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Love helping people. Sometimes I need help myself. It takes a man to admit his faults. Don't like women who wear a lot of make-up or men who think the world owes them a livin'. Degrees in Public Administration & Science / Physics Currently have 10 dogs all rescued. Two of them are "Jack Russel Terrors" Love em' all. My Vet always has his hands full with all my critters.

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Automotive Mechanics - Thoroughbred Horse Racing - Music - PC problems - Physics /Space / Science - Dogs


Family - Blues Musician - Dogs - Horse Racing - Physics - Muscle Cars-Street Rods - Animals - Life

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Something new for those who need to send a fast payment. This takes the place of the "GreenDot Moneycard" that was giving many people a problem and getting scammed by thieves over the phone. "Paynearme" is great. If I want to pay a bill I forgot about and don't want the hassle of dealing with a customer service idiot who's gonna tell me there's an extra charge of $10 for the expedited service, I can go to a "Seven-Eleven" or a "Family Dollar" store and get it done immediately for less than $5. I think it's actually $4.99 for up to sending $500. I use it for funding my handicapping accounts in Thoroughbred Horse Racing. Faster than an electronic bank withdrawal and much - much cheaper than using a credit card. Just join up, find your nearest location, print out the bar code and you're good to go. By the way, I love going to those Dollar stores anyway. Just sayin'.


These guys are great. Especially when they mix Polka Music with Spanish.


The Green Dot Moneypak is great - if it works. If you don't know what you're doing you will delete the amount on the card and have to notify Green Dot for a reimbursement, which can take weeks. Green Dot had some major issues with this card around 2012 - 2013 because of all the scams going on with people trying to take advantage of other people with it. Walmart doesn't handle them anymore and it's rare to find a Turkey Hill that will sell you one. CVS still sells them BUT make sure you get a newer card that is dated 2014 or newer. ALSO, make sure after you pay for the card and get it loaded that you get a receipt that shows it's loaded. If not, ask the cashier to re-try. If still no good ask for your money back before you leave. I love these cards when they work for loading my Horse Racing accounts or Paypal. Just tellin' my opinion.

Tip for consumers:
Update: "Green Dot Moneypak" no longer sold.


Nothing's perfect in life, but I like this site because I can get a quick fix on someone without jumping through hoops. You might have to pay a little for some "in depth" info on a fella'.


What bothers me about Yahoo is that they keep changing the home page. Just when you get a handle on things they mess it up again. This morning when I signed in I couldn't belive their "new and improved" home page that looks like it was designed by a 10 year old with colors all over the place that don't match, and advertisements that only slow down my computer.


Very good site if you're having any computer issues. I went there to find out which is better. Internet Explorer or Fire Fox? Couldn't get a straght answer due to biased opinions. Maybe I can run both. I did learn NOT to delete IE since it runs programs for my Windows.


This is not a high caliber site for information. Nothing personal.
But always remember,
"If you read it on the internet it must be true."


This "spokeo" site has a one line motto they use all the time.

"I'm sorry to hear that our service did not meet your expectations."
"I'm sorry to know..."
"I'm sorry you didn't..."
"I'm sorry we couldn't..."

I'm sorry I used them.

Spokeo I. – Spokeo Rep

Dear Bob,

We want to make sure that your experience with Spokeo Customer Care is a positive one. We would like to thank you for addressing your concerns, and are happy to assist in resolving this issue. We are a search engine that specializes in finding people. Many of our customers have had the opportunity to reunite with lost family, friends, and loved ones, and that is something we are proud to be a part of. Our subscriptions are set up to renew automatically so that those who use our services on a regular basis can do so without any interruption. We sincerely apologize for any misunderstanding, or any inconvenience this experience has caused. Please give a member of our Customer Care team a call at 888-906-0850 at your earliest convenience. We are more than happy to help!

Spokeo Customer Care


Low-Price Guarantee
They offer automotive parts at the lowest prices possible. They guarantee that their products are the lowest that you'll find online. When you compare their products to parts offered by other sites, you'll see the difference!

In fact, if you find a part from another store that's cheaper than what they offer, they will beat or match that price!

I have some old Gold & Silver coins I want to sell. I asked this out-fit what's the guarantee I'll get a decent price and I was told I would. Somethin' here smells a little fishey. This is their rules / options.

1. Request your FREE, INSURED ScrapGold Kit by completing a simple form!

2. Place your unwanted gold and platinum jewelry, watches or accessories in the pre-paid, insured FedEx envelope. Drop the envelope off at any FedEx location at NO CHARGE!

3. We'll send you a CHECK within 24 hours! Or, if you prefer, we'll deposit your payment directly into your CHECKING ACCOUNT using our convenient CashNetPlus system!

Anyone ever deal with these people?


Been using this Tennessee based company for about 10 years and never had a problem. Very good prices and prompt service. You can get free shiping and free samples too. ALSO they do have a live person to talk to if you have any questions or issues.


100% Mustang parts and accessories. Great company from Malvern, Pennsylvania. I've bought thousands of dollars worth of stuff from them and never had an issue. Everything is FAST - FREE shipping & no hassles if you gotta talk to a real person on the phone. They know their sh-t when it comes to Mustangs. They even send you free catalogs specific to the year Mustang you own. COUPONS too. ($5 - $10 off) I ordered 4 racing tires mounted & balanced and filled with Nitrogen. UPS dropped them off in 2 days. All 4 packaged in seperate boxes and Free shipping. Can't beat it. Wish I had more money to spend. Makes me feel like a kid again.


Seems like a bunch of people miss the boat cause they either don't read the info or just panic when things don't go their own way. I never had a problem and got plenty of very good answers. The bad or not so good answers that I knew were a bunch of bull I got my money back, no problem, just call them and talk to a live person. Don't keep sending worthless emails to a robot.

For Pay-Per-Question Customers, if you do not provide a star rating of 3,4 or 5, and are not satisfied with your experience on JustAnswer for any reason, then as your sole remedy and within thirty (30) days of when you paid to ask your question on JustAnswer, you may request a refund by calling Customer Service (available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week) at *******220. Please check your My Questions page before requesting a refund to make sure you have viewed the most up-to-date responses to your question. If you have provided a star rating of 3,4 or 5 or more than thirty (30) days have elapsed since your payment, you will not be entitled to a refund.

For Subscription Customers, you may cancel your subscription at any time and request a refund of that period's fee minus any monies already paid to Professionals by contacting Customer Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at *******220.

To cancel a subscription, you may contact Customer Service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at *******220, or log into your JustAnswer account


I've been using this site for about a year and have saved a lot of money. This is not only for people but also pets, that's how I found it. My one dog is on phenobarbital due to having seizures. The monthly pharmacy prices ranged from $17 to $32 a month. That gets a little expensive on a yearly basis. NOW I pay between $7.15 to $9.47
The drug industry is like the stock market, it fluctuates monthly. No gimmicks here. Just find the lowest prices at your local pharmacy and print out the coupon. Check it out, I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.


I started ordering from them many years ago, back in the early 60's, when their name was "Warshawsky & Co." Never had an issue with price, but people must remember in order to get that low price, they will drop ship from other warehouses throught the country and foreign. It doesn't hurt to pick up the phone and call them directly in Chicago to get a LIVE person to give you an approximate time period and not always trust the time given on the internet.


It's OK. If you never made your own resume. But employers have seen it all before and with the economy the way it is are looking for energetic employees with minds and talents of their own.
I'd like to know out of all the people who love this site and used it, what % actually got hired and for how long.

Laura T. – LiveCareer Rep

Dear Bob,

Thanks for your great question. We don’t always know when people get jobs, but we do get many emails and phone calls from happy customers that have been hired quickly after building a resume with Resume Builder. We always love to hear the feedback, and continue to add tools and features that make getting a job even easier!

If you have further questions, you can also contact our customer service team for help! We are available 18 hours a day, 7 days a week from 6am- Midnight EST at toll free 1-888-816-0576 or through live chat on our site. If you prefer you can send us an email to: We also list our contact information on our "Contact Us" and "About Us" Pages on our site.

Best Regards,



NO - NO - NO - etc...

This is a "Scam Payment Site"
Scam Name: hxxp :// PAYITRUST. COM Creation Date: 25-feb-2013
Trusted Payment Site Name: hxxp :// PAYTRUST. COM Creation Date: 11-sep-1998
(note the scam site has added 1 extra letter = the " I "
Trusted site used for: hxxp :// intuit. Com, hxxp :// quicken. Com

Typical here today & gone tomorrow company.
Along with your money.


I have been using "searchalot" for years and I love it. Go there and you will find a ton of info for searching the internet. Don't just limit your web info to only one search engine like Google. Give yourself the opportunity to expand and as they say in "Star Trek" - "Go where no man has gone before." (just a little pun intended)


Obviously Akemi Mokoto, considered Sexiest Man Alive, who has a self made up name, who is not Japanese but American, who hates America and posts pictures on his website that are disgusting... Has a definite Mental Problem.
That's my opinion.

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