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Do not spend a dime of your money with this establishment. I was dissatisfied with the service received and asked for a refund. I was not prepared for what was to follow...

Premier Ebooks
To me
1 day agoDetails
You blocked *******@gmail.com.

Hi, you purchased the Examkrackers set from us on Ecrater. We normally deliver within 6 to 12 hours after purchase. Most of the time we deliver within 1 hour. Deliveries must be made manually. There is no way to automate it.

But Paypal notified us that you opened a Case. You didn't even give us a chance to fail in delivering your item. Opening a case is the last resort for buyers who have tried other means resolving problems with sellers.

My response
To Premier
22 hours agoDetails
Thank you,

I prefer to invest my money in a company that at least has clear cut FAQS for consumer use. TIP: This detail explanation of how deliveries are executed may serve Ecrater some good by posting it on the website or the very least an acknowledgment email. I didn't receive anything but nonetheless, have a blessed day.

Response by *******@gmail.com
May God bless you with PATIENCE. Even the smallest amount would be better than having none. You have zero. Maybe you could borrow some from a person who is not mentally ill. Hope you never become employed in the Health Care industry. You are not suited for it. You would do better in working in the Section 8 public housing industry they yell and scream a lot. Now you have a blessed day.

My response

Thank you for making my job very easy, I will be posting this lovely, motivating email for the public to see. The lord is my rod and my staff and what will be mine, no man can curse. But anyway I did get my ebooks within the hour as promised on the website, which also provided a confirmation email and full explanation of the process that will take place before and after purchasing their products and you know what my God is great... I pray you learn from your mistakes and improve your website because you're doing an absolutely terrible job right now. But I'll pray for you... still posting this. Lmfao when I needed a confirmation email or even a response to my email regarding the books... tumbleweeds... but you have time on your hands to insult me. The irony of this all. Someone somewhere is waiting on their confirmation email and your too busy insulting your would've been customers... classy. You clearly don't have any business etiquette, aNy *******@yz to0dlez I need to go study. Still posting your highly offense and discriminatory comment. You hate filled prick. God bless

This miserable soul then proceeds to email me from various accounts with more insults after I'd threatened to post the review. The worst one to follow...

Yes a chord has been struck but not by you it was by all the black people before you. God is fed up with you and your kind. But its not your fault. This is how God designed things for now which remains a mystery to most humans.
God has cursed all black people. God mades them think they are intelligent but all of the other races know blacks are lacking in essential areas of thinking. The other races know that black people try to make up for this lack by talking loudly and trying to physically intimidate, steal, and murder the other races in order to hide this huge deficit black have. Blacks get frustrated from being last in intelligence and end up killing other blacks (look up the high numbers of black-on-black crime) and the high number of blacks in prisons. Secretly blacks KNOW they are the lowest of the low and has given them a huge inferiority complex.
In general, Blacks are an enormous plague on civilized society. Blacks hold everyone else down. They put a strain on Americas educational system its welfare system its prison system, and almost every other part of societal life in America. This is why God hates blacks when they act PROUD. And puff out their chests the phony-ness makes the other races want to vomit.
How did you get into college? Why does affirmative action exist? Because black people cannot keep up with the others. Why would anyone want to be seen by a black doctor who had to cheat in order to get into the health care field? I recently canceled a doctor visit when I found out he was black. Its what everyone should do.
I am tired of pretending any more. Blacks are loud stupid bullyies that need their asses smacked around and beat on the street every day in order to shut their dumb asses up. Remember the knock-out game that blacks played on white people? Now its our turn. I propose bringing out horse-whips.
Yes the women need beat down too. We can just hire the black races Ray Rice and his black friends to take care of mouthy black women. But I would make an exception and punch the $#*! out of your face till you stopped making noise. I dont hit women, but when dealing with apes, Ill do what God asks me to.

Anyways this will help someone later, avoid business with ecrater.com or with premier ebooks

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