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Im tired of all the "un-professional professionals" and want to expose them. Sites like ZocDoc.com protect them form that, and need to have those reviews ignored, too!


Science, music of all types, and good food.

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Stay away from this faker. - He charges $250.00 per 1 hour session and gives you nothing. He'll try to con you to take more sessions while you're still under hypnosis, and not fully wake you up, so he can "suggest" you listen to his con-games. - He doesn't like when you record his sessions, so do it often, and don't tell him. This way you'll be able to listen to it again, later, and see how he lied to you. - Also, record your first phone call wiith him. - He will try to hypnotize you on the phone to go to him, and he'll even attempt to charge you for this, as his "first session" with him, later on. - He lists himself as a hypno-therapist but the company who "trained him" admitted to me the training course was only 120-hours... Then when he can't help you, he'll say, "... I never said I was a therapist..." - What a joke. - This guy should be taken off the Internet... His YouTube videos are faked. I felt nothing, if anything, during his sessions with me, and the recordings of them showed me how he attempted to use NLP on me to get more sessions. - NLP- is Neuro-Linguistic-Programming... Look it up on Google. - It means, basically, using voice inflections, and accented words or slowed speaking of the phrase or word you want someone to follow, to control your actions. - By watching you, or even over a phone call, listening to your speech pattern, he gets an idea how to con you. - what a waste, and clown...!


A real wise guy!... Ruined a good healthy tooth on top, by flattening its ridges to make room for his crown below... without asking me if I want to let him cut away healthy tooth tissue, first. Now that tooth is giving me problems too.!... What's the point of taking an impression of the mouth if you don't leave the surrounding teeth alone. And this root-canal still hurts!... Food is constantly being packed under the gum, thru a gap in the crown... Also, left a gaping hole in another tooth I had him look at, that was giving discomfort, without telling me the hole in the side was there, and not fixing it, after I constantly complained of discomfort on that side... He even pushed his dental pick through the side of that tooth and saw it went into it, and never told me of the hole in the side of that tooth... Didn't listen to my complaints of pain, of the food being packed into that gaping hole... But knew how to charge $2,700.00 for his "work" on the root-canal, of the other tooth... It seems he wanted to leave the gaping hole in there so it gets worse and needs another root-canal on that tooth too...!... I was also told the price AFTER he started working on that root-canal, instead of giving me the price before, to let me decide if I wanted to use his services, or not... If he just treated ME like this, I'd like to know WHY?... Otherwise, this could be his normal way of doing things... under-handed, and deceptive... Not recommended.!... I checked the American Dental Association web site, and he's not listed there, just Dr. Green is, but not him. (he shares an office with Dr. Green, in Brooklyn), even at Fabers NYC office, no mention of Albert E. Faber on the ADA site,... So he's not even a member of the ADA... You're better off finding a dentist by someone's recommendation, rather than "hit-and-miss" by looking on-line... This guy is dangerous to your dental health... He sure was to mine...!... Now I have more pain than when I first came to his office, on all sides of my mouth.!... What a piece of... (well, you can fill in the missing word, I'm sure!)


Review update, December 24th 2015...
And a message to Yext employees, and Execs...

(Which still shows as the wrong number, even to this date)

I'm sure you are all happy now, and doing a YEXT happy dance...!

Don't bother to try and 'reach-out' to me, privately, or publicly... because you had the chance to change the wrong information, but refused to, since 2012, without ME PAYING your EXTORTION FEES.

I never put the incorrect phone number of my business on ANY of your partnered web search site listings, but you required a payment from me to remove them.

You should ALL be put out of business too, but by the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT, as well as JAILED, for your actions.

You posted the wrong info by illegally taking control of listings for my site, then changing the info there, or even simply posted the wrong info again, after I was successful in removing it myself in 2013.

I hope you all die of brain cancer, and your families too...!

It's funny how I was the very FIRST negative YEXT reviewer here, warning people of your actions... and since then MANY MORE have also posted their negative reviews as well.
I'm just happy I was able to bring your illegal activities out in the open,
For others to see 'the man behind the curtain'.
At least my business closing because of YOU, had some good outcome,
By bringing this to the internet, for everyone to see what liars you all are.

Fall off the face of the earth, and go straight to hell,
That's where you'd all fit-in most comfortably.

------- original Review-----

This company, YEXT Inc., forces a business to pay for a year of service to remove incorrect information from all their partnered sites. - That's EXTORTION, pure and simple, because the links to fix it go to them, instead of the actual site the incorrect info shows on. - And YEXT doesn't give you control to change the info unless you pay them - They have three links on their partnered sites, for creating, changing, and claiming a website listing. - If you don't PAY for a years worth of their "service" you are NOT allowed to change or remove any of the incorrect info. - I never put anything on any of the sites they partner with, but my incorrect business phone number showed, and I can't remove it, and YEXT says they can't either, unless I buy an account, instead of just asking their "partner site" to remove it free - Their partner, YellowMoxie. Com doesn't want to remove it either, when I asked them. I have an abuse complaint pending, with their ISP providers... I'll next go to the FCC,... The BBB. Org site rates YEXT "C minus"... Not surprising.!...:-)... This is a BAD company, and very unethical... So, it seems, YellowMoxie. Com is too... Stay away...!... Maybe ALL the YEXT partnered sites are as bad too, if they let this happen.

Yext P. – Yext Rep

We have reached out to you privately to personally address your comments and concerns.

Please don't hesitate to reach out to our Support Department directly with any questions at 888-921-8247 from 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday EST. View...


After using a dentist, based on the 37 favorable reviews shown on ZocDoc.com, it turned out that dentist wasn't anywhere as good as the biased reviews said... I wanted to post a negative review about this dentist but was told I can not, because I didn't "book" the appointment from the ZocDoc.com site, first... And was told to read their "review policy" regarding it... I offered to show proof I used the dentist in question, but wasn't given any consideration to do so, and was told, by the ZocDoc REP, the dentists advertising on their site request this policy... When I read a review site, I'm not thinking of writing a review before using the dentist, and have NO need to view any "review policy"... This site seems to "protect" the dentists from negative reviews, hiding behind this "review policy", without regard for the public users "right-to-know" the truth about the dentists advertising on ZocDoc.com... I strongly suggest to the public, to IGNORE all reviews on ZocDoc.com as biased, and paid-for by the dentists listed there, as simply advertising for bad dentists who want to keep their secret.

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