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Horrible service and repairs. If I could give this business and its owner zero stars that would still be too many! If you need repairs, even emergency repairs, in this area call a mobile tech and avoid Bill's RV Service because you'll just be replacing/repairing the same items almost immediately. I had several repairs done to my coach, most under warranty, and a few cash. After I received my coach back many items completely failed within 12 hours to a week after they had performed "full replacement of items not simply repairs". Many of the other items were working when I gave them the unit for repairs although not fully functional or quite correctly and after they "repaired or replaced" the items they didn't work at all! I paid a couple thousand dollars to this business, albeit mostly thru warranty, only to have to completely replace the same items within days. The brand new AC unit they installed was not working correctly from the get go and they did nothing to fix it correctly by getting another unit from Dometic who agreed the first unit had issues probably due to incorrect installation. I was given no choice as to brand/quality of product for replacements. The automatic transfer switch was replaced with a sub-par quality product. This particular companies parts are well known for issues and even damages from their cheap equipment. This replaced ATS switch failed in less than six months! This left me with a working generator that cannot run my coach due to needing a working ATS switch to let the generator run the coach. My ceiling fan was functioning however the reverse direction switch had quit working. They installed a switch (unknown if new or used) but when installed they left the wires too long causing direct contact with other metal pieces and wires which completely fried the unit and could have caught on fire due to the heat output had I not been in the unit when it occurred and cut all the power to the unit. So, this $8 switch (new cost) performed by Bill's cost me nearly $200 for an entire new 12v fan! When they returned my unit the owner complained about warranties never paying them for their correct time and costs however they paid what the industry considers the parts and time should take a qualified mechanic and repair service to perform. In the end this business cost me a few thousand dollars as I had to repair/replace every single item on the "completed" service list again in less than six months and my coach warranty had since expired! Bill's paperwork says they have warranty on their repairs however it is useless because when you call them or go in and tell them these items have failed (some within hours of repair) they refuse to touch the coach again! They are supposedly a qualified certified mechanic and service center! What is the use of a company who performs repairs that you will just be paying for again? Avoid this business at all cost it will save you money and headaches!

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