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I like browsing the net. Since I'm constantly online, might as well contribute something to the sites I constantly visit and dealt with. This might sound weird but I do not like social networking sites. I'm not anti-social or anything but I prefer the real thing, hanging out with friends, meeting ups for activities, .etc.

How I Can Help

Hard to believe but I'm a spiritual kind of guy. If you have any concerns, or problems, or just wants someone you need to talk to or ask for advice, you can contact me. I'm willing to lend a hand. Hmm... no money matters please. :)


I usually read stuff about business and sports. Sports particularly. I sometimes go to movies.

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I love meebo. :) The creators of this site look like a fun bunch as well. I use this mainly if I'm not using my own pc/laptop. It is simple and easy to use. You can use different IM clients all at the same time. Nice!:)

There also a lot of other sites like meebo but this is the best for me.


I like google. It's practically the only search engine I'm using right now. But if you are looking for information or facts, I think wikipedia is giving them a run for the money now. :)


I'm back with another sports related site. Courtrivals.com. It's another browser based game with a basketball theme. If you love basketball and like checking out stats, this game is for you. I was able to play the game I think 2 years ago. I might even be part of the pioneer gamers. :) If my memory is right, I started season 4 or 5 of this game, and it is now at season 27.

You create your desired players. You then tweak their stats. You form a team of 10 and tweak team chemistry. A lot of adjustments needs to be done to win basketball games. Check out and try the game. I suggest building up a roster of real friends or relatives of 10. It's more fun if you would do this vs signing up and looking for teammates on the site (which you can also do).

For me, Travian is still the best browser game, this came in close 2nd. :) Have fun and enjoy!


This is the best free video site. I can eat away hours and hours just by staying on this site watching different videos (sports videos specially :)) You can also watch different music videos, archived news, instructional videos, and lots more.

Problem is, you might not be able to get some work done if you keep on visiting the site. :)


Last weekend, I was in a family get together. I met my cousin who just sold his Rolex watch. That's probably why he has some new gadgets with him at the party. He told me that he sold it at watchbrokers.com. He looked satisfied with the transaction, selling his Rolex to buy some new techy stuff. So I figured I would check on SJ and make the first review for the site I previously have no idea of. I was pretty amazed on how many reviews it had already.; p

There are a lot of bad reviews and some good ones. The reviews are even dated back early this year. The good part is some of the complaints were resolved (based on the comments/reviews).

Hmm, I think everyone should talk with this guy RJ, he seems to be the proactive contact person for the company. He might be the designated cleanup guy or the manager. :) I hope all other issues are resolved asap.

On that note, my dad keeps bugging me on having is Rolex fixed and noticed that the site is also servicing these watches. I would try them out but I'd have my cousin do this for me. :) He's the one who had good words for watchbrokers.com.


Ebay.com is my most favorite buy and sell site. Tons of people visit this place and would instantly see your product (as long as they search for it). I'm not much of a seller though but more of a buyer. I just make sure that I read feedbacks from the seller and check if they are power sellers just to make sure of their credibility.

Up to now, I have no problems dealing with sellers in ebay. Hmm, is it just me or are these sellers seem to be extra kind when talking with you? I haven't transacted to a rude person yet in here.


Here is the site I frequently visit to check on reviews of new movies as well as search for old movies. Design is pretty much shady but it makes up for its content. IMDB.com has a huge database for movies. I personally like reading the "did you know" part specially the trivia and the spoofs. I love the spoofs! I would even watch the movie again just to check.:)

Another thing that I like is getting all the movies of a particular actor when you click his name. This is nicely done.

The only downside for me is that the ratings are not that credible. I would watch a movie with a rating of 7 and yet would not like it. Then again, might just be not my kind of taste. :)


Great find Ash A. I almost forgot about this. We onced used this in our office.

The best part for me here is how it is setup to be just like any ordinary folder in your local hard disk. Just drop any files in there and it instantly uploads it to their servers.


Travian.com must be the best browser based online game there is. It is very addicting making you not sleep and up almost 24 hours a day. You need to build your villages, create troops, and do upgrades. You need to be up to schedule your attacks to conquer villages as well as defend your own villages.

It's really addicting but something made me quit this game. An unfair advantage against players who buy gold or have premium accounts stopped me from playing the game. Players with lots of gold can build armies faster and stronger.

Still, this didn't change my mind from saying that this could be the best browser game ever. If only I have more gold. :)


Wow. I can't believe fiba.com has no reviews yet. As you all know by now, I'm a sports fanatic and a big big basketball fan. This site is where I check amateur leagues. This is where you will find the best of the best basketball teams in the world!

Basketball news, scores, and other events are all in here. They also have international rankings so check if your favorite team or country is ranking well. There are also training modules or discussions in the site if you want to put your basketball skills to the next level. Every year I check the amateur rule book if there are changes just to keep up.

I just think that the site loads too slow for me. Still, real basketball fans should visit fiba.com.


Here's another site I regularly visit. It's gameuber.com. Well not really regularly 'cause I just check it on a weekly basis.

I'm a big pc gaming fan and I look for reviews and previews of new games in this site. I like the way the site is laid out, easy to navigate. I also play xbox but not as much as my pc. The site caters to all game consoles. The site also has a forum which is good but not enough people inside or participating so not that good. I'll give this site 4 stars. It has enough information me to return and check but not enough interaction with the other visitors.

I love sports, that is why I can't get enough of nba 2k11. I'm waiting for 2k12. I hope the lockout does not push the release of this game.


I love sports and espn is synonymous to sports these days. I'm a big fan of NBA so I check everyday for news, results, and transactions besides nba.com. I hope the lockout ends. I'm also a fan of other sports and ESPN caters to most if not all.

They also have great articles not like the other sites who just come up with editorials with not much substance.


Mangareader.net has been my one stop shop for all mangas I want to read. Something about the stories got me interested in reading. I love their sports themed mangas. They are funny and lighthearted. It's the same as any comic book, but the variety of stories, it's amazing.

Mangareader.net constantly updates their list for every new manga that is released. They also have a team that is quick to translate japanese characters (I don't understand Japanese writing or language). They also give updates if a particular manga will not be release in a week or in a month so you don't have to check their site daily. They also have a twitter and facebook page were you can keep track of any new releases.

I can't say any bad things about this site for now. I highly recommend if you are a manga fan or even a comic fan who's looking for something new. Visit the site and enjoy reading like I do.

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