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Its been almost a month since the wrong oil was put in the car. There has been no offer to refund the $52.00 charge for the wrong oil. For an additional charge at another location, the oil had to be replaced before there was any damage done to the engine. There has been no apology for creating the problem. Rude and condescending in manner from the management showing no respect for the customer. Knowledge of my first name does not give anyone permission to address me by it. My mother, of course, and friends only.

This rude behavior appears to come from Toyota HQ. On their complaint form in the customer "Title" block are these: Ms, Mrs, Mr, Dr. Only well-annointed customers get to use a degreed title for priority assistance?

Oil change at car dealer
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My daughter graduated from Cal Poly and before she left town for a new job, she had made a Friday, 8/6/202, appointment for nothing but an oil/filter change in our 2004 Highlander. After the oil change, her car was given an unrequested "our multi-point inspection." Customer #81876; Invoice #TOCS41899; DTD 8/6/2021.
A scary, "IMMEDIATE ATTENTION" list was presented to her: Cabin Air Filter, $55.44; Valve Cover Gasket Kit, $557.72; Air Cleaner (filter) Housing Assy, $1,118.92. Not being familiar with what was going on, she called me. I told her to refuse everything, pay for the oil, and get out of there. Also, send me copies of the everything they gave you. The originals went in the car's folder with her. The copies were sent by phone. Suspecting nothing was wrong with the oil change I got the copies Friday afternoon after the trip.
BAM! Right in my face. THEY PUT THE WRONG OIL IN THE ENGINE. By then the car had been driven about 300-summertime-miles in heavy traffic.
My first call Friday was to the 'Advisor' Diana Jimenez - unavailable. I called Saturday morning, no managers available, and gave the message to a clerk. Monday morning, I called as soon as they opened. No managers. I got on their 'Help Box' and typed a warmed-up message. The next day I received a call from a Mr. Gavin Buckhard who said he resolved problems when the General Manage (?) is not available. A real BS Artist. Oh, how he was going to take care of the problem of the wrong oil that could cause engine problems.
They would call the dealer in the town where the car is now located and arrange to get new oil in the car. Now it's 8/18/2021, 12-days after the wrong oil was put in my car and nothing has been done on their part. Never an offer to give a refund. The oil has since been changed in its new location, arranged by my daughter.
There is one nagging question. Why did they put the wrong, thinner-oil, that will leak in older cars like my car and try to sell my daughter the $557.72 gasket kit for leaks when there were no leaks yet? One dealer employee I spoke to offered there was a Bulletin about the oil, but there was NO bulletin. Check Toyoto.Com and see.
I have seen this happen many, many times to unsuspecting and naive kids and soldiers. Cal Poly parents need to be ever watchful over their girls. The girls need to question everything, believe no one unless it is a well-recommended shop.
There are alternatives to good car care in San Luis Obispo. Check around. Toyota San Luis Obispo? Run away!

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Earlier this year I wrote the USAA CEO a letter about the perceived overcharges. The USAA response was to 'sic' a company 'advocate' on me. Aggressive, interruped constantly. I interruped the 'advocate' with a goodbye and canceled the policy. New national company was 40% less. I'm working on totally extracting myself from USAA. I had already moved my savings to another bank. The 'advocate' admitted the ghostly 'Other Structures' is 10% of the policy.

Home Owner's Insurance Overcharges
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I have been a customer of USAA (United States Automobile Association) for about 45 years for life, home, and vehicle insurance.
On my Home Owner's Insurance policy there is a line item 'Other Structures.' The company definition is: 'sidewalks, paved driveways, fences, rock walls, and out-buildings/structures.'
Here in New Mexico we live in the desert and it comes right up to your door and inside, too. Like many other places, even those with grass, our home does not have any of those items listed. Yet, on our policy we are paying for $29,900 of 'protection' insurance for items that do not exist. The common response to my complaints to USAA is 'That cannot be removed.'
Also, the Home Owner's policy is based on the local real estate sales 'market value,' not the appraised value as determined by the local tax authority. This pretend 'market value' includes the house itself and the land is sits on. The local tax authority separates the house and land in their appraisal for taxes. USAA does not like that, and probably other insurance companies. Why should you or I pay 'protection' insurance on the land?
I suggest that readers review their policies. My policy is scheduled to renew soon and I've already written USAA, for evidence, and I will be calling. No relief, then off to another company. After all, I'm still just another number, even after no home claims in all those years.


After what I thought was careful research to replace the terrible Weather Shield windows, I selected Milgard Windows for the 15 windows of various sizes. Milgard taunts the customer with a lifetime warranty. I fell for it. The first problem was ill-fitting glass in the frames of 8 same-size windows. The company replaced all the glass found to be incorrectly measured and adjusted the windows. Second problem is the size these 8 windows are and being too heavy for the frames causing the windows to sag away from the frames. Rain is coming into the house and the curtains are blowing. This should have been noticed at the factory and notified me about the design problem, which I would have changed. I was told not to modify the windows as that would void the warranty.
I have written and sent photos to the non-responsive CEO about the problem, the district manager does not return any comment about my letters, photos, and phone calls, and no response from my comments on the company website.


I have always been self-paying for dental work. In the Fall of 2019 I decided to join the AARP dental plan run by Delta Dental. I actually needed an old and broken bridge replaced, but a new customer needed to be in the Delta Dental plan for one year for bridges for any type of cost adjustment. My regular dentist retired. So, I really needed the broken bridge replaced. I looked around for a new dentist, read the reviews, and even talked to several patients, before I selected Gentle Care Dentistry, Las Cruces, New Mexico. A 30+ year operation. Dr. Anton Milavec checked my problem and I asked 'how much.' We agreed on the price and he did the work. Dr. Milavec knew I was a new Delta Dental customer and did not qualify for the one year discount adjustment. I paid the bill before I left the office. When the secretary handed me my receipt, she slipped another sheet with the inflated prices on it and said, "You need to sign this so we can file it and see if Delta Dental will pay anything on it." She also knew that I did not qualify for any adjustment. I signed the signature gadget figuring that's their business and I had paid the agreed price.
About three weeks later I was back for a checkup. The secretary asked if I was going to take care of the balance? What balance? Delta Dental had returned a new form and told Gentle Dental they did not charge me enough for my new 3D bridge. Delta Dental said I needed to pay an additional $1,100.00. Totally confused I paid the money. Then I thought about it.
Wait! Delta Dental, an insurance company, is telling dentists what to charge? I wrote the dentist, Dr. Milavec, a letter so there would be a record. Of course, he called me. In the conversation he admitted they have a contract with Delta Dental for the prices. He did not want to return my money, but offered half back.
He said that's the way we do with patients. Well, to avoid finding a lawyer I took the deal and got a check for a half returned. The bridge is good work, but the scam and failure to return my money earns the one star.

Tip for consumers:
The honest presentations should be part of any consumer's research. Keep your records up to date. Write letters and careful with phone calls - they are recording you, but you have no record.

• Updated review

One of the things I learned when dealing with another one-star company, El Paso Windows, is that the distributors, at least with the new brand company, are INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTORS. I called the manufacturer and the president told me: 'If there is a problem with the windows we will take care it, but if you have a problem with the distributor that is between you and them. They do not work for us and are not employees of the manufacturer. They order the windows and we sell them what they order.'

Run away.
• Previous review

If all the people who have purchased WS windows knew about this site there would be nothing else but complaints about WS. I can't believe they are still in business. I was encouraged to purchase 17 windows early in the construction phase to make sure I had them when ready to install, and the dealer gladly offered to store them. Unknowingly, the warranty began running 'when purchased,' not when installed. I experienced all the posted complaints. What thieves! I always knew when the wind blew outside by the curtains waving. The rain always left little puddles to mop up.


Please be careful. When I took out an auto insurance policy with Progressive Insurance the ending date was 24 June 2019. I started a new policy with another company who was cheaper on 25 June 2019. When I started the new policy I did not know that the Progressive policy expired at ONE MINUTE AFTER MIDNIGHT ON THE MORNING OF 24 JUNE 2019. This caused me to have no auto insurance all day on 24 June 2019.

What new day ends one minute after midnight of the previous day? This one minute after midnight was not revealed until I received a notice dated 10 June 2019 when I was out of state for ten days.

I would like to think that most people would also think that a day ends at 11:59 PM (or 23:59 hours universal time).


Good Sam Club is for owners of RV's to join. I have been a member since 2001 and currently own a 10-year-old 5th-wheel trailer. Checking my credit card account on 24 May 2019 I noticed a charge of $699.99 from the Good Sam Club for their annual Extended Service Plan (ESP). I did not order the plan. They had my credit card number for their roadside service.
I called and they said they had me down as automatic renewal which was not true. I did have the service several years ago, but never renewed. They said the new 'renewal' cancellation would cost $50.00. I refused to pay. They came back with the idea I would be charged for the days the new plan was in effect from 22 May 2019. I told them I was not going to pay anything for a plan I did not order or ever used. They eventually said they would remove the charge. A later check of my credit card account showed they had removed it. I trusted them for years, but now I am on guard.


I was surfing the net and my pc screen froze with blocks of messages seemingly from Microsoft saying that the only way to unfreeze the pc was to call this number: *******799. I clicked the number and technician asked some questions and took over my pc.
He sounded very accented and professional and started doing some razzel dazzel with the pc claiming all kinds of infections and for $400 for two years he could fix it. Then he said my IP Address had been hacked by child pornographers (a HUGE lie) and before he could fix my pc I had to buy a new IP Address for $2,000. They actually cost $15. I told him, NO Way! He yelled that I was going to prison and he can help me. He yelled and yelled and said my NORTON could not fix the problem. I told him you are running a scam and hung up. Then my pc started sending all my saved items to the trash bin. I called my internet provider and he said turn off your pc as they are running a scam that they had heard of. That helped the pc. Then I got seven phone calls that I didn't answer. Their office number is *******102.(True) Address is: 6002 W. Foothill Dr., Glendale, AZ 85310. I am going to contact the FBI since this is interstate scamming.

Tip for consumers:
Their web site says they are program and software optimization experts. Do not trust this company. Do not believe their threats and lies no matter how scary they may sound. Tell on them.


I am new to ordering tickets. I started early with Ticketmaster two months ago for Benatar/El Paso show for two $70 tickets. Somehow, I ended up with OnlineCityTickets believing it was a City of El Paso operation and tickets were scarce. In the end the two tickets ended up at a total of $270! Everyone around us had the $70 tickets.

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