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Maxine"Maxine" B.

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About Me

I am married and have 2 adult daughters with 4 grandsons. We live in the country about an hour north of Sacramento CA. I use to love to shop in big towns like Sacramento, San Francisco and Los Angeles. I started shopping online when my dad and brother died in October and I didn't shop for gifts those few years, i had to purchase onine and pay extra shipping to have Christmas. It was so much more convenient that i just started doing it for everything. so much easier and unique.

How I Can Help

I found out that if I am interested in something. Google it and I can usually fine either the best price, free shipping and easy returns. Sometimes its bether to pay a ltitle more to have better service.


I love to travel, history and being with my family.

55 Reviews by Maxine

In the past I have had great service from FedEx out of Chico Ca but the last year they will not deliver my packages but state they tried and will attempt again next day.
Each time I was expecting a delivery I have been opening my window with my curtain pulled away from front so i can see my front gate.
I broke my hip 6 months ago so i am here to get any package all day. Ea time I am tracking the package and know when it is going to be delivered and ea time for past 6 deliveries they state "they attempted delivery and wasnt home"
I complained to Walmart, the store I ordered from and tried to contact FedEx but they have no phones on answering. At this point, I do not want to order anything or company that uses them.
I found mission.com when I was watching a morning show that has great shopping deals for a day on a variety of items.
I ordered some items for my family to wear in the hot California summers. I bought some hats and cooling towels. You put water on them and they cool you down. They worked great and to reactivate the cool you just put more water on them.
This last week I received a new email with new sales on items to keep you warm. Again I ordered some shirts, scarf, beanies and gloves for my daughter's family in Wisconsin. They loved the items and wore them to visit ice castles in a nearby town.
The site was co-founded by tennis star Serena Williams, Drew Brees & Dwayne Wade
They have great clearance sales.

Tip for consumers: Shop the clearance and end of season sales.

I found Hudson jeans in a popular magazine where I saw an actress wearing them. The fit was so nice I googled them and ordered immediately.
It took different styles to get what fit me but it was worth the search. I am older than some of their clients but still like to look the best that I can. They also come in longer inseam which is hard to find.
They are fairly expensive but quality over quantity wins for me.
I have been updating our home and started looking at pier1 for some of my changes.
I shop online and free shipping to my local store. If I do not like the item, they will refund in store with out a problem.
The quality and customer service has been great.
Now I lay me down to sleep. An organization that helped my daughter in January 2017 when she list her son, Ryan. He was going to be born in March.
On this terrible morning as she dropped my grandson off at school she called me and said she had been having severe cramps and was going to take bath and go to dr. As she started her water, she started a large amount of bleeding. She text me again and was driving herself to hospital.
This was the start of events leading to this organization. She made it to ER, and no heartbeat. As she text me and Ryan's dad I was at a lost. Praying for a different outcome but wasn't what we received. Sadly she had lost Ryan and had to have emergency surgery. She was on the east coast, I was in CA. She was alone at the worst time in her life.
The hospital contacted the organization and a professional photographer immediately came to take pictures of Ryan, she was given a beautiful box with his gown, homemade bracelets, crotche booties, cap and copies of his foot, and handprints. A small brown bear. There were other items but can't remember.
She was sent home with this tiny box and a few pictures she took on her cell.
I did fly to be with them, they had me a new q bed, pillow and electric blanket. I stayed in Ryans nursery. I can't believe how she got thru the days. The next morn she had Dr app and we returned some of his baby shower gifts. My mother lost a infant son, my sister a daughter and grandson, my 2 brothers a son and granddaughters.
Now I lay me down to sleep was a great organization, they are based in Colorado and do not donate out of state at this time so I'm not sure how my daughter received this box but I can not express how much this meant to my daughter and her family.
You can donate financially or make items to put in the boxes. I have contacted our local hospital about getting boxes for others.
In Dec I donated a box and 1 extra bear in his memory. The boxes are $50.00 bears 10.00. My daughter received a card in Ryans memory and I have received 2.
This is a very special organization that I wish did not have to needed.
I am sorry this is so long.
Good Morning America viewers GMADeals.Com
I recently was watching GMA Tory Johnson came on show with some deals for the day. Prices seemed to good to really be but I went to the site and ordered some of the items. I did not order any of the cheaper jewelry items but for younger ladies they were nice.
I have been waiting until I received my purchases before I did a review, so here is my take on the deals.
Each week they launch 5 women owned companies that are giving 50% off and sometimes more. I have started using some of the products and so far everything that I ordered has been great. I did order some battery operated lights and 1 globe was broke on delivery. I tried to contact the company by email, phone and live chat. Each one was closed due to Eastern time. So I contacted Tory Johnson i received email immediately, they were shipping a new globe I also contacted her about sizes clothes and again immediately responded. I also saw a message from a lady that tried to order a baby wrap blanket that was sold out, again she immediately told them to email her privately. I am sure she had extra to get her the blanket.
I am very impressed with the customer service from Tory Johnson. Her site is Sisterhood of Secret Savers.

They do have a limit on the deals so shopping early has helped me before they sell out.
I ordered my shopping bags on the textdeals.Com. I had not heard of the company before but since you have to have a bag when you shop I took the half off deal and I am glad I did. They had travel bags that fold flat and fit under plane seat as well as back packs. I bought the 2 shopper bags that fold up and zip into a small envelope size. They fit in purse,, very light weight and a material that doesn't tear easily and you unzip when you need it. I bought olive green with logo but they had a few colors to choose from.
I recommend bags
Tory Johnson has launched a site called thetextdeals.com. You have to text DEALS TO 33935 to get the text alerts for the deals.
A few times a month she launches deals that are for her group that has joined.
I did have a problem along with others with the text to join, Tory put a message on the site to let her know and she would work with company to get it solved.
The deals are very good and from top brands you probably already know. They are for a limited time and limited amount of the items. Example only 4 for ea buyer.
One other issue I found, ea site you have to enter, order and pay separately which makes you ordering from possible 4 different sites and while you are purchasing from one another might be limited on color or sizes. I look at each item site and buy what I am interested in first. Honestly I had 1 item I wanted sold out in color and another was size.
I recommend the site and the deals
I have been using serious skincare for about 12 years and I have been very happy with the correctchin. Line.
It's inexpensive compared to other lines. They don't put a lot of expense in the packaging, you usually get a bag with the sets and most cost about $59.00. I saw a great improvement in my neck and under chin area. I am 60 and slot of people say I look about 45 to 50 years old. Recommend it
I started using these products about 20 years ago when you had to join a 90 day automatic club. Lived the products but I dropped out because I couldn't use the products in 90 days. I couldn't find again as I got older and I had 1 set left but was using some other products. Wasn't happy with results so I started using the cream that I was suppose to use after the facelift kit. Within a month of using ea mirning and night the skin damage from tanning bed has completely gone and about half of the wrinkles also have gone. I looked online and found the site and you can buy separately or more on the products you use more of.
The cream says it's the same but looks more creamy that older jar. I have bought 2 kits and am very happy to find this product again. I am now 60 years old and have had people say I look 45. Can't say how happy that I am. Highly recommend
I joined a site that helps promote all women owned companise and this is one I bought from. Due to the stores not having plastic bags I decided to buy a few and keep on hand for shoppjng. I usually left in car and forgot to take with me but the bags I bought from this site are shopper bags and fold into a small zipper square. They fit in my purse and unzip into a shopper bag. Nice colors and designs. They were half off the day I bought do that helped me decide. They have a small, medium and even carryon luggsge. Very happy with the 2 I bought and was delivered in 3 days. Recommend
I was a Realtor for Century21 select in Gridley CA so when I was ready to sell a rental that we owned I went with the company.
The lady told me she had a lockbox to put on my home do I could see who went in and how long try stsyed. I asked several times for the printout, She kept forgetting but assured me it was being shown.
There were no business cards left to verify and a couple of times I was there she did not even go into rooms to show LG walk in closet with builtin shelves.
After 2 months I again ask for feedback because other homes were selling for more money and mine was quite a bit nicer.
She said people didn't like bushes in front. I trimmed them all. She said we needed to take the 2 big ones out and replace with smaller plants. I did not like the idea and could not do the work do she said her husband would do work and pay for the 2 plants at her cost. She removed every bush and replaced with 6 inch plants and charged me $700.00 for removal and almost 100.00 more for plants. I told her I would not pay and for her to remove her staging furniture and I was taking my listing away.
She had told me she would leave the rods and curtains because I had fixed all holes.
They tipped the screws out, left homes and said she used her lockbox and could not see who went in.
But she had a buyer AS IS and not reports. She charged more commission in escrow and I was not suppose to pay any fees, ended paying half.
I would NOT use them or her again. I should have sold by owner.
My husband applied for Medicare 2 years ago and the insurance is really bad. The 1st year we paid for both A and B but computers said we did not. We had to pay until October to get the deductible pd. He had no prescriptions so I added it last sign-up. It takes most of his check and he still has the high deductible. He also has to pay the deductible on all blood test and other medical procedures done before it starts paying and it resets every 61 days. He also has no access to vision or hearing.
My daughter started using stainless steel and other bottles instead of the plastic or aluminum. I decided to give it a try and ordered from this company.
They are expensive so I bought on half off sale. I bought 2 can holders, you unscrew bottom and freeze it, screw it back on and no swest and keeps cold for 3 hours. I also bought to large canteen types for summer.
Fast delivery and packaged really well
We have used great clips for the guys hair and they did a great job on the guys. I don't use them for my hair because I do a lot of processing and have used the same lady for 25 years. She cost a lot more bur I think for guys they are worth it
I had the iPhone but did not like it, seemed to work good but it was harder for me to use. We also bought the desktop computer but have to call for help each time we start it.
If you are younger it would be better for you to use
I have been shopping at different sites and this one is better than most. They give a great description of the items so you can decide if you want to purchase.
They will alert you when they have item in you want. The prices are almost the same as in stores however the vintage and hard to find items is really good to purchase. I have mainly shopped for vintage Louis Vuitton in this site. Would recommend this site
4 stars due to higher prices
We have had Farmers insurance for our 3 automobiles and 4 houses. We have rental property so we have to have good coverage.
We had homeless person burn a duplex we owned and they were good about getting our checks to start cleanup and rebuilding.
Our problem came because we had replacement and couldn't buy until we get money and couldn't get money until we replaced. We finally sold the apartment after we used money to do the cleanup and make safe so no one would get hurt. It's was across st from a school.
I have 2 grandsons so I buy alot of educational toys for development. They are well made and last from my 11 year old to my 4 year old. Recommend
I have had a probe with waste management 2 times in the last 5 years they refuse to correct a bill that I proved I did not owe.
First time I had service suspended for summer. They started my service again but did not show the courtesy of a phone call or letter. When I received a 6 month bill and had not had service I called them. They acknowledged the suspense but had restarted and since there are 3 houses ion out street they just wrote notes each week "no tote out" and drove off.
It took several months of letters and phone calls to stop the billing and take bill away.
This second time is going on right now. It is a rental property, my daughter was living in home. She had service but Jan 3 while they were in lake Tahoe getting married, burglary took place to home. They took everything, doorknobs, lights furniture and even clothes. Police report was filed, home was boarded up until l hired a handi-man to put new doors and windows. My daughter was afraid to go back so I had to work with handi- man to slowly replace and repair.
My husband and I are disable so I didn't start repairs and paint until 14 months later because I had to stay in home to make sure it was safe to repair.
All utilities were off since January 2016, I started staying March 2017. I only turned on water and sewage to clean and paint. Keep yard watered. However waste management decided to start billing without calling or a letter to ask if we needed service.
We also did not have a tote for garbage. I bagged and took home to save money.
I sold home june 29,2017 and now have 6 months of bills. They refuse to take the bill away even though I provided them proof that I no longer have the home and has been vacant of renters for past 23 months.
You are forced to pay water and sewage of $25.00 ea even to just clean or paint. The policy should be changed. People are struggling financially, they are a million dollar company. They should see the reports I sent with pictures of being boarded up for over 14 months.

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