard to get new words into conversation circulation, but with the dictionary.com app and easy read website I can quickly reference and remind myself what a word means and hopefully expand my vocabulary more.

I agree that their hot word blog is awesome.

The Thesaurus is a great source to help me not to over use terms like GREAT and AWESOME or PATHETIC and SUCK when writing reviews.


It is a writer site. Authonomy supposedly prides itself on being good for writers. If you avoid the forums you'll be fine. If you go to the forums, then you need to beware of a few posters and their friends. I have a list of who to avoid and you'll be fine. There are a group of people that call themselves the Period Collective (and no they are not made up of women) who go around claiming there's no rules in writing, while telling people how they need to write.

The owners of the site suck worse than any site I've ever been on. If they wanted to allow the site to be ruled by a mob, then they should be honest about it instead of deceiving those who decide to post. They allow those who hate being disagreed with to decide who should be kicked off the site. And that was proven when a Scott Summers posted on that site for several weeks without being banned and he posted terrible things.

The Period Collective stated that they would ignore Scott, but apparently Scott got under their skin and proved they didn't know what ignore meant. Scott didn't offer any help to anyone on their writing. All he did was post obnoxious things. They allowed it in hopes it would die down. The point is that they ignored him (to a pathetic point). But they couldn't do the same with me (J_Jammer). They needed me to agree and when I didn't, they had to get rid of me. I commented no people's writing. Offered help. Gave comments that were far more helpful than anything they've ever offered anyone on that entire site.

The site owners defaulted to the flag idea and thought that those who flag would do so out of need instead out of want. The site owners and mods are morons and probably cannot write. Normally those who mod suck at the forum's topic they're modding. Don't bother with this site. Ever.

What could be a great site turns into one sucky site due to how they handle arguments. They side with people that are published. It doesn't matter if the published writer treats anyone like trash, they are never wrong. And that is always wrong.

Where are the sites that care about writers? I don't think it exists.


I'm a writer. I know, that's so hard to visualize. I go to two writing groups every week. I discuss my writing and other people's writing and we help each other improve.

Therefore I believed that joining forums that have mainly writers would be a great idea. I've written a review of another writer forum before and just like that one WritingForums.org is not a terrible place if you're looking for advice or help on writing. It is a terrible place if you're looking for personalities or acceptance for you different point of view.

Reminds me of this: Amis's Advice - Go ahead and be different--if you think you can stand the beating you'll get.

I can stand the beating. The problem is that other people cannot stand the beating, even if they're in the majority. This is why I rated the website low. Writers should have thick skin. They should be able to take beatings for what they believe, especially when the beatings are words. It's like someone who is in marital arts whining about being touched. If you can't formulate words to defend your ideas, then what kind of writer are you... really?

WritingForums.org is only good for writing advice. It is not good if you think any differently than them. The mods cannot handle it. The owner does not stand for it. They also will blame you for other people's reactions. Apparently writers are not in charge of their own emotions.



Where do bullies, complainers and gossip queens go after high school? www.votefortheworst.com that's where. Want to feel like crap? Read that website. They couldn't say a positive thing if they had the greatest sex the night before. How do people live to be so disgustingly nasty about others when they don't have the balls to say it to these people's faces? They have to say it behind a screen name. I don't understand how you can fake hating a show that you need in order to exist.

The good thing is that their votes can't help who they want to win. Though they do share how to power vote during American Idol and I'm sure those that love the show have been smart enough to use those things against VFTW. And that makes me laugh on the inside like a revenge seeker with just enough time on my hands. :D


Have an idea that you think will out do what already exist... like Facebook?

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/196017994/diaspora-the-personally-controlled-do-it-all-distr Creators of Diaspora thought of a place where they could get what they had gotten from Facebook, but without the privacy issues.

Ever wonder where did the trade school go?

http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/OurGoods/trade-school-0 According to the creators of Our Goods: Anyone can offer to teach a class. Students sign up for classes by agreeing to meet the teacher's barter needs. We ran Trade School for 35 days and we want to open again!

Kickstarter is place where many hands can make the load light. Share a creative project in art, film, food, writing, music, community, technology... and more. You throw out your idea in written format as well as video and set a goal. If your goal is not matched by the due date (you set) then no money exchanges hands between you and your many backers.

This allows people to test the waters for what people are interested in. It also keeps you from having to front money should you only reach part of your goal and then those that back you expect a $20,000 to blossom from $5,000 backing.

It is an innovative site that could jumpstart many (or kickstart har har) into areas of life they can't get to by conventional means (maybe this will be conventional one day...).

Check it out. You might have an idea or you might find an idea you'd be willing to support. Either way this is a place for the creative to flourish and show that the rich and the mighty don't hold all the cards when the unknowns get together to propel one of their own to the stars.


It's a fun and charitable website all wrapped into one. It'll tell you where you're ranked int he world based on how much you make. You might not feel rich, but it'll make you feel somewhat rich and after it inflates your head by tell you you're rich it request that you donate money in the most unpushy way possible.

For me it said the following:
$8 could buy you 15 organic apples OR 25 fruit trees for farmers in Honduras to grow and sell fruit at their local market.

$30 could buy you an ER DVD Boxset OR a First Aid kit for a village in Haiti.

$73 could buy you a new mobile phone OR a new mobile health clinic to care for AIDS orphans in Uganda.

$2400 could buy you a second generation High Definition TV OR schooling for an entire generation of school children in an Angolan village.

To give is better than to receive... especially if you're a child looking for a chance to just live.


Have you seen Iron Man 2? Want to know where he got those awesome water bottles from? Well in the movie he puts something else in them, but they're still water bottles. Well it came from this site. Direct link: http://www.gentsupplyco.com/KOR-One-BPA-Free-Hydration-Vessel

Gent Supply Co. Has awesome things other than the water bottle. There's cool things like Star Wars flash drives, Lego Flash Drives, Lego speakers for Ipods, indestructible wallets... sweet way to hold up your jackets (dart coat hooks), a way to find NPR anywhere in the country (NPR Map), neato bottles that'll hold TSA approved amount of liquids... and much more...

Much of this stuff you can get anywhere else, the difference is that here they care about style. The water bottle Tony Stark drank out of was not just a simple water bottle, it was specifically designed for better flow. The flash drives are not just boring little drives, they are designed to be appealing to the eyes as well as functional. I'm pretty sure if you go to this website you'll find something you'll like.

I hope that they'll add more stuff. I got a few things last year and it seems like it's the same amount about 6 months later. I went back to get the water bottle cause mine broke on a cruise and I was very upset. It was the last day and it fell from a high spot and broke. I almost cried. I was so mad. I asked them if they could replace it, but I never heard back. I didn't have the bottle very long. Seeing Iron Man 2 made me want it again, so I bought it again and some other stuff.

One of the awesome things about the website is that there is no sales tax AND shipping is free most of the time if you buy over $100.

Check it out and tell 'em I sent you. =D


I have strong opinions. I'm sure others have strong opinions. What makes this website awesome is that it's a place where all strong opinions can come together and share or explode in debate, sarcasm and icky emotional bias. "Average" people can add their opinions and views, but there are also "experts" on subjects like PeTA on killer whales. There are even debates between "experts". It's really interesting. Check it out if you have a strong opinion.


You want a time waster, well here you go. This site pits the most random pairs against one another and you decide which is most awesomest. Like: Cheese vs Internet. Sarah Palin vs Air. Goat vs DNA. Deer vs William Ayers. It's quick, fun and totally addicting. Beware, you just might waste an hour on what's the awesomest before you realize it and then when you do... you'll just keep on picking.

You can add some awesome (or inadequatest) things and they'll decide to use them or not.

Top Ten Awesomest:
1 Internet
2 Life
3 Oxygen
4 Music
5 A Nap
6 Lasers
7 Technology
8 Physical intimacy
9 Lightsaber (Real)
10 Lightning

The Inadequatest:

1113 Kevin Federline
1112 Sanjaya Malakar
1111 Mitt Romney
1110 Robert Pattinson
1109 Glitter
1108 Glenn Beck
1107 The Hills
1106 Lance Bass
1105 DMV
1104 Eliot Spitzer

So what's Awesomest to you: Wikipedia or the Karate Kid (movie)?


I love the way it looks. They are tweaking it a bit and that's good, it'll even look better later.

I love that there is a timeline so that you can see how often your view films in a certain month or a year. It also accumulates your ratings and averages them out for you in a graph as well as overall. This could indicate what kind of moviegoer you are. Are you negative or positive about the films you view. I'm more positive because I think my average is 7.6 (out of a 10 star maximum).

When you put a film in your timeline you can write a mini review. You can also write a more extensive review, if you'd like. Mini reviews show up under the poster of the film and then towards the bottom are the more extensive reviews.

The search is awesome because you type in a few letters and it'll populate what matches real time. It is a relatively new site, so there are some films that are not yet put into the system. You'll be able to put the information in via the IMDB page for the film.

I am still putting films in I've seen. I haven't caught up with where I am at right now. I like seeing how many I've seen. It's crazy and tires me out just seeing how much I've seen at the theater and through netflix.


I love IMDB because I get to rate films and see what others think on the films I like. I think that they have a lot of cool info like what the actors are in the process of doing, quotes, weird trivia. I do LOVE the site because I LOVE movies, but there are some issues like the set up needs to be streamlined. The front page of the films just looks like a mess. A designer needs to come in and design them to be easier. I use Yahoo movies to look at films sometimes and their information (not as extensive) is easy to read. Who the director is, the actors, when it was made... how long the film is. Simple to spot. Also the forum is archaic. It needs a better look.

They have all the right ingredients, they just don't have the look down. When they get that down they'll be far too awesome to defeat... ever. Almost like Google.


Right now there are few people that post there. The comments (aside from mine because that would be bias) are funny. Reading about how others have to deal with stupid drivers and their asinine ways is fun, especially if they post a witty comment. It may never be popular because of the negative way it can be used, but that doesn't mean you can't just vent a little steam at the idiot that went so slow that you had to stop at the light, only moments later speeding up so they could get through the light. Think of it as a minor cure for road rage. Instead of giving them the finger (or coupled with) you could just carpong them and feel a little better that maybe one day they'll read what you said about them.

The complicated thing is remembering or finding a way to get the license plate down that is safe and not making you an idiot someone needs to carpong.


I use to listen to music from this site a lot. I found a lot of bands I love now from that site. I think it is a good site. I think I'm going to have to make it a regular place I visit. I forgot how much I actually like it. I got lost in it a few times because I kept finding bands I liked.

I like how it allows you to pick songs you like and put them in a playlist that you can play in its own separate window. I think it's a great place to promote music that isn't as cluttered as a myspace page might be. I like simple pages.

I'm glad for PureVolume.com. I'm just a listener, but my ears are very happy.


I use to use it often. I haven't been back in a while. I still have a page. I think the forums are not that great and they should be fixed to be more reader friendly. I think that the clutter that makes up many people's pages should be fixed. I don't think that MORE IS MORE. I think that less is really more. Myspace is one of those places that'll have to fail big time before it realizes that it's no longer as great as it use to be.

Even mentioning it now I don't even want to go and check my page. It doesn't make me want to go back. As a matter of fact it makes me think boring.

Facebook is no better.


I could get lost in YouTube for hours on end. I think that TV stations and the like should allow clips on YouTube. Like So You Think You Can Dance? I always want to see dances that I love again and since that show cannot put out a great DVD with the ones I like I think the next best thing is to have YouTube have them up. They could even put commercials in there... short ones. 8 seconds.

What I really love are the people I follow who give commentary on what they have heard int he news, movie reviews, people who have skits, or those that sing really good with covers and their own stuff. Youtube has nasty commenters, but I don't read the comments often nor do I make comments that often. I vote. I think that it's great to see videos run freely like this.

YouTube is one of those sites that is a double edge sword. People just have to know how to handle it and it can be a great tool. And just like the internet it has dark spots that many should just avoid all together. Don't let those dark spots suck you in like political spite or angry speech. Stick to the real and the happy. Don't anchor yourself with cynical thinking that could so take you in a direction that you don't want to go in.

Oh and I love finding clips of old cartoons I haven't seen in a really long time. Love that.


This site should be a site that parents and those that work with teenagers should be using often. They should bookmark it. They can put in a phrase they've heard their children say and see what it is that they are exactly stating. There really should no longer be an unhip adult. Well they may not be cool, but they'll be hip enough to understand what they youngins are stating.

As the other review stated this site is hilarious. You can go to random word and laugh. This is the addicting site for readers of information as is YouTube for those that like movies and videos. It's fun and you can even join and pick definitions that should be on the site or not be on the site. You can help the site. That is always awesome. You can also vote on what are the better definition for that word.

The front page is great because it has words of the day listed there. It's another great site that has a great long history of existence ahead of it.

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