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I am 53year of age, live in Lagos Nigeria, HND textile technology, and 23years in experience computer hard& software technician

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HND textile technology, and 23years experience in computer hard& software technician (i am expertise networking, laptop repairs.)


Networking, laptop repairs.

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My review on Microsoft Windows 10
Originally Answered: Do you like Windows 10? Why or why not?
There are so many things to like in Windows 10. There are so many inductions occurred in Windows 10.

(i) Free: First and foremost, it is free. First time in the history of Microsoft you are receiving a full featured Microsoft windows operating system in free of cost. You don't need any activation key or loader or patch to activate it. How cool it is. Even with a pirated window you can get a fresh copy of Windows 10.

(ii) Universal: It is the first operating system where Microsoft has taken the universal approach. That is, the same operating system will run on your desktop/laptop as well as in your smartphone/tablet too. For developer point of view its really a very big deal. You develop your application for any one system and you can run it in all the systems. Before Windows 10, this provision was not there. So, it is really a great advantage from developer point of view.

(iii) New Improved User Interface: In Windows 10, Microsoft has brought a lot of changes in User interface. They have adopted a user interface which is a combination of both windows 7 and windows 8.1. We already got start icon in Windows 8.1 but get our old beautiful start menu back in Windows 10. This time it is more beautiful. Here in one side, we can have our apps, other side we have our software's and pre-loaded apps. So very convenient. Windows 10 also offers us a toggle start menu. We can switch between Full Screen or Conventional start menu according to our needs.

Settings window has also been changed. Windows 10 offers more simple and more robust settings window than its previous version. Although traditional Control Panel is still there but most of the features have been moved to the Settings. From there we can control our so.

(iv) Microsoft Edge: The one of the major changes which Microsoft bought in Windows 10 is Microsoft Edge. First time in the history Microsoft dropped their age-old Internet Explorer and put a new web browser called Microsoft Edge. Edge offers better feature-rich interface and better facilities than Internet Explorer and also 2x time faster than Internet Explorer.

(v) Cortana: Another major change in Windows 10 is the induction of Cortana in desktop OS. Before Windows 10, Cortana was only available in Windows Phone. Windows 10 brings Cortana into a desktop OS. Cortana is a virtual assistant. It can do so many things like your personal assistant. It can send an email, set a reminder, cancel a reminder, give updates about specific topics, manage your programs., gives weather forecast, schedule your meeting, display news etc. Also, it can give you some cool answers... In Windows 10 search option is embedded with Cortana. So, it can also give you suggestions and search results. Cortana is really useful in daily life. It is one of the reasons behind massive popularity of windows 10.

(vi) Continuum: Another very important feature in Windows 10 is continuum. Through the use of continuum, you can sync your windows phone and your laptop. With the help of the windows 10 dock (sold separately) you can turn any pc into a windows 10 machine. Through the use of continuum, you can actually manage your phone contents from your pc. Such as you can receive or reject calls from laptop.

(vii) Windows Hello: It is another one of the major changes. Windows Hello is a biometric authentication mode in which computer authenticates you through your face or your voice. This feature made windows 10 more secure. However, you need better hardware to use this feature.

(viii) Task View: For the first time Windows has brought such feature. It is a feature which Linux or mac users are very much accustomed. But windows lacked it. Now Windows 10 brings this feature. In this feature you can work over 5 desktop windows at a time. You can open different applications in different window. Also, in Task View you can see all of your opened applications at one place and you can select any one from it. The applications will vary for different desktop windows. You can separate one desktop window from another desktop window. Its really a cool feature for those who loves multitasking.


Review of google drive
Technically speaking, Google Drive is simply a cloud-based storage option that gives you the ability to keep your photos, emails, and other files on their server.
But having extra storage is just the beginning.
Google Drive also comes with a suite of office tools rivaling the heavyweights from Microsoft Office, including:
Docs, Google's word processor comparable to Microsoft Word
Sheets, Google's version of Excel
Slides, the Google answer to PowerPoint
You can even share these documents and make edits in real-time so collaborating with your team has never been easier.
Top 12 features of Google Drive
If you decide to add Google Drive to your digital toolkit, you'll have these fun features to play with:
#1: Scan documents from any device. Don't have a scanner? The good news is you don't need one with Drive.
Just take a photo of a document (like a receipt) right from your phone and upload it straight to Drive.
#2: Work offline. If you know you'll be busy traveling on a plane you can switch specific files to Offline mode and score the ability to keep working even without internet access.
As I mentioned earlier, you won't be able to see real-time updates, but you also won't have to lose precious time just because you're offline.
#3: See revision history and restore older versions if needed. Whether you accidentally deleted something in your doc or you want to see how the original version compares after rounds of updates, you can use Google's Revision History to view all changes and restore earlier versions.
#4: Changes are automatically saved. Anytime you're working in a Google file your updates will automatically save without you needing to interrupt your work to hit the save button.
Your Revision History is possible -- and accurate down to the minute -- thanks to these automatic saves.
So as long as you have internet access, your changes will never be lost again.
#5: Convert photos and PDFs to edit. Google Drive also gives you the ability to convert image files such as JPEG, PNG, and GIFs, as well as PDFs, into editable documents.
#6: Stream both music and videos from the cloud. Add audio files to Drive, and you can create your playlist and play songs using apps like Music Player:
Videos can also be viewed right from Drive and don't require a separate app to do so.
#7: Collaborate with your team in real-time. As long as everyone on your team has internet access, you can each make changes in real-time to the same document. That means you won't be slowed down by having to download updated versions before making edits.
#8: Easily add Drive files to emails as attachments. And if you're using Gmail as your email provider, you can add your Drive files just like a regular attachment using the click of a different button (the Drive logo this time instead of the attachment paperclip)::
#8: Open Microsoft Office files in Drive and convert Google files to Microsoft versions.
#9: Access Drive from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.
#10: Share your files using custom links and different access levels.
#11: Choose from dozens of professional, premade templates.
#12: Create surveys and event RSVPs using Google Forms.

Tip for consumers:
What is the difference between Google Docs and Google Drive?
Google Drive lets you store files. Google Docs gives you tools for making certain kinds of files - documents, spreadsheets, slideshows.

Since all the files you make with Docs get stored in Drive, Drive is so thoroughly integrated with Docs that you might think they’re the same product. But you can store other kinds of files in Drive, especially photos (Google Photos also uses Drive) and files from your desktop computer

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