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It seems to be one of those websites that scam people out of their money because of the uprising popularity of social media platforms. They plagiarize and copy other websites and then write fake reviews on their own website to seem legit.

Stay away and find a REAL marketing company if you want any actual marketing results.


I avoid this website at all costs. It's nice and they do get you the tickets, however, all the fees that you get almost match the price of the ticket itself. They have a big monopoly of ticket sales and take advantage of it.

Delivery charge?! How hard is it to email something?
Service charge? Fine.
Processing charge? Isn't that what the service charge is? Ridiculous.


I like that you can watch current shows without having to pay because it's paid entirely of commercials.

The only thing I don't like is that sometimes it is outdated. That and Hulu Premium isn't really a deal to me... Which is why I gave it a 3/4.


I use pandora every day. I love it because it's free to use and it helps me at work.

I don't like, that you have to pay in order to become a member for unlimited music, yet you're still not allowed to pass that 6 skips an hour limit.

Sometimes the variety is lacking, but they have been adding more songs so that's good.: D

Another thing I don't like is how when I try to say that i'm bored of a song, it won't play for another month HOWEVER, there will be a different version for it.

Example: I'm bored of "Until the Day I Die by Story of the Year" so it won't be played for 1 month, but then an hour later i get the SAME SONG, but it's "live" so, it doesn't count as the one i clicked bored for. So I have to waste TWO out of the 6 skips they give you for thats.

Good concept. Love how it works. Just needs a little tweaking. :D


I saw this on's website thinking it was a partnered website and since ige was so well known with positive results, i thought would be as well. I researched it and it turns out it's just a paid advertisement.

Not only that but it tricks you by saying you can pay with credit card, but in reality, they redirected me to paypal and tried to charge my credit card that way. Not what I wanted, especially since paypal won't try as hard to get your money back.

There's so many complaints on that i'm not even going to bother. Yuck.


I've been playing since I was 15 years old. I love this website. I usually go when I'm bored. I love playing card games and slots, so this was fun without the risk of real life gambling.

There's always something new to buy and have. A virtual pet to take care of. You do get bored and I do as well, but I always come back when I want something to do and to play games without having to buy or download anything.



It's useful for instant messaging without having to download anything. I like using it when i'm at someone's house and I don't want to download something without their permission.

The only downside is that it's somewhat confusing. It states you can chat with more than one at a time such as MSN and AIM, yet when I try it won't let me. So I can only choose one at a time. O_O


This is cool because I hate having to have multiple chat services just because some friends use yahoo and some friends use MSN and some use AIM or something along those lines.

This way, I can have it all under one tab and can see who's online no matter where who i'm talking to!: D

The reason why it's 3/4 is because when you try to connect facebook chat it asks for permission to view and share your PERSONAL information. No thank you. Facebook is already too nosy as it is.

It's good for PC use :D For a MAC equivalent, go here


I like this website and it's the first gaming search engine that i've used. It's an easy interface and it's up to date.

The only thing is that when a new patch comes out or something new comes along, it takes a day or so to update so while i'm busy trying to look for something, it doesn't exist or has no information on it, especially since it's based off of user comments.

Wowhead has information on it by its self because the content manager makes sure to add them in if a commenter hasn't mentioned anything yet. Other than that, it's about the same. So it's all about preference.


I love this website! It's so informative and it helps me

I'm a thotbott --> wowhead convert and it's simpler. If you type in half the phrase you know because you don't remember the rest, it lists the item/quest in a drop down menu for you to choose from!: D

It also updates fast and it says what patch the comment was said in so you can tell if it's outdated or not! Neat!


Netflix is neat. No late fees, up to 3 DVDs a month, and a numerous selection online to watch instantly. The best part?

If you lose a DVD you obviously have to pay for it, but if you find it within 365 days (Yes a WHOLE freakin year), and mail it back to them, they will refund ALL of the money! How neat! No problems with netflix so far. =]


I love buying on Sephora. You get 3 free samples every purchase you make and you don't have to go through the hassle of going to sephora itself.

Their return policy is super easy to use as well! When you get your item in the mail, you get an invoice, and if you want to return it, just write down the item number and explain the reason why. (You don't like it, wrong color, wrong size, etc)

One case in point: I ordered a benefit to go beauty bestsellers and when I opened it up, the some kinda gorgeous was missing! I called customer service and she apologized, asked for my order number and said a new one would be sent within a few days FREE OF CHARGE!. I even got to keep the one the original as an apology! So I got an extra posietint, highbeam, and that gal just because one thing was missing. =]

Would buy again. Love it. Same service in store as website. Very happy.^__^


I use this to play games. RTS (Real time strategy), MMOs (Mass Multiplayer Online), FPS (First Person Shooter), and RPGs (Role Playing games) You name it, it can be used for it. It can be used for a variety of things.

When I was out of the country, I used this to talk to my boyfriend without incurring any phone fees. =]

It's free to download! (YAY!), and only one person has to pay for hosting and it's relatively cheap! (You can host it yourself for free, but the host has to stay online the whole time for it to work)

So buy a mic and you're good to go :D


It sells fake, but real looking, Nike shoes.

Upon looking at the website, however, there are grammatical errors all over the place. Not a good sign. They ship from China, also not a good sign. I would be wary of buying from here. =/


This website is very helpful. It explains in links about how to jailbreak your iphone, fix random bugs, and even how to use itunes and what to do in the event that errors appear!

You can even request new things on the website if your question isn't available to you. Not only does it talk about iphone usage, but the ipod touch and ipad as well.

It's based on wikipedia so the UI is simple to use and it's not easy to get lost.


It's a great website! It's free games with hardly any spam for you and your friends to enjoy online. There's games like pool, bomberman, mariokart, and random other silly games. (All under different names of course, as lawsuits can happen =/) You don't get random emails from places or them trying to convince you to buy anything. All you do is play and enjoy yourself.


It's a really cool website that helps you find really cool deals on various things on the internet. You can add your own or use theirs. It has a variety of ranges from clothes to electronics to camping gear so you can peruse at your leisure getting good deals on random items.

The best thing I love about this website is that they have a time frame when you enter in the codes for deals that way if it expires, the link turns grey and explains that it expired before you could reach it and you don't waste your time trying to buy something that no longer has a coupon attached to it.


I ordered roller coaster tycoon on here for a really cheap rice of $6! I played this when i was a kid so i was really excited to buy it again for an inexpensive price and still enjoy myself like i did back in the day. The thing is, THEY NEVER SHIPPED THE ITEM! Customer service sucks as well because they don't answer or they give me the ring around. It's stupid and it wastes my time AND money. You're better off paying a little higher price from a reputable website like or something and you are ensured to have the item even if you have to pay a couple more bucks.


I use paypal for ebay to buy and to sell. I haven't had any problems with using paypal as payment because it protects me in that i won't get scammed out of money or something.

The few times i've sold things on paypal i've had it where they put my payment on hold in order to make sure that the item is shipped and goes to the customer. The bad thing, is that even though you have shipped it, the customer can dispute it and say that they didn't get the item and then paypal automatically takes the money back even though you really did ship it. Then you're out of money and the item.

Even when you send in proof that you have shipment tracking and everything, they side with the customer. I got scammed so many times out of this it just frustrates me. I'm better off asking for checks or creditcard information rather than using paypal.

So make sure that you pay attention to what is going on with both ends of the spectrum. Buying AND selling.


Do not go to this website!

It's terrible. First of all it's a pyramid scheme in that it is 100% commission based. You also have to buy from them in order to sell so you might end up losing! They try to trick you into thinking it's an entry-level job in marketing and PR that will train you to help you with your future career goals.

In the interview they don't even ask you anything about them or what you can do. Just if you're interested in making over 100k in the next year! It's stupid and a scam and you'll just waste your time thinking you have being productive working hard for money and you don't even end up with anything. Don't bother and go apply somewhere else.

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