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I joined this website as it boasted of being the number 1 Ukrainian dating website. Do not believe that for a second. I spoke to the customer support branch in Cypress, they assured me that all the girls were real and that they were verified by passport. What support did not mention is who is writing the profile! Whether it was the website or the ladies. Almost all the ladies fall into the following categories, Doctor, Model, with some other professions sprinkled in for good measure. You are charged for everything you do on the site and are required to buy NON refundable coins 200 coins cost about $70 and you will not get any money back. While I had many responses, They very much seemed auto generated. Many I could tell had not read my profile this is what made me very suspicious of this site. I would say stay away from it!

Tip for consumers:
Just dont use this site or at least dont spend any money there!!!

Products used:
I used the online dating and contact part of this site


I thought I would check out the prices and services of Roman the ED place you see on TV and Pornhub and lots of other places. Not at all impressed with them, first you have to order in your first order 3 months worth the first time around and there is a cost for the Doctor as well. My state requires a Tele-exam as well. I was contacted by a physician and told to come on line and they would get this right out of the way. Not so much I waited 30 minutes and still no doctor! I received an email telling me I might still get billed. I told them if I did I would file a complaint with the board of Medicine. All around I think Blink Health or Hims might be a better way to go. Would not trust these people at all!

Tip for consumers:
ED Hair Loss this kind of thing dont think I would use it for any purpose to be honest


I thought I would give this site a try and see how it worked. It is not so great. Like many sites it over promises and under delivers. Supposedly you get some free credits to begin with I did not. I checked on login and never seen any. I also bought some credits as well. You are billed for chatting by the credits you have. I bought 2.99 and got 20 credits however this is a one time buy the next time you have to spend 19.99 and get 50 credits and that can only be done a couple of times. The price steadily increases. I started to find out that the site also generates emails to you to bring you back to the site as well. You can like Pictures for free and the lady is notified about this and the site has a wink option as well and a favorite option too. However should a lady write to you. You have no chance to get her email as it will be blocked. The company wants you to buy more credits. They will also send gifts as well I did not do this. As the gifts require many more credits to purchase and I was just giving it test drive so to speak. While I was viewing some of the pics on the site. I noticed that some of the women were wearing wedding rings. I confronted the support team about this. I do mean all of this and they admitted that some emails did come from the company. When I asked about the emails being blocked they did not say much about this. They more or less called me a liar when I said I did not receive any initial credits as well. When I asked about the pics with wedding rings I was told that in Asian culture, wedding rings were worn on the right hand. After some research on this, I found this is sometimes true and sometimes not. This is a primarily Chinese lady dating site. I have found that the Chinese really do not wear wedding rings that much. They do buy them but wearing them is another thing altogether. So who is to say whether this site is authentic or not? The more I delved into things the more spooked I became of spending any more money with this company. The support person did offer me 20 free credits at one point, I however after seeing how quickly the credits went am not sure that it would be a good thing to continue with this company. I will also say that when I set my search criteria I got a lot of women and emails that were well outside what I had set as well. So overall there were just a lot of problems with this site. From the escalating fees, pics fake emails and overall lack of transparency. I think anyone can do better than this if you are looking for Asian dating. I would be weary!

Tip for consumers:
Use another site. Just not worth the hassle


I was on this website for several months well nearly a year. I encountered lies, and hatred all over the place from members of this website. The left leaning folks who call themselves experts are anything but that. They seem to hate anything Pro American or That is considered good or wholesome. I cant recommend this site in good conscience for the exchange of information. You run the risk of getting some very bad information!

Tip for consumers:
If you are going to use this site be able to produce sources for what ever you post otherwise this will not end well at all!


I know the lady who owns this and I would stay away from using this company she and her disgraced friends are completely dishonest! When I worked for them they tried to implicate me in their criminal enterprise and I would have none of it, I was of course fired for it as were other employees who were not inclined to do this with them. Find any other trucking company to do business with as these folks are not who you want to haul your valuable loads!


If you are looking for a viable alternative to cable, hulu is not a bad option. The live TV service is really good! However, as far as their other content not great at all. They claim to have the largest movie collection on the web. I have yet to search for a movie and find it on hulu! Now they do have some series they have produced themselves that are ok, but not nearly as good as Netflix. Overall they are just ok especially if you choose the live TV option for 40/month.


When I tried Match a few years back I would get all kinds of messages come to find out they were all fake. All had been generated by Match itself and were done to keep people paying for the site. Match was of course sued over this. So I would just stay away from this site. I am not sure anything has changed.


I tried it and found it wanting, some of the channels worked and some did not I contacted their support and they could not fix the problem. They are talking about 5-10 days for a refund. I told them this was not acceptable. Overall I cannot tell anyone to go this route. Even on their site the have a list of complaints about their service!


I tried netflix on their free trial and found many of the movies I wanted were only onDVD so after the trail was over I moved on then they sent me an offer for another free trial which was just a link to re activate my membership so be careful of this bait and switch by them


Terrible customer service terrible cable and internet service phone service is awful as well. Since installing cox services I have had myriad problems with cox. In all of it services 10 days after getting cable with them the cable box died and I cancelled service with the cable partion of the bundle I had. I took this as a rather bad sign and it was that indeed. I have had numerous dropped calls on thier VOIP service. They sent a tech out who blamed my phone so I replaced the phone. Did this help? Not at all I have reported problems time and again to them with no action taken to make the problems go away so if you can find some company other than cox I advise using them


If you have att uverse and qualify for the lifeline discount and arent getting it from att it is because they are lying to you. Other VOIP providers offer this discount. ATT just wants to make more money. You will also need to review your bill each month as they tend to overbill to see if they can get away with it. They try and shuffle you from csr to csr so that you will give up and leave them alone. I have spent hours on hold and being shuffled around while I was a customer. Same thing with their wireless division if you use a prepaid service you will only get about 40% of the time you pay for and that is intentional. You can file a complaint with the FCC and FTC against them and it will help and get action from ATT I do advise doing this when you have a problem with them. Currently they are under investigation by the FCC and the Department of Justice Civile rights Division for their practices I advise staying away from them if possible

Tip for consumers:
website is hard to navigate (done on purpose) customer service is horrible. they overbill on purpose and take advantage of the disabled and pooorest customers. Stay away if at all possible


I have my cell service (for now) thru boost and the free phone they gave me sucks so does there service which is thru sprint no reception hard to text just very liminted and no customer service thru the stores at all or online either you are just screwed thy are just not very good at all


This site is hard to do business with offers no refunds has no customer service, and it would seem about 30% of its profiles are fake only takes certain re occouring payment methods and the site itself is hard to navigate. So I would be very careful of doing business with this site. Just cant say a whole lot good about it it overall

Cupid M. – LatinAmericanCupid Rep

Dear Allen J.

Please email enquiries@latinamericancupid.com with your member I. D and respective complaint.


Went in with wife and kids got the smelliest server ever, wife got propositioned, got cold bad food tweeted about it was contacted by general manager and was told no such server worked there and was never offered any compensation for the bad food or being overcharged for our appetizers or being sexually harassed in front ot our children just poor management from start to finish. I see why fridays and chili are more popular they probably dont call there customers liars


This company targats veterans who believe that Geico will help when veterans need it most, Geico will not they will double bill those veterans on every occasion they can get away with. Pay a little more and get a better insurer in my book this company really sucks. Geico tried its hardest to get me to pay the same bill twice each month for about 5 months and I am disabled and living on a fixed income did they care? Not a bit

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