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This site is pretty fun, they mainly post up contents dealing with games, gaming industry and sometimes have some cool videos and anime stuff.

A nice site to browse when you're at work and just looking for something to read. Or you're just someone that loves to read everything about games I guess you should have this on your list.


I been coming to this site for a while. At the beginning it was great, the shows, movies whether foreign or domestic are pretty much all there. Sometimes quality might be an issue depending on who uploaded and which site it redirects you.

Lately, I think the site been slowly declining. I don't find as many shows as I want to see anymore, this might be due to some legal issues, or they redirect you to sites that either doesn't have it or have really bad quality. And for some reason I noticed that loading on the site seems to be taking longer. I still would check this site but I can't say it's one of my first stops to check up on stuff.


The site is pretty fun, it has its up and downs. Sometimes it posts some really interesting and out of the world stuff but there times when I think they post stuff just so they posted something.

The site have stuff from celebrity news, movies to new techs and sciences. So it is a little refreshing to be able to read headlines of what stupid thing a celebrity did and then read something about how scientist are able to to make new ultra strong armor from cotton.

Since this site seems to focus a little more on the science stuff sometimes they celebrities they mention on the site are a little more selective. You're probably not going to read much on the "pop" stars.


Cool site with funny videos and other stuff, but I usually visit for the videos. It is called collegehumor so some of the stuff is just plain stupid so stupid enough that it's funny.


It's another celebrity gossip site and it's not as annoying as other sites, at least to me. You get pretty much the same gossips, maybe sometimes this site breaks it out a little sooner than others. One thing I do like about this site compare to others, the blogger/s don't really $#*! at things as much.


If you read any mangas and hate waiting for it to be imported and translated and sold at a high price at your local bookstore then this is the site to go. They're up to date on most manga that comes out in Shoen Jump etc. They update series daily as they're issued in Japan. It seems like everything is contributed by somebody and most of the stuff I read, the qualities are very good and translations seems to be in good hands. The BEST thing about this place, it's FREE!


If you play video games of any type, you probably heard of this site. It's great if you need a walkthrough for the whole game or just need a little hint. Only bad thing I noticed so far is quality of the guides varies since everything is contributed so it's pretty much up to the author on quality. But it's free and if you're a little patient on reading then it's perfect.^^b


This is probably the most useful site I ever use for computer hardware and software issues. The site really depends on its users and the admin and both are awesome. You can post up a question, problem or issue you have about computers and chances are someone will know the answer and help you. And all they ask of you is to help others if you know the solution to their problems. It's a great site overall.


Visited this site when I was building my own computer. They do have most of the parts that I was looking for but the prices aren't always the lowest. So if you do browse around at this place and see something you like, make sure to compare the prices.


Pretty much have any computer/gaming parts here. The prices are lower than most places. The only thing I wish they can improve is the shipping. Takes them 2-3 and sometimes 4 days to have things send out, unless you're willing to pay extra for them to rush your order so it's send out a little earlier. Maybe this is standard service now? So far I only found one site,, that sends out same day of purchase even if it's free shipping.

Overall, I still like this site and have good experiences with it so far.


I used to be on it when it first started, which was kind of cool but then everyone started using it and it ends up being lot of down time on the site. I can't even log onto my account most of the time now. Also, I realize I don't need to know what everyone is doing everyone few seconds... in a way I kind of hope the hype dies down..


The overall idea isn't bad, you click on what your interested in and when you get on the site, it starts showing you sites that you might be interested it. The only thing that bugs me is it doesn't seem to know exactly what I like, somehow I get sites that tells me how to do knitting, where to buy a wheelchair etc... just weird stuff sometimes.


Really like the site up to a certain point. You will find pretty much anything at this place, the only I don't like is you can't really know if you're buying exactly what you're buying. Yea, the feedback system is a good thing but sometimes people that review it doesn't seem to know the stuff they got aren't exactly what they're looking for. Each person's standard's different. I buy games here and two sellers can have games listed as New but one came with it shrink wrap but when I open it you can tell it's been used via scratches and booklet having some kind of color stain. Yet the other one came non shrink wrapped, claiming it was opened to check it works, and the disc was perfect with no scratches, perfect booklet and even came with the ad inserts that usually comes with games now.

I found a couple eBay stores that I don't have to worry about buying from.


Awesome site! Miss last night's TV show? Chances are they'll have it and it's not the blurry or camcorder quality pictures. They're prefect quality and offer some in HD. The site is done with cooperation from NBC and Fox so lot of the shows by them or affiliated networks gets put on here. It's because of this site, I sometimes don't get as much work done as I should when I'm at work.^^;


The only reason I would come here is if you really want to make sure your stuff is the real thing and you don't mind shelling out the money they ask for. I bought some stuff here for a die hard NBA fan/relative. They asked for $35 bucks for a shirts, which was ok since you're getting the "real" stuff. What made me dread this place is the shipping.

They say it would take 7-10 days for it be send out from their warehouse and you tack on at least 4-6 days for shipping so you get the "real" stuff about 2-3 weeks after you order it. I personally think considering how big NBA is and how much they're asking for their stuff, they can at least make sure the package gets send out quicker than that.


If it wasn't because certain places only have this as their only option I would never use it. Once, the company I was paying didn't deliver on time and I called PayPal hoping they can do something to help, they told me there's nothing they can do. So the so call "assurance" you get of using PayPal really went out the door.
I also use it to receive money too when I sell some stuff on sites like eBay and I think they take too much. Especially since eBay and PayPal are merged now, so they take a bit from my selling price and then some more when I receive the money. >,<


This place is awesome. I personally hate waiting in line to buy this type of things so I usually buy online. Their shipping is free and quick. They sent out my stuff a few hours after I bought it, I think there's a deadline you have to purchase by for same day shipping tho. Also, I was able to get some stuff not found in stores. I haven't had to deal with their customer service, hoping I won't ever have to, so I really can't much about it. But I definitely would be buying from again.

Been purchasing from this place since I first found out about it. So far everything is perfect, easy to order and still quick shipping. I don't know how their customer service on stuff like wrong order or anything because I haven't run into that kind of problem with them so haven't had the need to call them up.


I had a previous review on this site which I rated at "Cool", but that's mainly for the prices and shipping etc. This is on their customer service which I think could be much much better especially with how big they are.
I wanted to purchase something that had "Free Shipping" but when I was checking out I saw I was being charged for shipping. I contacted them 3 times and they finally called me and asked me about the issue. I told them and they agreed with me that I should be receiving Free Shipping but they don't know how to get around it. They will have a "specialist" take a look and get back to me in 24-48 hours and told me do not purchase the item until I get a call back from them. Well their 48 hours was up last week on Thursday and still nothing from them.

Great site, products and prices. Crappy customer service.

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