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JW.org I believe is the best website there is to help you learn answers to any of life's questions you may have. Also on this website you will find very comforting bible advice to help you deal with any and all trials you through. There is advice for people of all ages, children, and teens, couples and family, and provides many experiences of people who once weren't Jehovahs witnesses but became them and have found being a Jehovah's Witness the best life they could have. Many have said negative things about Jehovahs witnesses. But even tho I am 16 I have the strong bible based belief that Jehovahs witnesses are the true religion. I have watched all the experiences on Jw.org and watched almost all the talks on it. Without anyones input I have built up a relationship with Jehovah God and feel he is the truest God. People who say the negative things they do, never truly had faith and never truly had a good relationship with God. True, their upbringing may have had something to do with it, or they may have been disfellowshipped, or they may have recieved a bad witness. For one thing, we do have a disfellowshipping or disassociating arrangement where a person who sinned (such as committing immorality or having like sex before marriage) and doesn't repent, or feel sorry for their sins and want to turn around and do good, is dissociated from the congregation until they decide to turn around. As a result, it may seem like they were "shunned" but really they were dissacociated so that the rest of the congregation is protected or not influenced into the wrong path that disfellowshipped one chose. And for another thing, if they recieved a bad witness, such as Jehovahs witnesses who came knocking at their door said they should become Jehovahs witnesses or they will be destroyed (which is very abrupt), that's because that was in the past and now Jehovahs witnesses aren't trying to force people to become a witness, they're encouraging it and welcoming it. If you have doubts, please go through the website as I have and build up your faith. Also, Jehovahs witnesses go door to door because in Matthew 28:19,20 Jesus commanded us too and also Jehovah God wants as many to be saved before he destroys this wicked world. Would you not feel unhappy if a fire was coming and no one told you about it and you didn't manage to escape and died, because no one told you? Well that's what JW's do. Oh one more thing, being a Jehovah's witnesses is more than just being in a religion, it's about having a close relationship with Jehovah God, feeling close to him, knowing you can be his friend as it were like other faithful examples such as Noah, Abraham, and many others. (Read Hebrews 11 for more examples of faith) I warmly invite you to visit Jw.org

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