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Absolutely love this site, if your male and want style at a fair price but at the same time want something different not the norm then this site is for you actually and her, they have what everyone else has, just different. And as i said at a fair price, I've not once had a bad experience, very nice bunch of people. Always a positive experience, tones of savings, shipping is fast ish. 6 stars for you lot.

(Shipping is FREE) And when it's free I don't mind the wait.


This site enables anyone who doesn't live in the United States of America to purchase products from companies who only ship to a U. S address, by giving you an address and phone number which you can then use to have products sent to from there they are then shipped by to your actual location. Um so while the prices on shipping can be a bit much for somethings they are offering ah a, very nice service which for me makes life easier. I've used them with Ebay and Amazon. With Success. Thanks for reading.


This site would have to be my most valuable find in terms of information that i need on a weekly basis and at the same time the strangest by nature. It's much like and Phillip for me is the mother ship the other 2 are wings left and right interesting way of putting it i know. So have a read or dabble you might like or you may not. My apologies for the short review, the less i rant the quicker you can be reading about why the Lumix GH2 is the official Canon 5D killer. So personal view for a specialized look at where it's at for people who dare to be different.


This is going to sound weird but I buy and use the female line. It's an idea i have with skin care. I'm 30, male, and can be a regular smoker that means some times or days i just don't smoke as often ah i also eat well stay hydrated, rest well and workout so take that into consideration. The Dermalogica line works, it just does i look healthier and younger, I do my part the skin care reminds me why.

Have i tried other skin care lines, yes and theres nothing worse than being taken for a ride. The Dermalogica line can be expensive but give it a go i hope your experience with it is the same as mine. There product works and I stand by that. This review is about the skin care line. Not about the site as i buy from a licensed reseller so have not actually had to deal with Thank you for reading.


If your reading this you've taken the first step into being plugged in, into what you ask, well EOSHD. As a creative it's important that i know whats going on around me, further more the information i'm after needs to be at street level that means it's real upfront day to day intel as it happens. EOSHD is a place for filmmakers pro and or other to talk and engage, to discuss equipment, gear, what it cost how it performs and where to get it for a good price and a reliable source at that. Technique, the how to, mechanics of film making and the process is also a popular topic, The site mainly revolves around DSLR filmmaking and the gear that is used. Why do i spend more time on this site than any other site? Well I'm a DSLR filmmaker and photographer and trying to be a writer of some sort, it keeps me informed on whats relevant and not much that isn't relevant to me, it's a great site and the up keep is fine. The community there range from beginners to seasoned professionals, their an outspoken bunch so don't be shy, get amongst it. It's run by Andrew Reid a very talented film maker. I wrote this review to rate it upon it's merit for being a place where one can find useful tack sharp information. The second site where i am a member is Phillip if you know 1 site you know the other. Now go and shoot something.


Well found this site while on the hunt for articles or interviews involving Mark Zuckerberg. I think for me the reading environment is important the site has a vent i think it's busy but didn't feel cluttered my eye wasn't being pulled away so an enjoyable read, some pages lag on the load as there's a lot of video but overall great content easy to nav and yeah so for the latest scoop on Silicon Valley/Alley check it out. Thanks for reading.


Happy New Years, readers, SJ, followers and followed. Canon, while they produce some pretty cool gadgets I find the site misleading. I guess to me it's a case of whats needed what performs and whats not needed, I'm talking about advertising hype over capability. My canon kit cost me just over 2k, it's totally adequate for what i use it for (screen resolution) now I'm not looking to blow my works up or produce large commercial prints because if i did I'd need a top line model from the "mark series" and yes they take great photos pixels depth and amazing reproduction for miles. But canon calls this PRO, where does that leave my kit? Somewhere between enthusiast and "the serious photographer"/beginner. Surely my knowledge and eye for the shot, composition, light, puts me up higher in the rank? All i'm trying to say is. Skill is in the holder of the cam not the cam, the stove didn't make dinner it was a utensil. So if canon or anyone else is saying you need 15k to be good at what you do, ignore it, it's just advertising and they know it. So while i'm a big fan canon don't spoil it by saying i need to spend 15k to be a "photographer" thats bollocks. Just be clear about what you need then upgrade later, which i'll be doing soon, lens wise, the 500D body is totally capable of capturing madness so will not be buying another body for a while. Thanks for reading.


If you like your news or just an interesting read in a kinda artful package as appose to straight news type sites where every things corporate feeling then you might enjoy Tonic. I think the names tight it has weight to it, fresh, pristine, sparkle yet colourful when i hear tonic i think fresh lime? Anyone else get that? LOL. The tag line for the site is Good News, the focus is about the good that happens around the world. A digital media company they share the stories of people and organizations that are making a difference by inspiring good in themselves and others. It definitely has a positive vibe about it, they have a large Green section which is big for me personally, conservation and sustainability it's on my mind a lot these days, i eat a lot of fish and i don't want mercury in my food and so forth anyway don't get me started, check it out there's a pet section all kinds of cool stuff and your usual like business, science, sport, lifestyle, all from a positive stand point, also i'd like to note it has a large Microsoft logo at the bottom highly stylised very tidy i thought to myself well done guys cause i've never liked you maybe we can still be friends so for a fun inspiring read choose Tonic. It's fresh and so clean clean;-) i'm all over this one.

This is an edit I mentioned the microsoft logo above which is incorrect Good.Is has this logo not Tonic i had both sites open when i reviewed Tonic, funny that. I recommend Good.Is as well though, I'd also like to mention i found Tonic while browsing it's like my online home. Thanks for reading.



His names Kyle Cooper, he was the co founder of the company IF imaginary Forces a high end powerhouse production company, before he left to create which now puts IF to shame, now chances are you've seen his work in more than a dozen films. He's a Graphic Designer who studied greats like The late Saul Bass and Paul Rand who taught at Yale. Check the site out it's amazing I could write more but it's better if you discover it. Visually stunning and a great resource for creatives alike no matter what your medium is. Get Inspired.

I visit the site on a regular basis to see what he's been up too. My all time favourite is the opening titles to SE7EN which put him on the map. Since then he's pretty much dominated the Film title industry as well as creating leading TVC commercials, web campaigns and presentations for the Grammys his work is seen the world over. Thanks for reading.




Welcome to my latest review, I'd like to bring you to the attention of this man. Matt Cutts.

About Me
Hi, my name is Matt Cutts and I joined Google as a software engineer in January 2000. I'm currently the head of Google's Webspam team.

Before Google, I worked on my Ph. D. in computer graphics at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I have an M. S. from UNC-Chapel Hill, and B. S. degrees in both mathematics and computer science from the University of Kentucky.

I wrote the first version of SafeSearch, which is Google's family filter, and I've worked on search quality and webspam at Google for the last several years.

His blog is worth a read every now and then if you want the latest scoop on anything google specifically SEO and lots more, this just might be the place, what i like most is there's already so many people asking him questions and he has made available in depth answers to those questions, what i don't like or what you need to remember is he has googles best interests at heart so you can't entirely take his word as Gospel.



Welcome to my latest review, I'll make this one short as I'm cut for time. I have a feeling this site needs no introduction it's straight class, but here's one example of why i'm a regular.

Thanks for reading,




Welcome to my latest review, i'll be talking about website research, competitors and stats. We use search engines everyday that means data's being collected. There are a few places where such data can be found. and There both very similar in nature and one would do well to use both respectively. Quantcast has a slightly more cleaner feel about it in saying that alexa have the better layout of the two but thats just me. I have a graphic design background perhaps that offers some insight. Another site I'd like to mention is Googles Doublick now it's by Google so be weary never the less it is relevant and extremely useful they are still number one and i don't see that changing any time soon as far as algorithms and relevancy go in relation to social networks which are based on where you are? Are you alive? Who are your friends? And what are your interests, syndicated networks, i'm talking about Facebook sorry for derailing but heres some food for thought.

"Our bodies are designed with the flaw of wanting to be crackheads. And manipulating that flaw is partly how you get 500 million users"

Anyway add Doubleclick to your research list. Heres there about us statement which i urge all reviewers and consumers to read when ever looking into a site or embarking on a business venture. Also add Googles Insight to the equation another tool of importance but i'll leave that out in this review.

Google's DoubleClick products provide ad management and ad serving solutions to companies that buy, create or sell online advertising. The world's top marketers, publishers, ad networks and agencies use DoubleClick products as the foundation for their online advertising businesses. With deep expertise in ad serving, media planning, search management, rich media, video and mobile, our DoubleClick products help customers execute their digital media strategy more effectively

Having these sites at our disposal and for the most part free gives you the power to monitor, improve with site audits which you pay for, precise research, counter intelligence and much much more. Tracking your competition is important especially for young and up coming sites. The point of this review is, research needs to have an articulate body that in end helps you reach a conclusion and point of direction. I think the tools i've mentioned do that and are primary. Thanks for reading.




Welcome to my latest review i felt like talking about BBC, because it's well highly regarded isn't it. It really is the bench mark, I've never really paid much attention to them online but in saying that it's the one news channel that i will watch on tv i don't watch tv much but if i do I like a bit of BBC and the likes of Nat Geo, Green peace campaigns, I'm an avid fan and supporter, polluting the sea and over fishing gets on my nerves seriously, I eat a lot of fish and it's crucial that the quality of fish stays high which is not the case but anyway back to BBC why is it worth a bookmark? Well i hate to swing one way on this one but it just has that quality about it they have a standard and like most things english they do it better than anyone else. Some 3 years ago they switched all their hardware and software over to apple now if thats not a statement i don't know what is, a progressive news channel that address's relevant issues, there organic in the way that they choose to evolve and it speaks to an evolving society, Now the site has all that you'd expect from a modern day news site thats not why i'm reviewing them a site design and UI these days is hardly a reason to rate something so high anymore as there everywhere a jacket so to speak. I know i sound bias but understand a news report and all news stations still need to be looked at with an open eye theres a certain sense of propaganda in all news formats syntax comes into play so be weary of the superficial. Thanks for reading.



", the website for Inc. magazine, delivers advice, tools, and services, to help business owners and CEOs start, run, and grow their businesses more successfully. You'll find information and advice covering virtually every business and management task, including marketing, sales, finding capital, managing people, and much, much more".

I copied and pasted the above from their about us section it seemed quicker and accurate. The statement and description are true. I say this based on their articles, interviews with the best in the business, interviews are the best form of insight given the journalist asks the right questions, I find the site truly inspiring. Their findings are supported by those using the very same advice, I feel like i'm reading gold as appose to statistics or round about truths that circulate the business world, It couldn't get any better for me than this unless i was interviewing Paul Graham myself, But best left to Max Chafkin. I have 3 or 4 sites i visit regularly for the inside scope I can't say it's my favourite as Entrepreneur and a few others all deliver the same quality it's like asking me to choose between the cult and oasis, couldn't do it.


Hi welcome to my latest review, today we're looking at a company called The offer an anti ageing skin care line, now I think it's fair to say we've heard it all and frankly a little tired of products promising the world and delivering nothing more than whats known as the placebo effect. Do these products fall into that category? Yes as in they do claim to have the answer to wrinkles, age spots, inflammation, lines circles and bags around the eyes. Do the products live up to it's promise? Thats what we're going to find out.

Before we go further, the site it's self is decent user friendly and thorough which i found helpful. Is the site transparent? Yes everything you want to know about them and their products are there for consumers to really get an overall idea of what there about? Their methodology, ingredients and ultimately why we should be using their products, it even shows you lab results. Preliminary things like this.

They offer products for men and woman. I'd just like to say going of subject for a bit that if your under 23 and you use anti ageing skin care products your going to be disappointed simply because you have no business using them your 23 making your review irrelevant, a person in their 30's is a more suitable candidate agree? The same goes for supplements and going back to the placebo effect well if a product preforms one day and not the next you probably don't need it as the body has a sufficient supply and therefore your problem may lie elsewhere, deficiency in some other area, Well thats my opinion on the matter. I'd also like to add that age is inevitable and all products are most likely to only have a subtle effect on your skin or problem area.

I wrote to extend-life explaining that as part of my research for an article on anti ageing skin care products It's paramount that i sample 2 of their most recommended products. The replied offering 2 of their most recommended products thanking me for my enquiry and asking for a delivery address. I'm excited to say the least. Stay tuned in the coming weeks to see how their products rate on a scale of? They work? Or don't work, it's as simple as that. Thanks for reading.

(apologies for any typos)


Theres enough bad press floating around I'll take everyones word for it and besides I'm sorted and your about to be, and if you already know about apples refurbished product list for sale at a fraction of retail why are you still looking elsewhere?

People if you want deals safe sound and secure, apple have a refurbished list of products refurbished means updated, new hardware, software and casing with all the trimmings like a pair of ear plugs installs the lot, it's second hand thats correct can you tell? Not at all it comes in the same box it does if it were brand new and it looks brand new performs brand new. The price i bought my ipod touch for, latest model IOS4.2 while in australia $AUD180, retail it's about $AUD289 8GB they have other listings as well so just keep an eye out heres a link.



It's unfair that people loose out on sites like this the best you can do is educate yourself.

Now what baffles me is why australia is known for ugg boots, obviously a well marketed business and of course great product but australia isn't a wetland it's a red rock, sunny as hell with blistering summers and i read winter isn't that cold anyway.

Wetlands, rich green paddocks that go for miles, and covered by sheep, I'm talking about New Zealand, obviously not a huge fan of marketing and or the mass's a company called make the best damn ugg's i've ever had the privilege of wearing, if your serious about getting a quality pair of boots for winter. Track down these guys. There not cheap. Mine were $200 NZD check the currency market, it comes down to about $US170 roughly. I've reviewed there site which doesn't have a store so write to them so they can help you track down a pair. The the real deal i can't stress this enough, why? Because ugg has it's own heading in the review topic list which i thinks hilarious. To me thats like having a problem sourcing a proper can opener.

Any wetland country is bound to have a renowned ugg boot brand, thats speculation but i'm sticking by it because it makes perfect sense.

I'm not affiliated with any of the sites i review and if i was i'd have to own or something haha cause i gave it major love? Ridiculous. By you visiting a site and making a purchase does not benefit me at all. I know girls love ugg so be grateful i just solved your problem.


I was on which i found on here, read a great article on insulin, no carb vs healthy carb whole grain how to spot good grain vs advertising gimmicks, they know people know whats healthy so they try to confuse us or seem within the health boundaries like "whole wheat or grain" advertising gimmick > "contains whole wheat" and after that i did a separate search on HDL, insulin and healthy carbs which led me to being the one that seemed "reliable" the most out of all the search results as harvard is mentioned on and read up more on what i learned from world health on all i've mentioned above i. E insulin great site quality read, Harvard has a better layout it's tidier but both sites are important their research compliments one another and both sites have a variety of diverse qualities. And that about wraps it up. I'm now going to throw all of bread out and cereal and buy whole grain with the certified label ahh yes theres a label that tells you if the product is wholegrain it's yellow and black and says 100% and below that it should say what % mg of whole grain it contains per serve i think but look out for it. If it hasn't got the label they didn't get accepted so don't buy it no matter what the incentive is. Discount, coupon, who cares. Is there a coupon for health bills ahh i think not.


Amazon own a swarm of traffic with the busiest intersections, they probably have the largest inventory online boasting a stupid number of products, a stupid number. Sales and their threshold on the market is an iron fist, their prices and range alone do this as well as brand awareness, So to have an affiliate programme offering very little is understandable, it does make a nice training ground for new comers.

Where i can't help but give them an evil grin, the affiliate tools and options? In my opinion are designed to fail, their cookie policy is a slap in the face, visually? There isn't a lot freedom as to what you can do? How you choose to integrate amazon with your site? If i came across a site with an amazon link and maybe had something i thought was interesting i'd go straight to amazon by passing there affiliate link simply cause it's straight ugly I did however discover amazon through no doubt an affiliate but i never bought anything, in my experience i found no way at all to integrate them into my sites as the tools are limiting at least with google ads you are able to customise them completely, at best a square banner that was high res and clear from amazon maybe maybe i'd use it. So yeah my guess is the affiliate programme is indeed set to fail pushing more and more consumers to visit direct.

Thirdly merchants are or can be unreliable so if you are with amazon be sure to check merchant outlets, make sure there direct outlets not third party shipping, but thats a whole new conversation


Forget what you think you know about quality. These boots are swag. Leather outer wool inner thick soles comfortable rigid and robust built for the harsh new zealand wetlands. I have a pair had them for 2 years ain't a thing wrong with them i treat them like i do my jordans on the court poorly cause i can't play haha but i'm getting better. So go there get sized choose and buy, you'll get them. As for the price well it's worth it. Every cent.

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