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Insider info: Jehovah's Witness want you to learn about them from JW.org. However,
If you want to know what REALLY Jehovah's Witnesses are all about, visit JW Broadcasting. It's official video content propaganda run by the cult leaders in their New York headquarters made for their members.
It's accessible from the website near the bottom of the homepage;
This is specifically content for already indoctrinated full fledged members.
The Jehovah's Witnesses are these days more clearly being shown as what hey are;
A high control group and a doomsday cult.
They promote shunning family members not within their religion, are anti-gay, have way too much video content on church rules regarding sex and masturbation to the point where it's uncomfortable, and children are encouraged to watch all of this content with their parents regardless of their age.
This is NOT Christianity and they use their own bible that has been heavily altered to accommodate their doctrines.
This is a cult that protects child sex offenders and silences victims of sexual abuse. Shunning is promoted, most akin to Scientology. Google "JW 1006" to see NPR news reports of this. Look up JWfacts.com to know what really goes on in these churches kingdom halls and the truth about their doctrines. Also take note that none of the church buildings have windows. More members are leaving now than ever before due to Covid-19 pandemic thankfully, since this is a high control group of brainwashed people, many in large numbers are beginning to wake up from this doomsday cult while staying home quarantining.
These people believe anyone who is not a Jehovah's Witness will be destroyed by Jehovah God at Armageddon.
They love bomb visitors and newly interested people to entice them to join the religion. Once you're in, it's hard to get out after they've convinced you to ONLY stay in contact with other Jehovah's Witness members, and shun your family and friends who are not, unless it is to preach to them.
The women in this religion are repressed and depressed, the men are arrogant and often repressed, masked abusers of women and children. Men join for a sense of control and power. Most of these people mean well but wind up in vile situations with one another due to how little these people are allowed to do, due to the minimal amount of personal freedom they are allowed by their church leaders and at the risk of losing membership by being disfellowshipped for being caught breaking the rules by fellow members.
The children of these families are not safe here. This is a doomsday started by freemason Charles Taze Russel and is now being run by 7 older men in New York known as The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses who have yet to report their sex offender database to the authorities at their own expense, and are currently at risk of losing their charitable status with the United Nations due to the huge case brought to light by the Australian Royal Commission; a google search which Jehovah's Witness members are strongly warned NOT to investigate.
If you are not a Jehovah's Witness, know that these people truly believe the world is being run by Satan the devil and if you join the church and decide to leave, they will shun you and attempt to make your life miserable all the while fully believing they are doing the will of God and in the right. Please be cautious with interactions with church members, appearing totally harmless and love bombing is their lure. They don't mean wrong but once indoctrinated this is what they are trained to do. Be careful and protect your family, do your research before getting close with this kind of religion.
It is a cult.


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