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Been surfing the internet since 1995. I'm a casual RPG gamer. I've had a number of websites related to my gaming & profession. Again, just personal & casual. I like to practice moderation in all things today. I've not always done this & have the scars to prove it. Peace!

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I love the premise of this social network. Anonymity. This used to be the cardinal rule of the internet. Never give out your real life information. We could have discussions about anything, say what we really felt & not worry about a friend, neighbor, work, etc., breathing down our neck about it.

Really hope this site can take off running!

Needs a lot of work to become more user friendly.

Just really love the concept! <3


I've been using NoScript with Firefox for a good while. I love being able to open any new website without fear that malicious scripts can run until I catch & stop them.

It's very easy to use. With a mouse click you can tell what services are running scripts. What services want to run scripts. Between the NoScripts icon & the handy Currently Forbidden bar with an Options button. Setting up the webpage/website is a couple mouse clicks. It's very clear what you are, or are not, blocking.

I'm all for supporting my favorite websites, etc. I've found that some of my trusted websites, that I actually pay for premium service with no ads, have had issues with an occasional ad running malicious scripts. So, I block to be safe, not to mess up revenue streams.


I have barely started using 2 of the Abine products, free versions. Do Not Track Me & MaskMe. I get an email request from Abine to take a survey for Abine:

Help us develop our next privacy tool

Here at Abine we're hard at work developing the next big tools in online
Privacy, and could use your help to make them better. We rely on user
Feedback to make sure we're developing products our users will love.

If you have 1-2 minutes, please help us out by taking a quick survey.

So, I agreed & got into the survey. First question was which of their products I use, Second question was wanting to know if I pay for an identity theft protection. Third question is about all my insurance coverage. Health, auto, etc. & I just closed the survey window. I don't think this was cool, at all. Why do they need to know what kind of insurance I purchase & use? I agreed to take the survey to help them better their product & they want to know my insurance usage, almost at the very beginning of the survey.

It appears that they were not trying to better their product, but sell me another product. I went back and went through the survey & it just seems like a convoluted hot mess.

I have no use for companies that aren't more honest & to the point. Just try to sell me something else. Do not mask your sales attempts! Especially when you are trying to sell me privacy software.

Also, I noticed that the MaskMe program had recorded my log in info on a couple of my accounts that I have had for years, that I had not used the MaskMe service to create. I got no permissions requester, at all, to do this. Found it odd that it only did this on a couple accounts, rather than all that I had logged into, since I started using MaskMe.

MaskMe is still in beta & only offered after I installed Do Not Track Me.


I've been using Ghostery for quite awhile & it is my #1 blocker.

The UI is extremely intuitive. Access to more info on every site it filters is an invaluable resource for me. It is very easy to add / remove blocking, which is helpful to see what blocks might be preventing a website's functionality.

I highly recommend!

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