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I saw this site which said it would send a set of Dewalt tool bits for signing up and would follow with additional offers for "free stuff". I don't usually fall for such sites, but I needed the tool bits and thought I would give it a try just this once. BIG MISTAKE! Within minutes of signing up I started being flooded with spam emails, texts, and phone calls... literally MINUTES after signing up! Nothing I could do would stop them, and I have received an average of 10 emails, texts, and calls from robo marketers since that fateful day that I had a brain faXt. Do NOT give this site your personal information under any circumstances! All I have received from them to date (2 months later) is daily misery... no toolbits, no offers, just misery! It is a scam pure and simple. Be forewarned... DO NOT SIGN UP!


I was with Verizon for about 19 years. I needed a new phone and a lower price on my monthly bill so I called to see what Verizon could do to retain my business. They said they could do nothing on lowering the monthly bill even if I agreed to a long term contract. And their "discount" on a new phone was very insignificant. Hence, they lost my business. I bought a phone thru Affirm and went to a re-seller named "Visible", a company who uses the Verizon Network but charges $40 for unlimited talk, text, and data... all fees included in the $40 per month. There is NO monthly contract with Visitble.
Then, in today's mail I received a flyer from Verizon saying that if I would "come back" they would give me up to $700 toward the cost of an iphone 12 Pro AND pay up to $500 to help cover the cost to switch back to Verizon. I find that tact insulting and as irritating a a new hemorrhoid. I attempted to call Verizon customer service to expressly state my displeasure in no uncertain terms, but as usual I could not get through. So I am writing this review instead.
My recommendation: Any and all Verizon customers would be better served to move their service to Visible. I can tell no difference in the quality of phone service but I DO notice a huge difference in my monthly bill.
As far as the idiot who made the policy of not working with long term customers to retain their service while offering all kinds of incentives to ex-customers to come back to Verizon... he or she needs to lose their job. All I wanted was some reason to stay with Verizon. Now I will never consider coming back. I see that there are much better alternatives service-wise, quality-wise, cost-wise and customer-service wise.
I am NOT being paid for this review; I have no connection to Visible or to any company at all. I am just happy to be rid of Verizon and I find their business strategy to be extremely distasteful..

Tip for consumers:
Go to Visible and stay away from Verizon

Products used:
Residential cellular service


I joined Planet Fitness in February 2021 after having been a member of a competitor (that starts with "24") that went out of business at the location I used. Planet was a good alternative due to location. So here are some observations, both good and bad, after my move to Planet.
1. It's clean. Staff maintains a level of cleanliness that is really impressive. Hand sanitizer, paper towels, and cleaning stations are abundant. Signage is good to point out location of stations. Staff helps clean equipment and periodically 34rd party contractors come in and professionally wash, mop, and dry the floor.
2. It's well lighted and well ventilated
3. There are minimal announcements over the music system to interrupt music or interfere with concentration during workouts. (a very pleasant change after my experience at their competitor!
4. Staff is friendly, courteous, and professional. Planet sends out emails for surveys of customer satisfaction occasionally
5. Their phone app for touchless check in and features to gauge traffic at the facility over the app is very nice.
1. They have much signage regarding customers' responsibility to wipe down equipment before and after use. However, their policy is totally disregarded and is not enforced AT ALL!
2. They have the ability to track the demographics of their customers at each location and could base their music playlist on those demographics. Or they could even implement a system (at little cost) that would adjust the playlist to the average age of the clients inside the facility at any given time. But do they do this? NO! And if you are not 18-30 years old, the music on their playlist will make you want to puke. For anyone over 30, the playlist can be considered cruel and unusual punishment.
3. Customer concerns are not addressed in any objective form. If a complaint or concern is registered, do not expect to receive any feedback as to what consideration was given or what action was taken
Overall, I would neither say Planet is outstanding nor would I say it is terrible. It's adequate or maybe even a little ahead of other national chains.


What a waste of time this site is! The profiles of women on this site are obviously written by scam artists who are attempting to phish email address and phone numbers to resell or to try to hack legitimate members' personal information. Avoid ALL profiles which start with "Am" and routinely omit "I". Avoid ALL profiles who include a first and last name as part of the profile. Avoid ALL profiles which are obviously written by someone who has no grasp of the English language. Avoid ALL profiles who give some idiotic description of "occupation" with job descriptions never heard of. Avoid responding to ALL people who routinely ask for personal email address right off the bat. Avoid ALL people who cannot or will not agree to Skype first so that personal information does not have to be exchanged. In short, be prepared to waste a LOT of time dealing with freaking idiots who live in 3rd world countries and misrepresent themselves in these profiles. 9 out of 10 are fake on the women profile side. I have been on the site long enough to accurately state that. Why I don't know!

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