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20-something y/o who loves shopping online a little too much! I am always wanting to share my different shopping experiences to help others when shopping online!

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I have absolutely no complaints when it comes to Pacifica as a brand and also as an online store.

I've ordered from them directly multiple times, and every single time standard shipping took only a few days. They package everything neatly and minimalistically. There has never been any unnecessary filler plastic in the box. They use a box only as big as needed, paper to keep everything from jostling around, and that's it. I really appreciate the minimalistic packaging, as that's something that has really bothered me with other companies.

Their products are all really wonderful. I've certainly enjoyed the fragrances they offer. I get compliments from everyone when I wear a Pacifica scent. The prices are honestly really reasonable considering the products are vegan, cruelty free, and made in the USA.

Beyond all of that, the fact that many of their products are available in stores at Target, is just a bonus. Replacing products I use and love is super easy!

I couldn't recommend Pacifica enough!


I first discovered P&J Trading on Amazon. I ordered three sets of oils through Amazon, but I was really wanting a set that was personal to me, not just random oils I hoped I'd like.

I'd seen in the little catalog that was sent with my third set that they offered a Create Your Own option in all set sizes. I went to their site directly, selected a set of six, and was even more delighted to discover that they offer free shipping.

It took a total of 4 days to receive my set in the mail, which isn't bad at all!

I definitely reccomend P&J Trading for fragrnce oils. They offer so many scents, you're sure to find something anyone would enjoy, they ship free, and shipping is fast!


If you are new to corsets and waist training, Orchard Corset is a great place to get started! The site is loaded with helpful information, and if you still have questions you are able to contact an expert to get further help. These experts can offer sizing suggestions based on your measurements, from the size of corset that will best fit, to the length, hip ties or not. Every corsets individual measurements are available in the details.

I've just purchased my second corset from them, and the quality is just incredible for the price. These are high quality, affordable corsets.

They offer discounts and coupon codes almost all of the time, and shipping is super quick. Everything comes packaged nice and neatly.

I have nothing but good things to say about Orchard Corset. From the site, to the customer service, to the knowledge they put out there for anyone to access. Everything is so genuinely enjoyable.


I planned on ordering a Timeless Trends corset shortly after I ordered my very first corset from another company. The one I was interested in was apart of their hourglass lite collection, and I'd heard great things about it from a friend of mine. The regular price ($65) was reasonable, and the sale price ($55) was also great. I was willing to pay either, and the $9 shipping charge.

I had some concerns with ordering from Timeless Trends. With the other company I ordered from, the corset's specific measurements were in the description. I couldn't find these measurements with any TT corsets, anywhere on the site, or anywhere else for that matter. I have a shorter torso, so length of each different points on the corset is very important to me.

When I finally decided to just go ahead and order one, I found the site was down for maintenance/updates. I checked back everyday waiting for it to be back up. It finally was after waiting for what felt like forever, and I was incredibly saddened to find the hourglass lite collection was being clearances out, and the size I needed was gone entirely. The new ones that were identical to the hourglass lite ones were $80. With how unsure of the dimensions I still was, I wasn't willing to spend nearly $100.

A few weeks later, I decided on a limited edition that was price dropped from over $100 to $75 or so. It was even more of a gamble because this was final sale, no returns. I accepted that, and placed my order.

Shipping took no time. The corset was packaged beautifully. I have no complaints there.

The corset itself was just breathtaking. I was beyond excited to lace up the first time, but i quickly found the laces to be really short. Once I did get it on, I had no trouble getting down to about a 3 inch gap, so I knew the issue was definitely the laces and not the size being wrong for me. I have since ordered new, longer lacing.

I do have one issue with the corset. I find that the corset will slightly turn on me as I am wearing it because I have very uneven ribs (one coming to a single point, the other to a double point). I don't have this issue with other corsets, so I am lead to believe it has to do with the "cupped" ribs on the TT one. I was looking to add a review directly to their site, but it is not an option. While looking through the corsets on their site, I did notices this same sort of turning in many of the images provided. I don't know whether it is a normal occurrence, but I do worry the eventually my corset will become permanently deformed. With how much I paid, I would expect it to last quite some time.

I don't know if I'd order from TT in the future. The price hikes with the recent update to their site make me a lot more hesitant to consider them when ordering a new corset.


I first discovered Aladdin products at Walmart. I had a water bottle that quickly became my favorite. I only had two when I stopped seeing them in stores. After quite some time, they were in rough shape, and I was looking to replace them.

I went right to the company itself instead of another online store, because I was interested in other products as well. I ordered the water bottle I already loved, a second one, a set of plates, and a set of bowls.The total came to about $45. I was charged for my order, sent confirmation emails, everything I expected to see.

I received multiple missed calls, and eventually a voicemail was left. The voicemail basically said that a single item from my order was out of stock, so they were just going to cancel the order entirely. I was pretty bummed, but if that's how they handle things with out of stock items that's how it was going to be. I planned on placing a new order once I got my refund. Over a week passed, no call, no email, nothing about my refund. I was checking every day to see if the refund had appeared in my account. I emailed customer service with no reply. I eventually had to file a dispute with my bank to get my money back, because the company wouldn't issue for whatever reason. Once I filed the dispute and was granted a temporary credit from my bank, they emailed me about my refund.

It shouldn't have been like that, at all. The company chose to cancel my order due to a single item being out of stock, yet chose not to issue me a refund immediately upon cancellation? They chose to ignore emails I made inquiring about the refund I should 100% be granted? That is not how you run a business. I expected a lot more.

After my experience, I refused to own or repurchase any products from this brand. It was entirely inexcusable.


Target's site is really great. There is a wide selection of everything, and the free shipping minimum is reasonable. The fact that they offer free shipping & returns for a couple months before Christmas is really great.

I do have a couple of issues. I have found many items that are "no longer available", yet remain listed on the site for days, even weeks. I understand them not updating every single day, but after a few days things should be updated.

The other issue I have, is how many separate packages a single order is shipped in. I recently placed three orders, one being 7 items, the other being 4 items. I'm receiving a total of ELEVEN packages for three orders. It just seems ridiculous.


I didn't read the reviews here or on other sites until after I'd already placed my order. The reviews made me incredibly nervous, but there was nothing I could do to cancel my order at that point.

I placed my order very early in the morning, and the package was delivered in only six days. I hadn't received any emails about items being out of stock, something I'd notice was common in reviews. I went through my package to make sure everything I'd ordered was in there. I'd ordered fourteen things. There were fourteen items. One however was not something I had ordered, and something I had ordered was missing. The missing item was a dress I found in the clearance section for $6. I was pretty excited about it, as it was a beautiful pink dress. In it's place was a pair of high waisted distressed jeans. I'm a bit disappointed as I'd much rather have the dress I ordered, I'd never wear the jeans they sent in it's place. It was only $6 though, not enough to waste time trying to return the jeans.

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