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Customer service expert! Anything you do, from stocks to professional sports is considered customer service. How you treat the ones supporting you is how you are rated in that aspect.


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4 Reviews by Site

Since I already written a review about Verizon, I'll do one on the. Net to keep from replacing the other review. This is about Verizon Pre-pay again but since it has Verizon name on it... Yesterday, I received a message saying that my auto payment did not go through. The same as before but this time I was able to receive the message because I was at home. In a matter of minutes, I added more than what was needed on my account. I get up this morning, luckily before almost anyone is up or any business is open and find out that the freaking company disconnected my service. I will send screen shots to prove it all. I'm sick of this inconvenience and is seeking some type of class action lawsuit against this company and its unethical practices. I miss A++ only if they had service in my area.
Right now I have been on hold with Verizon prepaid on a Thursday at 3:30pm Eastern for 1:32:09

Last night I was in... Ha! They just hung up on me... let me screenshot the final time.

Last night, I was in the field due to military exercises. I received a text from Verizon stating that they could not retrieve any money from my account to cover the bill. This morning there was a change with the mission but guess who missed the assignment. How it could have been in a real life situation. I then learned that my service had been disconnected. Out of all of that "free extra data" that I don't I had to drive miles to find free wifi in order to transfer money to "foot the bill".

My Complaint:
When I had spoken to customer service, I asked the gentleman when did Verizon disconnect my service. He said that it was disconnected last night. So much for a forewarning. Last month it happened the exact same way and I called in to ask if I could have more of a warning next time. When I was with AT&T, they would send out messages stating that you had a day or three to pay your bill. When I first got with Verizon, it was similar... I think. Now, they send you a message and before they press send, disconnect your phone.

I called Verizon not too long ago, and I wasn't irate or anything. I had spoken to a gentleman, who's name I did not get but seemed helpful. I assumed that he cared but he could have not given a damn and was patronizing for all that I know. He did inform me that he would send up my complaint in writing and said that it would be a wait to talk to a supervisor. That conversation happened between 3-5 mins into the call. The entire called including the unanswered wait time was at 1:32: xx. My bill was already paid so all that I wanted was to know if I could have more of a warning. Not money or a discount but a WARNING! I will be sending this same review to multiple outlets including Verizon along with the screenshots. I pray that they have a recording and could get to the bottom of this. I see the logo on many businesses and would smile, but now their practices and employees makes me view them in a very negative way.

Side note:
In my opinion, AT&T is better in customer service even though service area is lacking. I guess they feel they are the best in coverage so they can act like $#*!s!
Why the title? Well, excuse my French but everything that exits is pure SH! T, no cuts no chasers including the excuses. Here's how I support that theory.
But before I get into it and people get lost in translation or do not want to read through it all, here is my process and I think everyone should do it. I would feel bad if it gets shut down but with their bad customer service, really remove my feelings from it all. I am sending this to BBB AND reporting this to the FTC for fraud/scam/bad business practice. There is no way this company and companies alike should still be operating.

Recently, my fiance ordered some products from them AND paid for shipping and handling to be expedited. She kept checking the tracking number and never saw any action other than your order was received. 5 DAYS LATER she asked me if I could help her in locating her package. I looked and told her that they received it but that's it, no tracking number, no shipping date, nor no order was shipped. She called them and they put her on hold for 10 mins and finally came back on and then the conversation ended. I asked her what was said and she told me that they said that they are waiting on a product to be shipped from the warehouse and then they will send out her order.

Of course, I told her to call back, give her info and let me speak to them. Again, they picked up and said "hold on" then placed her on hold for 10 minutes. After giving her info, she gave me the phone to intervene. I asked the girl her name, which sounded like a lie and I told her that the conversation is being recorded in which she said was "ok". I asked what was going on with the order and she told me the same bs. So, I asked
"Where on your website does it say that these products are coming from a third party/"warehouse"?" She said that it didn't. BS!

Ok, I asked "How are customers to know that you do not have the product just in case they do not want to wait that long and go elsewhere?" She said I just told her on the phone. BS again!

I asked "Again, how are customers to know before hand?" She said sir, I just told you. Face in palm with that shhh.

I said, "Ok, she paid for 2-5 business days to receive her product, its the 5th day and there is absolutely no life on her tracking." She said, You have to allow 7-10 days for processing. I'm not putting my response for this one.

I'm sorry sir, what do you want me to do? She asked. I told her to not patronize me and either refund all of the money or give the money back from the shipping and handling. She said that she couldn't do that because she doesn't have "authorization".

Let me speak to your manager! She's not in! Transfer me to her extension! "She" doesn't have a phone but I can write down your info and give it to her.

I proceeded to ask for her manager and I told her that I will wait because I feel as if the company is a lie, she is a lie, and she's probably working from home because I could have sworn that I heard an ice maker in the background followed by some toenail clippings popping the mic of the phone. She said that "SHE" is not in yet and I will have to call back but probably wont get to speak to her.

I got frustrated and she said, Sir sir I don't have time to be on the phone with you. I said, "I am a customer, and even though I don't agree with the "customer is always right" motto, I do feel like a customer should walk away feeling optimistic at least about the conversation if nothing else. We are not about to hang up without clarification."

She said that we will not have to pay shipping and handling. I told her to notate the account and send us an email stating so for future reference. She said ok and put me on hold for 30 mins.

I then used my cellphone to call in while on hold with my fiance's phone. Another female answered sounding the same as the previous one. I asked for her name and was given a different name. I then told her the situation. She told me that the girl was on the phone with another customer. I told her that she still has me on hold. She told me oh no wait, I think that she went to ask about you order. So, I said that I'll play them at their own game. I asked to speak to the manager and she said "he" has been in a meeting all day. I said that I thought that your manager was female and she said no. So, I said before I go, is there anything notated on the account and she said no but she will notate that we are not to pay shipping. At the end, we paid shipping with a note delivered with an incomplete order stating that not all of the items were shipped. No refund, discount, a lot of lies and frustration. THIS IS GOING TO THE FTC!


TRY TO UNSUBSCRIBE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS... I signed up with whatever the company was a few years ago and ended up making a purchase through their site with the notion of "receiving Delta Skymiles". A week went by after everything was completed and I saw nothing. Then a few weeks passed and I called Delta asking them about my promotional points I was supposed to receive through e-miles. The lady couldn't find such and felt so bad that she gave me points. A year or two later I finally got tired of them sending me fabricated emails so I UNSUBSCRIBED... Finally, I was done with e-miles... Well, apparently they had a "facelift" and changed the way they operate and dug up my email address along with others I am pretty sure of. I have tried to unsubscribe from this new email and I got ERROR MESSAGES... Today, I hit unsubscribe but it sends me to a log in page. CONTACT PAGE IS EMAIL AND NO NUMBER. I am writing to the BBB after this and possibly will lawyer up for harassment.

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