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I've been to a few sites who offer this, but I just like the samples displayed on this site of the work they have already done. It is pretty cool to think that some one could get a miniature of themselves for whatever purpose they wanted it for.

It is ideal for cake toppers of course. For children, it could be used for a big event such as Graduation or Sweet 16 or Bar Mitzvah or Quinceanera or achieving Black Belt in Martial Arts. For couple getting married, they could use their own mini doll on the cake, so it truly does depict the couple getting married.


I like this site the best of all the answer type of sites. I can quickly locate the topic I am after and be able to read a few different Q & A to determine more about that topic. Usually I read half a dozen or more about the same idea, so I can get different perspective and be able to formulate some of my own thinking about it.

Of course, not all of the people who give answer input know what they are talking about, but that is ok too as it still shows the willingness of community involvement and participation. I think it is good also for the fact that we can dispel misinformation by seeing what is not true about ideas we are interested in.


I have had an account here at Calameo for a long time and have really enjoy the features it has as well as the community. There are many other types of these communities like Docstoc or Scribd, but this is the one that floats my boat.

I am very partial to the interface that it has and the ease of use. I find docstoc a little confusing on how to use as well as where to go for the things I need. I have found also that it is simple to search for documents or videos here too.

What I like the most is that what gets uploaded here is very different than what one may find on the other more known sites, which means that Calameo may be less commercial. This is good for us normal people who are not looking to sell sell sell our wares.


The feature I like the best about this site is the metered response below the videos. It gives people a chance to see how their peers feel about each video. This is a good site for funny videos.


This is a good site for humor. This particular page has clean kids jokes. They also have other sections on their sites for trivia, cartoons, pictures and more. I think for a quick laugh, this is not a bad place to go. It seems to make me laugh when I visit it.


I know that we all have had a few bad experiences where we could not get a seat on an airline, or have booked a flight only to find out once we got to the airport that the airline overbooked and we had to be put on some baloney stand by list. Seat Guru is quite accurate and does a solid job of giving up to date info on what seats are available for the flight you are interested in. This is a good tool to use before booking. Highly Recommended.


The audio stories and other materials on sites like this are decent. The main problem I have with this site is the owner of the site builds it with the intention of profiting off of Google Adsense. In my opinion, this is equally as bad as companies who download spyware on your computer to track and monitor what you do on your computer. I have no issue with companies and people making a profit. I do have a BIG Problem with taking advantage of parents and children that want to find quality materials to read, listen to and watch online. This is not a positive thing having all these ads disguised into the page as a trickery so maybe a child or parent accidentally clicks on it and gets brought to some pay site. Not good!


The 1st thing any one will notice when visiting the site is that it is laid out in a very 1990's style. Looks very amateurish and even the way Tara describes her services are not very clear to understand. It is always a come on when a Reader says "FREE READING" There is no such thing as Free if they are going to be offering their services. A mechanic might give a free estimate but is not going to do the work for free and neither is an astro-psychic. Honesty is not the policy on this website. Naive People Beware, this FREE READING will come at a Cost.


The Chicago Diner is a really unique place to eat if you ever visit Chicago. They have been meat free Since 1983 with an all vegetarian, mostly vegan menu. We stop there every time we visit my cousin out that way. My personal favorite is their southwestern chipotle burger. Yumm Yumm. They even donate $1 from each meal to go towards prevention of animal cruelty. Good cause and good food. What an excellent combo!


My son had ordered 2 Wii games through this company and never received them. Their customer service is almost non existent and they are not willing to take responsibility for full liability for the lost games. It would be smart for one to stay away from this company. There are so many other great sites online to buy from such as, or some of the game sites will also mail directly to a buyer too.


We visited this zoo a few months ago and has such a wonderful time. The Indian Rhinos are worth the admission. Such amazing creatures. We recommend this zoo if you are ever in Cincinnati. Just make sure to bring some good walking shoes.


This is a typical ad-sense blog which has very little purpose other than making Google and the owner of this domain money while spamming both site-jabber and the search engines search results such as Google.


I've followed many websites over the years that are alternative media news outlets. Few can even stay the course long term. Most fizzle. The ones that do last are committed to the people that follow them. Alex Jones is a great example of this. He is very loyal to his fans and is committed to uncovering truths about the world that the main stream media blacks out news of completely or gives dis-info about. I highly recommend his websites and movies.


They are a very professional std testing lab. They got me tested the same day i called them and also got me the results very quick. I will use them again. I believe they are a great value for the quality of testing and the accuracy of the results. The most important part of my experience was that the counselor on the phone actually listed to what i had to say and did not try to jam a sales pitch down my throat. It was very refreshing dealing with them.

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