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We ordered our checks and received them 14 days later. They were shipped
Via USPO in a large shipping envelope. 300 checks [kitty prints] delivered for
Nine cents per check. I called their teley, after placing an Internet order, and
They changed the check style for me.
Please as punched and will buy from them again. They are located in Wisconsin.
Nice to find a firm which provides a good product and service!:<))


If one needs oxygen, moisture, ethylene or silica get packets
Absorbers, this firms offers decent prices and fast delivery.

Their website is excellent and they have just one price, which
Includes delivery and taxes. We received the product in four days
After ordering via USPO. Will buy from them again!

Products used:
Oxygen absorbers


This use to be a good outfit, but now they are deceptive.
Their checks boxes are now only 125 single checks; down
From the decade old 150 count.

If you want free shipping, these dirty guys play a game on yous.
First, you select your choice of check styles; input all the data and
On the last page, before approving the payment, they have a small
Box on the lower right, which tells the customer, that for $6.00 and
Additional handling charge, you will only receive 30 single checks or
20 cents per check!

BTW, if you order checks via, Walmart, they are their checking printing vendor.

I gave them one star because they answered their teley.


This outfit has a shipping price issue! We had plan to order 75 pounds of flour.

I got three different shipping prices on their website, using two different browsers.
This was for addresses all in the metro-plex. From $54 to $71 were the quotes
For shipping. How could this be? All three addresses were within fourteen miles of
One another. I believe they are charging based on income for zip codes. Such
Metrics are commercial available and gives gross income per zip code.

The guy from "consumer service" said, "we have no control over shipping prices."
Sure thing dude, your shipper has a bot on your website which controls the shipping
Quote. LOL, LOL Informed buyers known full well, that there are firms whom mark up
Shipping to add to the bottom line.

He offered to take the order on the tele with the lowest shipping price, but at that
Stage, I did not trust this Utah firm anymore.

There are so many millers, that you do not have to deal with an incompetent business,
Such as Central Milling.

I should add, that their website appeared not to work very well.

Please, shop elsewhere, least your wallet be milled too.


If you order one of their barrels, make sure it is shipped with
One of their employees in it!

Why did I give them two stars? They answered their tele and they
Are a Texas firm.

It took them four days to reply to an email [included weakend].
The items were shipped in two parts and it took 15 days to receive.
All three items were shipping free, yet I was charged $5.oo for shipping. [shipping is free after you pay for it]
I could not delete the shipping charges on their website. It stated to send an email for a shipping quote.

The pump that we purchased, did not fit the container and had to be cut again. Weak!

We would never order from them again - too many bloody issues. Not a pleasant shopping experience.


These people will lie and cheat you and never pay with cash. They are dishonest
And completely incompetent. The retail store will axe you to call their customer service
Line, whom will tell you to go back to the retail store.

Moreover, if you leave an urban area and any four lane highway, you will most likely
Lose service. Their service map is complete bull, as many of the rural area has no service.
And if they do, once you leave a small town, within two miles your cell phone will no longer
Be of use, other than to call 911. I have traveled as much as 30 miles without any service;
This does not happen with Verizon. This is why folks in rural country do not use Terrible Mo Bile.

This also applies to the off-brand cell providers using T-Mo Bile cell system.

Products used:
cell service


These guys talk about their great attention to service but I left
My phone number [they claim heavy call volume] [how many times
Have you heard dat] and after two days never received a call back.

If they can not return a call for a very simple question, what are they
To do to you as a paying customer


I will give them two stars for their warranty and website, however,
Their customer service sucks.

They do not list the length of their rifles in their specs. I had to email them four
Times before I received a half helpful reply to my questions. Under their "contact us"
Is a telephone icon but when you click it, the user gets nothing. In other words, they do
Not wish to hear from you, despite the fact that their rifles sell for close to a grand.

And when I check the local BBB, they had a very sad rating of 1.82, with over 50

If you are looking for a field rifle, go to a supplier whom cares about their customers
Because Bear S++t Arsenal does not.

Bear C. – Bear Creek Arsenal Rep

Hello, I am sorry you had a delay in response. We try to help everyone as quickly as possible but sometimes, due to the current political atmosphere and an overwhelming amount of orders/contacts we do fall slightly behind. Our number is 919-292-6000 and is listed on our Google page and website. If you require further assistance please be sure to reach out.
The BCA Marketing Team

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