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I recently applied for Burton Law Firm, Carl's Jr., and Soft File via Indeed. After I submitted my application, Indeed notifies me I have to take a fifteen minute assessment test. These tests are a waste of time. Indeed notifies job seekers only after they submitted the application that they are required to take a test.

Indeed-Support S. – Indeed Rep

Hi Nigel, we believe Indeed Assessments gives candidates the opportunity to showcase their relevant knowledge and skills for the related job posting. Please keep in mind that assessments are chosen and used by each employer individually advertising on Indeed. We are not involved in the hiring process and we're not able to control or combine the amount of assessments you may need to take. We apologize for the inconvenience here and we would be happy to pass along your feedback.


I've been a participant for Co-Deo for a year but have never been able to cash out. The surveys it offers is once a week and the point total is so low while the criteria for a payout is 10,000 points. In April 2022, Co-Deo got rid of Amazon gift cards and an R50 Take-A-Lot Voucher is the only rewards option. Which means even if a participant reached the 10,000 point threshold, all they get is a worthless voucher.


Do not apply for a job with SoftFile on I completed my application, then I had to take a ten-minute skills test at the end. It was never mentioned in the Job Description that applicants are required to take a pointless test.


I tried to buy gardening tools on this site because it's advertised as cheaper than Amazon. When I tried to make a purchase, the walmart site went blank. It went blank for several minutes and wouldn't allow me to purchase merchandise.


It was great for listening to music but today's Youtube has gotten worse. It took seven minutes to watch a two minute video. Youtube is filled with ads which I have to watch in its entirety. There's no longer an option of skipping the ad. There's also constant interruptions whenever I want to watch any video. Youtube is also incompatible with the Opera browser.


Monster has always been a cesspool of scammers and for-profit colleges. 95% of its leads are junk while the remaining 5% are commission based. I would receive unsolicited phone calls from University of Phoenix recruiters and they said they got my number from And once you enter your email address in your monster profile, you can't change it.


I wanted to sign-up for social media with other sports card collectors. In order to join Sports Card Album, I have to download the app on Android but it's no longer available. I can't upload my pics from my PC directly to their site. Sports Card Album App is no longer available on Google Play or Apple iTunes. It's doubtful any of the trading cards are from real people on its website. There's no e-mail to contact customer service either.

Tip for consumers:
The app does not exist on Google Play or Apple.


I bought a pair of Merkury security cameras on ebay, thinking I was getting a good deal. In order for these cameras to function, I have to install the Geeni App on my phone. Geeni crashes and keeps notifying me to clean the cache, even though this is the first time using it. If the app doesn't work then the cameras are useless. The app also takes up 182 megabytes on my phone. Multiple emails to customer service have gone unanswered.


AVG's browser is invasive, takes up over 625 Megabytes on my PC and was installed without my consent. It's similar to malware which can't be removed. I attempted to uninstall it repeatedly without much success.


I couldn't play any games on this site. Rather, gamefabrique insists that I download an executable file to play Final Fight. When I downloaded it, it wouldn't play the game. Executable files often times contains malware, viruses, even trojans. Gamefabrique says play all the games I want but I have to download an executable file which will wreck my PC.


I dread having to use my hotmail account. The email is divided into Focused and 'Other,' but all the important emails is in the 'Other' section. When I click on that section, it can take up to ten minutes to load. I've missed important government job notices because of how slow this website is.


Craigslist is pretty good if you want to sell your comics and DVDs. I made successful sales of my Superman comic books and the customer didn't try to haggle for a lower price. If the price is reasonable, you won't deal with difficult customers. Every once in awhile, there's an annoying phone call but it's infrequent. The pets section is toxic, though, so do well enough to avoid.


It normally doesn't offer surveys on Sundays. Surveys offered on weekdays are Traits Surveys which is only ten cents. Higher paying surveys are about toothpaste. You have to reach a threshold of fifteen dollars in order to cash-out with PayPal or Amazon Gift E-Certificates. Paid Viewpoint is fine but Branded Surveys is better.


Just for U is good for finding bargains. But in July, Just for U was temporarily disabled. It's back up during August so I keep checking it regularly for digital coupons.


I wrote a post about a crazy woman trespassing on my property, turning on the hose and filling the soil and streets with water. When I started a thread, downtown resident Andrea Jackson called me a bully, coward, and a Karen. When I reported her, the moderators refused to remove her comments. Nextdoor instead gave me a one-month banning for no reason. I can no longer pick-and-choose the neighborhoods to post. When I start a thread, the entire city sees it.


Twitter is mostly for breaking news stories, not so much with hobbies like football cards. If you're into sports cards, twitter is decent but you won't get anywhere close to the number of likes like you would with Instagram. Twitter is low maintenance, I don't need to download an app which will take up over 250 Megabytes on my phone to use it. If I have problems with a product I can always contact a companies official twitter to complain.


It was once a good Get-Paid-To site but those days are long gone. Swagbucks hasn't been relevant for years. They keep changing the criteria of videos. It used to be watch 6 videos for 1 Swagbuck. Then, it was changed to twelve videos. The videos are filled with ads which you can't skip. Peanuts Lab doesn't always credit my account even after I spend 15 minutes filling out a survey. When I complain to customer service, I receive an automatic message.


Harris Polls partners with Branded Surveys. When I fill-out Harris surveys, they want personal information, such as my AT&T bill. I'd spend fifteen minutes filling out a survey not to get credited. Harris doesn't respond to complaints on its official Twitter. I'm not going to give personal information for 45 measly points.


IMDB takes way too long to go to my account settings. It was well over thirty minutes and the site never loaded. For an Amazon owned website, this is completely unacceptable.


I missed my virtual job interview with the Department of Social Services because Microsoft's TEAMS doesn't load at all. It's a blank screen and was like that for over thirty minutes. TEAMS doesn't work either on Microsoft's Edge browser and Google Chrome, making it completely useless. I just lost a potential job because of Microsoft's inability to fix the glitches in its system.

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