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Been awhile since I reviewed something so let me show you this cool site

Amazing Site gives you reviews of movies coming out and lets you watch trailers, also "Theres an App for everything", YES there is a Rotten Tomatoes iPhone app (FREE).
The Site is very easy to navigate just search in the search bar and you will find a review for almost anything, ie Iron Man 2.
You can also sign up and follow critics, hmmm seems like this site except that one is for movies and this is for sites.


Online flash games are all over the net, this site has some fun games but not that many, I would recommend staying away from these sites unless you know them because its a flash file, and you don't know what is in them, for all you know a Trojan could be downloaded by pressing a button. But I didn't get a trojan and I am using the best Anti-Virus there is, ESET.


Sure having a Modded PSP is great, NOTE: I do not use/prefer to use my cfw PSP for piracy just for homebrew.

This site ISN'T a scam but ships from hong kong and has very high S+H, I would rather buy one locally off cragislist for $20-$30 or even go to a modder for $15-$20.

Overall, high S+H so the price of $20 goes up to about $30 or $35 maybe more.


Amazing site to beat spam, lets say you want to make an account for a site but you know it gives a lot of spam, well now you can sign up for it without worrying about spam. NOTE: the email it gives you "explodes" after 10 minutes, but if you need more time there is a button that says "I need more time! Give me 10 more minutes" and it expands the time before it "explodes".

If you like this review feel free to comment and say thanks.


Sure they sell good products but thats not what this review is about.

Future Shop, one of the biggest scams I have seen. I had bought a computer from them ( a laptop) and bought the extended warranty from them. At the time the warranty said, if we have to repair it 3 times before you get a free computer of exact value from us. so I sent it in when the system keyboard and mouse wasn't working, so thinking that was 2 repairs I get it back and ask if a problem comes up again do I get a new laptop, well they said no because that was only one repair, even when I sent it in for 2 repairs, they told me for it to count you need to send it in 3 separate times.

Long story short, Future Shops extended warranty is a scam, if you fall for there money trap I feel sorry for you, because if you get a warranty get one from the manufacture (Sony, HP, Apple etc...). NOTE: Best buy is the exact same company, and they also scam people with the warranty.

Also I recommend getting a Sony Vaio because Sony has the best customer service I have ever seen, sent my computer into Sony and got it back in 2 days (I drove to the store dropped it off and picked it up.)


Sure not always correct but is amazing with a good community, that are willing to help. Yahoo answers reminds me of this site but instead of site reviews they are Q&As. You can ask any questions such as... How to tell if something is overheatting?... to something like... What is a blah blah?... can be very helpful but can have spam or fake info every so often.


Who could hate firefox? It is an amazing web browser that runs fast and better than IE8, Safari, Chrome (but questionable for chrome). But something I could say for sure it is the most customizable of all of them.

Thunder Bird, well lets just say when you have some good products you have to have some not as good ones... Thunder Bird works well for most people, but I couldn't get it to work that well for me, I am not saying it isn't a good program it is just I didn't have much luck with it. 4/4 Mozilla is amazing!


Usually I would say 1/4 for these kind of sites but my little sister learned alot from this site, even some sutff I wish she didn't (now she bugs me that fairy's are real...) the pets are pricey and they rip you off with that pet of the month because I have overheard my sister being mad because she didn't some toy thing because she already had that pet and you had to activate it on that month.

They are pretty expensive but if you look at it like this. You only need to get one a year, they make easy to find and pretty cheap gifts that actually do something a bit useful (makes silence in the way they will leave you alone till they are bored).

Also like the guy below, the servers they use are old and don't work well, and customer service say that you need to update you flash player or system, and even after that it won't work so that is also why I dropped it from 3/4 to 2/4


It started with Microsoft Ver. 1 and now we all know it as, Windows 7.
Windows is a Computer Operating System created by Microsoft and it is the System we all know, but not all love. Windows is a very functional OS and has a lot more people using it than any other OS.


Adobe makes great programs, a bit pricey but still amazing programs like Photoshop, Flash, Dreamweaver, etc...
Last review was 2007 so It was time for a new one


Amazing, I believe this site will help a lot of people find out what site is a scam or not. The site is very easy to search and navagate signing up is easy you can even log in via. Facebook. Bottom line, amazing never go to a spam site again. Thanks Admins and staff of for creating this wonderful site


I am sure hate will come off this but like I say, I speak the truth nothing less.
1. Apple sells computers that are even comparable to a netbook
2.The iPod is an Ok product by apple but over hyped and I don't believe there is a app for "everything"
3. IPad is a redictlous product and will not sell well and I bet you anything it will become over hyped like iPod and Mac.
4.Ok the site layout is good but diffidently not the best site i have seen

Any PC can beat a Mac (well most)
There are many more perfectly fine portable devices like PSP or Zune.
IPad... no comment.


This is a scam and if you look in the Terms & Conditions...
Address and Contact Information – Balls of Kryptonite, LLC, 645 West 9th Street, Los Angeles, California 90015. Does this look like UK? No

And in Return Policies...
"Please note if you paid via credit card, there is a delay between the refund being processed and the credit appearing on your end. The delay, which could be somewhere between a few days and many weeks, is a function of the banking system over which we have no control." -This is a fake, many weeks? This could mean the delay could take years

"All canceled orders are refunded within 30 business days" - This could also be fake

Best to just avoid this site.


I like nexon for there Games like combat arms. But I hate the whole nexon cash garbage. Like the other guy said they have terrible customer service, I recommend to the person with the problem you sue them if they can't fix a very minor issue, I had the same problem and eventually I got the $5 item I bought, they really have to loosen up, because its just a code they send to the account, and costs them nothing at all. So bottom line, Games are fun and addictive, but there in game shops are garbage don't buy nexon cash just play the game free no matter how tempting the items are... because it isn't worth the trouble like the other guy faced


UPDATE: I was wrong skydrive gives 25GB not 20GB and Yes all free.

Amazing email site, no hackers or viruses like some people *cough*google yahoo*cough* have been saying. Gives you something called Skydrive and that has 25GB of online memory for you to store school assignments, work projects, pictures, videos, music etc... also you can use spaces (also uses Skydrive) to share info like in facebook. Bottom line amazing email, fast responsive and way better than gmail and ymail.

They also sell a premium service for hotmail but it is really not worth it unless you max out your skydrive and use it a lot


This is a terrible email system, and they say they are better than hotmail BS, now alot of people use gMail so I might get alot of hate for this but, I am just speaking the truth. 1. its still in Beta and it has been almost 3 years 2. Like the other guy the layout is confusing and it crashes alot. 3. there little tool to merge your gmail with your hotmail and yahoo doesn't work at all. 4. claims that you can use your gmail account with Youtube, sure I will say that works, but now you need a google account to sign up for youtube... ( well it tells me that.)


Pretty good free program for photo editing, honestly I loved the photo viewer runs fast looks good and can look at RAW files unlike Windows photo viewer or iPhoto. Google really did good on this one


NOTE: Review has some harsh words in it.

This is a piece of crap like the other guy said, Google should be ashamed of it.
Putting it beside youtube videos is bad, putting it IN youtube videos that is $#*!ed! Last thing I need is to be reading crappy advertisements while I'm trying to watch a video...


This site is amazing I use it to post my listings to sell stuff I don't need anymore and I think it has made me about $500 in total so far, I love this site

But you have to beware of some scamers.


This site is fake if you click on this and you were signed in to a email it snatches your address book/password and spams all your friends junk mail

Please ignore this site.

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