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This is a great place to eat there's one right outside of Philly on 309. I like how you can choose your steak when you walk in. The wait is usually never too long and the food is delicious! This place is also relatively cheap, much cheaper than outback.


I'm not a fan of this organization. Anyone can pay them to be accredited or approved by them and as long as you keep paying their fee you're accredited. Simple mafia tactic only when you don't pay they don't destroy your shop. They just mark you as unaccredited and might give you a bad review. If this organization was government controlled (which would never happen because of possible reperocussions) then maybe they would have MY approval. Also, FYI to all of you out there any idiot can pay some joe schmo to approve of his business, it still doesn't prove that they are legitimate.


I go on a decent amount of penny auction sites from time to time but, I just don't like this one. Not only do I see comercials for it but they send me spam mail... it's annoying. There are too many people bidding on this site so if it is possible for someone to win items then good luck being the last bidder. One thing that I don't like is that they send you spam email... why? When you have comercials on tv; something seems shady there. Also, I like how they boast about being BBB (Better Business Bureau) approved or accredited. Most people believe the BBB to be government controlled or to actually have legal action or powers to take a business to court. They don't. In fact anyone can have an accredited approval rating from the BBB... you just have to pay them a fee and they aprove of you. In turn the BBB is a scam in its own right, it's sort of a mafia tactic only they don't come in your shop and destroy it when you don't pay, they just don't approve of your business or maybe even give you a bad review. My apologies, I kinda rambled on for a minute.

My theory, the site probably is legit if they are ballsy enough to advertise on tv, it's just there are too many people bidding on items to actually stand a chance.


This dude is hilarious, read his stories on his site they are funny. Also read his book I hope They Serve Beer in Hell it is funny as hell.


For the idea of last minute tickets this site is good, but I've recently had some problems when buying Phillies tickets last fall when they over charged me then gave me different tickets with horrible seating and after I had received them I called up and said these aren't my tickets. So then they said that my tickets had already been sold. They would not give me a refund and they basically told me that I'm sh*t out of luck and to take it or leave it. After that they stopped responding to my emails and phone calls. To save face I was able to get my credit card to reverse the charges (thank God) which took a while but eventually came through. I used to really like this site but after that experience never again.


This is such a funny site, this guy should have his own tv show. He also has a book called The Alphabet of Manliness.


This site is alright. I've found better deals going on "non-bidding" websites. I really haven't had any real problem with them. I've won a few gift cards and an ipod mini but thats about it. These sites are real easy to get sucked into essentially it's online gambling. But like I said I have found better deals on other websites like amazon, tigerdirect or overstock.


I love comedy central. The Tosh. 0 blog is hilarous and so is his show.


I like it, more importantly I like the store. My wife and I found a super walmart about 45mins outside of Philadelphia and needless to say I got impressed. I felt like a kid in a candy shop.


I'm not a fan of it. The main thing that turned me off is their search engine. It makes decisions that I just don't like. Google never did me wrong.


This site is alright, sometimes you can find some good deals and other times you're just better off looking somewhere else.


I left this bank because of 2 reasons. One being absolutely poor customer service and the other because they were open during strange hours. The one near me was open 5 days a week and each day had crazy hours like for i. G. 10-12pm then 3 to 4:30pm in the same day. The best decision I made was to switch to Commerce.


Hit or a miss. Some questions are funny, serious or bizzare. The same really applies for their answers as well. More often then not I feel that people on yahoo answers are either full of it or they don't know their butt from a hole in the ground. Take what people say with a grain of salt.


Target reminds me of clover. Target.com is alright and sometimes you can find some decent deals but I absolutely love going in the store in the move section! Nothing beats seeing semi decent movies for 4.50 to 5$ brand new!


I definately do not recommend this site. I'm not saying it doesn't work but you do have to go through a lot of loop holes just to apply for the job you want, then you find out that they're not actually hiring at all let alone the position you've applied for. I have yet to find a site that actually is decent for job hunting.


Scam, I've had better luck with other penny sites. Just remember whatever you spend on these sites just to "save a buck" there is no guarentee you will win if you even can win. Stick with amazon or something, I've always have good luck with them.


I stumbled across this site a few weeks ago and I just became a member today! I really like what most people have to say and I haven't come across any spam so far so GREAT JOB!


At first I though paypal was a neat idea. It doesn't take long to set up and if you link your bank account it usually take a few days and you're ready to go. However some transactions you make over a few hundred dollars might suspend or freeze your account, even if you have made those transactions all the time. I feel like paypal trys to hard to be a bank but operates semi-unprofessionally.


This site has a lot of great deals, it's worth checking out!

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