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Forget inflation, now we're dealing with something called "shrinkflation." Shrinking products to keep costs down. I found this out the hard way when I bought a Duncan Hines Cake Mix. It had been quite a long time since I bought a cake mix (Duncan Heins always being my favorite) since I started making cakes from scratch. But I wanted to make a jello cake and it was simpler to use a cake mix. To my dismay, Duncan Hines has followed Betty Crocker's lead (Betty Crocker has downsized many of their cake mixes from the familiar 18.25 ounces to only 15.25 ounces. However, the package still says it makes two eight-inch rounds or a 9 x 13 inch cakes, but the nutrition label says there are only 10 servings in the new package rather than the old 12) and downsized their 18.25 ounce cake mixes to 15.25 ounces as well. When I saw the small amount of batter I looked at the back of the box and there was no mention of what size cake it claimed to make. So I had to subsidize the cake mix with more flour, sugar, eggs, baking soda, etc. because there was barely enough batter for the pan.


My lease ends soon, so I've been looking online with various websites to find a property to rent. One of these websites is rentals.com. Out of approximately 5 searches where I requested to receive a reply, three of those replies turned out to be scammers trying to get funds from me before I could see the property. They do have a place where you can report fraud, but they need to police, somehow, how these scammers post items that are already listed on real estate websites that the same property is NOT for rent, but "for sale."

Tip for consumers:
Copy and paste street address into google to see if it comes up on any real estate websites.

Products used:
Haven't found anything yet.


I got an email saying, "You just scored 2 months of free delivery and $10 off your next Grubhub order!" So, I always like a good deal, so I "activated" an account, ordered takeout from a local restaurant expecting to see a $10 credit on my order and since I didn't see it, I went to chat with Grubhub. After approximately a half hour I was told that I should "place" my order and then the $10 off would appear. IT DID NOT! I told the chat guy what happened and he said he would take it a level higher to deal with the issue. After 15 minutes more, I "hung up" in exasperation. Later they sent and email telling me I had to "activate" AGAIN, order another takeout and THEN I would get the discount. As they say, "fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me." The food was pretty good, but I never would have ordered any take out without this discount. So, do your self a favor, when you get any promotional offers from Grubhub, send them to your trash folder!

Products used:
Sophie's Cafe Steak and Cheese Sub with French Fries


I was watching a movie about Bewitched starring Nicole Kidman and decided I wanted to watch the old T. V. series just for fun, so I plugged into Google "Where to Stream Bewitched" and it came up that I could watch it on Tubi. I already had the app on my Smart T. V. so I went to look for it. I couldn't believe my eyes, all the great movies it had! Movies I couldn't find for free on other streaming services. Of course, you have to endure the commercials, but these commericals, so far, haven't been as bothersome as the ones on Paramount Plus. And, the commercials cease when the plot gets serious. Anyway, the first movie that I saw was "Troy," which is one of my favorites. Also, I had been trying to find Chariots of Fire for free and they have that too!. They also have "nostalgic T. V." and I just couldn't believe all the wonderful old series I found. I could go on and on, but I encourge you to check it out.


I have three nuisances with YouTube: 1) For some reason they're using an annoying computerized voice at least on the Outlander offerings (why don't they give a "hooman" a job and let them narrarate the video?) 2) When playing a YouTube video, the video doesn't match what the computerized voice is saying, and 3) I understand YouTube is suppressing content that doesn't agree with it's leftist agenda.


I subscribed to Paramount Plus because it streamed classic TV. Shows like I love Lucy, Twilight Zone (Original), Happy Days, Taxi, Touched By An Angel, The Odd Couple and all the Star Trek series. I have since decided to cancel my subscription because of the vulgar commericals Paramount features. For example, in one commerical a woman asks a man, "Have you shaved your balls and your b-hole?" An advertisment also features a group of drag queens. This is absolutely NOT appropriate for children. Paramount should be ashamed! However, I must add that they do provide an AdsFree alternative, but why should we have to pay more to protect our kids from being desensitized?


I used to get a large Chai Tea from Starbucks daily for about $8. After I retired, I had to quit enjoying this luxury item. But now, Trader Joe's has this great mix for only $10. It's a ten ounce can and it provides five large Chai Teas for $2 each (not including milk). Not only that, but the taste is heavenly. Much better than Starbucks! Again, my photos are coming out sideways, so just tilt your head sideways to view.


I opened a checking and savings account at PNC Bank because it was across the street from where I lived and thought it would be easier than the bank I've banked with for 15 years. Oh, how wrong I was! From the time I opened my accounts I had nothing but problems. I'll just describe the main one here. I wrote them an $800 check for checking and a $1 check for savings. I was told by the new accounts rep to just start my online banking right away. At first, I was admitted to my account online, and it showed that I had ~$245 available. Also, the website is extremely confusing. Not simple like other banks. Then later that day I accessed my account, and it showed that zero dollars was available. I called to complain and then I was locked out of online banking. I kept calling and they kept telling me to physically come to the bank to straighten things out. I went in, he assured me things were okay. I went home and was still locked out and was told three separate reasons for this. After other problems I decided after just one week to cancel my account and go elsewhere.

Products used:
Checking and Savings Account


Normally I love Del Monte canned foods, but lately whenever I buy Del Monte's French Cut Green Beans, I get the regular kind instead. My recipe specifically calls for French Cut green beans. This is about the fourth time this has happened. The regular green beans are still tasty, though. Sorry, but the photos only come out sideways, not sure why.


PC Mag asked us to "review" Netflix and this is the review I gave it: "Netflix is a perveyor of child pornoraphy (Check out "Cuties", (but don't actually watch it) which shows graphic detail of an eleven year old girl in sexually explicit scenes. I understand there are others just as bad and socially irresponsible." Shortly afterwards, I got an email from PC Mag stating that my review had been rejected "as it contains content that is in breach of our community guidelines."

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