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We went to Port Carnavale to take a cruise out to the city limit so we could play and gamble onboard the ship. It was so nice for all the crew to welcome us onboard and we then went to get some buffet, oh it was terrible, really. I found out that this food goes for $20.00, if I had to pay that price I would ask for a refund, that's how bad the food was. The waves really rocked the boat and for those that got seasick, I feel sorry for including our friend who was affected. The machines and crap tables were ok, that was fun. It was really hard hearing the crew telling us when we were boarding or off loading. We came by bus and when it was time to board the bus to go home the bus was full and we were surprised because we never thought that the seats we had when we departed would be the same seats going home but I found myself sitting in the front and my wife and friend sat somewhere else on the bus. It was nice to get home and will never do this bus or tour again.


The atmosphere is nice and quiet. The menu is clear and clean and the price is right. The waitress suggested certain items on the menu, boy oh boy she was right the food was real good. One thing you have to know is when you are ordering your meal they put mustard and mayonnaise together in your hamburger. Really good food and you can order at the counter for your take out food. The prices are really good and so is the food.


It is always nice to go to Outback and not have to stand in line these days. The atmosphere is quiet and comfortable. The service is not just good, the person waiting on you makes suggestions and tell ya what's good and how you can mix different items with each other not costing you any more. The deserts are just soooooooooooo goooooooood. It's nice to go home nice and full and appreciate the time well spent. I was nice and quiet without anyone saying it's your birthday for it is and I am now 74 and going strong.

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This is not a review per se, To put an end to the story. I have canceled all my cards to Commenity Bank and will NEVER use their card again. This is the worst sort of business I have ever used. I took a loss of some money but I won't be taken again, I assure you. I do hope Commenity Bank reads these reviews. Ok, I'm done with this.

Commenity Bank not on ur side
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I called Commenity Bank today 3/31/19 and asked them about my refund that they wrote. They told me that the charges from a company were legal because I started communications with the vendor, but after telling them that I couldn't call them cuz the phone keeps ringing and no answer. They said they found no fraud even thou the vendor kept charging me $89.95 each month starting from Oct 2018 and they could do nothing for it was not fraud. So I closed out my accounts with them and lost a few hundred. NOW I WILL ONLY USE AMERICAN EXPRESS and if the vendor does not want that then we have no business. My warning to you is to stay away from charging with vendors cuz YOU too could fall prey.


Over the past couple of years and increased medicines I have put on quite a few pounds and shopping is made harder as I have to use a scooter to get around. Well, I entered Men's wear and immediately I was asked can I help you and of course I did. I needed a suit for our friends wedding which is a week away. Simone went over and picked out a suite and started going to work on me which I needed. Well to my surprise the master taylor came over and started to take measurements of coat and slacks and said the suite would be ready by Wednesday evening, I was amazed that he would get right on it and have it ready that fast. I am absolutely amazed how fast everything came together. I highly recommend Men's wear and hope that all the other ones are the same quality. I don't believe how fast and helpful it all turned out. Thank you Men's wear.


This is not a short story. Let me begin. On Facebook in October 2018, I ordered a small bottle of some oil for the price of $4.95 trial, there was nothing else that followed this statement cuz I checked the fine print. I received the trial and then out of no where $89.95 appears on my charge card and continued each and every month, but not receiving any item. I have tried to stop these payments by COMMENITY BANK and letting them know that this is fraudulent and I wanted them to stop accepting these charges and credit my account but they would not because I had to fill out a complaint form and I found out that they cancelled it without telling me. I then went and fill out another complaint form and never heard another word from them. I was sent to 7 different depts. And they said because it was a trial it was up to me to contact the company and to tell them to cancel order. The problem is there phone number keeps ringing but never an answer and I told that to COMMENITY and they said it was up to me and NOT them to contact the company BUT I COULDN'T and told them why. No one at COMMENITY BANK would help me stop these payments on my charge card. The total right now is for 5 months at $89.95 totaling $449.75 and they are still charging my account each month. WHATEVER YOU DO STAY AWAY FROM ALL NATURAL 100mg Hemp that is on FACEBOOK, you have been warned. My problem still continues.


I had purchased a new scooter to get around but needed batteries and charger so I went online and found Monster Scooter Parts Corp. I spoke with David and before I knew it he had everything I needed and the price was good. If and when you need your scooter fixed this company has what you need.


I had purchased an item from the and the wi-fi doorbell arrived quickly. I unpacked the doorbell and started to follow the instructions and no matter what I did I could not get it to work. I also had to buy the batteries separately and when they arrived I put everything together and looking forward to seeing the wi-fi doorbell work, that never happened so, I emailed and explained the problem telling them that I had been working on this problem for days and to my amazement they refunded my account the entire amount and stated that when the customer has a problem they want to clear it up as soon as possible. Well, here I have an item that does not work but I was refunded the entire amount and will continue to buy from because of how they took care of this customer and I tell you all that this is a good company that you can trust. I did go ahead and purchase another doorbell and waiting for this one to arrive. Give WISH.COM a try and I bet you will get hooked like i did.


My sprinkler system is in part controlled by a PVB which allows the water to flow out to the irrigation system to water the grass. Well, after 5 years this valve went and the water spilled out of the valve. I was told that the repair of the valve would run about $225.00, this is not what you want to hear. What I did was to go onto the web and tried to get some information about this item and to see if I could do the repair. I called Sprinkler Warehouse and they could not help for they did not have that part, but they gave me to another staffer and what he did was to send me an email telling me all about this item and the breakdown of the parts I would need if I could find it. Well, because he took the time to do this for me I went further on the web and found Sprinkler Parts Warehouse and they had the part and paid around $50.00 for the kit and it was all plastic but it was exactly the parts I needed. I really thank Sprinkler Warehouse for all the help they afforded me and SAVED ME A LOT OF CASH about $175.00. I owed this company a review because what company tells you everything you need to know to get what you need and get the job done. They were good for me.

Tip for consumers:
You can learn if you go on to youtube and watch the video.


We first decided that we wanted new cabinets, upper and lower. Picked out everything we wanted and sat back and waited. One day the cabinet people 1 guy and his wife show up and start putting the cabinets together in the carport. He started putting up the cabinets when my wife said that these are not the cabinets, so, the guy calls Andy and yes we are right, these are not our cabinets so he had to take them down and take apart the ones in the carport and then left. I had to call to find out just when the job was going to start again. A week went by and here is this guy and his wife in the carport putting the cabinets together and this time they are the right ones. The designer made a mistake and the counters had to go back and be re-cut to the correct length. The the refrigerator width had to be re-done. Finally that was all done. The cabinets and counters looked beautiful but I found that I had to tell them things that they should already know since this is not the first job they ever did. If and when you deal with Andy's Cabinets in Casselberry, Florida make sure you dot the i's and cross the t's.

Tip for consumers:
When we had the wrong cabinets and then we changed them out for ours we found that the wrong cabinets were category 3 which is better, but we ordered category 2 with the quiet close, I though we got the better of the categories.


I was searching Best Buy when I got a help line from Laptop Charger Factory and this guy SAM let me help you. I told SAM I needed a charger and he told me it cost $16 and change but then he told me that if I wanted the item in 3 days it would cost 11,. 99 for shipping and I said absolutely not. I told him that they pay for delivery and then he said let me see what I can do, so I waited and he told me that he could give me 10% off the order I said no, then he said 15% and get the charger to me in 3 days for a total of $28 and change and then we did the deal, thinking he was helping. Sleeping on this whole deal, I realized the he charged me 16 + 12 = 28. So he thought he could pull a fast one, he didn't help me at all. So, I called American Express and explained to them what had taken place and American Express would now take over and told me that they would keep me posted, all they were waiting for was the charge to my account. I told American Express that I was going to do a return to sender and not except the package, but if I do get it I will take it to the post office. This is really a hell of a company. I read the reviews after i took this company to American Express. This is a company that is NO GOOD. BEWARE. Oh, and watch out for this guy called SAM. Fast talker, surprise the joke is on him.


I had made a deal with guy JUSTIN who was selling 27 Kennedy Half Dollars for $50.00 but accepted $45.00. He was paid and he handed me a tub of coins. When I got home I had only gotten 19 coins and not 27 and the guy said he miscounted but did not about it. I notified OfferUp about this deal and they told me to go to the police and report this problem. They said let the police handle it. I never went, for I would feel like I'm reporting about $4.00. So I will check the next time I make a deal, it was my own fault for not checking to make sure all went right. Now I trust no one, I check from now on.


It was about 10 PM and we decided to stop off at Applebee's and have dinner. We were seated and we were listening to the music and low and behold we saw the older woman standing with the music and she was the one singing. I tell you, you would have thought it was a recording for she sang so beautiful it was a joy listening to her sing. Boy could she carry a tune. It was really a nice atmosphere. This is a place that you would want to go back to if not just for the woman who was singing. Loved it.


Through Offerup I found this guy JUSTIN who was selling 27 Kennedy half dollars for $50.00. I asked if he would take $45.00 and he said yes. I got only 19 of the coins and when I notified Offerup all they said was go to the police and report a crime and only then will Offerup consider helping me out. Offerup is not on your side when you have a problem. I tell ya to STAY AWAY from this company for they are not on your side.


I had seen a show that was featuring Astoria VR and it kind of interested me in the VR world. So, I ordered it online and it came in and low and behold, the VRglasses in the box but no controller that I paid for and a 3 year warranty that was not enclosed nor talked about or written instructions of how to get the warranty. DO NOT BUY THIS VR FROM ASTORIA. I would say if you like VR then purchase it on AS SEEN ON TV, this one is good. Anyway, I email the company and all you get is I will look into this matter and that is as far as it goes. This VR is not worth the price they are asking.


I thought I would purchase a dash cam of good quality with an endless loop. I see this dash cam HD 1080P for $39.99. Well I ordered the product and I find that it has to be plug into the lighter plug of the car and then hit ON and nothing happened. To put it mildly, it did not work and I wrote the company and after all said and done they gave me $5.00, I mean they gave my credit card back the $5.00. Where they got that figure I don't know. It is a cheap piece of plastic that does not work, so I paid $39.99 and am I pissed. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THEM, they go by different names so watch out. This item is a SCAM. They go by another name which is FASTBUY, INC. NO GOOD.


I had gone to Youtube and was watching how to put a shatter proof glass screen on my cellphone. I went to Walmart and found the ProGlass for my Samsung S5. The price was about $10.00 so I bought two. I sat down and took off the piece of plastic from my screen and then followed the directions: 1 clean the screen, 2. Remove all lint, which was so easy with the cloth they supplied, 3. Remove the backing on the glass and applied the ProGlass shield and without bubbles and it just looked great. No more bubbles and the screen is now protected and it operates just fine with your finger, no problems at all. So, if you want to replace the plastic with glass try what I did, it is so easy, trust me I was amazed and I love it. Took me about 10 minutes. You will love the new look. Everything you need is included. Enjoy. From now on ProGlass on all my cellphones.

Tip for consumers:
ProGlass comes in for all "S" series cellphones


I have ordered 2 boxes of paper for my printer and before I knew it the delivery was at my door. Fast and easy. Same thing with inks I ordered from them, I received them quickly. I like doing business with Staples, because of prompt delivery.


The people at Lowe's are friendly and want to help you. They also are nice enough to issue me a discount as I am a veteran. I like the store for all the things I need. I will not go to Home Depot, these people are hard to find and they could not care who you are.


I came across looking for ink for my printer 3520 and could not believe the prices and the amount of cartridges I could purchase. The prices are just below all others and the product is just as good if not better and best of all the shipping is free and really fast, you could not ask for anything better. You have to see for yourself and order big or small they arrive at the mailbox fast and ready to go. You just have to try this company and you will be saying the same as me. You have nothing to loose when you choose to read the review. Let me know if you like them as much as I do.

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