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i better update my profile!! I’m a retired RN, BSN who was born in Wisconsin, who moved to northern CA near Sacramento at age 35, and lived there FOR 31 YEARS THAT WENT BY IN A BLINK OF AN EYE. Last November, 2018, my.husband and I moved back to our home state of WI, just to experience the worst winter that most people could remember! Talk about culture and weather shock! We moved from a city of 350,000 to one of 5,000, with HORRIBLE internet service. But we are with our families again!

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During the last 10 years of my Nursing career, I worked in Quality and Risk Management, particularly in Infection Prevention. I am very knowledgable about statistics, and how they can easily fool people. I also can spot some instances where reviews are fake and being written by either owners or employees of the company. When I make a mistake and order from a horrible or fraudulent company, I fight back. I let other customers know why I wouldn't recommend that they buy from that company.


Shopping (unfortunately), reading, coloring, fishing, and writing reviews!!

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If you look up The Epoch Times on Google, of course you'll read that it is far-right news. It isn't. It is fair reporting-what news should be, but isn't. For example, CNN and MSNBC are hardly fair news, and you won't see a lot of what is happening on those fronts. The Epoch Times has been around from New York City since 2000. Look at it for yourself and judge for yourself. You will see a variety of different articles that you will never see anywhere else. Broaden your minds. Be fair.


I'm a more mature adult woman, in years at least. In one of those cool sample packs of makeup you can buy once in a while, I came across a remarkable product-Boots No. 7 Pore-minimizing Primer. I have large pores. This product worked so well that it made my skin look flawless! The primer doesn't have any color; it just removes flaws from your face. At my age, which is over 60 years old, I just use the primer and maybe face powder. I don't use foundation. But all the flaws are gone with this remarkable product. I've found that the best prices come from their direct website, even though they may be shipped from Pharmaca or another reputable business. Amazon doesn't often carry the pore minimizing primer. Boots No. 7 also carries a lot of premium make-up products, sometimes with free products as a bonus. I recommend their products highly.


I'm way too old to be loving this "ring in a candle" game, but I guess my mind refuses to believe that! I've bought candles with jewelry from just about every site that sells them, but my two favorites are Sterling Candle and Jackpot. Sterling Candles are produced in Canada, but they sell in the USA. Their shipping is $5.95, at least that's what it is for 2 candles. They guarantee that you will get a solid 925 sterling silver ring or necklace valued at $50 to $5,000 in each candle. They include an appraisal code with the jewelry, so you can check what your ring or necklace is supposedly worth. Of course, candle companies get huge discounts on their jewelry, The first 2 candles I purchased from them didn't have as much scent as I would've wanted, but the next two made up for it. Wonderful scent and throw. The candles are soy, and they burn evenly.
I'm including a picture of the two rings I got so far. The peach stone is absolutely gorgeous. The other ring has a stone that shines in the middle, but my phone did not pick it up. These are great candles. They cost around $24.99 each. They last a LONG TIME!


We were going to spend a month in New Mexico to help my husband's sister with her many health problems. Since motels are expensive, we decided to rent a house. My husband is the one who contacted Evolve. I don't know if he read reviews before he did. The company promises that someone will inspect the home before the renters arrive to make sure it is all clean and ready. The company talked about the special cleaning precautions they are taking because of covid. They explained that their is a "Partner" or associate nearby with a phone number, and this is the person we should contact if there are ANY problems at all.
We get to the house, and we are flabbergasted at how filthy it is! I'll include some photos. The bath tub was the worst. It was DISGUSTING. There was a cap over the drain, and when I lifted the cap off, it was so gross. There were dead bugs in a drawer I could use. The only closet we could use was stuffed full of stuff on the floor.
So when I tried to call the Partner, an elderly lady's voice greeted me on her message machine all the about 20 times I tried to call. No one ever called back! Finally, about 10 days later, the owner told me that the real Partner got a new phone number, and the number on my packet was his old one!
We made a deal with the company and the owner that she pay for a thorough cleaning of the house, and we would stay. She agreed, so we stayed. She still doesn't know what was so dirty!
Unfortunately, I deleted most of the pictures from my phone, and to my shock, they also deleted the pictures from my iPad! So I only have these two. The disgusting tub and the bug drawer. But believe me, the place was filthy! If you get into a situation like this, the company can either return your money or contact the owner. You and the owner must make a deal, like we did with the cleaning service that she paid for, or if you don't reach an agreement, the company will refund your money.


I was asked to submit a review of this website, so here I am. OK, I am biased because I am a Republican! So I believe this website, which I spent time looking at, is based on lies or at the least, media rumors that are unsubstantiated. For example, they state they don't want the Russians interfering in our elections. Well, I don't either. However, wasn't that what the Mueller trial was all about? And President Trump was not indicted! Some people just simply HATE TRUMP. That is their entire focus. He could invent a cure for cancer AND COVID-19, and they would still hate him.
The media has played a terrible role in this hatred. If everyone would just evaluate their own life and circumstances and determine whether President Trump ACTUALLY DID ANYTHING TO HURT THEM PERSONALLY, maybe we could have a government that really worked together!


We mature women need lipsticks that are moisturizing, don't feather in those awful little lines that some of us get on our upper lips (thank the good Lord, I don't have them), are not Las Vegas neon bright, and last a while after being applied. Color the World Lipsticks achieve all those goals. This was one website that kept popping up on my iPad that really was a great buy for me. At my age of soon to be (groan) 68 years old, store lipsticks just did not look good on me anymore, Color the World Lipsticks colors ARE for us older women, but they are highly blendable with each other, so that you can get a variety of shades each and every time. They have an instruction blog on how to blend lipsticks on the website, and it did me a world of good. I might have been the only women on earth who didn't realize the wonders of blending.
Look at the reviews for how much these lipsticks are loved. The lipsticks are VEGAN. They come in an earth-friendly lipstick holder. And one of the best features is that for every lipstick sold, CTW contributes to wonderful causes that include: Wounded Warriors, the environment, Rescue Animals, the Ocean, Dolphins, Depression, and many more.
If you write a review, whether good or bad, you get a 25% coupon on your next purchase.
They also have a fantastic day and night moisturizer, which I've purchased and love.
Read their articles, look at the products, consider purchasing. This is a great site. I've purchased about 7 different lipsticks and products and have been completely satisfied.
The phone is of "Flawless" lipstick and my walker.


I found this website when I was about to write a review on Annie Cloth. I wanted to get more information on Annie Cloth. If you check this website out, and YOU SHOULD, you will see why I liked it so much. There is an article here that gives you a fair warning of what online clothes sites to run from and never order from. I ordered from a couple of these places, so I know that she is right! (Zulily and Annie Cloth)
Best of all, she does give clothing sites that she recommends that you DO order from.
We consumers need this kind of help. My iPad is full of ads with clothes that look so good that it's hard not to want to buy them. But will I even get what I order? Probably not, at least not what I thought it would look like. Just read the reviews on "". And of course, look at the reviews on Sitejabber! We need to protect our wallets, our credit cards, and our data and stay away from websites that try to lure us in by showing pictures of nice clothes that are never sent to us.


After we moved back to Wisconsin from CA after 31 years (to live by family again, NEVER for the weather), I became a patient/client with mainly doctors from ThedaCare, which I believe is a group of providers, clinics and hospitals in the Wisconsin area. Their patient portal or access tool is "". The computer system they use is EPIC. If you see a ThedaCare physician, YOU NEED TO CREATE ACCESS TO THEIR ONLINE PROGRAM which allows you to make or cancel appointments, message your doctors, view your test results, read healthcare articles, pay bills, and much more. Much more includes electronic visits for certain health problems. You will save a lot of time and money by using myThedaCare. I've avoided making appointments by messaging my doctor. I have several health issues, and some of my specialists are not ThedaCare providers. But I'm able to print out my lab and radiology reports for my specialists to see by using the myThedaCare program. This assures continuity of my care.
I generally use it on my iPad. It's also available on my iPhone and on the computer.
Please take advantage of this program or any other provider/insurance access tool that your providers have. It's one way to keep in touch with your own healthcare and to be a real team player in it.


I have to admit that I play games on my iPad, and because of that I'm inundated with ads for online companies. One of these has been "". The clothes looked really great. They were unique. The site says they are designed by independent designers. The prices were extremely reasonable.
The first issue I had a problem with was SIZE. There is a general size chart that is a bit confusing. I knew this site was from Asia, and anything from Asia is smaller than what we wear in the USA, but I was totally confused with what size I should buy. I emailed Annie Cloth, and they DID answer. They said the sizes differed depending on the outfit. BUT THERE WAS NO INDIVIDUAL SIZE CHART FOR EACH OUTFIT!
So I bought one very cheap dress. It came WEEKS later, and in a size that would fit a small elephant! It was also extremely CHEAPLY MADE.
While waiting for this dress to arrive, I looked up Annie Cloth online and to my displeasure and concern, I found it branded as a scam, as a company that uses our data, as a company that doesn't send what you ordered. So now I have to KEEP AN EYE ON MY CREDIT CARD TRANSACTIONS EVEN MORE CLOSELY TO MAKE SURE I AM NOT TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.
One website, "" lists Annie Cloth as a company that scams customers, a company one should avoid. If you want to see her entire list, please go there. Other websites warn against Annie Cloth.
I certainly will not purchase from them again.
Another thing is that when you find an item that you like, chances are good that they don't have it in your size (if you can even begin to figure out what size you are).
I'm not going to take any chances with my credit card and data. And I'm not going to be stuck with clothes that don't fit after waiting weeks to get my order, IF I get my order. They hook you in with nice clothes, and they leave you dangling.

Anniecloth s. – Anniecloth Rep

Sorry for all inconvenience.

Could you tell us your order number so that we can check and handle this issue for you?
We valued your business and we will try our best to help you resolve the problem.

If you have any other questions, you can drop us an email ( at any time and we will get back to you ASAP.

Have a nice day!

Best regards,


I came upon when I was researching how to minimize facial pores. (A friend of mine asked me to do this, ahem... It wasn't for myself!). Anyway, I started looking at several of her or his (I don't really know who Byrdie is or if s/he is a group of people) articles, and I found them to be very helpful, interesting, and practical. Byrdie seems to focus on SKINCARE, at least that's what I was seeing. What I liked was that although "she" did recommend some higher priced items, she also listed more bargain brands that did the same thing. She also had many DIY ideas that are truly simple to do. And she also had advice from Dermatologists and experts. It is a really well-rounded site. She mentions parsley water as a pore-reducer and toxin-eliminator in one article. (I say "she" because Byrdie reminds me of a female name and most females are interested in skincare.)
The reason for 4 Stars is that I Usually shop on Amazon, and most of the products that she recommends on her site are from different websites. But that's just me, and it doesn't affect the quality of her articles. She isn't just promoting products. She is actually giving really great skin care advice for all ages.

• Updated review

This is an update on PCH. I spent some time today looking over people's reviews of PCH-and I got again disgusted by their scam and fraudulent practices. I myself mentioned that I wished there was a Class Action Lawsuit we could enter against PCH. Many others also mentioned that. Today I tried to do something. On Google I entered "contact whitehouse". I got a website called "". You can either email the President or a Federal Agency. I emailed Federal Agency and put in "Attorney General" or "Whatever Department Deals with Fraud" and explained what's been happening with PCH.
MAYBE NOTHING WILL COME OF IT. That's probably what will happen.
But, on the other hand, if enough of us who are totally disgusted with what PCH is doing will also use "" to complain about PCH and ask for an investigation, MAYBE something will be done. There are over 400 of us who have major complaints against PCH on this site alone. MAYBE WE CAN MAKE SOME CHANGES.

Update- Now PCH says I owe them money!
• Previous review

I despise PCH and I wish I had never tried to enter. It started out as an email with no sign of PCH, saying I was chosen to win a $100 gift certificate from Walmart or someplace else by filling out a survey. This trick led to entering PCH. After all the turmoil i described above, now PCH's controller keeps writing me emails saying I owe money for some item I supposedly purchased from them. First, when you first start entering PCH, you are forced to buy 4 items, which are all cheap garbage from China. You have to give your credit card number in order to get this crap. Why I ever ordered anything is beyond me. But the thing is I HAD TO GIVE MY CC NUMBER IN ORDER TO GET THIS JUNK. So for the past couple months, I've been getting emails saying I owe money on an item. Which item it is is not described. And why they accuse me of not paying, when I had to give my CC number for anything I ordered, has to be a scam. I've replied over and over that I owe nothing and please stop bugging me. I called Customer Service one evening and actually got through. I asked to speak to this company controller so I could question him about my alleged bill. The Customer Service Rep was trying to find a supervisor to help me when I had to leave for an appointment. I am going to call back tomorrow.
I believe this is another scam aimed towards senior citizens in order to scare us into giving PCH money we don't owe. I'm a senior citizen, but I'm not all that dumb, except that I entered PCH's fraudulent contest. That was Uber dumb. Never again will I ever open any PCH email.

I'd like to give this a MINUS ONE TRILLION!
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This has to be the MOST DESPICABLE SITE on the whole of the Internet, and that's saying a lot. I remember the days when I'd only get Publisher's Clearing House snail mail. Those WERE the good old days. I got started with PCH this time by a phony scammy announcement that I had been chosen for a $100 Walmart card. Yeah, right- IF I FILLED OUT A SURVEY. The survey led me to the PCH site. From there, you have to pick 3 or 4 things to "try out", meaning BUY. But they don't tell you there are several pages of these items, so I ended up buying junk I didn't need or want from the first page. (OK, IM AN IDIOT).
However, that's only the start. To make a truly long story short, here is a recap:
1. You never truly know where or IF you really entered the sweepstakes for their contest. I BELIEVE THIS PART MAKE PCH A TRUE SCAM. That's the main point, and they know this because-
2. You get so many emails every single day, every day telling you that you didn't finish your entry yet and will miss out on winning because you didn't finish your application.
3. So you try to "FINISH YOUR APPLICATION" and have to waste huge amounts of time watching ads from sponsors so you can play scratch-off games to get tokens to add up for some unknown reason which is never explained, STILL NOT KNOWING IF YOU ACTUALLY ENTERED THE SWEEPSTAKES.
4. Your email gets filled up constantly, driving you half mad.
5. Then come the "SEARCH" emails, which make you search a category they provide you, such as Cable carriers, Senior Living, In-Home Care. You can't just highlight the category, you have to type it in. Then NOTHING HAPPENS. You are STILL wondering if you actually entered the sweepstakes.
6.5 minutes after nothing happens after you put in a Search item, something happens, and happens and happens. Your phone rings many times. You get calls from agents representing whatever search item you put in. These agents call from everywhere, and they call often. I just picked a search item because PCH told me to, not because I wanted anything.
7. Still, you keep getting numerous emails every day telling you that you didn't complete your contest entry!
TO SUMMARIZE: I am still not sure whether I actually have an entry to win anything from PCH, but at this point, I TOTALLY DESPISE PCH AND ITS SCAM LIKE, TIME WASTING, MONEY WASTING, GRUESOME, AWFUL INVASIVE TACTICS!
I'm unsubscribing from PCH!
Go back to the days where we got to pick a few magazines to order.
This whole PCH thing disgusts me and it seems to prey on elderly desperate people (like me).
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This is an update to my original review of Fragrant Jewels candles with rings or other jewelry. I said that FJ had vastly improved their candles, and that is true. They are very clean-burning candles (soy, usually) in nice looking glass containers. The scents are not heavy, but pleasant.
However, what I don't like is that FJ has taken the surprise out of the rings (or necklaces) inside the candles by showing customers on the website what to expect in each candle and product. When I look at what to buy, I might like the scent and appearance of the candle, but I don't like the rings. Or vice versa.
To me this change has made me so disappointed in Fragrant Jewels that after my present order, I switched to Jackpot Candles. Jackpot Candles' rings are still a surprise.
I had ordered enough from FJ to earn points. That IS one advantage as you can exchange points for jewelry or things like manicure items. But the rings I got from my points were very cheap looking, and I gave them immediately to a thrift store.
So for me I'm giving up on Fragrant Jewels. The surprise is gone. The rings I got are cheap and ugly. The price is high.
I'm switching to Jackpot Candles. From them, in the past, I got a $60 ring that looks so real that I wear it as a wedding ring because my real wedding rings don't fit over my knuckles anymore.

The BEST Ring in a Product Site
• Previous review

I've purchased from other rings in a candle sites, but Fragrant Jewels is the best. The reason I gave only 4 stars instead of 5 is because the products ARE expensive ($26.95 and up for candles, $19.95+ for bath bombs) and you have to purchase $50 to get free shipping.
I guess in order to provide jewelry, they have to be expensive.
Fragrant Jewels has vastly improved their products from years' past. The candles burn cleanly and have a beautiful light scent. The body scrubs melt quickly, but they leave a very moisturizing scented light oil behind. And I believe the jewelry is better. I only care for rings. The latest candle I burned had a very lovely ring, and I included a picture below. I thought I had hit the jackpot, but to my shock I found out the value of this ring was only $10!
You get a code with each ring or piece of jewelry. This enables you to look up the value of the piece and enter into the $10,000 sweepstakes. For each product you purchase, you get points which allow you to buy rewards, which include rings!
I've already purchased two more candles. It's a lot of fun to see what you might get. But they are expensive.


Now I had no idea that some people actually made money and had jobs that involved testing mattresses, sheets, and other bedding so that they could advise us on how to get our best night's sleep! Too bad, because that would've been my dream job, pardon the pun!
I wanted to find out the difference between sateen and percale sheets. So I went online and found this website. For the first time I now have it perfectly clear in my mind what the difference is. These people truly educate you. I think that if you ever have problems falling asleep at night, this would be the ideal website to browse.


I found this website during the short time I was on Pinterest (before I had to stop because I was inundated with emails). Her website caught my eye because she did have easy recipes that could be done quickly and that tasted good. Many of the recipes had an Asian taste to them. She also has a blog, which is very interesting. She also has giveaways which will benefit any cook lucky enough to win them. So out of all the Pinterest sites, hers was the only one I kept!


If you want to make your views known to President Trump, you can email his staff (you realize that he is too busy to read emails and staff members read them instead) at this website. You can also make a claim against a federal department on this site, as well as read information on the President's policies. I am a chronic pain patient who has been badly and seriously adversely impacted by the bureaucratic banning of the medications that used to help my pain. My only recourse is to email my concerns to the President through this website. Now I already said that the President himself doesn't have time to read all of our emails, but I did once get back a reply from some assistant director of the Health and Human Services Department about their Opioid Policy. (It lumped deaths of chronic pain patients in with deaths of heroin abusers, so their policy is wrongly based from the start, but that's beside the point.) It shows that the staffers DID send my email to the proper department. All of my other emails have received form letters saying that the President appreciates an informed and active people. So that's the reason for 3 stars.
But there IS a way to at least TRY to reach the President.


This website has many items available for anything and everything to do with church services, like vestments, Communion wafers, bread, cups, chalices, choir robes, etc. However, the reason I use the website is for one particular cultural reason-to buy OPLATKI.
What is that? I didn't even know the name until recently, but it stands for "Christmas Wafers" and is used in Polish, and Lithuanian, Czech and Slav Republic households or in those of Americans of those heritages (I have Polish ancestry) during Christmas and Easter. We each break off a piece of each other's Oplatki while hugging or kissing each other until everyone has shared with everyone. It's something we've always done, and it's a treasured tradition. The reason I've given churchsupplywarehouse a review of 4 stars instead of 5 stars is that I've often found their Oplatki to be a bit stale. But at least they have it. It isn't easy to find.


I have major spine problems, and because of this I have not been able to wear shoes with heels for a long time. I came upon this website in an ad. These shoes are expensive, ranging from $119 to $149 on average, although they do offer discounts and coupons. They say that their shoes are the #1 Brand recommended by Podiatrists. There are orthotic insoles in every shoe, an air cushioning sole, and anatomical arch support. They offer a 60-day "wear test" so that if the shoes don't work for you, you can return them. That's a great deal. I haven't tried to use that yet, though, so I can't comment on how it works. I bought boots with a 2 inch heel. They look fashionable, yet have a great traction sole which I definitely need. This is definitely a legitimate business, very helpful for those of us with foot or back problems.


I was born and raised in Wisconsin, but then I lived in sunny California for 31 years before moving back to Wisconsin to live with family again. California might have Happy Cows, but they don't make good cheese. Believe me, I'm a cheese expert. Wisconsin cows may not be all that happy-after all they live in cloudy, rainy, snowy, humid, buggy weather. But that unhappiness results in fantastic cheese! And Carr Valley Cheese makes the most delicious cheeses available to you wherever you may live, even in California!


I looked at their sales pages, and they had cut-off shorts on sale for $101, down from $146! Need I say more? Not for me! This website is of boutiques in Portland, OR.


I found this website when I was looking up on Google how mollusks taste. I got a hit on that was very interesting. Then I started to look up other info on this site. It is website with articles full of pictures, written by college/university students from all over the world. The main categories are: recipes, drinks, how to, lifestyle, cities, campuses, and community. I read an article by a university student in New Delhi about how to remove grease stains, and it was full of her pictures. Even the ads are cool on this website! I'm 67 years old, but I'm going back to explore more on here. Definitely, if you are a student, you should look up this site. I saw articles on dorm living, for example.

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