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Updates cause MORE problems than they are worth.
Login glitches cause lockouts & constant password changes EVERY TIME a payment is made.
Multiple transactions may occur... throwing other financial institutions into negative balance.
The site is glitchy & buggy... ALWAYS crashing or failing to process transactions.

What's WORSE is EVERYTHING is automated... there goes efficiently fixing the glitches.

For a credit union, this business HAS TO DO BETTER.


This site is supposedly a "help self & help others" site.
Designed for "Freedom & Independence".
The operator couldn't be further in real life from what is portrayed in public.
Creating false statements against other businesses while boasting a "positive vibe" from the other side of the face.
A recent off-site experience I had with the website creator (supposedly a "professional") shows unprofessionalism in slandering others.

To be honest... NOBODY should give a charlatan like this a chance once this type of behavior is revealed.
I wouldn't.

There's a basic lesson in business ethics.


I'm sure when people see my reviews, some think "Negative Nester", but I tell you ALL this can't be further from that kind of experience.
Great produce.
Great grocery items.
Good & friendly staff (for the most part)
Good prices.
Like they say:
"Shop Weis" (kinda like saying "shop wise")


If people don't use PayPal directly... this is a good 2nd option through the PayPal team.

I use them in the "online marketplace"... on occasion.



Was 1-Star... NOW 3-Star(plus... not quite 4-Star)
Was a problematic corporate leech on small business at first... much improved since then.
Was "automated" like the others at first. NOW Live Tech/Live Operator/Live Driver "ready".
Still a few bugs to work out... BUT IMPROVING.

MOST of these so-called "3rd Party Delivery" businesses INTRUDE & LEECH off honest small businesses that DO NOT REQUEST their assistance & it causes lots of grief.
After talking with a direct rep thefirst time & telling her small businesses don't want to feel intruded upon; things changed... for the better... so far.

1. MOST 3rd Party Delivery Corporations constantly call from their corporate office with automated operators... but do not want to pay the business they are trying to leech off UP-FRONT.
Red Flag #1.

Grubhub has LIVE representation, LIVE HELP LINES & actual personal drivers.

2. These 3rd party delivery businesses try sneakily sending drivers after the business says to cease their intrusion; by using some "universal debit system" OR a aeperate kiosk NOT associated with the host business; which the system never really works most of the time...& when it goes through, they try to put a "stop payment" against the card/system & the business loses revenue.
OR the dishonest drivers use the funds their customers charge on the universal card...& the business falls victim to losses...
Red Flag #2.

They actually work with the businesses now & THAT is extremely helpful.

3. Grubhub has IMPROVED honest marketing pitches & the phone doesn't constantly ring-off-the-hook with annoying calls.
The OTHERS have NOT.

The others just "hire more staff" to distance themselves from the small business they intrude upon & create more problems as a result.
Grubhub has worked directly WITH the businesses they want to cooperate with... NON-intrusively as well.

Businesses, customers & most drivers ALWAYS lose out with these automated systems... but Grubhub works WITH drivers & businesses, makes their money, makes sure drivers & businesses make THEIR money, TOO...& hasn't "intruded on small businesses" since they updated their system.

It's really a racket as far as I see it... plain & simple.
Some are more decent than others, though.

Are you someone who opposes small businesses that oppose the 2020 (& present day) small business takeover?
You have NO CLUE.
Try running a small business FIRST & get back to me.

Desire delivery options from businesses that don't have their own independent delivery system?
Choose wisely.
There are options, but research thoroughly FIRST.
Just because something has "been around longer" OR is "the most popular" doesn't mean it's "better".


Recent experience for many customers has been:
Constant Delays.
Unreliable Handling Times.
Poor package handling.
Unprofessional Employees.
Ever-Increasing costs for NOTHING.
"Oh, we can trust the post office with ballots for the 2020 election!'
~self-serving politicians & their msm lapdogs
It was 1/2 way decent from about 1999 to 2009.
The United States Post Office hasn't been THIS BAD since the late 70's/early 80's

The USPS was considered "a reliable source for the 2020 mail-in election" BUT an item I ordered in Massachusetts went to FLORIDA "in transit" & I reside in PENNSYLVANIA.
There it has sat for 3 days.

How "reliable" is this useless parcel carrier?
Pay a few dollars more & use UPS for parcels (still use the post office for letters, I guess).

If you wonder why I DON'T recommend FedEX... just look at my review of continuing experience issues with THEM.

Heck... DHL is more reliable than USPS OR FedEX.

Tip for consumers:
If you have something MORE than a "letter to grandma OR a Christmas/Birthday card;
GO elsewhere

Products used:
Whatever a seller sent on which I PAID FOR...which STILL has crap insurance.


Glarry is an international instrument manufacturer & distributor from Asia.
Low Prices.
But lower prices through Glarry DOES affect quality overall.

I rated a 3 because I couldn't, with good conscience rate it a 4 OR anywhere CLOSE to a 5 (& I'm not a jerk who'd rate a 2 OR a 1 out of arrogant spite)... but it is solidly between 3 & 4.

I picked up these low-cost instruments (I teach guitar, bass, ukulele & banjo) for beginners so the parents didn't "break the bank" in prematurely purchasing a finer instrument... should their child NOT continue. Range for Glarry Instruments is between $40 & $100 for any beginner quality instrument (basically what they manufacture), but cost truly reflects the average quality with these.
I had to utilize my luthier skills on EVERY SINGLE INSTRUMENT to adjust them to easy & tonal playability. I was expecting SOME "fine tuning" but I had to literally adjust hardware!

Beginner Instruments: YES
Low Cost: YES
Good Quality: NO
Playability: Maybe

This is basically a "toy" with a "little bit of musical potential".


This bank (PNC) is reputable as a decent financial institution as they come. The only complainers are people who don't know how to manage their money OR at fault because they run up an unmanageable debt & that's no fault of any financial institution.

My wife and I were tired of being an impersonable "account number" at banks where a fee is extracted just for having money in an account & an exorbitant fee for any activity. We were tired of banks giving my wife the "we only lend to millionaires & you'll never be one" treatment as well when inquiring for a loan for her already established & moderately successful business. The last financial institution before we moved our resources & funds to PNC called my wife's MODERATELY SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS a BUSINESS FAILURE & A HIGH RISK OF BUSINESS CLOSURE.

Needless to say, I told the smug banker at the previous establishment those were unwise words.
We transferred everything effortlessly to PNC within a week.

We each have private accounts, my wife's business account, loan power, our home mortgage...& I have a surprisingly VERY LOW INTEREST credit card through PNC with a rather good credit line.

It's all because my wife and I have impeccable credit scores & a reputable business prowess. She will even be buying the building her business is located in through PNC.

The local & national teams are amazing to work with & very knowledgeable about any financial aspect. Their finance team is stellar.
Best thing is I can monitor everything via ONE app.
My wife's business is secured differently (another amazing PNC failsafe) & only she can use a "key" for management, but I can monitor THAT as well as every other account (& I'm a stickler for internet security being I once worked in a computer shop).
PNC makes it so simple for my wife & I to partner on everything & for us to partner with PNC!
Definitely WORTH checking out if you have time, are extremely financially stable, business savvy & are looking for a good financial institution.


Well, if anyone looked by now at my sitejabber profile reviews, one would think I'm "the customer that can't be satisfied"; but that couldn't be further from the truth.

Repeated & continuing troubles, mishaps & snafus bring on these reviews.

While I understand FULLY that nobody's perfect, the repeated instances from certain entities bring on my heated response.

Take THIS business for instace: FEDEX
I have an item purchased from another site (I've reviewed here on sitejabber as well) that involves FedEx (the subject of this review).
Item was purchased on March 3rd. Seller (through the other online site) made a shipment pickup call to FedEx for a rather huge 2 box shipment on the 5th. FedEx got around to getting it at its location in California on the 6th in the VERY LATE EVENING.
Projected delivery date via tracking (the 11th) wasn't going to work due to a conflict of me not being present at signing for the package & I decided to call the corporate office via the number provided on their site & see if the delivery could be delayed until the 12th. Odd, YES, but reasonable. So the projected delivery date was changed to the 12th/13th. Reasonable.

Now comes the problem.
My rather large packages have been sitting in California with a "severe weather exception" on them. They're "parked". FOR ALMOST 2 WEEKS! After 3 phonecalls, I've finally convinced them to move the packages OUT OF CALIFORNIA the day before yesterday. Not to mention the weather has been great (although rainy) in my state of destination...& the freight has to move across the country. I won't see this package group until tomorrow (Tuesday) & I was told by the last operator (in his barely understandable Hindi accent... odd because they usually speak better English than most Americans I know) THAT THE PACKAGES AREN'T EVEN GUARANTEED THEN after he just ended the conversation & hung up on me with a "so sorry, have a nice day"!
I haven't come CLOSE to yelling & being aggravated until NOW.

Basically, I'm told the item arrival MIGHT be in my state today for a POSSIBLE delivery TOMORROW.
This is FedEx.
Actor Tom Hanks portrayed Gary Nolan, a FedEx corporate obsessed with time who was stranded alone on a south pacific desert island in the movie CastAway.
One of the lines in the movie was:
"Time is a relentless taskmaster. If we fall behind an hour, an hour becomes a day, a day becomes a week... before you know it; we're the US Mail!"
Amazing how art imitates life.

To make matters WORSE, this was $150 "express ground delivery" but my packages have been in California since the 6th. If that's "express", might as well be on Rip Van Winkle time.

Good thing this item wasn't vital to someone's life.

I just hope they didn't smash the boxes & its contents to $#*! & are unwilling to deliver them (another thing FedEx is famous for & has done to me on another instance).

This is absurd...& I guarantee anyone reading THIS I'm going to get every penny paid refunded to me... despite delivery.


Basically the ONLY business mistake I made in helping my wife's café business start-up (& it was a business ethics ordeal).

Their business layout is simple.
They provide a service & you pay only for what you use... in theory.

What my wife & I paid for over 3 months was MORE than we did independently for the following 4 years.
Because the sales agent had one report we were charged for & the truck driver had another we were charged for... FOR THE SAME SERVICE!

And to make matters WORSE, we were charged for items we didn't even use yet (contradicting their "pay only for what you use" claim) at their double rate.

The truck driver's excuse was it was "estimated usage" (another contradiction to their "pay only for what you use" claim).
After talking with the sales representative, he said we had to pay for what we already bought & hadn't used yet TO CLOSE OUR ACCOUNT.

Come to find out, this company pays commission bonuses to truck drivers & sales reps for sales volume.

What a racket.

To quote my wife:
"We paid for nothing."

She's Buddhist. We gave them their business "cancellation cost" fees... as a fool's offering for crooked & dishonest people. Basically a "pity-pay" because it won't make them happy.

Every time we see one of their trucks, I point it out & say something sarcastic. We laugh. We've learned.

We DO NOT recommend!


Usually, a "screw me once shame on you screw me twice shame on me" situation is a valid explanation for many a great things, but two products in a row from one business source having faulty products and slipshod service is beyond reproach.

First, last year... it was a refrigerator that had a motor for the cooling fan on the cooling system that the metal was no better than a hot wheels die-cast metal and it broke upon starting. We had to wait almost a week and a half to get this fixed. Overlooking that situation a year-and-a-half from that point, we had to purchase another unit from the reputable place that we get the restaurant equipment from... brand new equipment, mind you.

We ended up buying a Fagor dishwasher from this company. It overflows, it won't shut down on drain cycle, and this equipment is utterly useless. The tech from onnera group tried to claim it was all water pressure. How absurd! Even our general contractor said that is an absurd explanation, and that it is faulty equipment. Onera DID send a tech from another part of the local county to look it over and he was just as baffled as our general contractor & his team, who originally installed the equipment.

Strike one was the refrigerator. Strike two was the dishwasher. Strike three was the tech saying that it was our equipment problem and not the fact that Fagor has horrible equipment.

I could expound, but it bothers me too much to do so.


Do NOT call OR inquire to National Debt Relief.

I made a basic call about their "services" & was put on hold for a very long time... no biggie at first... inquiries about something like this can take some time on an initial call.
I was told that I would be getting a "callback".

This is what they do:
They "correspond" & put a caller "on hold" for unbelievably long durations...& when you request they STOP calling/texting AFTER you discover they can't "help you" if your debt isn't "unmanageable", they call every 30 minutes trying to put that caller on-hold


I had to contact the BBB & make several reports to my call blocker app to get it under "control".

• Updated review

It's hit OR miss on an extreme scale with this app.
The tech support is kind-of okay after having to research HOW to use it.
Buyers & Sellers HOWEVER... that's an integrity issue of the individual... yet Mercari should protect merchants from the types that sell junk (hurts the marketplace) as operational & buyers that constantly cancel... or low-ball offer (hurts the marketplace).
Mercari doesn't only charge 10% for completed sales as they claim, though... you'll get hammered by their S&H system in overcharges.

My first ever complete purchase was glowing because of a great seller nonetheless.

STILL ***(3) overall

Mercari R. – Mercari Rep

Thank you for the updated review and we appreciate your bringing these issues closer to our attention. Regarding the community, we're working hard to improve reliability and safety of those members both buying and selling on the marketplace through a number of programs, features, and data. Additionally, although we try to keep our shipping rates as low as possible, we might recommend choosing the Ship on Your Own option if you can find a better shipping rate with your carrier. We hear your concerns and will take careful note of them as we continue to improve the marketplace.

Best Regards,
Team Mercari

Mercari... UTTERLY USELESS thieves!
• Previous review

I've sold a whopping 2 items, I can't get the money I've "made", my items are mailed out... so I now have no money for items I sold.
To make matters WORSE, they make it so sellers cannot track, update OR complete transactions in favor of the payment received for goods "sold".

Basically, a buyer buys at inflated sale prices where MERCARI collects money for overcharged to the seller, overpayed shipping to the buyer & the seller STILL receives NO monetary compensation for services rendered.

This "business" has to be run by progressive liberal socialists... PROOF FOR THE OFFENSIVELY OFFENDED?
The merchant makes NO MONEY.


NHL Santa Official Figure*******859/

I have a whopping $5.80 balance I cannot use at all.
Do this to 10,000 users & they've taken over $58,000 (not to mention the hundreds of thousands of dollars "lost" in shipping "fees").

It's a racket.


Just plain awful.
Promise to "help out a new business with the system every step of the way" & DO NOT.
THEN, reps do NOTHING but make excuses & request the business itself to "fix it".
How is THAT "taking care of it all"?!

Menu & prices COMPLETELY INACCURATE to the business prices...& they try to charge a 20% "fee"... EVEN WHEN NOT USING THE SYSTEM.

Doordash is a 3rd Party Business Leech.

Been dealing with thos nonsense since last year when 3rd party delivery businesses tried to FORCE THEMSELVES on my wife's café business WITHOUT our consent.

Apallingly RUDE!


I had been using Connect Network for a while to communicate with a friend of mine who has been incarcerated over a farce of a conviction... he's my best friend and it's important to be able to communicate with him and be there for him.

At first, it worked.
Next, messages failed.
Bug fixed.
Didn't get my credits back, but no big deal... at first.
Next, the upgrades gave me the option to send video and pics... but they'd never load...& it cost MORE.
I ended up adding phone minutes and I received NOTHING after paying $15!

The final straw that pushed me to this review is that GTL (Connect Network) has made my username and password "not exist" any longer after I filed a complaint.

Absolutely absurd.


It'd be a much better site if I wasn't charged selling/listing fees for items not sold/listed.

It's a decent merchant community... but the admins have to get a better grip on business practices before they become eBay/Listia/Craigslist...

• Updated review

Apparently in a recent dealing with eBay Global, I was temporarily "suspended" for 7 days because I actually sell on other sites (but never cross reference in any sites).

I called eBay Central and was connected with a foreign representative who claimed that using the phrase "proprietary online monopoly" was PROFANITY.
I reminded that rep she was in error & she told me to "cease using profanity" as if she was reading off a prompting card.

I demanded to be connected with a local rep... that one threatened to have me permanently removed from the eBay community... BASICALLY ALL BECAUSE I USE OTHER SELLING SITES.


Buyer/Seller since 2002
• Previous review

I've only ever had 3 nonsensical transactions on eBay as a buyer OR seller since 2002.

Although eBay has been nicknamed "feebay" by many users, it's still a decent site.
Not perfect, but it's been good enough to have a business from 2002-2008 & reestablish it in 2018 after a decade-long hiatus, while keeping my buyer/seller username open since 2002.
Reestablishing my seller account was easy.
STILL... fees tend to be a little bit high... if one doesn't sell properly.


It's not perfect... but it's better than risking a credit card hack.

I've been using PayPal for eBay sales&purchase transactions & sending/requesting money for more than a decade&1/2.

Sure... the fee percentage is higher than the standard credit card line, but used correctly, one never runs up a massive debt.

Sure... it's a standard 3% for transactions, but it's better than running up a charge account at 29% compounded, right?

Nothing in life is free... use resources wisely... ANY resources...& you won't live a life in servitude to debt.

PayPal is decent enough.



Awful. Just plain AWFUL.
I help my wife manage her restaurant which she owns & is head chef.
Yelp. Tries constantly to get us to claim our business wouldn't "thrive" if it wasn't for reviews & site clicks.

I DON'T BUY IT. My wife doesn't either.
It's her art of fine cuisine & her ability to maintain business through thick&thin... NOT an outside entity laying claim to it.
Sure... we'd like to see a slight increase in business (who wouldn't)... but not at the effort of continuing an ALREADY annoying phone sales pitch I've shot down 3 times & ignoring patrons that just walked in... RETURNING PATRONS that have NEVER clicked on the Yelp link.

That's the 4th Yelp rep that has pulled that "just 2 more minutes" stunt...
I think my wife's café patrons are more important than some 1/2 baked guilt trip into buying "special effects" to the Yelp link.

I wonder how long it will take to have my password to the account "fail" again so I have to talk to one of the rep bozos to "unlock" it... AGAIN.

Absolutely terrible phone call. AGAIN.


I've seen it more as a buyer & rarely use it as a seller, but it works well enough.

If my business picks up, I'm definitely going to use it more frequently than to view other's listings via Auctiva.

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