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When first we practice to deceive. On the surface this company seems legitimate. A fancy web site. A lot of information to read over and digest. And just like the snake oil salesmen of old, they will promise they are the best. And they are untouchable by the nearest competitor. However after working for them for two years, I have learned some of the truths of this company. What do they do? They recruit native speakers to teach English, mostly in China. They will promise a lot. They will deliver little. They don't pay for the visas. They don't pay for the airfare to China. The don't tell you to get the correct visa, so you wind up working illegally in China. They don't pay on time, and on some occasions, not at all. And to top it off, none of them offer any language classes for you to learn the local language. What do they do? They collect a large sum of money from parents who pay to have their kids learn English from a native speaker. And they keep 1/2 to 2/3 of the money and pay you the leftovers. They mostly don't offer housing or housing allowances. They pay none of the bills. Most of the time there is no curriculum and you are left trying to figure out how to teach without it. There are no text books. And the topping on the cake? The internet in China is so unbelievably poor that it's next to impossible to find any videos to assist you in teaching. These are crooks and shysters in the highest form, and because there is very little oversight from the Chinese government, they continue to get away with it. And any contract you sign without a proper visa is not worth the paper it's printed on.


If you don't want to pay designer prices, this is the place to order from. In the past few years, I've ordered some reading glasses from here. And others of my family have ordered from here. They have a great customer support staff. The items always come in a timely manner. I've never had a whisper of trouble with them. The reason they don't get 5 stars is that there was no expedited shipping when I ordered so it took a while for them to come in the mail.


The name is The Camford Royal Academy. Or The Royal Camford School. Or Camford Royal Academy. Or Camford Royal School. Or just Camford. It is NOT the one in India. It is the one in China. There are 5. All supposed elite private schools to teach the students English so their rich parents can send them abroad to study. Believe me when I tell you, I am/was a teacher there. It is woefully mismanaged. There are more managers than teachers. And the teachers they do have (both Chinese and foreign) are lazy, and shiftless. There English speaking teaching assistants are a joke. They speak at a 3rd grade Western English level. It's called Chinglish. There is no curriculum. There is no text book. There is only you, the extremely poor internet in China, and an idea that you were going to make a difference. Bwahahahahahaha... They pay very low wages. Even with a BA or higher, you can expect to barely make 10-15,000 rmb ($1000-$1500 USD). The living conditions are poor. NO HEAT! NO HEAT! The hot water is iffy. The food is horrible. And then there are the Chinese who believe anyone who is not from mainland China is a "lesser" human being. The suffer mightily from the "Middle Kingdom Syndrome". And if you need help with anything, they are unavailable, and the answer is usually "later". But when they need or want something, they are as nice as pie. And that is the standard all over China. For those who think you can make a difference here, you're fooling yourself. My advice: Go to Vietnam or Cambodia where the teachers are paid more, and treated with dignity and respect. It's no wonder China is still not a world power. Keep the 1.4 billion people in the dark so they can't see how the modern world lives.


I have ordered from Taobao for the last two years. Shirts. Shoes. Trousers. Jeans. Electrical appliances. Food. Etc. I give two stars because I've had some things just not arrive. Where are they? No one knows. Not Taobao. Not the China post. Not the delivery company. Not the manufacturer. Just not show up. But some things did arrive in a timely manner. Clothing in China is a guessing game. Shoe sizes the same. Some of my shirts are 6XL, and some are 3XL. To preface that, I should say in the U.S.A. I wear an XL. The quality is $#*! mostly. My shoes I buy now in Macao or HK. Shirts in Macao or HK. Trousers, well for the most part they are decent enough, but I can get them locally. Really Taobao is only for those who live in the suburbs or less developed areas and don't have access to malls or shopping centers.


This supposed "unblockable" vpn is always blocked. Don't let them fool you. I've been in China for two years and this one is no better than the rest for getting past "The Great Firewall" of China. Personally, I've had better luck with a free vpn that always (ALWAYS) works. And when this one actually worked, it was no faster than any other vpn. These guys are only after your money. Pure and simple. And their customer support is non-existent once they have you signed up. And never, repeat N-E-V-E-R sign up for a 30 day free trial for anything. Especially these crooks. Run fast. Run far.


When I used to spend a lot of money on balls, clubs, etc, the app worked fine. Since moving to China for a teaching job, anything Google related won't work (even with a supposed "unblockable" VPN). Now I can't even update to the latest version because it automatically takes me (or tries to) to the Google Play Store. Any other app store version does the same. Something tells me WGT has sold their souls to Google for a share of the pie. So much for the little guy. It used to be such a nice app to play with friends. But once they find out you're not spending any more money, the have one word for you: "Update"... well I have a word for you WGT: Buh-Bye!

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