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Awful place with Gestapo racist tactics in San Antonio. My son was supposed to take a test but since the attendant hated crackas he said my sons military ID wasn't good enough to get him in.


At Twitter you no longer have to hear those correct and prophetic conservative opinions or postings, when all you have to do is tell one of the apparatchik moderators to delete the post and banish the conservative who dared post the truth. I mean who really wants "real diversity" of ideas? Not me, hopefully after the GEOTUS is placed in prison and executed by one of our Commissars, the Democrats or New Bolshevik party can start locking up and executing any and all conservatives. This is a win win, we will finally have the communist paradise we want, after all we have helped destroy belief in God, respect for authority, respect for marriage and traditional gender roles, have made abortion a billion dollar a year business, and we are almost at the point of taking away guns from all of those Patriots. It is so great to turn this once prosperous country into a third world $#*!hole isn't it. And those Christians can't do a thing to stop any of it, even though they are in the majority and us Communists are a tiny fraction of the populace. Please keep the racial, ethnic, and financial divide going, it is helping to split this country into an irreparable condition.

Tip for consumers:
Help us destroy what is left of Western Culture so we can live like the trash in Africa.


Disqus started censoring "common sense or conservative" posts around 3 years ago. This was the beta test for what we have been seeing over the last 9 months with Twatter and FB censoring people. Stop using these websites, apps or feeds and they will die out just like MySpace.


National Peoples Radio is the official voice of New Bolshevism/Democratic Party elites. It is the one place a fellow traveler can go to hear how awful America is, how terrible tRump is, and how whites must pay for their past sins and crimes. If you need to indoctrinate your kids, then switch that dial to any of the tax free, Non-profit communist radio stations currently operating on tax payer funding in every major city in the US.


So the woman is annoying as it looks like she really believes that she knows what she is doing. The guy might be a nice dude, but his voice sounds like he swallowed three frogs and he seems like he hasn't a clue. HGTV really needs to come up with something new for these two to do. Have the woman run a cigarette stand and have the buffoon install Directv. My wife watches this garbage and hearing that loud mouthed bumpkin talk with her phony accent is grating.

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