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I wish ALL women knew about ELF (eyeslipsface)! Almost everything on that website is under $5, and most of the time they do specials (right now it's free shipping on orders over $25!)

My co-worker introduced me to this- she's bought over $30 in supplies- says all of them work fabulously and the shipping was fast! She's addicted to this site and I have to admit, I'm addicted too!

The makeup on this website isn't "fake" makeup either (you know, where it looks pretty in the case but not on your face) - it's high quality stuff!

I'm so sorry to get you addicted too... :)


There's good and bad about this.

First, the good. Every 60 minutes, a new piece of jewelry comes out with free jewelry and only $7 for shipping ANYWHERE. (usually rings, pendants and earrings- you do actually have to buy chains seperately). ACTUAL semi-precious stones, like blue topaz, citrine, peridot, etc...

I was skeptical about this at first. But after researching the website some more I found that the reason they do this is because the piece of jewelry is no longer popular, but it is already made. So they do this in hopes that you will come back to their website and order from their catelog! (Much like the free samples you get in magazines.) - so I was like "order one- it's only $7." So I did. And I've ordered at least 10 products now. It's great for Christmas gifts, or beautiful looking jewelry for free.

Now for the bad news- it is sterling silver, but PLATED sterling silver (meaning the metal they use is coated with sterling silver- so the whole piece isn't 100% sterling silver) Now, I'm too savvy to buy the actual pieces from their catelog, so I can't say much about that.

But for the price, who can beat it, really? You can walk into a store like Claire's and buy the same thing for $5. But it won't be a semi-precious stone. And honestly, if you're worried about the plated sterling silver rubbing off- then just get the pendants! You don't rub those against anything! :)


Haven't bought anything from them yet, but so far the prices are what's making me so intrigued. They aren't DIRT cheap, but they are decent clothes for the prices. I'm very happy about it. :)


Very awesome website- similar to ebay but used wedding material!

You can search by typing in an item, by color, by price, or by date listed. This website can use paypal (or you can type in your cc number).

I personally have not bought anything from this website, so I can't give reviews about shipping or anything. Which brings me to the only downfall I had- the reason being that the items I was searching for was not on there.

But hey- recycled and inexpensive wedding stuff? Heck yes!


Sometimes, there are silly things that people say on facebook. Like "I can't wait to find out if I'm going to be an aunt or an uncle!"

Yes, you guessed it. Facebook fails. Sometimes they are funny and sometimes not-so- funny, but it is definitely a good way to pass time.


Remember those math tables, the basic pre-algebra/algebra ones? That's what this is!

It helps you do the basic "a squared plus b squared equals c squared". And other general math equations.

I came across this and was like "Hey, good to know. I'd forgotten this!" :) Good stuff.


I love flyertalk! It's a community where you talk about... TRAVEL!:)

It is a forum filled with information on flights, hotels, car rentals, things to do, pictures... and so much more.

It's free to register and addictive too! I guess you just have to go there to see for yourself!


One of my all time favorite websites.

This site isn't only useful for weddings, either. It could be used to research ideas for parties, for just fun "hang-out" sessions or for fun!

There are a ton of DIY projects (Examples: Hair pins, glass candles wrapped in tissue paper to create different lighting, etc) and most of them are pretty easy and don't take much time.

Not only that, but they list places for where to buy wedding dresses, what to do and when (for the wedding countdown), different styles for different budgets and more!

There is sooooo much on this site and I am still browsing it- mostly picking up fun games to play at the next party I have.


Etsy is a wonderful world of home-made products that yourself (and others) can buy or sell.

Imagine a crafty ebay... exactly!

It's safe to use (paypal), it lets you search by genre or by typing- but, you know, people will still overprice their items. Yet you can send them a message- most of them will let you haggle a little bit!


I looooooooove autoslash! I can't say this enough.

If you're needing to rent a car, you just type in the location and it lets you select the type of vehicle you need for cheaper than you'll find anywhere else.

Not ONLY this, but if a cheaper price occurs, it re-books the same vehicle for you and sends you a new confirmation through email.

If you don't trust me, just google reviews on it! It's amazing!


I love craigslist.

There's always new material every day and though there are some scam posts- craigslist usually is able to catch onto em.

You can search by typing, by image, by minimum or maximum dollars, etc.

There are so many GOOD things about craigslist that it outweighs the bad. :)


I was so excited to check out this site my friend reccommended to me. At first, I was browsing through every coupon offer and getting excited that I was saving a bunch of money. Now, it's the opposite.

Their site is structured in the wrong areas. They let you see the coupons that are expiring today- which is great- but the only other alternative is to browse through the zillion coupons they have for different websites classified alphabetically.

Don't get me wrong, it's a fantastic way to save money- especially since it's free- but most of them are "free shipping", "10% off", "Buy 2 get one free"- which are usually stated ON the websites' main page. I honestly would rather search google for coupons after I have a checkout screen ready- it would save me more time then shopping for coupons.


This website is definitely worth your time if you're into technology- or nerdy things. The guy who runs it posts something new every day- whether it's a picture of someone's "lego-made wii-mote" or a punching human robot hand, Pretty neat- and a plus- the blogs are funny.


Stumble Upon basically lets you customize your own favorites (such as sewing, reading, England, History, Movies, etc) and let's you click the "stumble" button to bring you to a random webpage according to your favorites. You can sign up for free and connect or "follow" others.

It's a great website to pass the time, laugh, or learn something new! I would definitely reccommend this site to anyone.

10/15/10 (Word for word)

-What are the costs associated with the auctions?
The base cost for a bid is $1. However, you can buy bids at a discounted price when bought in bid packages of 25, 50, 100, 250, or 500. When you win an auction, you will pay the "item sold" price listed on the auction IN ADDITION to what you have spent on bidding for that item.

-Is there a guarantee on auctioned products?
Purchased items are subject to the warranty provided by the manufacturer. does not offer product guarantees.

-What is your return policy?
If you are not satisfied with any auction item you have purchased, you may return it for a full refund within 14 days, unused and in its original package. A full refund is considered to be the price you paid for the winning item at the end of the auction at check-out, this does NOT include shipping and handling charges. No refund will be given for the cost of any or all bids that may have been used to place a bid.

So, basically- everytime you bid, you're paying a dollar and if you don't win, you don't get that dollar back. If you do win, you are being "double billed" paying for the prize AND paying for your bid for the prize.

Not only that, but on TOP of that, you are being billed for a shipping charge? And " does not offer product guarantees". So... they haven't even checked to see if it's in working condition.

Oh, and if you decide you don't like it, you can ship it back and they'll refund you for the product- but not for your bid for the product.

I would say it's the worst scam ever, but some people ACTUALLY think they are getting a good deal- so perhaps they are not the worst scam...

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